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One of best moments of my trip to Vancouver, as sad as it may sound was stepping foot into Daiso after years of going without. Daiso for those of you who haven’t been before, is basically a Japanese dollar store. The one in Richmond, British Columbia is huge and makes me feel like I am stepping into Japan for an hour or two (there is just so much to see on it’s huge 3 floors). This was the first time going with my friend Nicole, who has a love and passion for dollar stores of any kind so it was great to go with her and just spent way too much money on such random things and not be judged, lol.  If you are in Vancouver I’d say it’s a must, but my tip is to also check out Yokoyaya123 near downtown as it’s a more condensed store and carries only Diaso products. Anyways thought I’d share my haul…

The Stationary

daiso haul (1)My favourite section from Daiso is the stationary as it combines two things I love a lot, stationary with kawaii characters.  A match made in heaven for me! I bought a ton of different letter sets that each come with paper, stickers, and envelops all in the same theme. The witch ones are the ones I am most excited to use, perfect for Halloween snail mail. I also picked up some plain colored envelops, chalk markers, flower paper clips, memo stickers and a memo pad called Shanti Aunty which has some amazing engrish inside.

The Origami Paperdaiso haul (3)Obviously I bought origami paper, I mean that goes without saying. The holographic paper was a great find as it’s so neat and probably the only one I will use for craft projects and not origami.

The Craft Supplies

daiso haul (6)The craft section of Daiso was the hardest to resist as I just wanted to buy everything and try it out. It’s even worse than Michael’s because everything is so affordable. I picked up a few rose cabochons for phone cases and the pink paste you can use to adhere it, and some Alice and Wonderland themed charms that are great for making a custom phone charm or keychain. As well a flower dish that is a small paint palette, some bracelet strings, a cardboard miniature photo album and also rainbow scratch paper. But the big find was glow in dark shrink paper, they had normal white and clear too but it’s actually more expensive that buying a regular pack from a craft store but GLOW IN THE DARK. I was squealing with joy, and I’ve already made a bunch of charms with it and they glow so well (warning: it also has an awful chemical smell).  Oh and a metal necklace stand that I can’t believe was $2.

The Useful Things

daiso haul (4)Everything in this category I felt so guilty about buying because they are all things I could have easily of bought in Montreal – just not as cute. My suitcases were also really heavy coming home, lol. The colorful twist ties and the needles are for my mtlcrane project and the piggy plant holder was for a planet I had that died as soon as I got back from my trip (tear!) .  The poodle square dish and fork set are what I bought to use every day as my work dishes and I love them so much and lastly a soya sauce container that I am using to hold my homemade vanilla extra in. Not the most exciting things but very cute I’d say.

The Stickers

daiso haul (5)My sticker collection has been out of control the last year so I am actively resisting buying more, which usually doesn’t work. Proud of myself for only picking up these 3 that just felt necessary.

The Food:

things that make me smile (15)things that make me smile (13)things that make me smile (20)Yum yum yum. I bought a ton of candy from there to try out and see. The lemon one was bought by my friend Ana who gifted it to me and a bunch of us tried it at the same time and yelled many things when the super sour taste hit us. Weirdly enough it’s become Victor’s favourite candy and we had to go and find it here at a local Asian super market because he craved it so much. I myself fell in love with Hi-Chew which I never really liked when I had it in the past and now really enjoy.

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