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Top posts for the whole month and a look into what’s been going on in my life and upcoming changes to the blog.

October in Review

october in reviewOctober in Review feels to me more like thrifting in review…did I even do anything besides go to thrift stores this month? If you haven’t already you can check out my last post about all my thrift finds, it’s a bit of long slog but I love sharing and hearing about what people find (I am always of the mind everyone else finds such cooler things than myself). One thing I’ve noticed now that it’s November is there haven’t been that many posts about autumn, much to my surprise. Despite going on lots of walks and having mini adventures with Victor before we both go to work I have documented very little of the season. I am still recovering from my large pout of depression that I had at the tail end of the Summer so that might explain it but I thought my page would just be all leaves and dried flowers by now. Maybe that’ll change in November…I hope at least as the snow is creeping closer and closer and there is not much good weather left. My brain has already switched over to Christmas, which I know is bad and drives me crazy seeing how insanely people start obsessing about that holiday but I do feel like I’m allowed a little bit of prep time to start working on presents since again this year I am going to be making 50% homemade presents for friends. Not to mention next month is both Victor’s and my best friend Ana’s birthday…it’s a lot of presents and a very short an amount of time. I’m making mostly bath bombs this year btw, and will probably do a DIY post on them if I get the chance as I am going to be making really unique ones (and yes if you saying to the screen “everyone and their mother has made bath bombs” I know but trust me if I shared my recipes they’d have an interesting twist). Okay, I have to stop writing now though or I feel it’ll just be all about Christmas and you will judge me, lol.

  a few select posts from October:

Vintage Tuesday: Looking Backfamily-vintage-photography

Haunted Air Review

Things That Make Me Smile

Autumn Leaves

Fall in Instaxfall-in-instax-film-2

Monthly DIY: Halloween Phone Case

Double Exposure: Vieux-Portdouble-exposure-vieux-montreal

Fall Zine Guide

Double Exposure: Roadtrippinglong-beach-multiple-exposures-4


September in Review

september in reviewA look back at September and some of my favourites posts, today! There has been a 3 month gab between when I last did a monthly review so it feels a bit strange to be doing one today. I actually had to look at up my last one for June to remember how I usually format it – it’s been that long. I spent most of my summer just taking a back seat and observing my life more than proactively doing projects and posting on here as you may have noticed. I thought it’d be a nice break and a way to get perspective and see my priorities better. I’m not sure if it’s help any either. One assumes taking a bit of vacation is refreshing but I feel a bit numb now and had a lot of anxiety and depression after arriving back home to Montreal after my trip to visit friends and family in Vancouver. Unsure of how easy it is to tell from my blog but I have had crippling depression for my whole life and sometimes it’s hard to really get out of it and focus on life, some months just feel like I’m treading water and wasted time. So it’s hard really for me to look back on September or even the summer because even though I’ve been a lot more prolific here, and had some great last moments of summer it feels like I’ve wasted more time than not. I’m really focusing on ending the year on a high note though so hope the next month things rebound. As for the blog I’m really hoping to get more variety going and posting more consistently and on time so bear with me. October is looking to be a really full month of posts, and I’m excited to get out there and start shooting fall, the leaves can’t change colors fast enough for me, lol. It’s also the Halloween season which I undefinable love – my house is covered already to spooky decorations and I’m costume planning even though I’m not sure what I’ll be attending in it. Hope your September was a nice goodbye to summer (or winter if anyone south of the equator reads this) and you’re excited for autumn!

a few select posts from September:

A new year of #mtlcrane: the 90smtlcrane-10

Vintage Tuesday: Long Beach in Polaroidslong beach in polaroids (14)

Biking around the Islandbiking-around-montreal-17

Things That Make Me Smilethings that make me smile

Vintage Tuesday: 1900s Photographyvintage-photography-collection

Daiso Hauldaiso haul

Double Exposure: Long Beach Sunsetslong-beach-sunsets-8


May and June in Review

may june in reviewThe Spring has been a really weird time for me, coming off of my 3rd concussion has left me with a terrible bad short term memory, not to mention having the most bizarre weather here in Montreal on top of dreading my upcoming birthday…I don’t know if I feel like myself right now. It doesn’t help I’m doing so many projects right now that  I usually spend until 3am every night just working away what little sanity I started with. Lol. I am not a mess I’d say, just very busy, very driven, and overwhelmed with stress. I say that, knowing I’ve also had the chance to spend some great time with Victor discovering new pockets of our city and biking as much as we can together. I LOVE my birthday present from him, it’s probably the one thing I needed most this year and I just smile anytime I look at it. Not to mention having picnics, watching sunsets, and the like. Life is never what we expect it to be, I strive to be more go with the flow but I like plans, and schedules. Speaking of such I’ve actually be obsessed planning a trip to Vancouver the last few weeks and finally have places to crash, procured campsites and equipment, found a cat sitter, plane tickets, plans with each of my friends, and all those things required  to be out of town for almost 3 weeks. I’m more excited for what’s to come than what I’ve been doing. With that said though, I’ve also been taking so many multiple exposures this Spring. It’s probably what I am most excited to shoot right now. Here is a few links to the double exposures posts I’ve done recently that I couldn’t highlight below:  Dusk over the RiverVieux-Montreal and Water Tower. Not much more to say beside check out some of the last two month highlights below and I’m really excited for my trip.

a few select posts from May & June:

Things That Make Me Smilethings-that-make-me-smile2

Spring in Instantspring instax mini film (14)

Organizing Instax Filmorganizing-instax-film-1

Monthly DIY: Scented Bath Saltshomemade-epsom-scented-bath-salts

On the Huntmontreal-walk-1

Marche Atwarter

Double Exposure Wednesday: A New Skydouble-exposure-vieux-montreal-5


April in Review

april in reviewHow am I supposed to do a review for a month I barely remember? This is a valid question I feel. My short term memory still feels like it hasn’t recovered fully from my concussion at the start of the month and there is about 2 weeks where I remember nothing/did nothing (and I have a great memory usually).  Surprisingly I posted 4 posts a week all month, sometimes even 5 which is just crazy to me. I have always been one of those people who pushes myself too much when I’m sick and I think that proves that I probably should have chilled out a bit.  So I’m going to keep today short, below are some of my favourite posts from the month, including a new type of post which I am thinking about doing every season where I share some of the books I’m reading/going to read so check that out if your haven’t. As well I shared some of my dream vintage cameras and all of the cameras are pretty magical (post here). Plus more below. Personally I am finally off bed rest and my headaches have gone down substantially so I should be good to go for whatever May has to offer. Hope you had a better April than me!

a few select posts from April:

Things That Make Me Smilethings-that-make-me-smile-5

Monthly DIY: Dragon Scale Maille Braceletsdragon-scale-maille-bracelets-17

Silhouette Easter Eggsnaturally-dyed-floral-easter-eggs-32

Spring Reads  & Spring/Summer Zine Guidespring-reads-1

Double Exposures: We Wait For Trains That Just Aren’t Comingdouble-exposure-vieux-montreal-8

A Year in Review: 52 Weeks in Self-Portraits (the photos) / (the words)citizen-erased-photography4-e1397367249759


March in Review

march in review 2015March started off interesting with my friend Zara moving away and me pining away for the West Coast and ocean air. I was missing it so much I started acquiring a massive collection of ocean paintings and even made Nanaimo bars in spirit of my old hometown on Vancouver Island. The month has also been really busy which feels great as I’m working towards a lot of exciting things that hopefully I’ll be well prepared for. Mostly I’ve been working on my yearly mtlcrane project that will be launching sometime this month when the weather is much nicer, and my other origami crane project which looks like it most likely be done in the end of May or early June. I’m also working on a zine of last year’s mtlcranes that will be released the same time it starts up again for this year. It’s been really fun working on my first zine and I should have my proto type done this week so I can make the final tweaks before getting them printed. I am also really jazzed for nicer weather to start happening so I can get outside and start shooting, it feels like forever since I’ve had chances to take photographs outside. Even though I took a week break this month from the blog there was still so many posts, especially in the last week when April started because of Easter. I happen to be slightly obsessed with that holiday, and yes I still have most of my Easter decorations around the house. For the blog this month it will again be a bit lighter than usual as I’m working on a lot of things outside of the blog that I need to dedicate my time too. I should be posting Monday-Thursday with the usual content. March marked the end of my 52 Weeks of Self-Portrait project, which I talked about in length yesterday so there is no more Sunday posts. I think for now I will not add another type of post until the end of summer, and likely keep my weekends free. That’s pretty much the only change on the blog. Interested on what April’s review will look like be considering the first 2 weeks I’ve been on bed rest after getting a concussion and I have very little memory of most of those days. That seems like the biggest thing that happened in March as well, but maybe that’s because I’m still unwell from it. Never get a concussion! This is my 3rd one is 10 years and it’s been really hard to recover from it, so for the rest of April I am hoping I can regain some of myself back as I’d love to start working out at the gym and be able to be active again. Right now I’m just resting and doing minimal activity to keep my constant headaches and dizzy spells at bay. I hope you had a great March, and are as excited as me for Spring to roll around.

 a few select posts from March:

 Vintage Tuesday: Tintypesvintage-photography-tintypes-4

52 Weeks of Self-Portrait: A New Sky52-weeks-of-self-portrait-double-exposure-3

Monthly DIY: Naturally Dyed Easter Eggsnaturally-dyed-floral-easter-eggs-32

Things That Make Me Smileorigami-paper-cranes

Double Exposue: Polaroidsdouble-exposure-polaroid-2

Lomography Wednesday: Toronto in Instax Miniinstax mini toronto (10)

Final Week of 52 Weeks of Self-Portrait52-weeks-of-self-portrait-4


February in Review

Double exposure toronto february in reviewFebruary has been such a strange month especially in the last few weeks, and even with that uncertainty it’s also been one of my most productive months. It’s felt great blogging at a slower pace this month so I can focus on the projects I’m working on. Some of them are just little personal things I’m teaching myself and creating and the one big one I’m working is at such a large scale it really frightens me to think how I’m going to be handle working on it a month down the road. I’ve actually really wanted to write a post about the process and just all the little things that I do beside just photography that I don’t have much of a chance to talk about on here. So look out for that some Thursday in the future. Life stuff has also been happening; my friend Zara who moved out here from Vancouver a few years ago (like I did 6 years ago) has decided to move back to the West Coast after a recent visit there. Me and her haven’t been as close as we use to be the last few years but it’s still sad to see her go and she’s actually inherited to me so many interesting things that I can’t wait to show you. Her decision to move back though has thrown me for such a loop as I have those same feelings she has towards chasing creativity, the desire to be close to nature and most importantly the ocean which just isn’t here. Montreal has been really good to me but it will never feel like home except for Victor. I completely rearrange my whole house to make myself feel less antsy about that and decided for my upcoming birthday (in 5 months) I will travelling back to Vancouver and hopefully get enough ocean to last me another year or more.  I can’t wait to see what she gets up to, she’s going on an adventure and she is a wonderful painter and artist so I’d love her to be able to make more. Oh she also gave me a coke camera that she got from a trip to Cuba that she forgot to give me, so amazing (check it out here). Beside that strange things are happening at my full-time job right now…it’s bad but I’m going with the flow. Curious to see how March is going to go, there is tons of things up in the air right now and so many things going on. As for the blog there aren’t any changes planed but as I mentioned slower pace so some weeks might have fewer posts than usual. Hope you’ve been liking this month and enjoy the content. As well you can let me know in the comments how your February was!

a few select posts from February:

Visiting Toronto

Vintage Tuesday: Polaroid Emulsion Lifts

Double Exposure Toronto
Double exposure toronto (11)

52 Weeks of Self-Portrait: The Snow Yak

Things That Make Me Smile

Monthly DIY: My Little Pony Shrink Brooches & Necklaces
my little pony shrink brooches and necklaces

52 Weeks Project: Cotton Candy Do

What I’ve Been Listening To:


January in Review

january in review

January in Review is going to be a little compact as I decided to spend the start of the year recovering from the last one so it’s been a pretty chill month. Well okay, so chill is not exactly the word, it’s more like an anxiety induced coma. After the holiday’s my day job changed to full-time hours for the next few months and that combined with this being the end of my 20’s, I’m just feeling a little “what am I doing with my life” and needed to relax. On top of it Butter was/is sick. The vet visit was really frustrating and a round of antibiotics seemed to have resolved whatever issue she was having except I still notice her at times acting like it might come back and wasn’t resolved and the doctor said it’s possible she has a tumor (it’s uncommon but the antibiotics really should have cleared up any infection she had). So that has me really worried and I’ve being staying in my house cave too much trying to stay close by her. The highlight of the month was crafting a lot, hanging out with new friends and trying out new crafts I’ve never done before. Crafting is my idea of stress relief. I’ve also decided to not stress so much when working full time to post every week day so you may notice a gap here and there. Oh and I’ve started using my Instagram a lot more to share my photography instead of just personal photos so check that out, here. Upcoming next month is a lot of stuff, and at the same time I’m focusing on a project that requires me to dedicate a lot of my free time to it. This weekend I’m also heading out to Toronto to celebrate my friend Derek’s birthday as per tradition (on a train right now). So that will be fun and a great way to kick off February. Phew, did I say compact?

a few select posts from January:

Monthly DIY: Fujifilm Emulsion Liftsfujifilm-emulsion-lift-3

52 Weeks of Self-Portrait: Cold52-weeks-of-self-portraits-3

Things That Make Me SmileDSC_8737-e1422518995509

Lomography Projects and Goals for 2015fujifilm-instax-mini-90

Double Exposure Wednesday: Vieux-Montrealmultiple-exposure-9

What I’ve Been Listening To: 

  • Matthew Good ‘Weapon’
  • Vic Mella ‘Butterfly Remix’
    *my mister did this Ellen Allien’s Butterfly remix for a contest she had, he didn’t win but I love it
  • Kit Murdok & Grief “Can’t Have You Anymore”
  • Aphex Twin – demos
    *secretly Aphex Twin released a whole bunch of demos to free download.
  • Taylor Swift 1989′
    *I have no idea why I’m listening to her new album, somebody said it was good so I pirated it and there are some catchy songs.

A Year in Review

Have a look back at the last year of the Citizen Erased Blog! At the end of each month I do a quick recap of some of my favourite posts as well as what’s going on in my life and what I’m reading and listening to. You can click the photo to go to each month (except December) to view.

january in review

february in review

march in review

april in review

may in review

june in review

july in review

august in review

september in review

october in review

november in review


November in Review

november in reviewWell November is officially over and I can’t say I will miss it much, this year it really felt like a place holder for bigger and better things. November in Review is more like, what have I’ve been crafting? Because that’s been my November from start to finish, just working away on Christmas presents for my friends and getting ready for the Art Fair I’m apart of in a few weeks (more info here if you are in Montreal and want to go).  I’ve been making origami paper cranes ornaments for all my friends to hang on their tree, as well as slide necklaces and it’s been keeping me busy (DIY post goes live tmr for those, here). On top of that I’ve been doing my yearly Christmas cards to everyone I know, almost. New this year I promised to make homemade items for my closet friends so, lotion, chap stick, paintings, dragon scale bracelets, slide lamps, and resin bracelets are all in the process of being made (some still aren’t). It was a busy month of long nights just watching YouTube and crafting. I think finally I’m feeling a little out of my depression I sank into in the end of October. It feels amazing to just have the fog lifted a bit so I can enjoy the people around me again. It’s already been a great start to December as my best friend’s birthday just passed on Tuesday and next week is Victor’s. Not to mention Christmas and New Year’s (and our anniversary). Maybe that’s why my November felt like a place holder, lol, all my big events are in December. It’s just silly how much happens in December, even though it’s freezing outside and the snow is starting and I don’t dare go outside for long. Although saying that I’ve been walking around the port area near my house and teasing my body with nice chilly river air. Unavoidable as I need to find great and hopefully dry locations for my crane project that is now in full holiday mode. I’ll be placing them up until the 25th  so no staying inside for long for me. My big plans though for the next month is to work hard and get all my various bits and bobs done and start enjoying my Christmas season and most importantly, relax. I just want my Christmas tree to be here so I can decorate it and make the house look festive. My call center job’s union Christmas party was last night (open bar, not too shabby) so I feel full on festive mode now. Hope you have a good November and are excited for December. If you aren’t a holiday person I understand how you feel, I feel festive and delighted by it all until a few days before Christmas and then I crash and am just happy I don’t have to spend my time with any family members so me and Victor can just chill with each other and not celebrate.

a few select posts from November:

Double Exposure: No Escape for Autumnmultiple-exposure-autumn-trees-5

Things That Make Me SmileLapoonder-Made-Hand-squid-necklace-2

Camping Polaroidscamping-polaroids

Monthly DIY: Dried Flower Resin Braceletsflower-resin-bracelets-14

Adventures in an Abandoned Car ParkAbandoned-Car-Park-35

Fall Walk and Picking Flowerspicking-flowers-81

52 Weeks of Self-Portraits: Photographer Eye


What I’ve Been Listening To:

What I’ve Been Reading:

  • J.R.R. Tolkien “Tales from the Perilous Realm”
  • George R.R Martin’s “The Hedge Knight″
  • So many zines, check out my recent zine haul post, here
    (I have been really busy this month and haven’t been reading much or listening to new music)

October in Review

october in reviewThere was a lot going in October, it felt nice to ease back into the colder months and I really enjoyed the start of autumn. I had so many photos leftover from the summer that I feel October posts has barely scraped the surface of what I’ve been doing this Fall.  It’s kind of crazy how badly my organization gets when I really get into exploring new places and taking photos.  Folders with hundreds of photographs to sort through and post about…it makes me long to be a film photographer instead of digital where you have to limit yourself. I’ve barely even shared what I’ve been doing in September at all, let alone October last month. I’m always in need of better photograph organization, which is strange because for life things I’m super organized – friends even tease me about it. I am confident that in November I’ll have to chance share some of my explorations with you. I also really want to start using my older cameras again – I find they aren’t well suited for the summer but I love using them around this time of year. Beside the mayhem which is my photography storage I’ve been a bit off this month, I don’t think its seasonal depression (which I get every year at some point especially if it rains too much) but I’m definitely depressed about something. Maybe it’s uneasiness with where I am currently at in my life, or other big life questions things. I feel like I’ve progressed a lot with my photography and life but at the time a lot of things haven’t and I’m still very much stuck. I am hoping to get a chance in November to step back and pinpoint what the issue is so I can work towards some sort of resolution or set a goal so I can feel more fulfilled with my personal life and my photography. The big issue right now is getting my professional website up and working towards a series of photographs I’d like to exhibit next year.  In the mean time I’ve been focusing on crafting and projects that don’t include a lot of stress. I managed to finish my long wanted project of refurbishing my coffee table by covering  it with artist stickers. I’ve also started making a set of cranes for a friend who wants to hang them in her bedroom and I’ve started making dragon scale maille bracelets and earrings, as well as slide necklaces. Crafting always makes me happy. I don’t understand how people with Etsy stores do it though without stressing – at least when I’m doing it’s for friends so I don’t have to obsess about perfection (which I still kind of do anyways). I sometimes contemplate throwing some of my crafts up on my Storenvy but always decided against it. Speaking of stores though, Society6 is having a discount right now for $5 off each print and free international shipping. I’ve picked up a few artists prints already and if you like any of the photography I have up on my store, it’s the perfect time to buy for Christmas. Okay now that my sales pitch is over, hope you had a great October – are you dreading the impeding winter?

a few select posts from October:

Monthly DIY: Resin Sticker Tableresin-sticker-table-diy-21

Double Exposure: Jacques Cartier at Duskmultiple-double-exposure-sunset-12

52 Weeks of Self-Portrait: Protege-Moi52-weeks-of-self-portraits-21

Things That Make Me Smile things-that-make-me-smile-22

Fall in Instant: Camping and Lake Ontariofuji-instax-mini-film-instant-photography-15

Double Exposure: Bridges and Factoriesdouble-exposure-montreal-2

Beach Polaroidspolaroid-super-shot-instant-photography-19

Featured Artists: Maryana Kopylova

What I’ve Been Listening To:

What I’ve Been Reading:

  • J.R.R. Tolkien “Tales from the Perilous Realm”
  • X-Men “Astonishing x-Men Volume 2”

September in Review

september in reviewSeptember has been the perfect end to summer and the start of my favourite season with so much exploration and good food. Whether it was this past weekend’s camping trip in Ontario or exploring the Canada Malting Silos multiple times I’ve had so much fun this month. My favourite moment would have to be when Victor and I went out to our favourite Indian food restaurant and drank champagne in celebration. Honorable mention goes to watching sunsets from various locations here and in Ontario (I’m a total sucker for a good sunrise or sunset). I’ve also done some serious crafting  by starting my vintage slide curtains , making a slide lamp shade and starting my new found hobby of drying flowers (it’s for a future project that I’m doing in November, if you want to join me start drying flowers now!).  Even the dip in temperature has been good, yes it’s sad because it’s too cold to swim (didn’t stop me one bit this weekend) but it’s perfect for walking weather and who doesn’t like walking around  watching the leaves change color? I’ve had a pretty positive September and I’m working toward a lot of great things so October is going to be a lot of hard work mixed in with autumn fun.

a few select posts from June:

Double Exposure: Lake Ontariodouble-exposure-6

52 Weeks of Self-Portraits: Silos52-weeks-of-self-portrait-photography-6

Vintage Tuesday: Factory Polaroidsfactory-polaroid-11


Things That Make Me Smilethings-that-make-me-smile

Summer in Instant: Part 3fuji-instax-mini-film-30

Monthly DIY: Vintage Slide Lampmonthly-diy-slide-lampWorking on the blog this month has also been really fulfilling and I have so many projects going on right now it’s hard to know what to do on a giving day. It’s been a year and a half of running an almost daily blog and I’m still finding my footing and what I enjoy to do so it’s been great being able to tweak things here and there and finding the right tempo for me. One of my biggest frustrations right now in life is that I am getting unsatisfied lately with my photography and wanting to do certain things and having them fall short. I also stopped doing Saturday posts so I could focus on my formal website and haven’t even made a dent in the work I need to get it up so I am hopping I have a chance to apply myself a bit more this upcoming month and find that motivation that’s so hard to find. There is no updates or changes for the blog right now, but I am loving having Featured Artists back. Sharing artists I find makes me so happy so I hope you’ve liked those posts too. Hope you had a great September and let me know in the comments what you’re favourite post was this month!

What I’ve Been Listening To:

What I’ve Been Reading:

  • The Saga Edition 3
  • J.R.R. Tolkien “Tales from the Perilous Realm”
  • Junko Mizuno “Hell Babies”

August in Review

august in review

The end of summer is always a sad one especially when I realize how quickly it gets colder and darker every day that passes. I’ve been talking a lot lately with another friend who lives here how different Montreal is from Vancouver and how even after years of living here I’m still not use to how quickly it turns into winter. Don’t get me wrong I love the fall but I can’t help but miss it being sunny at 7pm and being able to walk outside without a heavy coat. I have had a great summer though and have spent most of my weekends off of work at the beach soaking up the sun (I am still very pale but I do have a light light tan). It’s been a nice summer and with so many road trips my wandering soul feels so content. I feel like I’ve been on vacation mode for what feels like two months even though I’ve been working just as much, it’s so nice to relax and recalibrate. Feeling very whole lately which is great. I honestly have had so many great moments this summer it’s hard to share them all – I think my favourite must have been crashing against the waves of Lake Ontario. I know I haven’t shared the photos from my road trip to Peterborough yet but I promise to do it soon – it was a really amazing trip. Life has been very chill and I’m excited to get back into working on creating my own business and making my house the vision of what I want it to be. Hope your summer was everything you wanted and your are ready for Fall to come!

Starting in September there will be a few changes to the blog that I wanted to let you know about. Firstly as it’s no longer summer my weekly popsicles recipes have retired until next year and Featured Artists and Vintage Tuesdays are back. I’m excited to show you more artists and getting back into all things vintage and vintage photography. As the weather is getting colder by the day I should be able by October to develop film in my bathroom again without too much fuss so expect lots of film photography starting in November.  As well I’ve decided after almost 2 years of 7 days of posts a week with the occasional Saturday off that I really need more time to focus on my photography business side of things. With a job on top of weekly posts it’s been getting a little too hectic the last few months and I feel like I need to refocus more on the professional side of my photography and building that. So Saturdays are now a no-post day and Friday’s will only sometimes have posts. Friday was always my casual day anyways and it’ll continue to have random fun photography posts as I love sharing my day to day photography just as much as my photo shoots and film photography. I’m really hoping have Saturday’s off and the occasional Friday will make the quality of posts better and make it so I can finally launch and be able to focus more on putting together art shows.

a few select posts from August:

52 Weeks of Self-Portrait: Lady of the Lake52-weeks-of-self-portraits

Summer of Sunrisessunrise1

Adventures with My Little Ponymy-little-pony-in-real-life-8

Popsicle Round Upstrawberry-white-chocolate-popsicles-9

Summer in Instant: Part 2fuji instax mini film lake ontario (3)

L’International des Feux, MontrealL-International-des-Feux-Montreal-71

What’s in my bike basket?what-is-in-my-bike-basket-e1406351003549

What I’ve Been Listening To:

What I’ve Been Reading:

  • The Uncanny X-Men Marvel Masterworks Edition 1
  • Sailor Moon Short Storeis 2
  • Hunter X Hunter 20 – 30
  • New X-Men Edition 1

52 weeks of self portraits (4)  I think this sums up August pretty well, adventures and chillin’


July in Review

july in reviewWow, July has been such a perfect month for me. My goal for the summer is always to relax and to adventure and I feel like this summer has been a great combination of the two. At the start of the July I had my birthday and celebrated it by watching the sunrise on the Jacques-Cartier bridge. I was also given a Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 camera and have been taking photos with it all month. Beside that I’ve been enjoying our indoor hammock and reading a ton (hammocks are the best place to read). I’ve also been enjoying having Victor around more because both me and him have been working less hours this month. We’ve been focusing on spending our time outside so that means we’ve been biking, exploring, swimming at the pool, watching fireworks and for the last few weeks we’ve even managed to go each weekend to the beach and just relax in the sun (it’s raining this weekend, we are so chocked). I’ve also started so many projects I barely know which one to do each day, I’m just so excited to start to showing you them in August. It’s been pretty chill though, no travel plans of yet and eating lots and lots of popsicles (have you been enjoying the weekly popsicle recipes?). I’m just enjoying myself, excited to see if August brings any adventures. My friend Brent is visiting from BC in the middle of month which will be really fun. I also don’t plan on having any “This Week in Photos” until Fall starts because I’ve just had so much content that I wanted to share. Hope you’ve been enjoying the blog!

a few select posts from July:

Lomography Wednesday: My Birthdayfujifilm-instax-mini-90

Dawn from the Jacques-Cartier Bridgewatching-the-sunrise-15

Monthly DIY: Paper Switch Platespaper-switch-plates-10

Summer Recipes: Citrus Popsiclescitrus-popsicles-21

52 Weeks of Self-Portraits: Paper Cranes52-weeks-of-self-portraits-e1404679174485

Inside Garden Update Part 2air-plants-4

Canada Malting Siloscanada-malting-silos-16

Double Exposure: Prince Edward Islandpei-double-exposure-15

 What I’ve Been Listening To:

What I’ve Been Reading:

  • Hunter X Hunter manga 1 – 19 plus 31&32
  • Saga Volume 2
  • Sailor Moon Short Stories 1
  • Hi-Fructose Collected Edition 3

watching the sunrise (36)


June in Review

june in reviewJune has been such a crazy month for me, so much going on and starting so many projects and self-improvements things it’s just seemed to have sailed along. I’ve been prepping for my birthday all month, and buying myself little presents because I didn’t want to get myself anything big this year. I also have been thinking a lot about the last few years here in Montreal because the end of June marked 5 years since I moved from Vancouver to Montreal (just on a whim). I’ve been doing a lot of contemplation especially since I’m getting closer to 30. It doesn’t help that I hate my birthday but enjoy the excitement of it coming up…..does that make me sound crazy? Like I will talk non-stop that’s it’s my birthday soon for a month and when it’s the week before my birthday I just go radio silent. Most of my friends have no idea when my birthday is because I never celebrate it on the day and delete my social media for the week…I’m a little crazy about my birthday. I do celebrate it with Victor though and do something small, so looking forward to that. Beside all the contemplation I’ve been working a lot on the house. My garden in completely setup, my main room in the house has been transformed into a chill out room with hammock and artwork. I’m also going swimming on the week days and tennis on the weekend to keep in shape. It’s been a really great month. I’m really excited to see what else summer has in store. Keep an eye out on Tuesday’s because we are doing the weekly popsicle recipes again this year and I have some really awesome ones planned out. Not much else to share, hope you had a great month!

a few select posts from June:

Things That Make Me Smile     this-week-in-photos-221

A Simple Saturdaythis-week-in-photos-15

52 Weeks of Self-Portraits: Mutekself portrait

Lomography Wednesday: New Camerassprocket-rocket-2

Marche Atwatermarche-atwater-29

Inside Garden Update, Part 1!

Monthly DIY: Hanging Paper Cranes

Spring Polaroidsspring-polaroids-5

Double Exposures: Assemble the Empiredada-double-exposures-6

What I’ve Been Listening To:


May in Review

may in reviewMay was a great month and I’m so glad it’s finally summer and maybe just maybe the sun will come out to play. I’ve managed to make so many great additions to our apartment this month, from new plants to painting the living room. I love when ideas start coming together and I can check them off the list. Last weekend was such a great way to ushering out May – Mutek was so great and it’s just the beginning. I have so many plans for the summer, besides just sleeping on my hammock and relaxing in the air conditioning (we just bought both of those and cannot wait for them to arrive). My bike was also fixed this week so me and Victor can start finding places to explore around Montreal that are far away. I also have 3 new toy cameras to play around with in June (will have a post all about them next week if you want to know what I picked up). The biggest thing I’ve been excited for about summer was starting to make popsicles but our fridge decided to break at the beginning of the month so I’ve had to hold off on making any. I have so many recipes I want to perfect and then share with you guys. I’m hoping this week we can have it repaired and I can start filling the freezer with fresh fruit popsicles. For the blog I have tons of posts I’m working on, keeping up with trying to do more reviews and just loving my 52 Weeks of Self-Portrait project. One decision I’ve made though is to put off my 100 Strangers project until next year. I’ve been working really hard on various projects that I’m really excited for and just do not have the time to invest into capturing 100 Strangers (I’ve taken 2 photos since starting in January…that is so bad). I started the year really excited to do it but feel at this point to force myself to do it would be a disservice and it’s better to not stretch myself too thin. One of the other reasons is because this summer I’ll be dedicating myself to a project for an upcoming art show I want to put together. Also the other project I’ve wanted to do People vs. Places is more flexible and easier for me to start. Do you ever find yourself overloading on projects? I’m the worst at that. Ready for more though!

Montreal in the 1940s Part I & Part 2vintage-photography-montreal-14

My Toy Camera Collectiontoy-camera-14

Holga Lens Reviewholga-lens-review-1

52 Weeks of Self-Portraits: Shadowplay52-weeks-of-self-portraits-1

Double Exposure: Montreal Sunrisemontreal-sunrise-14

A Walk Through Vieux-Montrealvieux-montreal-26

Monthly DIY: Easy Mode Chocolatesdinosaur chocolates (2)

Double Exposure: All That Glittersdouble-exposure-photography-6

What I’ve Been Listening To:

What I’ve Been Reading:

  • Game of Thrones by George R.R Martin
    * Currently only read on way to and from work which is like 1 chapter a day.
  • Saga by Brian K.
  • Creature Journal Volume 1 by Mark A. Facey
  • Girl Glue Zine “Issue 1” by Mel Stringer

April in Review

april in reviewApril in Review seems a bit surreal, honestly it’s over? Already? What happened, did I slip into a coma for a few weeks? The start of the month was really promising and I was hoping for adventures and photo-shoots along with weekends spent outside enjoying the spring air….what I ended up with was a little different. I have to admit it’s probably 50% my fault and 50% the weather. In my personal life it’s been sickness, taxes and very little sleep. The taxes I’ve finally done (just in time as Canada tax cut off is the end of April) and the sleep and sickness issues I’m working on. Personally goals are a big thing I’ve been thinking about this month. I have spent the last year focusing a lot on this blog and making posts that I’m proud about and exploring photography and provided opinions and ideas about cameras and photography but I haven’t been doing that for my personal life. Victor made a comment to me at the start of the month that really hit home about personal growth and trying to improve myself and I realized I’ve haven’t been working on ‘me’. I kind of forgot about working on myself and instead spent my energy working on my blog. So what did I do this month? Let my 4 to midnight work schedule consume me and totally became even more a night owl which is not ideal for me or for my photography. So I need goals, personal goals that I can accomplish and that make me feel good about myself and my life. Big goals I’ve been working on are learning Spanish, save up enough money with Victor to visit Chile and Peru, pay off all my debts, and get healthier. Those are my big life goals right now but I need smaller, day to day goals. I need reasons to go to bed before 4am and motivation. So if you have any ideas of good goals, or ones you are trying to accomplish yourself let know in the comments.

As for the photography part of the blog I’ve started my 52 Week of Self-Portrait project and because of said mentioned issues the start hasn’t been as strong as I’ve wanted. The great thing about 52 weeks though is that I can improve every week and really encourage myself to push my photography to the next level. So I’m excited every week, and I think I will continue to be. I just want my photography to match my excitement. I’ve also have completely ignored my 100 Strangers project – the last photo I took for it was in February which is understandable to me because I cannot remember the last time I was outside with my camera. I haven’t given up hope…it just might end up being 100 Strangers taken all in the summer project, lol. I also really want to start doing more reviews of cameras. It’s been awhile hasn’t it? That’s my focus for May, reviews, 52 week project and getting outside with my cameras more. I actually have a lomography camera review already planned for the Holga adapter for Nikon – so look out for that. Hope you have an amazing April and below are some highlight posts from the last month!


Double Exposure: Mont-Royaldouble-exposure-mont-royal-34

Oktomat: Zara in Wonderland

Through the Helter Skelter Monringcitizen-erased-photography-31

This Week in Photos: Week 2citizen-erased-photography2-e1396853011204

Extra Easter Diy: Tattoo Easter Egg Ornamentstemporary-tattoo-easter-eggs-21

Cherry Blossoms Seasonflowers-13

 This month I’ve posted a lot of photos from my Saturday watching graffiti artist Starchild Stela work on her Jem and the Holograms piece, couldn’t decide which one to share so I have them all below: helping-hands-5polaroid-graffiti-21abandonded-building-6jem-and-the-holograms-graffiti-51

52 Weeks of Self-Portraits: All That Glitters

 What I’ve Been Listening To: 

What I’ve Been Reading:

  • Game of Thrones by George R.R Martin
    *finally caved and started to read the A Song of Ice abd Fire series
  • Fables
    *finished up to comic book 80!
  • Junko Mizuno’s “Princess Mermaid”

 Let me know in the comments if you had a favourite post for April!


March in Review

march in review Some months just end up feeling like I’m waiting for them to be over – March was that month. I’m very excited about hitting the 1 year mark at our current apartment though. It really feels like home for once, and I almost manged to paint the whole place. This month I kept scheduling time to paint and then ending up being too sick every time.  We’ve done so many great changes to the place in the last year and my head is still full of a ton of different ideas on how to make this apartment amazing. There will be lots of apartment related posts I feel in April, maybe even a look at my place because beside a few photos here and there I’ve never really done a tour of it. I like things to be perfect and it takes a long time to make things feel perfect. I was quite excited for March’s DIY because I was going to make a slide lamp for my office, however I bought the wrong supplies I need so I had to cancel it last minute which was a bummer. I even tried a last minute project but it felt so rushed and the timing was off. Since it’s Easter in a few weeks to make up for it I have two really cute DIYs to share. Both involve Easter eggs as it’s my favourite holiday and I go full on old school German for it. As for the rest of March I have been listening to my friend Esteban De Haro’s EP La Plaga Del Insomnio a ton (available on Beatport if you like house or techno) and just recovering from the long winter. Check out below for an update about the blog.

a few select posts from March:

365 Challenge: The Finale365-1-1024x678Things That Make Me Smilethings-that-make-me-smile-2Snowy Roof Top Adventuresself-portrait-6Extra Train Shotstrain-shots-12Fete des Neigesfete-des-neiges-29Through the Viewfinder Kodak Duaflex Winter Additionkodak-duaflex-710 Black & White Portraitscitizen-erased-photography-9-e1395041143342Double Exposure: Winter Wonderlanddouble-exposures-17There are a few new posts for April and onwards that I am very excited about. On Sunday I announced my 52 Weeks of Self-Portraits and I am beyond excited for them. I’ve wanted to start for the last month almost every day. I have a list of ideas and things I want to try out for it and even though I don’t image it will be a grandiose scale like many self-portrait photographs do, I hope the end results feel inspiring to me. Also on Friday’s we are making the switch from weekly Butter posts to ‘This Week in Photos’ because I wanted to do something like my 365 Challenge that encourages me to keep talking photos but without all the pressure of every single day. I like the mix of my daily casual photos of around my house and my life with photo shoots and other projects I do. This year feels like it is filled with so many projects and ideas – trying to not lose the inspiration for all of them and hope to update more towards the summer on the 100 Strangers and Places vrs People. Let me know in the comments how your month was!


February in Review

february in reviewAnother winter month, that’s a great review of February isn’t it? Lol, no? Well it’s still very much winter here in Montreal but February was actually an amazing month for me. Not only did I get to visit my friends Derek & Erin in Toronto but we went to so many festivals like Nuit Blanche and Festival des Neiges. I’ve even been forcing myself to go on walks up to Parc Lafontaine as I cannot get enough of the frozen lake (have yet to skate there though). I also picked up a few more vintage cameras and may have made a promise to myself not to buy anymore for a few months since I bought 4. Ooops, but seriously I am in love with each one of them and cannot wait to show you guys. One thing that hasn’t been going so great is I’ve not been doing very well on my 100 Strangers project. I started in February and managed 2 photos right in the first weekend and haven’t taken any since. I got my first rejection while in Toronto and I think that has really made me feel totally awkward about it. I’m trying to gear myself up again for March but I don’t think I’ll be showing them on here until I have at least 10. Beside that I’ve actually been spending far too much time on Etsy lately, I blame the weather and really I’ve been staying at home playing a TON of video games (Hearthstone, Banished, and this Olympic games from the 90’s). March is looking right now to be an awkward middle month but I’ve set a few goals for myself like developing all my film I have in my fridge and to finish painting the house before the end of April. In the meantime though check out some of my favourite posts from last month!

a few select posts from February:

Double Exposure: Travel By Traindouble-exposure365 Challenge February

365-334-1024x677Winter Polaroids

polaroid-instant-film-1The Girl Who Stole Hearts

hearts-14How To: Polaroid Battery Conversion

polaroid-battery-conversion-17Self Portrait Sunday: Watching the World Pass

self-portrait-51Monthly DIY: Strawberry “Three Way” Cupcakes

strawberry cupcakes (3)This month I started doing “Things that Make Me Smile” and I will continue to do those once a month for the foreseeable future as I love the idea. The next one is actually tomorrow, but you can check out the first one here. Other than that there will not any changes made to the blog in March however Butter of the Week on Friday’s will be ending so enjoy the last few of them coming up because there will lots of changes in April!


January in Review

january in reviewJanuary was a great start to the year and I am really excited about the next few months. I’ve done so much planning this month with ideas for the blog. I have all my DIY projects planned up until July and it’s really exciting just being able to get creative and explore post ideas and look at the cameras I’ve never used before and come up with ideas for them. I even started two new projects, People and Places and 100 Strangers (I took my first stranger photo this week – scary). There have also been some changes in my life, I got a raise at my mind numbing call center job and I’ve moved my cat Butter onto a new healthier food (she refuses to eat some of it but I am mixing it in with her old food to help her adjust). The raise at my work is great news because it means I can do part-time hours and have more time to pursue my life goals without being completely broke every month.  I’ve also picked up 3 new cameras this month which is crazy and the next two months I’ve promised myself no more cameras – lol. I didn’t get much of a chance to work on my actual website, which is frustrating but it’s hard for me to sort through my photography without getting taken on an emotional journey and I am still sorting out what aspect of my photography I’d like to represent. I’ve been thinking about that a lot recently, this blog is great because it’s fun and silly and I can post just random photos I’ve taken for the sake of photography but my website I want to only be my artistic endeavors which happen few and far between in the last few years which is something I want to change. It helps being able to define your work or what type of style of photography you want to focus on….I hate that, I’ve never wanted to be defined or categorized in my life so I find it difficult to not try and rebel against that notion. My two cents anyways, :) Don’t worry though the blog will always be a mesh-mash of all the photography I take. Cannot wait to see how February turns out!

a few select posts from January:

1 Year of the Blog!
1 year -

This Year I…

The White Witch

Monthly DIY: Polaroid Chalkboard

My Hair Adventure Part I & Part II

My Newest Vintage Camera: Kodak Jiffy

Newest Project: 100 Strangers / People & Places
100 strangers (2)

What I’ve Been Listening To:

What I’ve Been Reading:

  • Mindy Kaling “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns)”
  • The Polaroid Book
  • Fables: The Deluxe Edition Book One

1 Year of Citizen Erased Photography Blog!

When I started this blog my hope was that I’d have an outlet to show not only my more formal photography like photo shoots and ongoing series of my work but my more daily photography I take and my film photography. I wanted to also provide posts for topics that I looked for myself on the internet like reviews for art books, Etsy stores, toy cameras reviews, and fun silly DIYS and recipes. I never thought it’d become what it is and that I would have so much fun putting it together. Every post is something I am proud of and challenging myself to write reviews and think more critical about the things I love has really added so much to my life. It’s really become more than my photography (which sometimes I have the tendency of hiding away and still kind of do even with this blog) and I enjoy that I’ve been able to add so many elements of my life on here. This year I think my goal is going to be explore more film photography projects and really engrossing myself in the process of film photography as well as continue just having fun. The last year has been amazing, and it’s something I enjoy doing so much even when I am not going to bed at a good time because I am inspired and on a roll or frustrated with my real job getting in the way of my time and energy I want to put towards here. I think just having a place to go to and pour my energy towards has really helped short term with my depression and other issues. Thanks for coming and checking me out whether it was for one post or more (even if it’s a hate read for you because everyone needs one of those). Excited to make it to 1 year, and want to make it another great one!

12 Posts for 12 Months:

Montreal-Mural-FestivalThe Montreal Mural Festival was a great time, I love graffiti and watching the artist work live was pretty cool. This was my old neighborhood and anytime I go back to visit some of my old haunts I always make sure to walk by all the really cool walls.

hanging-memories1-1024x688For my favourite Monthly DIY post I choose Hanging Memories – the wall beside my desk is so colorful it always puts a smile on my face and it was so easy.

apple-crumble-cupcakesI converted so many great recipes this year to make my own delish combinations and this was my favourite, nothing beats Apple Crumble Cupcakes.

orchard portraitsGoing apple picking again this year was a treat, and Victor and my wonderful friend Zara let me take photos of them while they were working hard picking apples.

holga flashbackThe Lomography Wednesday post that I really thought stood out is the one with Holga shots taken a few years ago in Vancouver that are really some of my favourite film shoots of all time.

the first time i took your photo
I decided to create a meme and made a post about the first time I took all of my friend’s photo for the first time. It’s really trippy looking back.

summer polaroidA set of instant film shots taken during at Wreck Beach this summer when I was in Montreal with my Polaroid Colorpack. Vintage Tuesday has been dominated by my Polaroid photography.

prince-edward-island-lighthouse-sunset copyI took an obscene amount of photos during our 3 day trip to Prince Edward Island and we were in the car for a total of 24 hours so how I managed that is unthinkable. I post a Vintage Tuesday post with the polaroid shots I took and 4 seperate posts but Lightshouse & Sunsets was my favourite

hear no evilThursday is my favourite day, not only do I share photos I’ve taken in the last week of events I’ve been too but I share old photo shoots I’ve done the past. My friend Sarah is an amazing model and we had a lot of fun taking these a few years ago back when we were room-mates.

kitty maskSelf Portrait Sunday has been all over this place but double expousre fun with a kitty mask has to be the winnter. Below is also another black and white double exposure from a series of photos of my friend Brent who visited me from BC.

portrait photographyWhen it came down to Saturday Review I just couldn’t decided. It’s probably one of my favourite series and I am sad that it’s no longer a post but I guess that happens when you review all your art books, artist postcards and paper doll books in a year (total of 34 posts). There will plenty of artist book reviews for Pick of the Week so it’s not gone away completely as I still buy art books every month. Instead of picking one, I thought I’d just link to them all:
saturday review (800x530)


December in Review

december in review 2December has been a really fun month for me with all the celebration of birthdays, Christmas and me and Victor’s anniversary. As soon as Christmas hit I was exhausted (and sick) and really needed that break from the blog to recoup after a busy month. My first reaction to the cold weather was to hide at home and I still had so many photos left over from trips in November to share so this month hasn’t been very snowy in terms of photos. Now that I’ve manged to recover from being sick I am starting my snow winter walks though and bringing my vintage cameras along so January should be snowier.  Our anniversary was a quiet affair, it’s on New Year’s so we usually just go out partying and dancing and then celebrate later in the week at a restaurant. 4 years is the grand scheme of things is not a very long time but for me every year feels like an accomplishment. Speaking of accomplishments I want to shout out to Victor who had a song he remixed released on a label this month, you can listen to it for free here! Other than the festiveness I was a part of my first craft fair which was really good learning experience and I sold a few of my old prints that I am not longer using for my portfolio. My online store is open and I am really looking forward to see how that goes this year. I also picked up a projector which I haven’t had much chance to use since I haven’t been able to properly set it up until this week when the Christmas tree meet its fate. My brain is just humming with possibilities it’s hard to pick a place to start. I have also started 3 different craft projects that are going to be amazing I cannot wait to show you guys.

a few select posts from December:

Autumn Polaroidspolaroid-colorpack018-1024x815Fall Portraitsvictor-7My Store!postcards-154New Winter Hair Colorself-portrait-orange-hair
 2 Fun Photography Techniquesbokeh-47-e1387346406984Featured Artist: Lindsay Campbelllindsay-campbell

I am very excited for January, there are a few winter festivals that happen in Montreal at the end of the month that I love to attend. Igloofest is my favourite, there is nothing like dancing for hours at night in -30 temperatures bundled up in sometimes triple layers of clothing to survive. It’s not as fun now since a lot of my friends have moved back home but even without a crowd of people with you it’s the best place to be in Montreal when a good DJ is playing. We have tickets already to one of the nights to see Matthew Dear play and I cannot wait. This month will be a great test to see how the new format for the posts works out and I am energized and really looking forward to celebrating my 1 year anniversary of the blog in a few weeks!


Coming Up on Citizen Erased

It’s the start of a new year which means that there will be a few changes coming to Citizen Erased. It’s almost been the year anniversary since I first started posting daily and leaping into the world of blogging. I’ve tried a lot of various posts over the year to try and find my style and what I like to post about. I hope some of that material has been either useful or interesting to you guys (hit me up with feedback in the comments anytime). This year I’ve decided to stick with having formatted days because I am a bit of an organizational freak and with me working full time it just makes my life easier. Below will be the schedule, which I am sure may need some tweaking throughout the year and is more a rough estimate. I am really excited to test out more cameras and continue to develop film myself in the new year!

Schedule for 2014


  • Pick of the Week – either an Etsy store feature, a book /store review, or a recipe.


  • Vintage Tuesdays –  bi-weekly vintage photography or cameras, photography I’ve taken with a vintage camera, and how to’s related to vintage cameras.
  • Featured Artists – bi-weekly I will be featuring an artist’s work that I enjoy (hoping perhaps to start doing interviews with artists as well).


  • Lomography Wednesday – bi-weekly photography taken with toy cameras, toy camera reviews and how to’s.
  • Double Exposures – bi-weekly double exposure photography taken by myself.


  • Weekly sharing of past photo shoots or casual photo sets of my life.


  • Butter – cute photos of my cat while I talk about my week.
  • 365 Challenge – monthly posting of my 365 Project where I take a photo every day. I post them daily on my tumblr and FB page as well. Will end in March.


  • Monthly DIY – every month I do a DIY project which can vary between homemade pins to lamps made with slides.
  • Month in Review – on the first week of the month I will review what happened that month, my favourite posts, and any updates or changes to the blog.
  • Otherwise for the Saturdays that don’t have the above two posts it will a day off for me.


  • Self-Portrait Sunday – weekly self portraits either current or from previous photo shoots.
  • Camera Profiles – exploring me as a photographer with one of my many cameras.
  • 52 Weeks of Self Portraits – will start in April after my 365 Project is over, basically a weekly self portrait series.



November in Review

november in review 2November has been a busy month for me, I feel like I have been running on no sleep and just pure moxie for the last few weeks. Me and Victor despite me working most weekends have kept up with making our weekends filled. We started the month with hour long walks to parcs and now that it’s colder we are making the time to go to art museums and we went to our first vintage fair together. Victor found a way to find local events easily on Facebook so he is nerding out about that. It’s been really nice spending more time with him, after living together for almost 4 years sometimes we forget that we should leave the house and actually go on dates. I have been so busy this month with planning and organize things I feel like I don’t have much to share. I’ve been really boring honestly. December is a crazy month for me as earlier this week was my best friend Ana’s birthday and Victor’s in on the 10th, not to mention Christmas (and all those cards and postcards I have to send) and New Year’s / Our anniversary…so many special days. It’s a good thing I am organized…

The biggest change/news for this month though is that I just opened up my own online shop. Currently I am just selling postcards featuring my photography but I hope to have some craft items in the future and other goodies like prints and stickers. It’s just kind of a fun experiment of mine and it’s really cool to see my photography on postcards (epically when I love them so much). I worked with Victor to make the backs really unique and I am super proud of how awesome they turned out. You can click here to check it out if you’d like. Any big plans for your December?


a few select posts from November:

Fall Walk with Holga close up lens

Pick Your Own Apple Adventure / Orchard Portraits

Self-Portrait Sunday: Missing the Green Hair

Autumn Recipe: Chocolate Rice Krispies Brownie Bar

Lomography Wednesday: Disderi Robot 3 Reviewdisderi-robot-camera-4

Monthly DIY: No Sew Tshirt Pillows

Vintage Finds

No changes on the blog for the next month, although you may have noticed my Pick of the Weeks have transformed into holiday gift guides and closer to Christmas there will be recipe picks. I am so excited about my own holiday recipes posts, the fudge one just went up a few days ago and they turned out amazingly, although I have eaten too many. The last one before Christmas is my all-time favourite Christmas snack, Rice Krispies squares so watch out for that on Tuesday in 2 weeks. There will be posts every day leading up to Christmas so don’t worry about that. I will be doing archival posts for the week following Christmas as I will be working full time and want to spend as much time with Victor and friends as possible so in the New Year I am renewed and ready to go (big changes planned for next year!).


October in Review

october in review

It’s already almost at the end of autumn this review for October is a little bittersweet because it means there will be no more fall leaves prancing around and vivid colors in every direction. I enjoyed every moment of it though. I have so much fun around Halloween decorating my house, carving pumpkins and working on postcards for my friends. It was a really quiet Halloween day for me but someday I’ll have a house where I can cover the lawn in spooky decorations and go all out and have kids ring my doorbell all night long. Beside Halloween though October had some really fun moments like picking apples with Zara and Victor and going for walks in our neighborhood. Home life is still a little stressful with Butter still having her aggressive outbursts once a week but I am hoping the days where she is her old self keep going for longer and longer. As for my photography, I am excited to be working on postcards that I should hopefully have in time for Christmas season. I am debating how or if I’ll be selling them, I’ve been debating opening an Etsy store for a few years now but never feel confident enough to do it. For the blog though there will be more recipes and I’ll be having Christmas gift guides for my Picks of the Week starting in November to December. I also have my color film developer kit now so I am hoping in the next few weeks to try for the first time developing my own colored 35 and 120 films – excited and scared all at the same time. Beside the freezing weather outside I am really looking forward to November!

a few select posts from October:

Prince Edward Island in Polaroids

Fall with Holga Close Up and Macro Lens

Montreal Botanical Garden

Paint by the Numbers
self portrait

Walk Around Parc LaFontaine with Kodak Dualflex
kodak dualflex

How to Organize Negatives

Apple Crumble Cupcakes Recipes

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September in Review

september in review

            September is always one of those months for me that goes by really quickly, and I never mind that it does. It’s one of those in between months that is neither Summer nor Fall and it’s just a good transition month. I’ve had a fairly up and down month, mostly just the last two weeks which have been just really strange. Butter has developed some sort of aggression/fear towards both me and Victor which has made it hard to even walk around our house without having to deal with her hissing and preventing access to the part of the house she’s in. The vet has identified that it’s purely behavioural at this point so we are just trying to work with her as best as we can to get her back to her old self. It’s difficult, I have been very emotional as Butter has been with me for all the major years of my life and is more to me than just a cat. I am looking forward though and feel like the last few days have been progress.

One thing that has been with me for weeks and been a great distracting from what’s going at home has been my friend Derek’s mix tape, its fucking killer. If you like melodic and chill music check him out here! He even included a mix of one of Victor’s songs. In other news I’ve started to decorate my bedroom, got it painted this amazing pale teal color with a light blue accent wall. I’ve just completed my new jewelry organizer (DIY of it here) and hung up a few prints. It’s going really well, we just need to finish hanging up prints and get a new bedspread to replace or mix and match ones. For October I want to finish off the living room and maybe get some paint on our dining room that we never use.

For the blog the most exciting news I have is there will more recipes! I loved doing the Popsicle of the Week all summer long so I thought for the next few months I’d try out various recipes and do some of my own classic recipes. I am still deciding if it will be a complete cooking guide to that recipe or more loose (better hurry up and decide the first one will be out on Tuesday). I find in this day and age it’s really better to watch videos if you really want to know how to make something and I am a little too shy to do a video of myself cooking. I have a few more “how to’s” for Vintage Tuesday and Lomography Wednesday coming up this month. I realized it’s been a straight summer of just photos for both days so I thought I’d change it up, although probably will not have any reviews until November. Let me know if there is anything you want to see on the blog or recipe you’d like me to try in the comments or send me an email. I am so excited already for Halloween and falling leaves. October, I am so ready for you!

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Featured Artists: Busy Mockingbird & Zina Nedelcheva
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* this is my new feature for the Fall and I am loving putting it together, there are so many amazing artists to discover!


August in Review

august in review2Did you manage to squeeze in the last moments of summer? I feel like I’ve had a great August. It was nice and relaxing and I managed to get in one last summer adventure with my trip to Prince Edward Island. I feel like I ended the summer last weekend, camping and dipping my feet into the ocean. I still have a stack of photos to share from my adventures in Vancouver and PEI so there will still be lots of sunny summer posts coming your way and Fall things too as I am very excited to go apple picking again this year.  I have new things planned for fall on the blog too so look out for that. One big change you’ll notice next week is I’ve decided to be a bit more creative with my post names. There will be 3 more recipes for popsicles coming your way to ease you into the fall as well. I will be spending my long weekend listening to my summer anthem Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and enjoying the sun (if the weather will agree).

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pink-lemonade-popsicledulce de leche (9)



July in Review


It’ll be hard to sum up a month when I’ve done so many exciting things but I will try and make a short July in Review. I just got back two days ago from Vancouver, and that trip was a crazy whirlwind of events crammed into 8 short days. It was amazing to be my friend Nicole’s bridesmaid and watch her get married, and get to squish the checks of her two precious twins. I’ve had two friends get married this month and it was a little surreal to be bridesmaid, I do not think that will happen again my lifetime. I will have plenty of photos to share from that event so don’t worry if you like cute babies and wedding. As well I got to see my best friend Ana, who I think of every day and miss. Going years between seeing each other is hard on both of us and it was wonderful to have time to spend with her and stay with her.   And the sushi, guys I miss Vancouver sushi. 4 years of bad sushi cannot be made up for in 8 days. There is so many memories I want to share but don’t worry I’ll got more into detail in next few weeks. July also happened to be the month of my 28th birthday, and my brother’s 15th – always surreal to remember that he was born when I was 13.  It’s been crazy hot in Montreal, it’s always hot and humid here in the summer but the last few weeks have been unimaginable (me and Victor also don’t have air conditioning so it’s been painful). We did make good use of the weather though and spent plenty of weekends going for walks and exploring new parts of Montreal, plus piknics and fireworks when we can. We also found a fish and chips shop right by our house that is amazing and has a great patio for enjoying a blistering hot day. I’ve also changed my hair from blond to light pink with a blond streak at the front and I love it. Very high maintenance but I feel like this is the year for having pastel hair and I’m glad to have started with pink. Although I think my favourite thing in July has been the popsicles, I am obsessed with making popsicles. All the recipes I’ve done I’ve made at least 2 times now. My fridge is stocked to the brim with them, even before my trip I made sure to leave plenty for Victor. It’s been a great relief in the heat to be able to have something cold to snack on, and that fact that they are healthy just means I don’t have to feel guilty after having 3 of them. Now for the last month of summer, time to get out there and do all those things on my summer list that I haven’t done yet!

For the blog there will not be much change as I currently love the format I have now, and I will continue the Popsicle of the Week posts until the end of September because I have so many recipes I want to share. A sneak peak of what’s to come….dolce de leche, as well next week I will show you how I store them. It’s been great having some free day’s in-between posts with Vintage Tuesday and Saturday Review being bi-weekly for the summer. There is one change I am making is not focusing on What I Wore posts. I love creating outfits and showing my style however taking the photo always feels like a task to me when the rest of the blog is very free flowing and natural for me to do. I think it’d be better if I focus on more of my self-portraits so I don’t start feeling like I’m forcing myself to make outfit posts. I’ve started something new that may be taking up more of my time, vlogging. I am starting to actually use my YouTube channel (here if you want to subscribe). It’s going to have more soon as I’m just starting out. I think it will mostly focus on photography like my blog does. That’s my update! (so I may have lied when I said it’d be short summary of July – ooops)

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Popsicles of the Week
raseberry popsicles
popsicle of the week


June in Review

juneinreview June is at an end, and it was really quiet a up and down month for me. I am happy to say I’ve tried out 3 of my cameras the Metro-Flex, Disderi Robot Lens and Kodak Brownie 620 (the photos from the last two will be out this week) and I’ve developed 4 rolls of film at home. I’ve also acquired a old school popsicle mold and have been making homemade recipes for the last 2 weeks, and they have all turned out wonderfully much to my delight and Victor’s. I am happy to announce as well that I will be doing Recipe posts for popsicles with lots of pictures on my blog starting in July and ongoing to August and perhaps even September. I also manged to go for a long walk every week with Victor and have been keeping up with my daily photos for my 365 Challenge (still haven’t missed a day or resorted to taking shots with my phone). The weather though has been getting in my way a lot with it’s own up and down cycle…mostly choosing to be rotten on my days off. I have been working on decorating the new house as well but am quiet disappointed I haven’t manged to paint it all yet. However it has been a great month, and I am very excited for July. I will be turning 28 in a few days and visiting Vancouver for a week at the end of July. As well I  will be attending and being a bridesmaid at my dear friend Nicole’s wedding when I am there.  Vancouver is where most of my friends live, so it’s very exciting to go back and see everyone. I have arranged a few photo shoots as well and will have lots of photography to share with you guys. I am even trying more of my vintage cameras this month and hope to pick a new toy one for my birthday. Hope you had a delightful June.

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hanging memories

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May in Review

mayinreviewMay has been an interesting month for me, I’ve been working really hard on the blog and even found some time to start work on my website. It’s been a hard month for take photography though as it’s been raining on most of the days off I get from my day job. I really enjoyed it though and have really started to feel the positive forces from moving to my new house. My house hasn’t change much this month but I am hoping by mid-June to have all the little projects I want to do finished. I have a big plan for rainbow cupcakes next week as well that I am hoping will turn out amazing. I hope you all had a great May and that you are excited for June because I have a feeling it will be amazing.

a few of my favourite posts from May:
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oktomat-1024x678 365 Challenge for May
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Vintage Tuesday

Things that happened in May:

  • Saw my favourite band and it was an amazing show!
  • I continued to decorate my new house and manged to paint my living room a lovely purple (I love it). We plan on painting every room except the kitchen and the bathroom. I hope to finish in June.
  • Started my first herb garden and bought a few small plants for the house. I did a post about it here
  • My first What I Wore, there was a good response and I have more planned for June.
  • Did a photo shoot with my co-worker Jenny, the end results are here.
  •  I got two new vintage cameras: Brownie Fiesta and Metro-Flex
  • Made my hair half blue and half green which I love, but it’s super faded now so in June there will be a new color!


I love working on improving this blog to make sure it has posts that I enjoy doing and that will be interesting to read. So with this in mind I’ll be doing Saturday Review’s bi-weekly instead of weekly to insure great content with all my posts. I’ve started to notice that my art book collection is drying up and I love doing books I personally own/love and am happy to share, so I don’t want to start reviewing books beyond that criteria. I always intended for Saturday Review to cover more than art books so I will continue to incorporate those into Saturday Review (for right now I do one post a month that is not an art book and I think I will keep it that way). I am also currently speaking with my good friend Ana about her reviewing a few of her books as she has a wonderful collection and it’d be great to have her opinions on here. Being able to do the post bi-weekly means I can spend more time on my photography and that I don’t have to worry about running out of books.


April in Review

citizen erased (11) copy Oh my gosh, I did not even realize it was the end of April. It must have just flown by me, I know I’ve been busy unpacking and moving but my house has been completely unpacked for weeks!  I hope your April was good. Mine has been a mixed bag but the last two weeks have just been really wonderful. Montreal is full on summer mode and seems to have skipped spring completely. I’ve been walking every weekend with Victor around our new neighborhood and that’s really been a great change. I’ve also started doing Yoga, I think I may need to do some more working out before I can handle doing a Yoga class since I’m a little ( a lot) out of shape but it is great to start something new. You may have noticed that this month there was no reviews for Vintage Tuesday or Lomography Wednesday, don’t worry those were just put on hold due to being so busy with the move and will be back in May. So far I do not have many plans for May, just painting the house and taking lots of photos :)

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citizen erased (1)
I am making a few changes to the blog for May.

  1.  I love fashion and love dressing a little crazy so I wanted to add a What I Wore post to my blog, and why not alternate with Self-Portrait Sunday? I don’t know if this will become a staple so I’m declaring May and June as a trial period, let me know if you like these types of posts, I’d love the feedback. I’m a bit nervous as my self-portraits are all from photo shoots I’ve done or just trying to document my hair color so to me this is completely different. If I look nervous in the first few, you’ll know why. :)
  2. It turns out my favourite post to make Vingtage Tuesday, is much harder to take enough photos for a weekly post with developing film and finding time in the day to convert some of these beauties to work with modern film and clean them. I’ll see how May goes but I am thinking of switching it to be bi-weekly, so if you notice the frequency go down that’s why.
  3. There will no longer be a Picture of the Week. When I first created it was to encourage myself to do more photography on a weekly basis. But in March I started my 365 project on Tumblr and it seems a little repetitive. I will still be doing my monthly updates of the 365 project on my blog once a month on Fridays however check out my Tumblr in between for daily pictures.

I know so many changes but I’ve had a long month of comtemplating and that’s what spring is all about… reorganizing. :) For right now I think Friday is going to be a day of rest for me so instead I’m going to post photos of Butter when I can so I can spend my time on Friday working on my website. Have you ever clicked on my website link? It leads to the most ugly, not even remotely started website that I’ve spent maybe a week doing in September. So….it needs my love and there needs to be more Butter photos (that’s sarcasm as I have like 60GB of Butter photos on my hard drive – no joke)


March in Review

citizen erased

Well March has been a great month for me, a lot of new changes in my life  have come about and they are all very exciting. I am more then ready to take Citizen Erased Photography in the coming of Spring (it’s still feels like winter here in Montreal)

a few of my favourite posts from March:
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holgadroid, citizen erasedAdventure in Pysanky Eggs
citizen erased
If you’d be my King, I’d be your Queen
citizen erased
Picture of the Week
citizen erased
Saturday Review: Man Ray
citizen erased
Monthly DIY
citizen erased

Things that happened in March:

  • I started a 365 Challenge on Tumblr
  • I moved from the Plateau to the Village part of Montreal into a wonderful apartment, it feels almost like a new life
  • I started developing my own film (so far I’ve been so busy with moving that I only got the chance to do 1 roll, you can check out the results here, and here!)
  • I changed my hair to be half purple and half blue, which is a brand new design for me.
  • My friends from Toronto came to visit me over St Patrick’s Day weekend, and it was a lot of fun.
  • My favourite band put out a new album, I actually did a review for it, and have been listening to it non-stop.
  • and last but not least, I got a new vintage camera, check her out!

citizen erased

I am so excited to finish unpacking boxes so I can start developing more film and showing off my new apartment and office!