Double Exposure Wednesday: Water Tower

Last weekend when Victor and I went thrifting in the Sainte-Marie area we spotted a water tower in the skyline and decided to check it out. I think we’ve walked by it before but this was the first time we had a good look at it. I snapped a few multiple exposures to show you and added it to my list of things I want to climb. I even figured out a really interesting route of getting to the base of it so it would be possible to climb up its narrow barely there ladder to the top ring. Although my photos don’t really show it, it happens to be on top of the roof of an abandoned factory building (that looks like it might be getting converted into condos soon). So it’s a pretty tricky to get access to it. Victor thinks I’m nuts because it would require going up the fire escapes of the buildings adjacent to it and getting on their roofs before hopping across the different leveled roofs of the factory buildings before you get to the base. I remember always climbing onto the roof of my elementary school and my two story house when I was really young, clearly I haven’t grow out of it. Might not happen but I’d like to think I could try this summer. Oh, I also included double exposures of the church that was in the same area.

double exposure water tower (9) double exposure water tower (8) double exposure water tower (2) double exposure water tower (3)double exposure water tower (4)double exposure water tower (5)


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