Featured Artist: So Youn Lee

So Youn LeeFeatured Artist: So Youn Lee

One of this month’s featured artists is Korean painter So Youn Lee. I first experienced her work in Hi-Fructose before really getting into her work after discovering Hikari Shimoda. Although their work has similar vibes, using the eyes as gateways to express their subjects and being inspired by manga artists there is a completely different vibe. Lee’s work is in this specific vibrant color pallet that is very cohesive between all of her recent works. She also incorporates fruits into her work quiet readily which delights me and he work just feels like visual candy. Her subject matter is usually these alien type characters that are not human but have a very familiar look and frequently use space helmets along with animals, animate clouds, butterflies, etcetera… She also does black graphite drawings with the same subject matter which I feel need to be experienced in person to get the full effect as there is so many details within each drawing. I really enjoy her older work as well which is more haunting and featured mostly human like women using a more abstract style of painting. I am just in love with her, check out some of her work below and links on where to find her!

So Youn Lee (website)
Facebook (updates)
Instagram (daily updates)
Society6 (prints)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to So Youn Lee.


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