Featured Artist: Andy Kehoe


Featured Artist: Andy Kehoe

Today’s featured artist is Andy Kehoe of Pittsburgh, United States who makes fantastical resin paintings. He is another artist my friend Zara got me into last year whose work I absolutely fell in love with (the other artist being Pat Perry who I profiled two weeks ago).  His atmospheric paintings have a striking contrast between the subjects and their surroundings, the almost unsurmountable elements of nature (reminds me of the video game Journey if you are familiar). Now the true magic of Kehoe’s work I believe really happens when you see his paintings in person. I was very fortunate to see a piece last winter at a local gallery and I was blown away. Although that’s not to say his work doesn’t translate while online but due to his style of painting and the process involved it’s a different experience in person. His paintings are compiled of several layers of resin in which he paints only certain elements of the completed painting on each, building the overall image layer by layer. This gives his work this eerie 3D effect that while you can see the depth on the flat digital images and get a sense for it, it’s another thing completely in person. He is one of the few painters I am aware of who uses resin in this way and it works wonderfully with his aesthetic. For more information I highly recommend checking out his amazingly written bio (it involves pirates) and below is a selection of his work and links to where you can find more of his work.

Andy Kehoe (website)
Flickr (gallery)
Facebook (updates)
Etsy (prints)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to Andy Kehoe

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