October in Review

october in reviewOctober in Review feels to me more like thrifting in review…did I even do anything besides go to thrift stores this month? If you haven’t already you can check out my last post about all my thrift finds, it’s a bit of long slog but I love sharing and hearing about what people find (I am always of the mind everyone else finds such cooler things than myself). One thing I’ve noticed now that it’s November is there haven’t been that many posts about autumn, much to my surprise. Despite going on lots of walks and having mini adventures with Victor before we both go to work I have documented very little of the season. I am still recovering from my large pout of depression that I had at the tail end of the Summer so that might explain it but I thought my page would just be all leaves and dried flowers by now. Maybe that’ll change in November…I hope at least as the snow is creeping closer and closer and there is not much good weather left. My brain has already switched over to Christmas, which I know is bad and drives me crazy seeing how insanely people start obsessing about that holiday but I do feel like I’m allowed a little bit of prep time to start working on presents since again this year I am going to be making 50% homemade presents for friends. Not to mention next month is both Victor’s and my best friend Ana’s birthday…it’s a lot of presents and a very short an amount of time. I’m making mostly bath bombs this year btw, and will probably do a DIY post on them if I get the chance as I am going to be making really unique ones (and yes if you saying to the screen “everyone and their mother has made bath bombs” I know but trust me if I shared my recipes they’d have an interesting twist). Okay, I have to stop writing now though or I feel it’ll just be all about Christmas and you will judge me, lol.

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