Garden Dreaming

summer garden (15)During the summer I had a chance to explore this wonderful urban garden with my intrepid friend Pang. I arrived to her house one blazing afternoon and we decided to go for a walk so she could showed me the community gardens near her place in East Vancouver. The gardens (which I forgot the name of) were beyond expansive, and packed with all sorts of vegetation, flowers, herbs, you name it. It was fun walking around between the beds and discovering what the next one had in store, and parts of the garden seemed to wind around and almost become semi-hidden at times which added this element of discovery and adventure to the whole walk. One of those magical places you marvel at for existing in a city like Vancouver. So I thought it would be a nice break from the grey skies of winter to share the photos I took during the walk, although I did not take many as I was much more interested walking through the place and absorbing it.

summer garden (12) summer garden (6) summer garden (10) summer garden (4) summer garden (2)summer garden (18)summer garden (8)summer garden (7)summer garden (5)summer garden (17)summer garden (9)summer garden (1)summer garden (19)summer garden (14)The last two photos were taken at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden, featuring the ever beautiful Pangu.summer garden (21)summer garden (20)


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