Pick of the Week: Inkkas Shoes

inkkas (9) Pick of the Week: Inkka Shoes

This week I wanted to feature an amazing store that I’ve been obsessed with for years, Inkka Shoes. I first discovered them while researching Peru, and fell in love with their use of traditional and authentic textiles. Originally the store only sold shoes made in Peru however they have expanded and now include Guatemala, Mexico, and Ethiopia. Making handmade shoes in the origin country with authentic materials is not revolutionary but it makes Inkka shoes stand apart as a shoe company from what you typically find in stores. I personally love the Peruvian patterns, and they also plant a tree every time a shoe is bought plus the fair trade elements of the brand, it’s hard not to love. The shoes are on the higher price point but compared to Converse, I think the price is reasonable for what you get. This summer was the first time me and Victor decided to buy a pair to check them out, we settled on Cotton Candy high tops as the pattern Victor wanted was out of stock (this happens a lot as they do limited runs of shoes and discontinue older shoe styles).  One thing I noticed right off the bat was Inkka shoes just aren’t made for me – now maybe in the future they will have a different style but I have extremely wide feet and a high arch so the shoes just didn’t fit right (most shoes don’t, I usually wear one size up to accommodate this but still have trouble). Normally me and Victor can wear almost the same size of shoes so they fit him perfectly. And he loves them, so much in fact he has actually bought two more in the newer styles, the Bluebird low tops and the Desert Nomad High top. They’ve become his favourite shoes to wear and he loves the way they look, but more than that he loves how comfy they are. He highly recommends these shoes. One thing to note as the style of shoes are evolving is you want to be very careful about what size you pick and refer to their size guide as we didn’t pay attention and bought the same size for all 3 of the shoes thinking it was fine and found out the Bluebird low top didn’t fit (I failed to notice that they advise you to go a complete size down for those particular ones). The sizing can be tricky, and that is probably the only negative I can think of.  As for their delivery, the shipping is quick and both times the shoes were sent from New Jersey so they arrived within a week. The customer service is also very good, they are prompt to reply to any questions and it’s easy to exchange or return a pair of shoes like we did with the low tops.  If you are worried about the cost, their website frequently has sales or free shipping and the last two years they have done crowd founding on Kickstarter for newer styles of shoes and heavily discount the older stock. You can check out their current Kickstarter here and their website!

A closer look at the shoes:

inkkas (5)
(these came with hot pink laces but he switched to a purple laces instead)inkkas (2) inkkas (4)inkkas (1)inkkas (7)inkkas (3)inkkas (8)How can you not love this amazing textile?


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