Things That Make Me Smile

Another Things that Make Me Smile post this month because the last one was a special one just for Easter. It’s been a really random month so these photos are all over the place. I can’t believe we are almost finished, April went by way too quickly for me. I guess being bedridden didn’t help, anyways here are the some of things that had me grinning ear to ear…

things that make me smile butter (3)Butter has been hanging out more and more on her cat palace.

things that make me smile (1)Origami paper, this set is so vibrant and has that Spring feeling – I love it.

things that make me smile (4)My friend Billy (Starchild Stela) gave me one of her adorable shrink pieces.  If you like you can check out her store where she has plenty.

things that make me smile (3)My new milk carton purse for those days I’m just walking around. It fits seriously nothing.

double exposure vieux montreal (18) double exposure vieux montreal (19)These two double exposures. Probably my favourite I took this weekend. Also being outside made me smile – I can’t wait for more walks when the weather is nicer.

things that make me smile butter (1) things that make me smile butter (2)We moved Butter’s old cat tree into the bedroom in front of the window and now she can spend time chillin’ there when I’m being lazy and still in bed.

things that make me smile (2)Star Trek engraved wood pieces I’m going to DIY into brooches and the newest zine from an artist I love Funnyskullgrin (Ally Burke).

things that make me smile (5)My small Hoya plant flowered! I love that I now own flowering plants.

things that make me smile (9)Trying out some new nail accessories and my bunny decals.

things that make me smile (7)Speaking of nails, I made nail wheels out of all my polish so it’s easier to decide what I want to wear. It’s broken up into a wheel for glitter, color, and metallic. On the underside of each it lists the name of each polish . I’m surprised I own mostly metallic nail polish, and also happen to own 4 neon green nails polishes by different companies that look the same (so random).

things that make me smile (7)Moving around my garden and finding enough room for even more plants! I haven’t taken many photos of it yet but I can’t wait to share.

things that make me smile (10)I made the Star Trek puzzle I bought last month. Total nerd.

Hope you guys are enjoying the last week of April! I’d be smiling more if the rain here would let up. It’s been 4 days straight of not being able to see the sky but I hope that means the flowers will start to come out and everything turns green. As usual you can let me know in the comments what made you smile this month!

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