Monthly DIY: Tissue Paper Easter Eggs

Tissue Paper Easter EggsThis year’s Easter egg designs DIY is going to be the fun and super simple tissue paper Easter eggs. I saw this online and really wanted to try it out and put my own personal twist on the design so I couldn’t wait to make these. My Easter DIYS are always my favourite to make and I never miss the chance to make Easter eggs.  This project is totally kid friendly if you need it to be and very affordable so it’s great one to test out if you want to get outta the mold of just dying eggs.

What You Need:monthly diy

  • tissue paper
  • Modpodge / glue
  • brush
  • scissors
  • hard boiled/hollowed/
    plastic/styrofoam eggs
  • ribbon
    (if you want to make ornaments)

Material Information and Cost: 

This project is easy to do for $15 or less and everything is easy to locate at your local craft/art/Dollar store. The only thing I bought was the fancy tissue paper from DeSerres which was actually horribly expensive at $8 per package (otherwise I would have bought so many different patterns). Recycling tissue paper also works great for this project as well and you can save up over a few months and get really interesting paper to work with. 


  1. Prepare your eggs and make sure they are clean and free of dirt.
    *to learn how to hollow out your eggs I made a video a few years ago
  2. Prep the tissue paper, you can either cut large squares to wrap around a whole egg with cuts at the top and bottom to make it easier to fold around the egg, or smaller shapes like squares, circles or stripes of various sizes.
  3. Apply the glue using the brush either to the back of the tissue paper or directly onto the egg.
    *I prefer applying the glue directly to the egg as it easier to adjust the paper after you’ve placed it down on the egg and the paper doesn’t tear as easily, just make sure to do a small section at a time. 
  4.  Apply the tissue paper in sections onto the eggs using the brush to pat out any wrinkles or air bubbles and remove excess glue. Try to not move the tissue paper as it tears easily.
  5. After the egg is covered simply let dry.
  6. You can also attach a piece of ribbon to the top and make them into ornaments. Or insert a skewer or craft stick to the bottom if using styrofoam eggs to make displays.

Tissue Paper Easter Eggs (1) Tissue Paper Easter Eggs (2) Tissue Paper Easter Eggs (10)Tissue Paper Easter Eggs (11) Tissue Paper Easter Eggs (9) Tissue Paper Easter Eggs (7)Tissue Paper Easter Eggs (8)Tissue Paper Easter Eggs (12) Another great idea for Easter eggs using tissue paper is these really cool tie dye Easter eggs using color bleeding tissue paper.


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