Vintage Tuesday: April Finds

Unlike the month before me and Victor have been doing a lot more thrifting than to vintage fairs so there is lot of random bits and bobs this month as there is nothing I love more than something useless under $5. I am a sucker for cheap, cute, pointless things, so much that sometimes for my birthday or Christmas Victor gets mad at me cos all I ask for is useless shit. It’s not my fault though (well…). April was a pretty good month overall for both vintage and thrift items but most of the time we barely found more than 1 thing at a place at a time. So I can’t wait to start biking and go to some stores I haven’t been since last Summer. Let’s see what we found in April!

vintage tuesday (1)I can’t even, like you have no idea. Thrifting and antiquing in Montreal is so hard because everyone here knows their shit. Unlike most blogs which seem to perpetuate that they find cool shit for $1, I usually buy pretty fair, high prices for the good things I picked up. This though is probably my biggest steal, me and Victor were tripping over ourselves at how lucky we got. It’s a beautiful Imperial  “The Good Companion” typewriter from 1936, in working condition was $60. I know its hipster thing but I use to want to be writer when I was little and have always appreciated and wanted a nice antique typewriter. I always looked at them in passing but it’s so rare to find one that even works well enough that I normally don’t even bother looking these days. So I’ll totally concede and say Victor spotted this and made me look at it. I was delighted when we arrived home and besides having dry ribbon (which I fixed pretty quickly, thanks Amazon), there is nothing wrong with this beautiful creature. It’s stunning, and I had to resist and not share 700 photos of every detail of it (but I will surely do that in an upcoming Vintage Tuesday).  Apparently it’s also pretty common to find newer models of this typewriter for over $250.

vintage tuesday (18) vintage tuesday (19)The typewriter came with this charming engraved brush, ribbon, and calendar as well which I have hanging by my desk now, it’s ship detail makes it feel so perfect to me.  

vintage tuesday (12)Antique photo albums are my newest thing I am on the hunt for. I have so many vintage photographs I feel like they need a proper home and I love the black paper albums with leather covers of old. I tell myself that some day I’ll fill hem up with the photos I have and then write fake stories of this pretend family and make some sort of art project out of them….some day.

vintage tuesday (15)vintage tuesday (2)vintage tuesday (16)vintage tuesday (3)Victor has been on a real kick lately with pocket tins and rounded tobacco tins, his collection pretty much doubled this month. My favourite out of the new pocket tins is Picobac.

vintage tuesday (17) vintage tuesday (11)We found this Jiffy camera in the most curated and hipster antqiue store ever, Victor spends a lot of time on Facebook finding obsture places for us to visit. It was pretty much a dud store that we will likely never go again but this cute Jiffy camera was a pretty good price of $20 even though it has a chip in the back.

vintage tuesday (10)vintage tuesday (9)My own Edgeworth tin which is sparkly new looking despite being close to 100 years old. It was used by it’s last owner inside a sewing machine to keep pins so it didn’t rust much. I’ll be sure to take good care of it as well. We haggled the seller so much that we got it for $20 instead of his original price of $40. 

vintage tuesday (5) vintage tuesday (6)Now we transition to the thrifted store part of the post, where I found another kitten. This one is very playful and found for $2. I almost didn’t buy it because taxidermy shaped like cats is turning into a thing but…..I liked it. I also bought a cribbage board for 50cents that is just like the one me and my family use to play when we were kids going across the ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver. We’ve already used on a few picnics and Victor have never played picked it up quickly. Victor is the one who bought the meat thermometer, simply because it looked old and was a $1. I do love the yellow color and we are going to hang it in our kitchen to remind us of what to set the slow cooker too. It’s a mercury thermometer though which has me a little nervous. 

vintage tuesday (8)The Goosebumps of my childihood found in it’s original wrapping was hard to believe – so I bought it even though they weren’t as much my thing as they were my brother’s. I found this Agatha Christie right after finding one that I already had and I don’t have many so I was pretty bummed. Just my luck though. $1 vintage books have been my favourite find since I was small. My mom use to take us to used bookstores on weekends when we were very young and I love discovery new books.

vintage tuesday (4)The last ever Old Wig was just two weeks ago and me and Victor were excited to check it out even though the last time they had it was pretty bad (the first one we ever went to a few years ago was amazing). The last one was even worse…and seemed like a pointless trip so I bought a seashell dish for my bath bombs  so we felt a bit better about it(I was sick that it very fustrating to make such an effort for nothing).

vintage tuesday (14)Best thrift find in awhile, I mean you can’t go wrong with anything Lord of the Rings when it comes to me. I’ve never even seen this version of Monopoly before and surprisingly it had every piece and card except  3 of the place cards which I can easily remake. $3 well spent. 

vintage tuesday (7)Lastly who doesn’t want a thatched star basket? I bought it to display bath bombs at the fair I was apart of, now….no idea what I’ll do with it. 

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