Pick of the Week: Jetoy

jetoy (2)Pick of the Week: Jetoy

I have already shared Jetoy in the past (here) but I really wanted to share again because not only are they my favourite stationary company but this year they’ve changed things up and have Colorful Jetoy. What’s new? Well still ridiculously cute cats but also the incorporation of their designs with the hobby of coloring. So Coloring books are insanely big nowadays, I have no idea why but every Etsy artist is making their own and craft & book stores are filled with everything from Game of Thrones to any animal you can think of in geometric patterns for ‘medication and relaxing’ hyped promises. I honestly don’t get the trend, I mean I own a lot of coloring books but I’ve always been pretty happy just buying kids ones and the odd ‘adult’ style one here and there not overpriced bland geometric patterned ones… That’s life though, and apparently the same trend happening here is in Korea so Jetoy has postcards, coloring books and year planners in their new Colorful Jetoy style. I love, not only because Jetoy cats are the cutest but because they are really well thought out and I love that some parts are pre-colored. The postcards are my favourite of course, so much detail and unique qualities to each one. But let’s get to the photos so you can see for yourself. Also do not mistaken my love for stationary from Korea and Japan as product placement, I’m not getting paid for this, I just really love anything Jetoy.

A closer look at all the stationary

jetoy (3) jetoy (1) jetoy (17)jetoy (16) jetoy (15) jetoy (13) jetoy (4) jetoy (11)jetoy (8)jetoy (10) jetoy (7)

Special Note:

Sorry about the lack of posts last week, I ended up in the hospital for a day and then had surgery and stitches so I wasn’t able to publish anything beyond Monday’s post. But I am back and feeling better. 

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