Featured Artist: Erika Sanada

erika sanada
Featured Artist: Erika Sanada

This week’s Featured Artist is sculpture Erika Sanada, who creates wonderful and mesmerizingly creatures out of her imagination. Although they appear from afar to be regular sculptures of animals like a household dog, the more you look, the more you may see an extra body part or another animal conjoined to it or escaping it (much like in the movie Alien). Speaking of movies, she says one of her main inspirations is from her childhood when she would escape her surrounds by watching them, and supernatural animations. A world where the reality is common place to be filled with horrifying and deformed creatures. She also uses her sculptures as a way of overcoming the anxieties she suffers from by depicting a dark side of the world. Both inspirations I can feel a lot of people can relate to in some way.  I love them at least and think her sculptures are exquisite and executed with a high leave of skill. Not to mention the detailing of various colors on different creatures makes them pop in a way you almost forget how dark they are. If you want to find out more about her check the links below and I’ve included a few photos of her sculptures as well.

Erika Sanada (website)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to Erika Sanada.

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