Pick of the Week: Exploding Kittens

exploding kittens (3)Pick of the Week: Exploding Kittens

You’ve probably heard about the card game Exploding Kittens before but in case you wanted to get a closer look at it or haven’t heard of it before I wanted to do a mini review. The basics, Exploding Kittens is a card based game created by Elan Lee, the Oatmeal and Shane Small which was launched originally on Kickstarter where I believe it was one of the highest grossing to date making just fewer than 9 million. The game is much like the card game Old Maid and War with more complex rules and based around kittens…that can explode. I kickstarted it because I love cats and thought the concept was really great even though I wasn’t a fan at all of the Oatmeal or Elan Lee. I actually never kickstarted anything before but in the first few days of its launch I kept hearing about it and thought the price range was very reasonable so I couldn’t resist. Obviously the Kickstart is over now but you can get the exact decks I have on Amazon, both US and Canada for only $25 per deck. One of the most unique things about the card game is the style and the card designs which range from NSFW to just downright silly. Whether its taco cat or rub the belly of a pig-a-corn or the Pope of nope has spoken, its super neon and crazy and I enjoy the humour although it can really depend on your personal preference. As I mentioned previously I purchased the card game without being a fan of the creators and I feel like some of the humour used in the cards it just not my thing but I still enjoy it. The decks can be bought separately however and most of the humour I wasn’t too keen on was the NSFW version of cards. The actual game mechanics themselves are really solid and when it arrived in the mail I was addicted to playing it with Victor. It’s very competitive and tense at times and the games last a good length of time (around 20minutes) so you can play a few in a row or just one quick game. I’ve mostly played this game in 2 player mode but you can play up to 5 people on one deck and 10 players if you have two so it can be a really social game. The times I’ve played it out of 2 players it was actually more fun because you don’t feel so bad about trying to get the other people to explode (or just don’t play against your significant other). I also love any game where I can be strategic and plot against the other person yet at the same time the amount of random chance in Exploding Kittens allows fun twists and turns and never feels unfair or frustrating (and I can get pretty competitive). It’s a solid game that just happens to try and lure you in cute kittens.  You can find out more about Exploding Kittens, here.

exploding kittens (6)exploding kittens (7)The regular Exploding Kittens deck comes in a cardboard box that opens with a metallic latch and enough room for two decks and an area of the rules. It also happens to meow as you open it
(I believe this is a Kickstarter only feature however)

exploding kittens (2)A look at the some regular deck cards.

exploding kittens (4)exploding kittens (5)
The NSFW deck version has it’s own stand alone box with room for cards and includes the rules.
(Catmelon is not apart of this deck, accidently had the decks in the wrong boxes)

exploding kittens (9)exploding kittens (8)A look at the NSFW cards, which I have to say are the ones I’m not a huge fan of.

exploding kittens (10)The rules with explanations about what each card does, very straight forward and easy to understand. I mostly included this photo because it includes my own cat Butter’s tail as she decided to join me.


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