Lost Bike Ride

At the end of the year I evitable start going through my folders of photographs and end up finding a few that I forgot about or just for some reason never shared. I dubbed these “the lost bike ride”, a short trip to the Honoré Beaugrand area of Montreal where we visited the Poulier de la Longue Pointe parc that faces île grosbois which me and Victor have for a long time wanted to bike around. This day, we arrived too late and the last ferry of the day was just about to leave. We decided against taking a ferry ride as we would have had to turn back again as soon as we landed. Instead we biked up the long shoreline until we could find a secluded place to stop and eat our picnic.

missing bike ride (4)missing bike ride (2)missing bike ride (12) missing bike ride (3)The parc has a great bike path that winds all the way up it for a few miles, right by the water so you can follow the shoreline and enjoy the view. We stopped almost at the very end as there were many families out that day and we wanted to find a place on the rock beach that was private. After carrying our bikes down and parking them against trees, we arrange ourselves on the edge of the water.  The St Lawrence River is always freezing but it’s nice on a hot summer day to dip in your toes in and even better when you have food and cider to enjoy.

missing bike ride (8)missing bike ride (7)missing bike ride (9)missing bike ride (10)missing bike ride (14)missing bike ride (11)missing bike ride (1)We had barely sat down and started to enjoy ourselves when the threat of the rain started looming so we quickly packed up our picnic to ride back home again. I took a quick snap of our makeshift table that we were sitting to enjoy the river (this ‘beach’ was pretty covered in various things) and one of Victor staring at the coastline trying to figure out how much time we had. We had none if you’re curious and promptly got soaked, the worst end to a bike trip we’ve had all summer, counting all the times we got lost, and that sounds like a pun on the title – sorry. We are hoping this weekend to get one good last ride in before storing our bikes away for the long winter, wish us luck!

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