Zine of the Month: The Tiny Little Book of Bunny Behaviour

April’s zine of the month is The Tiny Little Book of Bunny Behaviour by illustrator Lyndsey Green. As its Easter this weekend what better than a cute mini zine about bunnies for April?  I’ve often thought about getting a rabbit as a pet so I loved reading this zine and finding out more about them. She even did a poster on the backside if you unfold the zine.   Makes me wish I had enough space for one even to foster temporarily (which is super important especially at this time of the year because so many stupid people buy bunnies just for the holiday and then abandon them). Photos below of the zine and the cuddly bear card that I bought from her as well. She also has another zine about foxes that looks great and a mini zine of random animals if bunnies aren’t your thing.  You can buy the zine here, and check out more of Lyndsey Green’s work on her website!

The Tiny Little Book of Bunny Behaviour by Lyndsey Green


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