Pick of the Week: Hugs and Misses Postcards

hugs and missesThis week’s pick is the awesome postcard set called Hugs and Misses (30 Postcards of Awkward Romance) by Wilhelm Staehle. Staehle is known for his Silhouette Masterpiece Theater, which is the name of his site where every Wednesday he features an etched carving. All the Hugs and Misses postcards feature one unique etching into a wonderful painting with a comical, witty, and often crude joke that plays into the silhouette etching.  Each postcard is the standard 4×6 size and features a full color matt front and a standard backing with a custom stamp icon (each is unique and reflects the front). They are vibrant and each etching has amazing details and the paintings are beautiful. The jokes range various types of humour so there is definitely room to amuse everyone, for myself I found a few a bit boring but overall I really liked them. They are perfect to send in the mail or give out to friends for Valentines Day’s as well. Have a look below to get a sneak peak at some of the postcards.


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