Zine of the Month: Uncommon Spaces & Everyday Places Vol 2

The zine I picked for August’s Zine of the Month is Uncommon Spaces & Everyday Places Vol 2 by Erin Dorbin which takes you on journey down her 2013 travels down the Lincoln Highway in United States. Her 52 paged zine includes instant photographs taken with her Polaroid 195 Land Camera using Fuji FP-100C and expired Polaroid film as well some writing about the journey. She also includes along with the zine, 5 reproductions shots nicely printed out in the style and size of the originals. I personally loved it and thought it’s the perfect read for the summer when you are going on road trips and the prints are super nice.  Sadly this was a limited edition zine and she currently sold out just last month I believe. However in the future she may chose to reprint and Vol. 3  is coming out this Fall!  For now you can check out her website for more information about her photography.

Uncommon Spaces & Everyday Places Vol. 2


2 thoughts on “Zine of the Month: Uncommon Spaces & Everyday Places Vol 2

  1. Thanks!! Vol. 3 will be out this fall and it will feature 35mm images from my archive. It features a lot of writing on each location, like Vol. 1, so it’s taking me a bit more time to prepare :]. Stay tuned!

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