Featured Artist: Hikari Shimoda

hikari shimoda

Featured Artist: Hikari Shimoda

Featured artist this week is the painter Hikari Shimoda of Japan. She’s one of my favourite artists that I’ve discovered last year and I am so happy to share more of her work on the blog. Hikari has said that her work is inspired by anime and manga which in Japan is referred to as ‘Irasuto’. Although she doesn’t paint in anime/manga style it’s easy to see her inspiration with her use of ‘big eyes’ and the series of paintings she’s done depict her version of Chibi Moon from the anime/manga Sailor Moon. She also incorporates stickers to some of her paintings which I find delightful and I’m sure in person the effect is even more magical. One of the main themes of her work from the last few years is eyes of her subjects, and using them to convey her commentary on society. Besides being absolutely mesmerizing the eyes of her subjects also appear to be vacant which gives her paintings that eerie quality and a sense of inner struggle. She also has an affinity with children and depicts them in all her paintings. Although I am sharing more of her newer pieces, her older paintings also depict haunting children and are worth checking out. Her style has changed over the years so it’ll be exciting to see where she goes next. You can check out more of her work below and where to find her and for a review of her postcard set click, here!

Hikari Shimoda (website)
Facebook (updates)
Tumblr (artwork)
AkaTako (postcards + prints + originals)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to Hikari Shimoda.


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