Multiple Exposure: I Lost Myself

double exposure i lost myself (2)
“I lost myself, I lost myself, you can’t see how, becuse I am just a cloud”

The original concept behind these multiple exposure was for my 52 Weeks Project last year where I took a self-portrait¬†every week for a year. It was one of those moments where an idea just grabbed me and I spent an hour outside freezing trying to find the best angle and combination between my silhouette and a paper mask. I haven’t included the one I end up chosing in this set but you can check it out here.

double exposure i lost myselfmultiple exposure mask self portrait (4)multiple exposure mask self portrait (1)


One thought on “Multiple Exposure: I Lost Myself

  1. Hey Bean,

    Loving these double exposures.. you’ve mastered that craft, well done!.. that mask really lends itself well to the DE, the eyes provide a striking contrast for the layered image..

    Hope to see new material at some point, but can also check out so much content you’ve already posted (no way that Ive seen it all)..


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