365 Days Challenge

My 365 Days Challenge that I did from March 2013 to March 2014.

What I’ve Learned Doing Photography Challenges

Today I shared the entire last year of self-portraits from March 2014 to 2015 that I captured weekly for my 52 Weeks of Self-Portraits project. I thought I’d also write down some of my thoughts about the project/challenge and why you may want to start one of your own or not. Also quick side note, apologizes if this post might not be as polished as I usually strive for. I’m still recovering and bed ridden from a concussion I received last week coincidently from my last self-portrait shoot so I’m off my game.

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365 Challenge: The Finale

A whole year of daily photos, wow my 365 Challenge finished up earlier this month and I actually did it! I am a little amazed – the winter was really tough. I kind of feel more relieved than accomplished at the moment but I know down the road I will be proud I finally tried this project. To celebrate the end of my project I want to share with you some of the positives and the negatives that I`ve learned while doing this project as well below if you want to skip the `words` there is an album of every photo for all 365 days. :)

The Positives:

Well the first positive for me at least is that I never missed a day. I had a clean 365 Challenge without any miss steps. Also right away when I started the project I stated I may resort to taking a cell phone picture or two on tough days but I only ever took 1 cellphone picture and it was because I decided I wanted to share a photo of Igloofest but due to weather I couldn`t bring any cameras.  The other great thing is I’ve definitely been taking more photos and it’s really broadened what I normally try and capture about my daily life. I’ve honestly never really tried to take many photos of my baked goodies or unique and random things I buy on Etsy. Although that’s not really very inventive I actually thought it gave me really good practice. I’ve also noticed an improvement in my photography – I’ve been thinking for the last few months that I’ve been slacking or that my photography in the last few 365 months has been rather lackluster and was better at the start of the year but when I looked back at the earlier months I could totally see a big change and I was really wrong in that assumption. Feels good.

The Negatives:

Okay, so I will not try to be hard on myself because I tend to be very negative as a person in general (can you tell as this paragraph is 3 times the size of the positive one). I love photography that is inspiring and unique and most of my favourite photographs that I’ve taken actually really weird people out or make them feel uncomfortable – and this delights me. The 365 Challenge didn’t show that or have that part of my photography in it. Secondly I work a full-time job in a call center and honestly I’m not very social and like hanging out at home with my boyfriend (it’s a problem). I’m not interesting enough for daily photos – my life is just on a day to day basis not going to produce a situation that I will find inspiring. And I don’t have enough hours in a day to create this situation either through my creativity. Maybe that’s a cope out, maybe a better photographer could find that shot every day but it’s not me. I like to come home and relax after being yelled by customers all day, lol. The last few days that point has really sunken in as since I stopped doing it last week I’ve been having phantom worry about what my daily photo will be when I wake up in the morning or get home from work; because for the last few months it’s been winter and I’ve actually had to get up early before work and pray there is enough light to take a photo of something – anything or that I can get home quick enough after work for the same reason (sorry I am a natural light photographer – I get the easiest way around this is take flash photos).  That’s hardly the type of situation that is going to end up with a great shot, not that I don’t love the photos. I wouldn’t share them if I didn’t like them. But they really show a pattern of what I shoot, cat day, mail that’s arrived, self-portrait, postcards, my living room….ectera. That’s the main reason I’m not doing another one – it takes a lot of effort and if the results aren`t pushing me as a photographer I don’t see the point. Not that the casual photography side of me is going to change (instead I’m actually going to have Friday’s post be photos I’ve taken that week) but I just want more time to put my focus on other projects. Anyways that was a little negative so here are some colorful photos that lead to each month’s post for you to browse.


365 (1) (1024x678)


365 (55) (1024x678)


365 (76) (1024x678)


365 (107) (1024x721)


365 (144) (1024x678)


365 (172) (1024x678)


365 (190) (1024x678)


365 (210) (1024x678)


365 (249) (1024x678)


365 (286) (1024x807)


365 (302) (1024x678)


365 (349) (1024x654)


365 (361) (1024x678)

Check out below for each month one album at a time!


365 Challenge: February

 Can you believe February is the last full month of my 365 Challenge? It’s been such a weird feeling this month every time I write the number of the photo knowing that I was less than 30 days away from the end. I officially only have 6 days left until I’ve complete 1 whole year of daily photos. I will try and not go too much into that as I plan on doing an official 1 Year recap at the end of March but it’s been really trippy. I wanted to go out with a bang though and spice up the last whole month so I’ve been trying to expand on my usually subject matter. I would say I’ve been semi-successful with that as this month is probably one of my more diverse months. Creating the Top 5 was really hard, by the time it was the 15th I already had 4 photos I wanted to choose. I’ve been spending a lot of my days off from work going outside in the snow so it was definitely a snow month of photos! In two week’s I’ll have my last 365 Challenge post for March…

If you want to check out the previous months: March, April , May,June, July August,  September, October , November and January or my Tumblr!

Top 5:

365 (334) (1024x677)
334 Snowman at the Fete des Neiges

365 (338) (1024x678)
338 Working on my art wall still – few more photos to hang

365 (343) (1024x678)
343 Sleeping in late and cat cuddles – best start to the day.

365 (347) (1024x680)
347 Valentine’s afternoon treats for Victor

365 (355) (1024x678)
355 Parc LaFontaine lake on a warm winter day


365 Challenge: January

January marks one of the last months of my 365 Challenge, there is only a month and a half left before I’ve completed a year of daily photos! It’s been weird this whole month every time I type the photo number because it’s just so close. This is the first month I used a photo taken on my phone which I think it pretty impressive. Winter is really tough for my 365 Challenge with it being dark from 4pm to 8am every day. It means I don’t have much daylight and I’ve been schedule day shifts at my job all month. I also feel like I’ve hit a wall when it comes to finding something interesting to shoot, which I know isn’t true because there are always amazing things to take photos of but it feels like that. A part of me doesn’t know if I’ll continue this another year. I really want to go out with a bang though so I’ve been really trying the last few weeks to find new things to shoot and break away from the same old same old (honestly though there will always be Butter photos as I take WAY too many photos of her). Next month will be good and January had some really neat shots in it so check out below to see the whole month!

If you want to check out the previous months: March, April , May,June, July August,  September, October and November or my Tumblr!

Top 5:

365 (305) (1024x678)305 Walking in the Plateau just before the sun sets

365 (309) (1024x678)309 Projector testing with Victor

365 (315) (1024x678) 315 Chillin’ with Butter in the morning

365 (320) (1024x795)320 Taking double exposures with my Polaroid 210 Landcamera

365 (328) (1024x678) 328 Walking up early and watching the snow fall


365 Challenge: December

The 365 Challenge for December was my toughest month yet when it came to motivation and inspiration. It’s been easier than I thought to take a photo a day but highlighting my own photography has been super hard. This month being sick and in general hiding away from the weather has made the photos a little boring. I am very much a temperamental artist, I usually only make mixed media projects at the dead of night when the mood strikes me and I am very much the same way with my photography. It’s been good to recognize that in myself and try and work through that frustration but on a daily basis this month it’s been hard. I’ve been taking photos of something that sums up my day nicely and I am always happy with that but I don’t know if that’s interesting to other people….*sigh* I really want to improve the subject matter and get outta the house a little more in January! There are plenty of festive photos for the holidays that make me smile though so check them out below. If you want to check out the previous months: March, April , May, June, July,  August ,  September, October and November or my Tumblr!

Top 5:

365 (273) (1024x678)273 Send snail mail to various people including my custom postcard to my friend Stevie.

365 (277) (1024x678)277 Finally finished decorating the Christmas tree

365 (285) (1024x678)286 Selling prints, postcards and rice krispies as a craft fair

365 (288) (1024x678)288 Bokuh fun with Christmas lights

365 (296) (1024x678)296 Butter watching the snow plow outside with great interest


Coming Up on Citizen Erased

It’s the start of a new year which means that there will be a few changes coming to Citizen Erased. It’s almost been the year anniversary since I first started posting daily and leaping into the world of blogging. I’ve tried a lot of various posts over the year to try and find my style and what I like to post about. I hope some of that material has been either useful or interesting to you guys (hit me up with feedback in the comments anytime). This year I’ve decided to stick with having formatted days because I am a bit of an organizational freak and with me working full time it just makes my life easier. Below will be the schedule, which I am sure may need some tweaking throughout the year and is more a rough estimate. I am really excited to test out more cameras and continue to develop film myself in the new year!

Schedule for 2014


  • Pick of the Week – either an Etsy store feature, a book /store review, or a recipe.


  • Vintage Tuesdays –  bi-weekly vintage photography or cameras, photography I’ve taken with a vintage camera, and how to’s related to vintage cameras.
  • Featured Artists – bi-weekly I will be featuring an artist’s work that I enjoy (hoping perhaps to start doing interviews with artists as well).


  • Lomography Wednesday – bi-weekly photography taken with toy cameras, toy camera reviews and how to’s.
  • Double Exposures – bi-weekly double exposure photography taken by myself.


  • Weekly sharing of past photo shoots or casual photo sets of my life.


  • Butter – cute photos of my cat while I talk about my week.
  • 365 Challenge – monthly posting of my 365 Project where I take a photo every day. I post them daily on my tumblr and FB page as well. Will end in March.


  • Monthly DIY – every month I do a DIY project which can vary between homemade pins to lamps made with slides.
  • Month in Review – on the first week of the month I will review what happened that month, my favourite posts, and any updates or changes to the blog.
  • Otherwise for the Saturdays that don’t have the above two posts it will a day off for me.


  • Self-Portrait Sunday – weekly self portraits either current or from previous photo shoots.
  • Camera Profiles – exploring me as a photographer with one of my many cameras.
  • 52 Weeks of Self Portraits – will start in April after my 365 Project is over, basically a weekly self portrait series.



365 Challenge: November

November’s 365 Challenge has come and gone in a flash are you prepared for all the snow pictures coming your way in the next few months? I kid, though as you can see I am staying indoors more and more these days. That’s the first thing I noticed when I looked at all the months photos together. It’s hard not to in November, it’s the worst month of year for weather in Montreal since it`s freezing cold like the winter but there is never any snow outside so it’s just gross and cloudly and dark outside. Me and Victor have been doing a great job about going on walks and going places on the weekend even when I work so I’m proud about that (as I tend to hide inside my house too much). This month I’ve kept looking at the number of the photo and doing the math..not a good sign. I think because it’s getting so close to the end of the calender year I keep thinking that my 365 is close to being over but I am still 3 months away and from what I recall I started on a completely random day in March so until Feburary I wont even been the home stretch. I feel like the best part is writing about my day and what’s going on in my life (although that’s probably the least interesting part to anyone else). The photos have definetly been more casual than before which is a good and bad thing. I have been getting a lot of snail mail and I am always so tempted to share what I got but that doesn’t always lead to the best photographs. Anways enough of my moaning. If you want to check out the previous months: March, April , May, June, July,  August ,  September and October or my Tumblr!

Top 5:

365 (243) (1024x678)
243 Victor throwing leaves at Mont-Royal

365 (248) (1024x678)
243 Art prints and apple crumble cupcakes

365 (258) (1024x678)258 Butter wearing her cat tie and lounging on top of my new prints from Wishcandy

365 (263) (1024x677)263 Loot from We are Wolves concert (my favourite band)

365 (268) (1024x678) 268 Frost in the window


365 Challenge: October

October has been a great month for my 365 Challenge, its funny having done this for 8 months now I really start to notice the patterns in my choices on what I take photos of. October has been all about cupcakes, postcards, nature/autumn, and the bits and bobs around my house that make me smile. I am excited and terrified to see what happens in the next few months as it starts to turn into winter. Normally I take my photos during the day because I love nature lighting for photography but with winter coming it will be dark most of the time I get up before work or arrive home (am I only one who giggles at the Game of Thrones reference?). The logistics of a daily photo when I work full time will get even trickier which excites me. It doesn’t snow very much here before Christmas thankfully but November the temperature does start to dip below 0 and get into negatives so even when it’s daylight outside I may not want to venture very far from home.  It’s going to be fun to see what happens. Right now I am just trying to enjoy the last moments of sweater weather and the falling leaves. Fall is such a beautiful time of the year and it’s almost over.

If you want to check out the previous months: March, April , May, June, July,  August , and Septemberor my Tumblr!

Top 5:

365 (214) (1024x678)214/365 Bee enjoying the flowers

365 (218) (1024x678)218 Fujifilm instant film negatives hanging to dry

365 (222) (1024x676)222 Thanksgiving self portrait

365 (232) (1024x678)232 Fresh apple pie and some of my apple crumple cupcakes
365 (238) (800x530)
My pretty pumpkins I carved glowing in the dark. 


365 Challenge: September

September for me was an off month for my 365 Challenge, but I am feeling very prepared and excited for October. October is one of my favourite months as I love watching the leaves start to change and Halloween is my favourite holiday. It was a hard month to be motivated as there were personal issues I was having that prevented me from being full force in my photography. However I am seeing that I need to rededicate myself to finding the time before work to capture a moment of my day. I think getting out of the house more will help as well. Perhaps evening walks are in order before it gets too cold. All in all I like what I ended up with but feel a little more variety is in order – I am glad as always have the chance to share my day with you guys regardless if it was good or bad. Look out though, October will be surely filled with delight!

If you want to check out the previous months: March, April , May, June, July, and August or my Tumblr!

Top 5:

365 (182) (1024x678)182 Negatives from my vintage camera Ising Pucky

365 (185) (1024x678)185 Fishnet Stocking plant in the morning sun

365 (193) (1024x678)193 Double headed Butter on her birthday present

365 (198) (1024x678)198 Painting my bedroom the final shade of blue

365 (207)

207 Mosaicultures event at the Botanical Gardens


365 Challenge: August

August means I’ve reached the half-way point of my 365 Challenge. I am really excited to have made it this far and love getting the chance to share a part of my day with you guys. It can be tough especially on days when I work because I am stuck in a call center for most of the day.  Or when it rains – which in Montreal has been a lot and with Fall here that will not be changing anytime soon. It’s been great being able to capture all those summer moments that seem to pass by so quickly. I’ve been looking back over July and August the last few days and just marvelling at all the things I managed to do this summer and the things I forgot to do (swim in a pool). It was a great month all in all. I think next month I want to try doing more self-portraits!  If you want to check out the previous round-ups: March, April , May, June and July or my Tumblr!

Top 5:

365 (149) (1024x678)149 Butter being super cute in the morning

365 (154) (1024x678)154 Getting ready to scan Polaroids from Vancouver

365 (160) (1024x678)160 Microshot of my Fishnet Stocking plant

365 (166) (1024x678)167 Went to a Pick-Your-Own Bluebbery farm

365 (171) (1024x678)172 Victor in Prince Edward Island at sunset on the beach facing the Atlantic Ocean


365 Challenge: July

 Another month of 365, the last few weeks have been a little harder than usually because I have been on vacation (I just got home from Vancouver yesterday).  However I managed to keep up each day and so far haven’t missed any days or resorted to taking a photo with my phone. I am feeling very proud of myself and I feel like I’ve gotten into the swing of taking daily photos now.  So much so that I am thinking of themes and doing more elaborate ideas for daily photos. I am still pondering, and since I’ve already done 5 months its feel weird to just shift into a theme so perhaps I will have two different 365 projects or wait patiently until next March (I doubt that will happen). This biggest hurdle for July has been the days where I was too hot to even moving away from the fan – lol. I am enjoying this project very much and cannot wait for August’s 365. If you want to check out the previous round-ups: March, April , May  and June or my Tumblr!

Top 5:

365 (125) (1024x678)125 My birthday! My original painting from worriedeyes arrive by snail mail that day and it made my day

365 (131) (1024x678)131 Jumping with Victor on our walk to the train trackes

365 (134) (1024x678)134 Chillin’ with a raseberry popsicle and enjoying the summer heat with Butter

365 (142) (1024x678)
142 Lisa-Michelle photoshoot taken during Vancouver trip

365 (148) (678x1024)148 Spent my last day in Vancouver hanging out with my best friend

Below are all the 365 photos taken in July!


365 Challenge: June

June was another great month for my 365 Challenge! If you want to check out the previous months, click for March, April and May or my Tumblr! I had so much fun and am really getting into the hang of taking photos every day, although I think my poor computer is starting to feel a little stuffed. My organization I hope improves over the summer because I have a folder called “Sort” that has 4 months of random photographs from my other photography projects and for 365. The weather has not be kind for June, and a bit of bad luck with the days off so there weren`t too many sunny days spent outside. I am excited for July though. I like how random the photos are, but I think for next year after I finished my first to think of a theme or a structure to them. Hope you enjoy June’s 365 photos!

Top 5:

365 89 Mutek @ Piknic Electronik

365 (97) (1024x678)

97 Watching the sunset at 5am from my house

365 (100) (1024x678)

100 Gnome just hanging around with the house plants

365 (104) (1024x678)

104 Butterfly madness for June/July postcards for friends

365 (117) (1024x678)117 My friend Derek came to visit!


365 Challenge: May

Another month of my 365 Challenge has come and gone, if you missed the previous months you can check you March and April or for daily updates my Tumblr. This month seems to be dominated by plant photos which is very fitting for May. We`ve been having a lot of rain so its hard to keep ontop of taking a photo every day when I spend most of my day inside or at work. I am hoping as soon as the rainy season is over I will be able to take my camera with me so I can capture more of Montreal to show you guys. I am really excited to get out of Montreal as well in the next few months.

TOP 5:

365 (59)59 Butter standing ontop of postcards

365 (64)64 The vines start to grow in the balcony

365 (69)69 Bought herbs to start the herb garden in the kitchen

365 (73)73 Double exposure of Victor with the festival balls going down St-Catherine St.
365 (83) (1024x1024)83 My new purple walls and camera stand



365 Challenge – April

Another round of my 365 challenge for April! Its my first full month and I’m really loving it. There is a lot of cat photos getting in there but I cannot resist. I’ve started taking so many photos on a daily basis its great. It is so much fun going through them deciding which one will make it (I do put two up on occasion). If you want to see them daily,  subscribe to my tumblr for the project as I put up each photo on the day I toke it. Like I did last month, I’ll share my favourite 5 with the gallery below of all the photos.

Top 5:  365 challenge, citizen erased, ctizien erased photography

33/365 Postcards about to be mailed

365 (35) 35/365 Victor on the first walk of our new neighborhood

365 (42) 42/365 Butter through my vintage Anscoflex camera

365 (47) (1024x678) 47/365  Artist for Animal Fundraiser

365 (53) (1024x678)53/365 Jacques Cartier Bridge at dusk.

For more, check out March’s 365 Challenge!


365 Challenge

365 Challenge – March

On a completely random day I decided I should do one of those 365 projects with my photography. I wanted to take 1 photograph a day for the next year, nothing specific as the topic or camera just a fun thing to do and a good way to explore all the random things I love taking photos of. So I started and so far I’m 3 weeks into it and its going really well. I have managed to post the photos every day and it’s really fun. The biggest problem is just picking just one on days were I am taking a lot. Lol. I decided since I am moving this weekend instead of the photo of the week I would show you my top 5 photos from my 365 project as well as a gallery of all the ones taken in March! So unless I run into any issues on the Friday before the end of each month I will share some of my 365 photography with you.

rainbow cupcake. 365 challenge, citizen erased, citizen erased photography, 36512/365 Rainbow Cupcake photo.

polaroid land camera, 365 challenge, citizen erased, citizen erased photography, 365, polaroid11/365 Taken with my Polaroid Land Camera, my friend visiting from Toronto and Victor

365 challenge, citizen erased, citizen erased photography, 36508/365. Stickers from Karonlin Fexlis that I got in the mail.
365, citizen erased, cupcakes, easter22/365 Cupcakes for coworkes in celebration of Easter

butter, cat, citizen erased, citizen erased photography, 365, 365 challenge02/365 My cat Butter Truck taking a nap. This one is my favourite one so far.

If you want to see my project live in action check out: Citizen Erased Photography 365 Tumblr

Below are all photographs taken in March!