Homemade Gifts: French Vanilla Whipped Sugar Scrub

homemade giftsFrench Vanilla Whipped Sugar Scrub (5)For Valentine’s Day I decided to send a few of my close friends a bunch of homemade bath goodies perfect for treating yourself after a long day. Instead of just keeping these recipes to myself I thought I’d share with you guys as these are great presents and useful to make for yourself even if you don’t believe in the corporate marketing holidays. The first recipe is this bubbling, foaming French vanilla sugar scrub that smells like heaven and is filled with vanilla bean seeds for that extra touch of luxury.

French Vanilla Whipped Sugar Scrub

1 cup sugar (250g)

1 cup whipped OPC soap (250g)

1 teaspoon vitamin E oil

1/8th cup coconut oil (30g)
or any type of liquid oil

1 teaspoon French Vanilla fragrance

Vanilla bean seeds

French Vanilla Whipped Sugar Scrub (6)French Vanilla Whipped Sugar Scrub (3)Steps

  1. In a bowl combine soap and sugar the whip with blender until soft peaks.
  2. Add in oil, Vitamin E and fragrance as well as any extras, like vanilla seeds, mica or honey.
  3. Place in a container.

Simple adjustments

  • Instead of the OPC soap you can use any type of melt and pour soup or use more oil (1/3 cup to 1/2 cup), however this will limit how whipped you end product looks and the texture.
  • Instead of vanilla fragrance you can use vanilla extract.
  • Vanilla seeds add extra smell and exfoliating but not necessary if you don’t have easy access to whole vanilla beans. ( I just happen to have some left over from making my own vanilla extract)

*If you are going to be using a sugar scrub in the shower you should consider adding a preservative to it. Even though a sugar scrub doesn’t require a preservative on it’s own it will be in close contact with a water source and that can cause it to spoil. 

French Vanilla Whipped Sugar Scrub (4)


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