Vintage Tuesday: Thrifting Vancouver

When I was in Vancouver earlier this summer I had a chance to do some thrifting. I always say that Montreal thrifting if just not on par with what I was use to on the West Coast so it was great to do a bit of thrift shopping while there. It’s hard for me to really pinpoint why it feels like that but antique stores are abundant here in Montreal and I feel that thrift stores get picked apart way before the average person gets to really look through them. While in Vancouver we just wandered past a thrift store while exploring and it felt like we hit a goldmine of amazing stuff with no effort on our part. Same with used book stores, I love hunting for classic Agatha Christie books with covers from around the 70’s and I rarely find them here in French or English. So I went a little crazy and almost couldn’t fit what I got into my suitcase (it was really really close). It’s been awhile since I showed you my thrift finds so I’d wanted to show you all the random wonderful things I picked up!

thrifting  (2)As I mentioned above I love finding used Agatha Christie books with great covers. I am not looking for a specific illustration series as I feel like that’d be too hard to collect but I do tend to prefer the covers from the late 60’s and 70’s. These 3 books hit the bill to a tee. I had to stop myself from buying a suitcase of them because the one used book store we went to had a lot of them. I decided on these since they had the best covers and were $4 each.

thrifting  (1)All the items from the above and below photos were purchased in the same thrift store (the goldmine) in New Westminster for $16. We noticed as we walked in that they had a sale on for 50% off puzzles and games and I apparently decided I NEEDED puzzles that day. The first one is a holographic planet puzzle that I honestly think will take me a month to finish. Regardless how could I resist a puzzle where the image moves? As well I found a Clue puzzle where you can actually solve a crime but putting the puzzle together and using a red magnifying glass to find clues. That may seem really lame to some people but I am a huge Clue fan and it’s my favourite childhood board game so figuring who did it, in what room, with what weapon through a puzzle is cool to me.  I actually ended up purchasing a Harry Potter puzzle (not pictured) for my friend which does a similar thing and had a decoder that reveals hidden objects in the puzzle. We put it together while I was staying at her house and it was really neat but sadly the decoder wasn’t in the box. Luckily I will not having any issues with the Clue puzzle because despite being from 1990’s it had never been opened before, until of course we tried to make it too and utterly failed because it doesn’t show you a picture of the finished puzzle and is 70% made up of the same design – one day though I will finished it and it’ll be amazing.  For Victor I also picked up a mobile of glow in the dark plants as I want to create a sort of sci-fi theme to his studio room if he lets me and a Polaroid photo album from the 70’s or 80’s for my vintage photography.

thrifting  (3)The big find of the whole trip though and the biggest steal is the slide duplicator pictured above. It is like a basic microscope that allows you to put a slide at the bottom and expose to light while aiming your camera through to photograph the slide. Of all the things to find thrifting this was not something I would expect to find and it’s such a perfect item for me considering my ever growing collection of slides. Not to mention that it was only $4. Already tested it out and it’s perfect.

thrifting  (5)The last two items were found near my friend Nicole’s house who after seeing what me and Victor found wanted to go thrifting too. We didn’t find much but I did find this really weird book for teenagers that is very morbid and has quotes from a ton of 90’s alternative bands like Radiohead. It’s weird and really melodramatic but I wanted the book for a craft project so the story is not too important. The statue of the girl with cherry blossoms was a cute souvenir of the trip but sadly they covered it in tape so the paint job is ruined. I might spray paint it gold and try to customize it instead but I do love its current paint job. That is it though, all the random things I decided to buy. Let me know in the comments what your last haul was.

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