I haven’t really found what wording I wanted to use to describe my return to blogging after 2 months off, probably because I really haven’t found a reason to why I left or why I am returning. There are things that I enjoyed about the last two months, and ultimately things I missed about not blogging.  Instead of filling up this post with my uncertainties, and half way affirmations that this blog in some small way gives me purpose is just not me. So I’m back, tomorrow you can expect a post and the day after that, and hey maybe even the day after that. I am working full time at the moment at my stressful day job so don’t expect posts Friday-Sunday and I might miss a few days here and there so I don’t get burnt out. Content should also be changing but similar to the format I have used in the past. I am ambitiously hoping for it to be less structured and more free flowing, but damn I do love rigid adherence and scheduling (doesn’t this seem like the opposite of what most people are hoping for?). As well I will likely be featuring more of my casual style of photography and putting the focus on this being just my random blog in which to share on and not be worried at appearing ‘professional’ in any way.

Now that I feel like I’ve ranted sufficiently. Hope anyone who read this is having a delightful day and I’ll see you tomorrow.

long beach in polaroids (14)

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