My name is Kathryn. I’m a photographer and mixed media artist who loves collecting vintage and toy cameras. I live in Montreal, Quebec with my cat and my long-time boyfriend Victor. Originally I am from West Coast and have lived in many areas of Alberta and British Columbia. I feel most at home when near the ocean, the dream right now would be to forgo society and live in a lighthouse in PEI. My blog tends to be a little all over the place as I have diverse amount of interests and don’t really belong to any one community (although who does really). I also tend to do random projects for no reason other than I feel like it so I’m a bit of jack of all trades, master of none.

For what type of equipment I use, most of it is listed on the left hand side. I love shooting with film when I can and love developing my own film even though developing can be at times difficult. Photography and art is a real passion of mine and although I’ve never received training in either film or digital photography I feel like it’s what makes me whole and am still learning constantly to make my photography better. Being self-taught for me was never really an intention, I actually did it merely while studying Psychology as I was suffering from depression and found it a good outlet of my time. I simply continued to do photography even after leaving school to work full time. I’ve never taken it very seriously but I’ve always dreamed of being able to sustain myself off of it at some future point.

For more information about my photography only, check out my main website.

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