On the Hunt

montreal walk (1)For the last few months I was thinking about doing my installation in this empty lot in the Hochelaga. Since the weather was a bit better I decided to pay a visit and see if it was what I wanted in terms of a space. The lot use to be a quarry of some sort and is surrounded by train tracks leading up to a factory on the river that delivers goods to freight ships. We didn’t really visit the part of the lot I wanted to check out as there was fireman doing drills and burning down trees in the area. However I did happen upon some great graffiti by Starchild Stela and Harlequin Davidson that I didn’t even know would be there. As well there were a lot of train parts on the usually empty tracks that we checked out. I did get a good look at what I’d be working with for space and I’ve decided to not do the installation there. On the hunt again for a perfect spot.

montreal walk (5) montreal walk (8) montreal walk (7) montreal walk (6)montreal walk (4)montreal walk (3)montreal walk (2)My favourite piece of graf of the day was this rose, which looked spectacular to me. As well there were a lot of train parts on the usually empty tracks that we checked out. Victor couldn’t help jumping up on the train lines and goofing around. I joined him but didn’t take many photos since I was trying to avoid getting covered in grease and dirty if possible (didn’t’ work, I got covered).

montreal walk (11)montreal walk (9)montreal walk (10)montreal walk (12)montreal walk (15)montreal walk (16)I found some quartz on the bridge leading up to the factory and had to take it home. We also found train wheels just chilling on a track they were in the process of ripping up. We pushed one set of wheels and they proceed to roll down the track on its own until it hit another with a loud clang. No idea why that’s so fun to do, but it is.

montreal walk (14)montreal walk (13)It appears they covered some of the large pits they had opened for years with cement tops recently. This frog looks like it’s leading to a secret door so I had to snap a shot of it. After scouting the area I was thinking for the installation when the fireman left, I decided it wasn’t what I wanted so we headed home.  We did have a chance to catch the amazing view of the sun setting in the distance before we left. I will probably do a post about the sunset photos I shoot another time as I wanted to keep today’s post not too overloaded with photos. The last three shots are from just before we left the lot with the almost full moon in the distance.

montreal walk (18)montreal walk (21)montreal walk (19)


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