Featured Artist: Hanna Hasse Bergström


Featured Artist: Hanna Hasse Bergström

Today’s featured artist is Swedish mixed-media artist Hanna Hasse Bergström who gives life back to skulls by painting and carving them. She says “animals and nature have always been my source of power” and hard not to see the passion and magic she puts into her work. Her details and brush strokes are delicate but her pieces embody strength and boldness, a wonderful mixture. It’s hard for me to even picture what the skulls originally looked like with flesh and bone on them as the transformation to something else entirely is so complete. I’ve always been intrigued by carved bone whether it’s a small arrow heads and native statues to the traditional carved skulls, so seeing her modern take of these traditions is exciting to me. Below is a selection her work and links on where you can find her.

Hanna Hasse Bergström (website)
Instagram (photos)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to Hanna Hasse Bergström.


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