Easy Fujifilm Mini Instax Kit

For Christmas this year I ended up making my friend a personalized Fujifilm Instax Kit to go with her new Instax Mini 8 camera. Inside included a bunch of essentials for starting out with an Instax like film, a carrying case and more. This kit is useful for beginners to Instax or even someone who has had it for a long time as these types of things are useful regardless. Now you can buy premade kits from Amazon which are of great saving but sometimes it’s hard to find every element you want and have a fully customized kit but they are worth having a look at. I ended up buying one medium sized kit and keeping some of it for myself and buying additional elements to it to customize it fully for my friend. Below is each piece I thought was worth adding and links on where to find it individually.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Kit


Fujifilm Mini Instax Kit (1)A neck strap and a set of plastic frames that allow you to stand up 1 instax photo.
Strapes found here & here and frames here.

Fujifilm Mini Instax Kit (4)An album that holds 64 instax photos and deco stickers.
Photo albums found here, and here. Deco stricks found here.

Fujifilm Mini Instax Kit (2)Two instax film mobiles complete with frames, string and clips to hang. 
Paper frames mobiles found here and here.

Fujifilm Mini Instax Kit (5)A self-portrait lens and 4 colored lens in red, yellow, blue and green. 
Lens found here, here and here.

Fujifilm Mini Instax Kit (6)Film and film stickers.
Stickers found here, and film found locally or online here and here.
*If you want more information on film check of my post here.

The last addition I would make is a carrying case, my kit box didn’t fit one but I did end up buying one as it’s probably the most useful thing when you get a new camera beside film. Cases can be found here and here, but local stores like Staples usually carry a selection of them as well.


Fujifilm Mini Instax Kit (3)I fit all of the above into a winter theme rectangle tin from the dollar store before gifting it to my friend. I recommend buying something that will also service as a great storage container as well since its nice having a place to put all your accessories away.

That’s it for my Fujifilm Instax Mini Kit, is there something I missed that you would put in yours?


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