August Treasures

I am back! After a month vacation I am finally blogging again and I wanted to ease back into it with one of my favourite posts to do every month – my list of monthly treasures. This month features two items from the Little Pink Kitten because I just love everything they have to offer and other odds and ends that gave me that summerish vibe (which I am still pretending it is despite Montreal being in a constant state of rain and storms). My favourite item this month is the Eat Your Feelings sticker pack from Lindsay Campbell who just started selling them this week – I can’t wait to pick some up although everything here are all high on my want list!

august treasures

Also as a side note, I have no internet for the next few weeks so posts might be going up at random times when I can get to library or local café but I am still hoping to post Monday to Thursday. Let me know in the comments any of your treasures from August.

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