Asos Haul

I normally never do hauls and would rather highlight local artists and artisan style stores from Etsy and Storenvy on Monday’s but I recently picked up some cute accessories from Asos and felt like sharing. There was an amazing sale last month where they had most of their clutches 50% off.I could not resist picking up a few and Asos just happens to be one of my favourite stores to buy clothes from online. I am always surprised that it isn’t a common name in North America as it has some super cute things we don’t get here and great sales. Anyways here is what I picked up!

asos haul (1)asos haul (5)I couldn’t resist the holographic unicorn clutch that was $13.  It’s not very big like most novelty clutches but it’s perfect for date nights. It’s pink or blue depending on the light.

asos haul (4)The panda bag is probably my favourite. It’s a gift for my best friend as she loves derpy pandas. It is so much bigger than I realized which was a nice surprise. Almost want one for myself. Both of these were $5. The pumpkin coin purse I bought for myself as I thought it’d be cute to use in October.

asos haul (2)Lastly I could not resist these My Little Pony socks. Asos has the best vintage designed MLP accessories and clothing. My sweater of MLP is also from Asos. I almost don’t want to wear the socks as they are so pretty. Lastly the storybook metal book clips which I thought would be good to help organize my planner instead of sticky notes. They were the only thing I didn’t pick up on sale but I’ve never seen them anywhere else so I picked up. They also have stationary of My Little Pony which I’ve been resisting but damn, it’s so cute.

I don’t think I’ll do many hauls in the future but let me in the comments if you’d like to see the random shit I find online. I am pretty obsessed with online shopping as I hate going to malls or stores.


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