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The Ring Lord is an online shop dedicated to providing materials needed to making scale maille and chain maille projects as well as other jewellery components. They have an American and Canadian store front so you can buy in both currencies and get affordable and fast shipping within North American. They sell a variety of types of materials for all their items and do provide custom orders. There is a lot of information on their website about the differences between materials and on their forum. You can even purchase instructions and kits for various projects if you are just starting out. I found out about them through my friend after having such a hard time finding scales that I liked at affordable prices elsewhere and it was a godsend.

First Impressions

It was very easy to purchase from them as they accept PayPal and delivery from Toronto usually only takes a few business days and has been under $10 each time I’ve ordered. My favourite thing about them is that they have an amazing selection of scales, and within the last 8 months of following the store they have introduced many new designs and colors. Which is fantastic espically considering they already have a geat selection of material types, colors, and unqiue items. One of the best scales in my opinion is their glow in the dark ones. Although they don’t have any different colors at this time the plain scales and butterfly versions are so radiant that they will even glow in the shade. I also adore most of their custom designs and my other favourite is probably the anodized titanium scales. Anodized titanium is so beautiful; it’s hard to resist spending all my money on scales. My two complaints about the store however are both about their titanium scales. The first time I heard about the store my friend sold me some of her titanium scales and I was really excited to buy my own. However I had to wait 6 months before the store restocked them and within 1 month all of the titanium scales sold out again. You can sign up to be notified by email when they do restock items and they do update their forum once and awhile with information about out of stock items and about delays. The other bad thing about their anodized titanium scales is that the technique differs each time and the quality of the coloring between packs and scales can be drastic (which I understand is expected with anodized materials however I found the ones my friend had purchased last year vastly better quality then the ones I purchased this year). Honestly though, for quality and variety I don’t think The Ring Lord can’t be beat. I haven’t been disappointed yet with any of my purchases. For none jump rings and scales I love the French hoops which I use to make hypo allergenic earrings. They also have specials on rings and scales so you can save yourself some money and even have sample packs if you are interested in getting a small quantity to test out some of their items. The only special item I’ve bought was left over scales they had from a custom order NASA made. I can literally say I have scales made out of this really cool material provided by NASA. As for the packaging, I received mine slightly different each times I’ve ordered from them, whether it was sealed packages to plastic bags. They are always individually wrapped and correctly labeled, which is very important when it comes to jump rings as you can buy a variety of thickness and sizes and don’t want to be guessing. They also include a list of all the items you purchased so when you receive them you can easily check of each to make sure you’ve received everything. Nothing fancy about the packaging however for the super low shipping prices I am very happy. I don’t have a photo of how they arrived as I’m always in a rush to unwrap everything. Not much else I can say. Check out photos below of the scales and rings I’ve purchased from them to get a look at the quality.

Here is a look at the scales and rings:things that make me smile (6)the ring lord review (3)the ring lord review (4)the ring lord review (5)the ring lord review (1)the ring lord review (6)the ring lord review (7)An example of the some of their special/etched scales and below of the glow in the dark scales.
dragon scale maille bracelets (1)dragon scale maille bracelets (2)


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  1. Thank you so much for this! I have been interested in this craft for a while, but always made it more complicated in my head. However, I came from your blog with the DIY dragon scales and you have convinced me next paycheck to invest in some! Thank you for doing a review on this site, I will probably be ordering from them as well :) very informal blog!

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