Double Exposure: Industrial Complex

While out on a bike ride this Spring I stopped by a shipping yard and was overcome with an idea to see what shipping containers would look like when double exposed together. Instantly I enjoyed the Lego like structures that I had created and did a few test shots to cement the idea in place. When I am casually taking photographs sometimes I hit upon ideas that I think are refreshing and I’m interest to see where I could go with it. As I’ve been concentrating on my multiple exposure photography in the last year or so I keep find new ways to manipulate my surrounds and this is one of my favourites. I’d love to do is complete a series of photographs of shipping containers and do a mini show of them here in Montreal. Maybe something I will work on next year…now my test shots.

Industrial Complex (3)Industrial Complex (2)Industrial Complex (4)Industrial Complex (5)Industrial Complex (1)


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