Pick of the Week: The Sirens of San Francisco

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Review: The Sirens of San Francisco

The Sirens of San Francisco is an indie comic put out by illustrator Jacquelin de Leon of California. The 36 page comicĀ revolves around the Sirens of San Francisco gang that includes 4 female members and their battle against a rival gang The Scorpions. While I love the illustrations and the character design of the comic and enjoy the female empowerment message, the story is the weakest element. There is no real lead in to who the Sirens are or why exactly The Scorpions are their rivals except that they are douchebags. Maybe I missed something in the story or it’d be explained more in future comics but prior to receiving the comic I enjoyed the idea of the Sirens a lot more than I do now. If I had to put my thumb on why I’d say the violence in the comic was the turn off even though I get why it’s in there. All in all though I’m still interested to see what else Jacquelin de Leon does in the future and any future comics she puts out. I preordered my copy so I also received an amazing back patch of the Sirens logo which I love and the comic itself was made with a lot of thought. It’s a really good quality comic and illustations are great however the story isn’t for everyone. You can find more information about the comic here.

A quick look at the comic:

[media url=”tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQeSBgXor4g”]

and the back patch:
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