Zine of the Month

Zine of the Month: Shimotsuma

April’s zine of the month is Shimotsuma produced by Stray Gang with various artists like Jane Mai, Punimelt, Jean Liang, Koyamori, and more. It’s a 40 paged limited edition illustration zine that is based of the story Shimotsuma Monogatari (Kamikaze Girls). I’ve never read the book or seen the movie but I fell in love with the zine the moment I saw it a Expozine last year. The colors and great combination of various types of illustrations work really well. There is comics sections, typography, and silk screening to name a few. Not to mention Shimotsuma is really well editted and put together beautifully. You can pick up the zine through Fan Grrlz and have a look below.

Shimotsuma by Various Artists


Zine of the Month: Simon Fortin

This month’s zine pick is Burbles by Montreal artist Simon Fortin. Burbles is a 30 paged illustrative zine containing the character Burbles in a variety of cute and adorable costumes. I love this zine so much and Fortin’s work is always very colorful and playful and this is face meltingly cute. One of my favourite zines I picked up in the last year. If you want to pick up the zine for yourself check out Fortin’s store here  and for more artwork check out  Tumblr. Below I’ve included a look at the zine and one of the stickers packs (Sailor Moon!).

Burbles by Simon Fortin


Zine of the Month: Love Spells

What better zine of the month for February than Love Spells by Lillian Cuda. Love Spells is a 20 paged zine about spells and rituals from lost love to self-love. I love how there is a form of love in there for anyone, no matter what your situation currently. I mainly bought it because I loved the drawings; they are bright and colorful and make me happy. Not to mention it’s very well put together and great attention to detail with the hand writing,  makes the zine stand out. She also makes a variety of zines all of which I’ve enjoyed so if spells aren’t your thing…
If you want to pick up the zine you can, here and here or check out her blog for more of her work.

Love Spells by Lillian Cuda


Zine of the Month: Fur, Hide and Bone

This month’s zine is Fur, Hide and Bone by Erika Harada with featured contributors from the Tumblr community of the same name.  I’m intrigued by taxidermy and bones as much as I am the collectors of it, although I myself do not collect. This zine was a great way to learn about each contributor’s treasured piece and about why they collect or what they enjoy most about it. The personal stories behind how they obtained or found the pieces was very interesting. I find skulls particularly fascinating and this zine did not disappoint. The artwork throughout was really nice and it was all put together nicely. It’s really a zine about collecting and I really enjoyed that aspect. Sadly this zine sold out this summer but you can check out the posting for it, here in case it gets reprint in the future and below I have a sampe of it. I also thought I’d show my singular skull that I found two summers ago on a road trip to Ontario. The bird skull was just lying on the beach already down to the bone, a lonely beautiful object in a pretty desperate polluted beach. I picked it up and took it home and cleaned it up carefully, without really knowing why.

fur hide and bone

Fur, Hide and Bone


Zine of the Month: Soup

October’s zine of the month is Soup by Ally Burke which showcases some of her sketchbooks between 2012-2014. It’s a 28 paged zine that features black and white sketches as well as some colored ones on 5×8 glossy paper. The reason I choose it over all the others she’s done in the past is partially because it’s still available, and I feel like lately I’ve featured a lot of zines that aren’t in production anymore. It also happens to be a great zine with a high production value and Ally’s sketches are just as ghoulishly delightful as her other work. Her tumblr is filled with snippets of her sketchbooks and every time she shares a bit it makes me want to just flip through them all. So it’s a great way to have a part of that. Soup is available to purchase here, along with a ton of stickers, originals and other goodies (the shop is closing temporarily in a few days so best to look now). She also has a coloring book zine of monster girls that is pretty awesome too, here and you can also check out her Instagram where she’s doing Inktober this month!



Zine of the Month: They Come At Night

They Come at Night is an illustration zine by artist Deth P. Sun of his frequently used cat character whose name remains a mystery.  The 20 paged zine is a pure illustrative story of the adventurer and the things that come out at night. I love this zine and have a few others of Deth’s and enjoy them all equally.  He always has a high quality to his work and it shows in this beautiful zine. The larger format works well with the illustrations and story is cohesive and flows nicely along. His minimal style of illustrations looks great in zine format and it is worth checking any one of his current zines.  Below is a closer look at They Come at Night which you can buy hereand if you’re curious about other things he offered I’ve done a review, here as well.

They Come At Night


Zine of the Month: Uncommon Spaces & Everyday Places Vol 2

The zine I picked for August’s Zine of the Month is Uncommon Spaces & Everyday Places Vol 2 by Erin Dorbin which takes you on journey down her 2013 travels down the Lincoln Highway in United States. Her 52 paged zine includes instant photographs taken with her Polaroid 195 Land Camera using Fuji FP-100C and expired Polaroid film as well some writing about the journey. She also includes along with the zine, 5 reproductions shots nicely printed out in the style and size of the originals. I personally loved it and thought it’s the perfect read for the summer when you are going on road trips and the prints are super nice.  Sadly this was a limited edition zine and she currently sold out just last month I believe. However in the future she may chose to reprint and Vol. 3  is coming out this Fall!  For now you can check out her website for more information about her photography.

Uncommon Spaces & Everyday Places Vol. 2


Zine of the Month: Starchild Stela

Starchild Stela is a local Montreal artist who does illustrations, paintings, and street art amongst other things. She also happens to make a huge amount of zines including one of my all-time favourites in my collection called Destroy Rape Culture. I decided to feature it today because the zine as you can imagine is all about bringing power back and positive messages. She showcases the message of empowerment with the use of Sailor Moon (one of my favourite animes) and catchy slogans. It’s a great collaboration between the two as Sailor Moon has always been about female empowerment and I am sure a lot of us 90s kids found the manga and animation an inspiration. The zine features illustrations of all the Sailor Scouts and a few of the villains from the series within its 20 black and white pages. I love her twist on Takeushi’s style and can’t recommend this zine enough. If you wish to pick it up or check out any of her other zines you can find it at her distro or her main store. Fair warning, it sells out pretty quickly but she has been keeping it restocked at the moment (and also in sticker form). Sneak peak below if you are interested.

Destroy Rape Culture


Zine of the Month: Girl Glue

This month’s zine pick is Girl Glue, a collection of work by various female artists put together by Mel Stringer. There is two issues out of Girl Glue to date and some of the artists include have been Wishcandy, Rudy Fig, Lilly Piri, Bec Winnel, Buttons,  Lindsay Campbell, Mab Graves, Natali Koromoto Martinez, Gemma Flack, Hungry Designs and others. Both have 30 pages of content to enjoy, and the production quality and size of both zines is superb. One of the main differences between the two zines is that issue one featured the work of over 50 artists and issue two takes a different format and does 1 or occasionally 2 page profiles on 27 artists.  While I like the larger size of the work featured in the second issue, most of the profiled artists are already respectively well known in their communities and it honestly didn’t contain any artist I wasn’t aware of before which is what I loved about the first issue. I love collective zines for discovering new artists and the second issue came across more as the top artisans of Etsy (which isn’t a bad thing but felt a shift away from the first issue). I do love the colored cover and back page however of the second issue over the colored paper cover of the first. Both recommend to pick up although I don’t know if it’s possible to get the first issue anymore. The newest issue #2 is currently available to purchase through Mel Stringer’s store here.

Girl Glue #1 & #2 by Various Artists


Spring / Summer Zine Guide

I did one of these zine guides back in September and wanted to share all the new zines I’ve found since then so here is my Spring/Summer zine guide. Like before I have them broken into categories so if you are only interesting in certain types it’s easy to find. All of the places to buy the zines are linked just click on the photo or the name of any you are interested in to go there.

Photography Zines

Near Final

We Live on an Island

The Ritual of Nothingness

Artist Zines


Aliens Vs. Space Cowgirl

Packaged Zines

The Last Best Place

Parcel Ghost Super

Petpocalypse & Bertha

Collective Zines

Girl Glue Issue #2

Cute Club Volume 4

Bad Zine 9

Sticker Zine

Mini Zines

Grumpy Grl

Girl Groups from the Sixties

Marie Antoinette


Zine of the Month: The Tiny Little Book of Bunny Behaviour

April’s zine of the month is The Tiny Little Book of Bunny Behaviour by illustrator Lyndsey Green. As its Easter this weekend what better than a cute mini zine about bunnies for April?  I’ve often thought about getting a rabbit as a pet so I loved reading this zine and finding out more about them. She even did a poster on the backside if you unfold the zine.   Makes me wish I had enough space for one even to foster temporarily (which is super important especially at this time of the year because so many stupid people buy bunnies just for the holiday and then abandon them). Photos below of the zine and the cuddly bear card that I bought from her as well. She also has another zine about foxes that looks great and a mini zine of random animals if bunnies aren’t your thing.  You can buy the zine here, and check out more of Lyndsey Green’s work on her website!

The Tiny Little Book of Bunny Behaviour by Lyndsey Green


Zine of the Month: Bablien

I debated whether or not to make Bablien the zine of the month for March. Not because it isn’t awesome (because it is) but mostly because it’s not available anymore. Bablien was a zine put together by Catface and Brett Manning with the tag line “a collection of alien babe artworks” that came out in December of last year. Each artist that contributed was given 10 copies that they could sell and I was lucky enough to grab one up before they sold out. I mostly bought it for Victor as he is obsessed with aliens so I was really surprised by how much I loved it. There were nods to X-Files (a few too many), Star Trek and the great comic Saga and each artist brought a unique perspective to the alien babe. My favourites were by Brett Manning, Natali Martinez, and Madelen & Natalie Floss. Other artist featured Wishcandy, L0ll3, Electra Sinclair, Donya Todd and more. It doesn’t appear they will reprint it either which is a shame but it’s such a great zine I couldn’t resist sharing it, and perhaps they will reprint it in the future or put a 2nd edition.

Bablien by Various Artists

I’ll link you to Brett Manning’s tumblr as she has quiet a few comics that you can pick up.


Zine of the Month: Frights

This week’s pick and zine of the month is local Montreal illustrator Sarah Bourget who does dreamy portraits of women. I fell in love with her pieces the first time I saw them as they remind me a lot of myself (it’s the hair). Instead of unrealistic or idolize interperations, her work features women in modern fashions with hints of scars and emotions that give her illustrations personality. I also love the contrast of harsh black in combination with her pastel color palet. Her work can’t help but intrigue me and I am hoping very much in the future to pick up  more. Her mini zine Frights is a great introduction to her work but she also has stickers, originals and prints available as well. Below will be a look at her zine and more. To picked up prints check out Society6 and the zine, and mini prints are available on Etsy. You can also follow her on Instagram or check out her website for more about her!

Frights by Sarah Bourget

a few of my favourite prints from her Society6:


Zine of the Month: Jon Edwards

Over the last year I have discovered how great zines are for experiencing artist’s work in a new way and for finding out about new artists. I was behind the ball at discovery art zines but have tried to make up for it by amassed quite a lot just over the last year alone. What better way to share my newfound love of zines with you than highlight one every month that I think is worth picking up (and supporting the artist). For the first month I wanted to share with you Jon Edwards, a local Montreal photographer who does incredible work. He shoots with vintage Polaroid’s and like myself does a lot of multiple exposure photography. He has two zines, Helm Golm and Eli that feature his photography. I love the layout and rich color of his zines plus most importantly his photography is breathtaking. The only negative is each zines features a few of the same photograph on multiple pages so there is a bit of repetition. Both zines however are a great size at 5×7 and on quality paper. Probably my favourite two zines in my collection. There is a peak below of both zines and you can pick up both on Etsy!

Eli & Helm Golm by Jon Edwards


Fall Zine Guide

In the last year I’ve started to fall in love with zines and have quite a nice little collection of them. For some reason before they always seemed overly political and the type of thing you grab at a rally or protest. Maybe I had a really antiquated impression of what zines were but it’s been really eye opening the last year to find out that all these artists have been making zines to get their work out there and in an affordable manner (both for the artist and the buyer). I love finding new artists and seeing their work so this discover has been wonderful and it seems there is no short supply of zines out there. I wanted to share some of the zines I found so I created this fall zine guide for some of my favourite…

 Photography Zines


Uncommon Spaces and Everyday Spaces

Japanese Landscapes

Artists Zines

Please Be Brave

Nine Lives


Collective Zines

Fauna vs. Flora


Twigs and Apples Issue 7


Fur Hide and Bone

Packaged Zines

Lost and Found

Heart Pop!

What’s the Time Mrs. Woolf Volume 1-4

Mini Zines

The Tiny Little Book of Bunny Behaviour

Burn Everything

10 Mermaid