Monthly DIY: Scented Bath Salts

This month’s DIY project is scented bath salts which I love to use in the Spring and Summer time since I am very active and enjoy adding them to my bath to sooth and relax sore muscles as well as their many other benefits. It’s one of those more practical bath additions but that doesn’t mean it can’t smell and look good and it’s great to customize and make your own instead of relying on store bought. It’s really easy to do and very affordable if you go through large amounts of them. Also they make great presents for just about anyone in your life.

What You Need:monthly diy (3)

  • Plain Epsom salts
  • Food coloring
  • Fragrance or essential oils
  • Container
  • Spatula or spoon
  • Mixing bowl

Material Infomations:

The starting price for this DIY is $5 if you only need to buy the Epsom salts, depending on what you already have around the house, and what containers and scents you decide to use and create. It can be around $20 if you need to buy each of the above items and upwards if you are buying multiple oils. Keep in mind this is a DIY you would want to do for making a large quantity, as it’d be cheaper to buy from the local drug store scented bath salts if you only wanted one or two containers. For the Epsom salts, I bought mine at the local drug store for $10 for a 4L jug. Buying in bulk is always the best way to pick up Epsom salts and storing leftovers is easy. For the essential and fragrance oils you can pick them up online and in store, usually individually will be more expensive but if you don’t think you will want to make many varieties this will be the cheaper way to buy them. I use oils to make a variety of things so I didn’t buy mine for this DIY but each sample sized bottle I bought was $1-3. One bottle of oil will last you a very long time so you don’t need to get a large quantity. I picked up all my fragrance oils from here, and my essential oils were all presents but Amazon has really good combo kits.  The dye is optional and you can use regular liquid or power food dye, both will not change the consistancy of the salts. Lastly for containers you can use anything, recycled containers, jars, cosmetic grade or Dollar store containers.


  1. Pour the plain Epsom salts into the mixing bowl and crush any lumps.
    monthly diy (4)monthly diy (5)
    *A great trip for getting the right amount of Epsom salts if you are not making a large batch is simply fill your container up with the plain salts and then dump into the mixing bowl.
  2. Add in a few drops of food coloring, the amount depends on the how vibrant you want the color and how much Epsom salts you are using but I start with 5 minimum. Then add in the essential oils and/or fragrance oils to get the scent you desire, again the amount of drops you need depends on how strong you want the smell and the amount of salts you are using. Keep in mind the salts will smell more milder when added to the water so I usually make my salts quiet strong as it’s a nice medium aroma when in the bath.
    monthly diy (6)monthly diy (7)
    *if you are worried about the dye coloring your skin or hair, this is such a small amount it will barely even change the bath color unless you but in an excessive amount.
  3. To get an idea of some great scents, here is some of my essential oils and fragrance oils that I like to use individually and together. My favourite mix is pina colda which is pineapple & coconut fragrance oil mixed half in half. I also really enjoy mixing mango & peach fragrance oil. Eucalyptus essential oil is also really good to add for when you have a cold, and although it’s quiet strong I like mixing it with a variety of fragrance oils. You can check out this chart with some good scent ideas using fragrance oils and this one for essential oils.monthly diy (12)
  4. Mix until everything is well combined and once mixed you can tweak the scent or color if needed.
    monthly diy (8)
    monthly diy (9)
    *I suggest adding the oil just a few drops at a time until you feel comfortable to know how much you will need on average to start. This way you get the exact scent you want, especially important if mixing two or more scents together or you want a more subtle scent. You can add in more Epsom salts if either color and scent is to strong to weaken them.
  5. After mixing and achieving the desired color and scent simple pour into your container. You can use a funnel or a spoon if you don’t have a mixing bowl with a pour spout. As well you can add into the container a small spoon for easy scooping during bath time.
    monthly diy (13)monthly diy (14) monthly diy (1)monthly diy (2)
    *Measuring spoons make great scoopes for your bath salts.
  6.  Packaging your bath salts can be done in a variety of ways and honestly it depends how you want to use them. I found a bunch of really old jars in my shed that were no longer food safe so I reclaimed them to be my Epsom salt containers. This size of jar works wonderfully because I don’t have to refill often and they look really cute sitting on my bath tub for easy access. I also made a bunch of the salts for gifts so I packaged them a bit differently and labelled them with the name of the scent. You can also layer different colors of the same or different scent/s.
    monthly diy (10)monthly diy (11)homemade epsom scented bath saltshomemade epsom scented bath salts

Let me know below if you make these or have any quesitons!


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