April in Review

april in reviewHow am I supposed to do a review for a month I barely remember? This is a valid question I feel. My short term memory still feels like it hasn’t recovered fully from my concussion at the start of the month and there is about 2 weeks where I remember nothing/did nothing (and I have a great memory usually).  Surprisingly I posted 4 posts a week all month, sometimes even 5 which is just crazy to me. I have always been one of those people who pushes myself too much when I’m sick and I think that proves that I probably should have chilled out a bit.  So I’m going to keep today short, below are some of my favourite posts from the month, including a new type of post which I am thinking about doing every season where I share some of the books I’m reading/going to read so check that out if your haven’t. As well I shared some of my dream vintage cameras and all of the cameras are pretty magical (post here). Plus more below. Personally I am finally off bed rest and my headaches have gone down substantially so I should be good to go for whatever May has to offer. Hope you had a better April than me!

a few select posts from April:

Things That Make Me Smilethings-that-make-me-smile-5

Monthly DIY: Dragon Scale Maille Braceletsdragon-scale-maille-bracelets-17

Silhouette Easter Eggsnaturally-dyed-floral-easter-eggs-32

Spring Reads  & Spring/Summer Zine Guidespring-reads-1

Double Exposures: We Wait For Trains That Just Aren’t Comingdouble-exposure-vieux-montreal-8

A Year in Review: 52 Weeks in Self-Portraits (the photos) / (the words)citizen-erased-photography4-e1397367249759

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