Vintage Tuesday: Childhood Photos

Unexpected at the start of the month my brother sent me a big packaged filled with all these wonderful gifts he picked up for me in India along with a usb drive containing scans of film photographs from my childhood. Some of them I hadn’t seen if over a decade and some I’d never seen before, so you can imagine it a bit of a head trip. Victor and I must have spent 3 hours around his computer one night after the package arrived, going through all the photos and me telling him random stories behind them. It was really nice especially since it made me remember things I had forgotten about.  I choose to share this group of photos because one of the cooler things I had a chance to do as a kid was visit my father at his work.

childhood photos chetwynd (1)My father lived in this tiny town called Chetwynd in Northern BC and worked at the lumber mill as a forester. Basically he was in charge of restoring the area after they were deforested. Although I did hate spending part of my summer stuck in the small town, it was pretty fun when we were allowed to go with him for the day. For a city kid being able to ride around the mountains in a four wheeler when I didn’t even own my own bike was surreal. I always had a mixture of fear and excitement while driving on my own four wheeler or even sitting on the back of one with my brother’s driving. I can’t believe now that I was even allowed to drive, I pretty sure I am only 8 in these photos. That’s probably a normal age for kids who live in rural areas, maybe? I also remember loving to just hunting in the middle of a deep forest for fossils (I found them too, my collection of fossils was small but I treasured each one). My favourite pass time though while on site with him was finding and trying to kiss random frogs. I must have taken fairy tales a bit too seriously since otherwise that just makes me really weird for doing that…a lot.  My two brothers and I also use to plant trees anytime we went out with him. I have no idea why we found it so fun. Most people who were there to plant trees were University students on break in need of money spending 10 hours a day breaking their back planting hundreds of trees a day. I probably planted like 20 in the span of 6 hours so I guess I didn’t experience what it was really like. We use to just wander around a lot while my dad checked up on the tree planters. In between different sites he’d take us to  waterfalls and anything else interesting he thought would keep us preoccupied while he was working. The last thing I remember doing while visiting was each summer we’d ride in a helicopter. My dad frequently had to be lifted into certain areas to survey by helicopter so every summer we visited he’d arrange for us to be taken up in helicopter as well. Sometimes we’d just go straight up and down again but occasionally we got a full tour of the town and surround areas. It kind of makes me feel like a baller in my old age, being able to say I rode a helicopter just cos. Anyways enough rambling, here are a few photos from one of those summer days – sadly no frog kissing caught on film. I wish I could share my fossil collection too but my dad hopefully still has them somewhere. I might share more of these sometime in the future. I love looking at old film photos and its fun to share.

childhood photos chetwynd (5)childhood photos chetwynd (6) childhood photos chetwynd (3) childhood photos chetwynd (2) childhood photos chetwynd (4)


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