Featured Artists: Pat Perry


Featured Artist: Pat Perry

The featured artist this week is illustrator, graphic artist, and photography Pat Perry who hails from Detroit.  I’m not hundred percent sure how I found out about his artwork but I believe it was through my friend Zara, which makes sense as she’s a wandering spirit much the same as Perry appears to be. I remember the first time I went to his blog and intensely spent the next hour going through his sketchbooks and just being taken aback.  I love his details and the sheer volume of his creativity. The artwork is just very visually pleasing and gratifying in a way even when it’s challenging you. I also really enjoy his photography and the travels he posts about. He has many facets to his work and I am intrigued by each one in a different way, it very much a journey. His work also seems very personal and I love that. Below I put together a selection of different types of his work from photography to graffiti to his sketches and finished art pieces. There is also more information on where to find him if like me you are taken away.

Pat Perry (website)
Instagram (photography)
Facebook (updates)
Store (prints)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to Pat Perry

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