Double Exposure / Multiple Exposure

Double and multiple exposure photography either taken with a digital or film camera. All taken directly with camera, no after processing in Photoshop.

Multiple Exposure: I Lost Myself

double exposure i lost myself (2)
“I lost myself, I lost myself, you can’t see how, becuse I am just a cloud”

The original concept behind these multiple exposure was for my 52 Weeks Project last year where I took a self-portrait every week for a year. It was one of those moments where an idea just grabbed me and I spent an hour outside freezing trying to find the best angle and combination between my silhouette and a paper mask. I haven’t included the one I end up chosing in this set but you can check it out here.

double exposure i lost myselfmultiple exposure mask self portrait (4)multiple exposure mask self portrait (1)


Multiple Exposure: Vancouver Sunset

vancouver sunset (1)For some reasons these Vancouver sunset multiple exposure photographs remind me of the song “To the Moon and Back” by Savage Garden. They were taken last Summer during one of the many sunsets I managed to watch from my dear friend Nicole’s balcony of downtown. It’s interesting to see the progress of color as the sun gets further down. I haven’t seen any really great sunsets yet this year but here’s hoping…

vancouver sunset (2)vancouver sunset (7)vancouver sunset (10) vancouver sunset (11)vancouver sunset (5) vancouver sunset (14)vancouver sunset (13) vancouver sunset (19)vancouver sunset (18)Two different none double exposure shots so you can what the sunset really looked like The one below would have been such an amazing shot with the birds except they aren’t in focus. The last one you can really see the scale of how far away I was. vancouver sunset (15) vancouver sunset (12)


Multiple Exposure: Parking Lot

mulitple exposure lost sky (1)Last week I shared some multiple exposures from a trip to Ontario where we got lost and stopped by the side of the road for a few minutes. I had a few more of the parking lot I thought were interesting. Not the most ideal landscape but overall I thought they turned out quiet interesting, night silhouettes are some of my favourite to shoot. Even odd times like then can be the perfect opportunity for taking photographs. You can check out the other sets of photos, here!

mulitple exposure lost sky (3)mulitple exposure lost sky (2) mulitple exposure lost sky (5) mulitple exposure lost sky (4)


Multiple Exposure: Lost

Sometimes you are lost, and I mean actually lost not existentially lost and you come upon the greatest thing. This weeks’ multiple exposure is from a trip a few years ago when we stopped for gas and directions and unlike my fellow passengers who were so focused on getting home I noticed the sky from the parking lot and stopped and stared (and took a few photographs).

mulitple exposure lost sky (6)mulitple exposure lost sky (9)mulitple exposure lost sky (7)mulitple exposure lost sky (10)mulitple exposure lost sky (12)mulitple exposure lost sky (8)mulitple exposure lost sky (11)


Multiple Exposure: Dome

multiple exposure dome (1)Today’s multiple exposure are of the Montreal Biosphère located in Montreal on Ile Saint Helen. Taken during one of me and Victor’s summer bike trips as we were riding from Ile Notre Dame back across Jean-Drapeau parc to our house.The sun was just starting to set so it’s not quiet a sunset just yet but I thought I’d try and capture the clouds behind the Bioshphere.

multiple exposure dome (3)multiple exposure dome (2) multiple exposure dome (4)A look of what the Montreal Biosphère looks like without use of multiple exposure techniques.


Multiple Exposure: Glimpse of Spring

double exposure flowers (4) double exposure flowers (5) double exposure flowers (3)double exposure flowers (8)One of the areas of double exposure and multiple exposure photography that I haven’t explored too much are flowers. For some reason I always feel they do not turned out as well as I expect. There is some really neat and surreal multiple exposure tricks you can do with them (like I’ve done here) but when I shoot with a lot of foreground I am not sure what I don’t’ like but the confusion of the foreground is what I notice most. Below is the singular exposure shot so you see the difference.

double exposure flowers (1) double exposure flowers (2) double exposure flowers (6) double exposure flowers (7)I loved these shots so much and how electric green the leaves were I couldn’t resist sharing a lot of them. See what I mean though that double exposure photos just don’t have as much feeling and strength as it should. 


Multiple Exposure: Bridge at Twlight

I love the lines of the Jacques Cartier bridge, although they aren’t supposed to be an architecture highlight (they are the guard rails to prevent jumpers) I can’t help but appreciate how hypnotic and beautiful I find them. I wasn’t a big fan of these photographs after I shoot them because the sky, although a beautiful sunset is too muddy feeling for me. However the lines created are very unique and this is reminder for me to go out on the bridge again and take more.

bridge at twlight (2) multiple exposurebridge at twlight (6) multiple exposurebridge at twlight (4) multiple exposurebridge at twlight (5) multiple exposurebridge at twlight (3) multiple exposure
I usually end up taking a combination of regular photography and multiple exposures when shooting so I may start including a photograph where I haven’t taken a multiple exposure so you can get an idea of what the subject looked like without the technique used. It’s kind of interesting to compare (to me at least).


Multiple Exposure: Crescent Moon

multiple exposure crescent moonMy crescent moon multiple exposures are actually from the same sunset I showed you photos of last week here, except a bit later on after the sun had set.  Taken of Lake Ontario during a camping trip in late September. The sky enamored me so much that night I just had to capture the reflection of the silhouetted trees on the water and the extra bright moon. We pasted this particular shot while in the car and I insisted on getting out and taking photos telling them to go ahead. It was nice just sitting there alone watching the moon.

multiple exposure crescent moon (4) multiple exposure crescent moon (3) multiple exposure crescent moon (1) multiple exposure crescent moon (2)


Multiple Exposure: Sunset Waves

Sunset waves are a series of multiple exposures taken during a summer camping trip a few years ago to Lake Ontario The sun was just starting to go down and you could see it disappearing along the water’s horizon, so I captured the sunset and waves of the lake as one.

sunset double exposures (5) sunset double exposures (3) sunset double exposures (2) sunset double exposures (4) sunset double exposures (1)
A portrait of Victor on the shore watching the sunset.


Multiple Exposure Vancouver Rocky Mountains

double exposure (1)double exposure (4)double exposure (8)My love for taking multiple exposures grows the more and more I do them. It gives me a chance to see the world in a different way and to me it’s such a unique perceptive on the world. I love seeing what I can do with landscapes, silhouettes and architecture to create and manipulate almost my own vision of the world through my camera (without the use of editing of programs like Photoshop). So I thought I’d show more of what I am working on this just like last year but probably more on a weekly basis and it will  usually be of just one subject so you can see all the different ways I interpret it. This week is a view of the Rocky Mountains and English Bay from downtown Vancouver. I had the luck chance of standing on a balcony with this view, could you image seeing this every morning?

  double exposure (7)double exposure (2)


My Society6 Store: An Update

It has been a long time since I mentioned anything about my Society6 so I thought I’d take the time today to update you on what’s going on. Currently my storefront through Soceity6 is the only way to get a print of my photography so if you’ve ever been interested on owning a bit of my work I’d love for you to check it out. Plus it’s the holiday season and artwork is always a thoughtful present (even if it’s just for yourself).   My store focuses on my multiple exposure photography whether it’s cityscapes, to sunset beach landscapes and I’ve added a bunch over the last month to it so there is many different photographs to choose from.

Beyond that I  did a company review of Society6 last year as I frequently buy artwork from them so you can check that out for more information on them. Currently any of my prints you buy will have  free shipping and at least once a month there is some kind of sale or promotion through the website. I want to show you some of the newest photographs I`ve added and then some personal favourites as well. Click the photos below to check out it`s pricing info or if you want to see all the photographs at once, go here!

What`s New

Personal Favourites

One last thing I would like to mention is I am taking December off from blogging so this will be my last post for awhile. Right now I am not sure when I will be back as I think I might take January off as well but in Feburary I will definetly be back  doing weekly posts so check back then. The reason for the break, beside just wanting a bit of extra time in my life before and after work is that I talk about working on my photography website and other projects all the time but between work and my personal blog I haven’t really had much time to dedicated to those. Taking time off here will give me more time to work on other things that I am interested in and finally do a few things I just never get around to by the end of the week. You can also find me here, and here on Instagram where I post a photo daily or check out my other social media links at the top.


Double Exposure: Along the River

Montreal never feels like an island to me but travelling by bike circling around Lasalle on the southwest side of the island really did. The double exposures captured from that rainy gray day are half of the St Lawrence river as the bike paths are always within view of it and the canal path lined with power lines and trees. It’s a great path to take, and being our first time we had no idea what to except. We ended up hitting the path heading east right just as the sun set with only the path and power lines in front of us, a bit of serendipity. Although only a few photos were taken I thought I’d share them anyways.

biking double exposure (5) biking double exposure (2)biking double exposure (1)double exposure power lines (3)double exposure power lines (4)Powerlines make me feel at home, connected in a way.
Like Drake says “hold on, we’re going home”…
double exposure power lines (5)


Double Exposure Wednesday: Steeple

double exposure vieux-montreal (7)

Here is the church and here is the steeple, open the door and see all the people. Haha, okay starting my double exposure post today with a nursery rhythm is probably very weird but you have to admit its fitting. Montreal is one of those places where I will never bore of the architecture, whether it’s factories, 200 year old homes with stable doors, or the churches it’s all a feast for my eyes. The multiple exposures from today were taken during a bike ride this summer when we’ve discovered this church in a neighborhood near the canal. There was something about the steeple and cross that just caught my eye and I had to stop and take a few photographs of it.

double exposure vieux-montreal (8)double exposure vieux-montreal (5)double exposure vieux-montreal (6)


Double Exposure: Roadtripping

long beach multiple exposures (4)All today’s road tripping double exposures are from my trip to Vancouver Island, specially the Pacific Rim National Park where we went camping. We stayed on the Long Beach area which is just miles and miles of beach surround by the rain forest and covered on these amazing rocks that remind me of photos I’ve seen of Hawaii. There weren’t many chances to take multiple exposures on our short trip there but each of these I really enjoy.

long beach multiple exposures (3) long beach multiple exposures (2) long beach double exposures (3) long beach multiple exposures (1) long beach multiple exposures (2) long beach double exposures (2)long beach double exposures (4) long beach multiple exposures (1)


Double Exposure Wednesday: Vieux-Port

double exposure vieux-montrealCityscapes are such a great way to get the feel of a city and see its history without bias. One of the reasons why I like to capture double exposures of Montreal is because it feels like a new way to capture the city instead of overly used airplane views you see in tourist shops or even the more modern urban landscapes of new. I feel as well that landscape photography is primarily done by men so it’s nice to shoot something not consider covenantal (no stats on that statement but the ‘famous’ ones are predominately male like in most forms of photography).  It also feels nice to capture the Montreal people are familiar with but in a way that might make them question what they even be looking at or taking a second to see a familiar landmark.

double exposure vieux-montreal (3) double exposure vieux-montreal (2)double exposure vieux-montreal (4)double exposure vieux-montreal (10)double exposure vieux-montreal (9)double exposure vieux-montreal (12)


Double Exposure: Industrial Complex

While out on a bike ride this Spring I stopped by a shipping yard and was overcome with an idea to see what shipping containers would look like when double exposed together. Instantly I enjoyed the Lego like structures that I had created and did a few test shots to cement the idea in place. When I am casually taking photographs sometimes I hit upon ideas that I think are refreshing and I’m interest to see where I could go with it. As I’ve been concentrating on my multiple exposure photography in the last year or so I keep find new ways to manipulate my surrounds and this is one of my favourites. I’d love to do is complete a series of photographs of shipping containers and do a mini show of them here in Montreal. Maybe something I will work on next year…now my test shots.

Industrial Complex (3)Industrial Complex (2)Industrial Complex (4)Industrial Complex (5)Industrial Complex (1)


Double Exposure: Long Beach Sunsets

long beach sunsets (4)Here is my collection of sunset double exposures from Long Beach, Vancouver Island during our one single night there. Besides the above photo I am presenting these in chronological order so you can see the gradual change in hue as the sun gets lower and lower. The sky starting out as a pale orange, pink hue then a more vibrant deep one and eventually pale pink and purple to end the night before nightfall. Beautiful, regardless of the smoke filling the skyline and what better than having three of your best friends along with you to watch (and some alcohol to take the edge off of the steep climb back off the beach). My obsession of photographing multiple exposures during dusk and dawn continues…

long beach sunset double exposure long beach sunsets (2) long beach sunsets (8) long beach sunsets (7) long beach sunsets (10) long beach sunsets (1) long beach sunsets (11)


Double Exposure Wednesday: Statue

double exposure vieux montreal (2)double exposure vieux montreal (1)double exposure vieux montreal (4)Today’s double exposures were taken a while back in early spring when me and Victor walked around our favourite area of Vieux-Montreal close to the docks. I am not sure how long this metal ironworks statue has been in place beside the silos since this was the first time we had adventures around the building (photos here). Sitting just outside the fence line on the edge of the small peninsula I think the statue vastly improves the cityscape behind and I just had to capture the sculpture from a few different angles.

double exposure vieux montreal (3)


Double Exposure: Burnaby Sunset

double exposure sunset (2)All the double exposure photographs I am showing were taken during one night of my trip to Vancouver from the brilliant view my friend Nicole has of downtown Vancouver. For at least half of my trip the sky was being blocked out by smoke caused by nearby forest fires so it was really lovely when it cleared up for several reasons including that I could enjoy watching the sun go down from the comfort of her porch. I had never forgotten the amazing sunsets Vancouver has but it was a different experience entirely to view them like this. When I lived there, usually I’d watch them while whizzing past on the Skytrain a random evening. I felt spoiled by the end of the trip. Enjoy the changing skies and hues of the sunset over the period of an hour one night in Burnaby.

double exposure sunset (3)double exposure sunset (6)double exposure sunsetdouble exposure sunset (1)double exposure sunset (5)


Double Exposures: Sunsets on the Side

double exposure sunset montreal (1) double exposure sunset montreal (5)Lately I’ve been taking a lot of silhouette style double exposures at dusk and the results are really something else. I love the surreal landscapes I can create just using my camera not to mention how heavenly this sunset was.  I shot a lot of this style while I was on vacation in BC so the next few double exposures posts will have be more of this overall theme.

double exposure sunset montreal (4)double exposure sunset montreal (2) double exposure sunset montreal (8)


Double Exposure Wednesday: No Man’s Sky

double exposure sunset montreal (17) double exposure sunset montreal (13)double exposure sunset montreal (16)I mentioned a few weeks ago how I’ve been taken a lot of sunset double exposures, well I’m back again with more. It’s one of my favourite ways to do multiple exposures currently since the dark silhouettes give me a lot more playability when shooting. These specific shots were taken in the Hochelaga part of Montreal, kind of near Pie-X in this field that leads up to the factory in the above shot. We went to scope the area out for a possible future project and managed to catch an amazing day for a sunset before heading back home. Nothing like a full moon, clouds streak across the sky and the two pyramid style buildings in the distance to maximize the view. Capturing my surrounds my own way always makes me the happiest, hope you enjoy and promise in August I will have more doubles that are not just sunsets.

double exposure sunset montreal (12)double exposure sunset montreal (19) double exposure sunset montreal (6) double exposure sunset montreal (18)


Double Exposure: Dusk over the River

double exposure jacques cartier bridge (6)I’ve had the chance to shoot so many double exposures this spring, it’s been really interesting testing out various scenarios and seeing what I can get out of the experience. These are from a picnic me and Victor went on at the Clocktower in Vieux-Montreal. We love biking down there in good weather after we’ve both finished work to watch the sunset once and awhile. Thought I’d share a few of the end results today so here is my point of view of dusk landscapes, with that multiple exposure twist.

double exposure jacques cartier bridge (8) double exposure jacques cartier bridge (11)double exposure jacques cartier bridge (9)These are from the same night but much later when the sunrise was just disappearing over the edge of downtown. double exposure jacques cartier bridgedouble exposure jacques cartier bridge (4)double exposure jacques cartier bridge (1)


Double Exposure: Vieux-Montreal

double exposure vieux montreal (30) double exposure vieux montreal (27) double exposure vieux montreal (26)double exposure vieux montreal (29)double exposure vieux montreal (28) double exposue silo 5Last week I was light on posts so I thought today we’d have a double feature to make up for it, not to mention I have so many recent double exposures that I want to share. I’ve taken a ton of photographs of the Silo #5 building in the past, the most recent being the  “We Wait for Trains That Just Aren’t Coming” . These were actually taken on the same day from the other side of the canel so you can get a much better idea of the expanse of the structure. I enjoy anytime I can play with multiple exposure and reflections on water at the same time. I probably should have shared less photos but sometimes I can’t help myself. I do love this building very much.

double exposure vieux montreal (25)double exposure vieux montreal (24)double exposure vieux montreal (12)double exposure vieux montreal (13)double exposure vieux montreal (14)double exposure vieux montreal (15)double exposure vieux montreal (21)


Double Exposure Wednesday: Water Tower

Last weekend when Victor and I went thrifting in the Sainte-Marie area we spotted a water tower in the skyline and decided to check it out. I think we’ve walked by it before but this was the first time we had a good look at it. I snapped a few multiple exposures to show you and added it to my list of things I want to climb. I even figured out a really interesting route of getting to the base of it so it would be possible to climb up its narrow barely there ladder to the top ring. Although my photos don’t really show it, it happens to be on top of the roof of an abandoned factory building (that looks like it might be getting converted into condos soon). So it’s a pretty tricky to get access to it. Victor thinks I’m nuts because it would require going up the fire escapes of the buildings adjacent to it and getting on their roofs before hopping across the different leveled roofs of the factory buildings before you get to the base. I remember always climbing onto the roof of my elementary school and my two story house when I was really young, clearly I haven’t grow out of it. Might not happen but I’d like to think I could try this summer. Oh, I also included double exposures of the church that was in the same area.

double exposure water tower (9) double exposure water tower (8) double exposure water tower (2) double exposure water tower (3)double exposure water tower (4)double exposure water tower (5)


Double Exposure Wednesday: We Wait for Trains that Just Aren’t Coming…

double exposure vieux montreal (7)double exposure vieux montreal (10)double exposure vieux montreal (6)double exposure vieux montreal (8)double exposure portrait silo 5double exposure vieux montreal (5)      This series of double exposure were taken on the weekend while Victor and I were exploring Silo #5 in Vieux-Montreal. We didn’t go inside the factory or silos but we did get inside the fence and had a chance to explore around them. To me the best part was going underneath the huge lines that use to connect the building to trains for transporting the grains (at least what’s what I logically assume they use to be for) so I wanted to share those photos first. I have plenty more double exposures from the front of the building as well but thought I’d share them in another post likely in mid-May as this post would have been huge so look out for that if you enjoy abandoned buildings. I’m so excited about being able to leave my house again. Recovering my concussion is going well and just maybe this summer I can get inside the Silo #5. Can you imagine the view from there?


Double Exposure: Valkyrie

double exposure (3)My 52 Weeks of Self-Portrait project really got me exploring self-double exposures. I shot these back in January using a kitty mask my best friend Ana gave me for Christmas and as I said during my original 52 Weeks post, I thought I looked like a Valkyrie for some reason. I love Valkyries as they remind me a lot of artwork of Lord of the Rings. Norse mythology is also very interesting and anything with badass females I can get behind! I find it’s hard to achieve photography that I find haunting and these definitely have that vibe to them so I wanted to share a few more with you. Even though my project just end last week, I will definitely be doing more multiple exposures of myself so you like this style it will not be the last of it (although I do need a bit of a vacation from shooting myself).

52 weeks of self-portrait double exposuredouble exposure (4) 52 weeks of self-portrait multiple exposure (2)


Double Exposure: Polaroids

I absolutely love taking double exposure with vintage Polaroid land cameras, although not always successful it’s really fun to test and see what you can get. I’ve shared these photos before but wanted to reshare them as after a year of taking multiple exposures with instant film these are my personally most successful. I find using trees as one of the shots usually results in an interesting result however putting this post together I realized how often I use them and really want to explore this summer on using more variety. I’d love to do a series of double exposures with graffiti from around Montreal so hopefully I will get a chance to explore that idea more. Man it feels like a really long time since I’ve actually used my Polaroid Colorpack or Super Shot cameras, I really need to pick up more film and get back into shooting. Hope you enjoy the shots.

double exposure polaroid (2) polaroid double exposure (3) double exposure polaroid (5) polaroid double exposure (2) polaroid double exposure double exposure polaroid (4) double exposure polaroid (6) polaroid double exposure (4) polaroid double exposure (1)



52 Weeks of Self-Portrait: A New Sky

51/52 A New Sky

52 weeks of self-portrait double exposure (3)A new beginning! It’s starting to really hit me that my 52 Weeks of Self-Portrait project is over. Just one more than I’m finished, I’m not hundred percent sure what I am going to be doing for it but I really want to do an elaborate photo-shoot (we will see if time and weather permits that). I think it will feel really weird when it does end as I am so use to coming up with ideas for it and planning shots or concepts I want to do. Not that I can’t keep creating those ideas but its different when you don’t have a time restraint. I feel like I’m one of those people who loves making myself busy, yet I am insanely lazy all at the same time? I don’t know how that works. My week off of the blog was nice in a way but I didn’t spend as much time as I wanted on my website or my crane projects. Without deadlines I think I’m a little lost. Feeling a bit down about that however this photo really made me feel like the 52 Weeks project was worthwhile. Hope you have a good week and I’m back this week with daily posts.


“Over and outside
And under
Dark doves will fly
Over a new sky
I’ll wonder
Oh who you are”

The Presets ‘A New Sky’


Double Exposure: Train Museum

Double exposure toronto (3)This week’s set of double exposures are from my trip to Toronto. They were all taken on the same afternoon in downtown of Union Station, the CN Tower and the weird CN Rail Museum that was covered in snow, plus the handsome Victor (who looks like a hipster in his winter jacket). My favourite and the silliest is the one below where I was trying to make it look like a train was hitting the ‘Watch for Train’s sign…it didn’t quite work out but it makes me laugh. These were all very fun to take and made me think I should probably not be such a hermit and get out there and take photos of the beautiful snow before it melts.

Double exposure toronto (10) Double exposure toronto (6)Double exposure toronto (2)Double exposure toronto (4)Double exposure toronto (8)Double exposure toronto (9)Double exposure toronto (1) Double exposure toronto (7)(this double exposure is hard to tell as it’s just a shot of the snow and then the train, wanted to create a blizzard effect)


Double Exposures: Snow Goth?

I usually don’t share the left-over photos from my weekly self-portrait project but I really wanted to share these double exposures. I find them really fun, and my outfit and make up really reminds me of my early 20’s (even though the sweater is so 90’s). The one of me with the spider eyes was really the one I wanted to make my 52 Weeks shot but it felt too similar to other ones I had done recently. I always try and curate my project week to week so sometimes ‘better’ photos don’t get selected. I love how even double exposures that don’t turn out 100% what you wanted are still fun to look at.

double exposure goth (5)double exposure goth (3)double exposure goth (2)double exposure goth (7)double exposure goth (1)double exposure goth (4)


Tell me how does it feel when your heart grows cold…

citizen erased photography (1)My beautiful friend Lisa-Michelle’s birthday is this week, she is the best model I have had the experience of shooting so I thought I’d share some old portraits I took of her from 2007? 2008? It feels like yesterday to me even though I know it’s been a long time. I miss shooting her. I mean I get to every time I visit Vancouver which is every 2-3 years but it’s not the same. Before we use to go on adventures and just walk around Vancouver together shooting along the way. Both times I’ve shot her in the last 5 years it felt so rushed, mostly my fault since I try and cram my schedule full when I’m in town visiting.  I also haven’t gotten any more use to other people take photos of me (she’s a photographer too) so I feel like I’m letting her down with my terrible posing and permanent awkwardness.  There is always next time though, I will have a whole collection of her over the years. These to me are some of my favourite portraits, she is just the best.

Citizen Erased Photography (4)Citizen Erased Photography (5)citizen erased photography (3)citizen erased photography (2)Citizen Erased Photography (6)


Double Exposure: Vieux-Montreal

I love walking around Vieux-Port and staring at the St Lawrence River going by. I find it easy to get lost in the moment when I’m near water. The black and white double exposures I feel showcase that lost feeling. No snow in them because they were taken back in November before winter had taken full effect. I haven’t had much time to go down there lately because the docks are especially cold and Montreal can be quiet windy. Side note, over the next few months I want to show some of my older double exposures maybe even some from when I lived in Vancouver as I feel like my technique has really changed over the course of the last few years. Going forward this year I am really excited to continue to work on my multiple exposures and see where it’ll take me.multiple exposure (26) multiple exposure (9) multiple exposure (1)multiple exposure (40) multiple exposure (21)multiple exposure (39)


52 Weeks of Self-Portrait: Valkyrie

39/52 Valkyrie

52 weeks of self-portrait multiple exposure (2)Sometimes the best photos of a spur of the moment, like this week’s multiple exposure self-portrait. This mask is of a cat, but I feel like it makes me look like a Valkyrie in these photos. My best friend Ana gave it to me as a Christmas present and I love it so much I had to include it in this week’s 52 Weeks of Self-Portrait. Next week I hope it snows as I’ve yet to take a snow photo this winter. Hope you all have a good holiday, see you next week!

52 weeks of self-portrait double exposure


“Emotional landscapes
They puzzle me
Then the riddle gets solved
And you push me up to this

State of emergency
How beautiful to be
State of emergency
Is where I want to be”


A Year in Double Exposure

double exposure montreal (2)Have a look back at the last year of Multiple and Double Exposures! I am really excited to continue to explore this aspect of my photography and work on making surreal illusions without the use of editing. Click the link/photo if you want to see all the posts I’ve done that feature multiple exposures photography.


Double Exposure: Vieux-Port

multiple exposure (17)Today I am sharing more photos from my walk down to the Vieux-Port. These double exposures are of various effects I attempt to create when shooting, whether it’s a cityscape followed by a shot of the waves, or attempting to mirror the image entirely. Possible my favourite are the two shots where I appear to be just casually standing on the water – and not just because I’m wearing neon cloud socks. It was quiet a grey day outside and I found pairing the cityscape shots with a shot of the paved stones and gravel while walking about fit the mood well as it made the shots even more gritty. For the most surreal I find the double exposures with the water reflection of the tress and buildings to be the most successful as they just seem to be nonsense and it’s hard to tell where the double exposure starts and the reflection ends.

multiple exposure (16)multiple exposure (44)multiple exposure (42)multiple exposure multiple exposure (27)multiple exposure (29)multiple exposure (36)multiple exposure (38)multiple exposure (41)


Double Exposure: No Escape from Autumn

multiple exposure autumn trees (4) multiple exposure autumn trees (6) multiple exposure autumn trees (7) multiple exposure autumn trees (11) multiple exposure autumn trees (12)multiple exposure autumn trees (10)multiple exposure autumn trees (5) multiple exposure autumn trees (2) multiple exposure autumn trees (3)Today’s double exposures were all taken at Mont-Royal here in downtown Montreal during a nice day back in earlier October. I have been to the ‘mountain’ a few times this Fall but haven’t been lately (I probably should although I fear I’ve missed the prettiest trees by a few weeks). We sat in one of the fields there between a bunch of trees and had a mini-picnic that only consisted of strawberry cheese cake slices and tarts. I love the name of this set of photos, “No Escape from Autumn” – me being clever I guess. I’d live in a land of infinity autumn just as long as there wasn’t any rain.


52 Weeks of Self-Portrait: Rain

32/52 Rain

52 weeks of self-portrait (5)The self-portrait for this week’s contribution to my 52 Weeks of Self-Portraits was taken during a walk around the harbour in Vieux-Montreal on Thursday.  I was walking around listening to Our Lady Peace and just enjoying the crisp air that happens when it’s about to rain (it did rain on me a little bit towards the end). I had a discussion with Victor about the photo because he doesn’t think a photo of my feet constitutes a ‘self-portrait’ which I argued is fair but at the same time – it is a body part. I’ve also included a photo of my feet before in this project so I’ve already created a president anyways. I had planned to take another photo but I fell in love this multiple exposure, and how the pebbles of the pavement made the shot of the harbour look like it is under shallow water or being besieged in snow.  I took a few as well by the Clock tower, perhaps it was my cloud socks that attracted me – I have a habit of taking photos of my socks and leggings. Lol. They are my favourite fashion accessory but I know there are those that groan at people who take photos of their feet…I just can’t help it. I am hopefully changing my dull faded hair color this week btw as my hair dye is finally being shipped! I wish it was possible to find Special Effects dye in Montreal. Sadly I have to buy from Vancouver so it takes a little while. You’ll have to see next week what color I’ve decided to do.


“I understood
Like a machine they’ll fix you from the start
I’m in repair
The life that we share
I know that I’ll be lost in
But we’re always in repair”

Our Lady Peace ‘In Repair’


52 Weeks of Self-Portrait: Come to Daddy

31/52 Come to Daddy

self portrait aphex twin costumeI felt I had to make the self-portrait for my 52 Weeks Project this week my Halloween costume. My costume this year was Aphex Twin, yes that DJ I’ve been going on about non-stop since he put out his newest record Syro in late September. The costume is a little lazy of me because I made the mask 6 years ago for fun, it is his album cover for ‘Richard D James” and the for the rest of the costume is clothes I already had in my closet and a ginger ratty wig from Dollarama.  I’ve had so much going on this month that I couldn’t really place a lot of focus on making or spending money on a costume.  It’s kind of an insane costume to begin with so maybe I’ll revisit it sometimes and make an exact replica of one his video characters. I’m supposed to be one of the children from his video “Come to Daddy”, oh and I may have made a gif of me… (if you want to see the gif with the added sound, click here)



Double Exposure: Cemetery Ghosts

forest cemetery multiple exposure (23)Since it’s just a few days before Halloween I wanted to share some multiple exposures that were taken at the same forest cemetery that I featured last week. I’ve been watching a play through of the old Japanese Playstation game Fatal Frame that’s all about taking photos of ghosts before they kill you and these double exposures remind me of that. Although no real ghosts featured just Zara who in my version is the main character Miku Hinasaki.

forest cemetery multiple exposure (2)forest cemetery multiple exposure (14) forest cemetery multiple exposure (6) forest cemetery multiple exposure forest cemetery multiple exposure (15)forest cemetery multiple exposure (7) forest cemetery multiple exposure (11)forest cemetery multiple exposure (10) forest cemetery multiple exposure (12) forest cemetery multiple exposure (22)


52 Weeks of Self-Portrait: Autumn

30/52 Autumn

citizen erased photography 52 weeks of self portrait  (1)Spent so much of my week going for walks and enjoying Montreal while I can before it’s hide-inside-season. This self-portrait was taken at Parc LaFontaine while I was passing by. I was taking photos of the trees as I just love the ever changing colors of the leaves and this tree seemed to have every color imaginable. After a few shots of the tree I decided I wanted to be a part of it and devised this shot. It took a few tries to get one I really like but this feels the most special and is only the 2nd double exposure I shot of the day. I’ve included another one below that I also really like – it’s hard to choose some weeks what photo to feature. Also my inspiration for this week and worth a listen is my wonderful boyfriend’s mixtape. It’s his first one he’s made and he decided to feature only Montreal electronic artists, I think it’s really mellow and perfect for the season!


Vic Mella ‘MTL Fine Cuisine Mixtape’

citizen erased photography 52 weeks of self portrait  (2)


Double Exposure: Jacques Cartier at Dusk

multiple double exposure sunset (12)The summer was sunrises but it appears I’ve switched to collecting sunsets now. I’ve seen so many wonderful ones in the last two months it is hard to say which my favourite was. The ones I’m sharing today were the first of the season just in the very end of August when me and Victor went for an impromptu bike ride in the Vieux-Port and found the usually pretty lame Tower Beach was free and open late (there was also a pretty awesome DJ playing real classics of the late 90s and early 2000s). We had brought a picnic with us randomly so we got to enjoy the sun set while stuffing our face and putting our feet in fake sand (we even sneaked in some alcohol like teenagers). I might have spent a good deal of our time there taking photos of the ever changing and dynamic skyline in front of me instead of relaxing….

multiple double exposure sunset (2) multiple double exposure sunset (4) multiple double exposure sunset (5) multiple double exposure sunset (7) multiple double exposure sunset (9) multiple double exposure sunset (13) multiple double exposure sunset (16) multiple double exposure sunset (19) multiple double exposure sunset (20) multiple double exposure sunset (23) multiple double exposure sunset (27) multiple double exposure sunset (30) multiple double exposure sunset (33)multiple double exposure sunset (36)


Beach Polaroids

polaroid super shot instant photography (19)

For this week’s Vintage Tuesday I wanted to share with you some of the instant photos I took while camping a few weeks ago in Ontario. We went to the main beach of the Sandbanks Provincial Park in Prince Edward County on both days of the trip so we could swim and enjoy the sun. It was a blistering hot day, although the water was still pretty chilly on both days. The cold water didn’t stop me and Victor from enjoying it and spending most of our time swimming. I just had to take photos of Victor in the water because I loved the composition of him with the water around him and the beach in the background. I did take a few landscapes shots of the beach dunes and the park, and the beach itself as well. The beach was so sandy, a big change from what I’m used to. We definitely don’t have beaches this nice in Quebec. All the photos I’m sharing today were taken with my Polaroid Super Shot using Fujifilm FP-100C.

polaroid super shot instant photography (14) polaroid super shot instant photography (12) polaroid super shot instant photography (11) polaroid super shot instant photography (13) polaroid super shot instant photography (15) polaroid super shot instant photography (16) polaroid super shot instant photography (18) polaroid super shot instant photography (17)


Double Exposure: Bridges and Factories

I’ve been biking a lot down the Lachine canal here in Montreal because it’s a great ride from my house through Vieux-Montreal and then to follow the canal.  Me and Victor love going together on the weekends and seeing how far we can go and this month we went and stopped a few times so I could place cranes along the canal for my MTLcrane project. At all the stops I managed to take a few double exposures of the cityscapes around me, bridges, and of the Canada Malting Silos that I’m obsessed with.

double exposure montreal (11)double exposure montreal (12)double exposure montreal (3)double exposure montreal (4)double exposure montreal (5)double exposure montrealdouble exposure montreal (1)double exposure montreal (2)double exposure montreal (10)double exposure montreal (18)double exposure montreal (15)double exposure montreal (14)double exposure montreal (17)


52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

26/52 Mermaid

self portrait 52 weeks project mermaidLast week’s self-portrait for my 52 Weeks of Self-Portraits is a little late because we didn’t arrive back from the trip until really late on Sunday and I’ve been in a really weird head space from work for the last few days. This is my mermaid portrait I was very excited to take and I think it turned out nice and dreamy. Although I’m a little addicted to taking multiple exposures of anything and water as I love the water-painting effect the ripples create. I spent so much of this day swimming and ended up sitting in the shallow waters of the lake taking photos of my toes and the water and doing other silly things that an adult probably should do for the afternoon. Oh and my inspiration this week is actually just the M.I.A. song that was played a millions times on the drive there and back as my friend I think only had 1 CD in her car (Slum Dog Millionaire soundtrack). I’ve been listening to her a lot in the last two months, if you don’t know much about her I suggest reading her Wikipedia as she’s really fascinating even if you aren’t into her music.


“All I wanna do is (BANG BANG BANG BANG!)
And take your money”

-M.I.A. “Paper Planes”


Double Exposure: Factory

double exposure (30)This week’s double exposure post has photographs taken during a walk through Vieux-Montreal at the beginning of summer. Most of the photos are taken of the factory that is the far side of the port, however there is a few of the Jacques-Cartier bridge as well. My personal favourite is the one above which is the factory double exposed with the river, makes it look like a water color painting. For more non-double exposed photos of my walk check out the earlier post here! Let me know what you think of my optical illusions.

double exposure (16)double exposure (18)double exposure (19)double exposure (24)double exposure (29)double exposure (14)double exposure (3)double exposure (8)double exposure (28)double exposure (11)



Factory Polaroids

factory polaroid (8) factory polaroid (11)factory polaroid (13) factory polaroid (10) factory polaroid (5)factory polaroid (12)

A few shots today taken with my Polaroid Colorpack IV of the Canadian Malting Silos that I am obsessed with here in Montreal. I wish I had a chance to  explore the inside but it’s bolted up pretty tight at the moment. Enjoyed biking there and having a look around the place anyways with Victor. The double exposure of him and the silos was the most successful shot of the day I think.  If you want to see photos taken with my Nikon click here! The two below are shots of the canel that goes through the area where the factory is and goes all the way to Vieux-Montreal.

factory polaroid (6) factory polaroid (7)


Summer in Instant – Part 3

More summer instant photography taken with my Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 today.  I love this camera so much I’ve been using it non-stop since it arrived. I  cannot wait to use it more over the next few months and work on my double exposures. This is my last bit of film I took during the summer so it’s a little all over the place. fuji instax mini film (30)My first double exposure taken with the camera. Sunrise from my front window. fuji instax mini film (31) fuji instax mini film (29)From my birthday,  the sunrise (again) but this time from the Jacques-Cartier bridge. The second one is also a double exposure.

fuji instax mini film (16)fuji instax mini film (32)fuji instax mini film (28) fuji instax mini film (27)These are from the monthly food cart event held at the Olympic stadium in July. One of Victor chillin’ out, the stadium and then the food carts and the sky.

fuji instax mini film (15)L’International des Feux Loto-Québec, taken from the Jacques-Cartier bridge.

fuji instax mini film (19) fuji instax mini film (24)Watching my favourite local band We Are Wolves play using instax rainbow film.

fuji instax mini film (20) fuji instax mini film (22) fuji instax mini film (21)fuji instax mini film (17) fuji instax mini film (18)fuji instax mini film (26)The rest of the rainbow photos were taken on our first trip in July to the beach in Jean Drapeau parc. We’ve been spending every weekend we could there since, we love it that much. I just love the rainbow film – it’s random but neat.

 Remember to let me know in the comments if there is a particular camera you want to see more photos of. I have a few rolls of film from my Disderi Robot 3 camera I got developed recently that I haven’t shared so those will be probably be the next ones!


52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

23/52 Mtlcrane

mtlcraneA little late but here is this week’s self-portrait, a shot of me and my crane embodiment Luna – Luna who likes pina coladas and getting stuck in the rain. *laughing* This was taken today (which would explain why I’m post this close to midnight) while I was doing my mtlcrane project. I will be talking more about my crane project this week actually, but in short I am putting cranes up all over Montreal with little name tags with silly 80’s songs and I name each one and take photos of them before walking away. Today I hung up my favourite crane which I gave my name and I thought it was just the perfect representation of me (I’ve included my feet as well as I loved the texture of this bridge).  The placement of the crane also has a weird emotional attachment to me because this particular bridge reminded me so much of my birth place Edmonton, Alberta. I lived there until I was 6 and the one thing that left a big impression on me even after all these years was the bridges they have there. This bridge was the same color and material as the one near my childhood home so it’s very appropriate that my crane was placed there. Today’s inspiration by the way is the amazing new Aphex Twin song  – it’s too good.

paper crane (2)



Double Exposures: Lake Ontario

Last month I had a chance to check out Prince Edward Country that’s on the northern part of Lake Ontario. I grabbed a few double exposures while there that I thought I’d share. These are just kind of random moments from the trip from our ferry ride over there to the Sandbanks beach where we swam.

double exposure (1)double exposure (3)double exposure (2)double exposure (20)double exposure (5)double exposure (7)double exposure (6)double exposuredouble exposure (21)I’ll be sharing more photos from this trip tomorrow as well!


Summer in Instant: Part 2

summer in instant photography fuji mini instax filmI finally went to visit my friend Sarah a few weeks ago who has been living in Peterborough, Ontario for the last year or so.  I know Sarah from being her room-mate back in Vancouver years ago, and it was actually the first time I had seen her in 5 years which is just crazy.  I went up there with Zara as she was both mine and Sarah’s old roommate as well. We all use to live in a house together that Zara’s uncle owned back in the day.  Zara and me also decided to stop as this county called Prince Edward that’s along Lake Ontario to swim on the way down. It was so much fun and I’ll have a lot more photos of our trip in a few weeks taken with my digital camera! I love how the instant snaps I took of our road trip with my Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 turned out.

fuji instax mini film lake ontario (13)fuji instax mini film lake ontario (3)fuji instax mini film lake ontario (11)fuji instax mini film lake ontario (15)fuji instax mini film lake ontario (10)fuji instax mini film lake ontario (7)fuji instax mini film lake ontario (9)fuji instax mini film lake ontario (12)The photo above is a double exposure of the waves and the shore, I love it. Double exposures with the Instax Mini 90 are a bit tricky but I’m still trying them out and seeing what I get. It’s usually a miss but I have some really great sunrise ones that I’ll be sharing for the next ‘Summer in Instant’ that have turned out really well. I just love the shots of Zara, she’s so photogenic. The photos below were taken the day after when we took Sarah to another beach on Lake Ontario for a mini road trip during our visit. We only stayed the night and left the next so I didn’t really get many chances to take photos, especially considering it was raining most of the time but I’m sure I’ll be taking lots next time we visit!

fuji instax mini film lake ontario (4) fuji instax mini film lake ontario (6) fuji instax mini film lake ontario (14) fuji instax mini film lake ontario (5)


Double Exposure: Flowers

double exposures summer flowers (6)
double exposure flowers (5)double exposure flowers (9)double exposure flowers (7)double exposure flowers (10)double exposures summer flowers (2)
double exposures summer flowers (8)
double exposure flowers (3)double exposures summer flowers (1)
I’ve been trying to do more double exposures with flowers this summer and trying to apply some of the techniques I learned from taking my sunrise multiple exposures… and I am kind of in love with the results.  Optical or trippy illusions with photography are just really fun to look at especially when you view these in full size – there are just so many details of the overlap and little things you may not have noticed the first time. I would love to have prints made of some of these or use them with my projector to take even more trippy shots. I’m really encouraged lately to explore the full extent of multiple exposures with my DSLR. Let me know what you think in the comments and if you prefer the ones I left with the background or the ones I photoshopped out the overlapping clouds!

If you want to see what the flowers I used look like without double exposure, I’ve included a few below: Continue reading %s


52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

20/52 Lady of the Lake

52 weeks of self portraits52 weeks of self-portraits (1)For this week’s self-portrait I’m sharing a multiple exposure photo I took of myself at the Sandbanks Provincial Park in front of Lake Ontario. We arrived after about a 3 hour drive and ferry ride from Montreal. Escaping the rain of Quebec but greeted with clouds and the wind which caused the waves of the lake to swell to higher heights than normal. Me and my friend Zara eagerly hit the beach and decided to conquer the waves. It was this amazing experience crashing and jumping the waves as the wind swirled around us. Much warmer than I’m use to with river or ocean swimming which was such a nice change, especially since the sun was nowhere to be seen for our whole time at Sandbanks. We were so happily exhausted by the end we could do nothing more than get back in the car and head on our way to our true destination Peterborough to visit our friend Sarah…but not after I managed to take a few photos of myself, the beach and Zara jumping the waves. It was one of those road trip experiences I long for in the summer, it was amazing. The whole trip despite the bad weather was really great and I’ll be sharing tons of photos from our trip over the next few weeks. Today’s song is one Zara played me while on the car ride home.


“Nouse tuuli tuulemahan Stig nu vldig vind att brusa
vihkurit vetelemn stormilarna stort att susa
Tuule tuuli kuusi vuotta Rasa vinden genom ren
seuro seitsemn kes tjut igenom mnga somrar”

Hedningarna “Tuuli”


Double Exposures: Summer of Sunrises

multiple exposure sunrise (5)I’m a little obsessed with sunrises…I’m sure you’ve guessed that by now. It’s not the healthiest obsession but what obsessions are? I have managed to cultivate a massive collection of not only sunrise photography but also really interesting multiple / double exposures from my early mornings so I thought today I’d show you some. I’ve taken so many in the last 3 months…if you want to know my tips and tricks for striking non-photoshopped double exposures let me know in the comments. Happy to share any camera knowledge I have with you!

multiple exposure sunrise (6)multiple exposure dawn (2)multiple exposure sunrise (9)multiple exposure sunrisemultiple exposure sunrise (1)multiple exposure sunrise (2) double exposure sunrise (5)multiple exposure sunrise (7)multiple exposure sunrise (11)double exposure sunrise (1)double exposure sunrise (1)multiple exposure sunrise (8)multiple exposure sunrise (10) Continue reading %s


52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

17/52 Needle in the Hay

self portrait triple exposureToday’s self-portrait is just a classic style of black and white portrait photography using triple exposure to get the effect of the leaves around my face. I was working on a more ‘spookier’ idea with me holding my two floating heads but I’m not a master at having similar facial expressions in 3 constitutive shots so it was a bit hard to get a shot I liked (example: one would be still, another angry and another more frightening…my expressions kept throwing the shot off). I did love how serene I looked in this one so I cropped out the rest of the shot. I’ve always wondered what my photography would look like if I photoshopped it and did effects like most modern photographers but I’m just happy taking simple shots to be bothered with it. Hope you like and next week is super busy so it’s good idea I already kind of know what I want for next week.


“There’s a name you keep repeating
You got nothing better to do
And you’re with someone who’ll hear you say it and just nod
Her hand on your arm

Her hand on your arm
She put her hand on your arm
And told you her name you can’t pronounce it
I’ll show you around this alphabet town”

Elliott Smith “Alphabet Town”


Double Exposure: Prince Edward Island

pei double exposure (2)pei double exposure (1)pei double exposure (4)pei double exposure (3)pei double exposure (8)pei double exposure (15)pei double exposure (16)pei double exposure (9)pei double exposure (13)pei double exposure (12)It’s been almost a year since I went on a trip to Prince Edward Island and somehow I never shared these cool multiple/ double exposures with you. I wish I was going back again this year, it was so nice! Me and Victor went by car with my friend Zara to go camping for a few days last August. Both me and Victor fell in love and have decided at some point when we are financially able we’d love to go there every summer and just spend a few months enjoy the air and ocean. It was so beautiful. Most of these double exposures are taken at one of many graveyards we passed along the road and at the north tip of PEI (the lighthouse and ocean shots). Hope to go back soon!

pei double exposure (6)


52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

16/52 Collector

52 weeks

Had a tough time getting time to take any self-portraits this week but I love how this turned out. My art wall in my living room / office with original artwork and prints from artist all over the world it one of the greatest parts of my apartment. It means so much to me to be able to have art in my life. Speaking of such, I have an amazing concept I’m going to be spending a lot of time trying to perfect this week. I took a few photos of it this afternoon but in the end thought I could spend a lot more effor and time doing it instead of just half-assing it just to have a photo today. 52 weeks is tough, I’m only up to 16…


“I can’t see you anymore
It’s like I walked the bridge so far
I can’t see you anymore
Even if I wanted to
Even if I wanted to
Even if you wanted me to”

Benoit and Sergio “Bridge So Far”

I had to include this outtake because some how I managed to make me eye blend in perfectly with the drawing…52 weeks project


52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

15/52 Recharging

52 weeks of self-portraits (2)This week’s self-portrait for my 52 Weeks project is very different from what I had intended. Being on vacation for a solid week I thought for sure I’d be able to find time to spend to do a proper photo-shoot and had envisioned one of my more unusual ideas coming into play…..I may not seem like it but I’m really a go with the flow type of person and if there was one thing my body has been telling me all week, it was that I needed to recharge. With the stress of turning 29 and trying to figure out what I want to do with my life and working hard on my passions…I just really needed a break. This photo makes me smile because it was taken on my birthday at 4am sitting on the bridge by my house, and not only am I experiencing one of my longest fears (bridges and heights) but I was watching the sunrise listening to amazing music and doing my favourite thing in the world – taking photographs. The one thing that could have made my birthday anymore special was a day at the beach because I love water (mostly I love the ocean but we don’t have that here in Montreal). Sadly it wasn’t in the cards but yesterday I did go and it was amazing and so refreshing. Some things just make you feel whole again!


“Through the warmthest
Cord of care
Your love was sent to me

I’m not sure
What to do with it
Or where to put it

I’m so close to tears
And so close to
Simply calling you up
I’m simply suggesting

We go to the hidden place
That we go to the hidden place
We go to the hidden place
We go to a hidden place”

Bjork “Hidden Place”
*I listened to her album Vespertine the whole time I was taking this photos. Such a beautiful song, check it out here!

mermaidHere is a photo of me sitting in the water at the beach pretending to be a mermaid just in case you wanted to see my new hair color (it’s the same but with more of the darker pink and turquoise)


Double Exposure: Clouds

double exposures (2)It’s probably one of the worst starts to a summer we’ve had in Montreal in the last few years but at least all this rain means amazing clouds.  I’ve been taking so many photos of clouds recently to take advantage of this. I find double exposures using clouds are pretty tricky. I’m not completely in love with the few shots I’ve taken over the last two weeks but thought I’d share them. The one above and below are the more successful ones. Also sorry if the exposure is all over the place, most of the photos were taken on different day.

double exposures (1) Continue reading %s


52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

13/52: Blending In

52 weeks of self-portraitsI just had to make this the self-portrait for this week. I had too much fun last Sunday at the Malting Silos to not include the double exposure of myself that I took there against the buildings large graffiti filled silos. I must be missing taking photos with film because I keep converting photos I’ve taken with my digital and trying to process them to look like black and white film. I just love how this shot turned out and is really excited by how much I blend into graffiti on the building. Tomorrow marks the last day of work before I am on an almost two week vacation from my job so I am hoping to really try and capture some amazing shoots then. Perhaps explore some self-portraits without using double exposure? Hahaha, it’s been my go to lately but I’ve really been enjoying taking them and trying to capture unique situations but I have a few things I need more time to dedicate to them so they will be perfect to take now that I’m on my vacation.


“Sails catch any wind that they can
Through any ocean to any land
There’s no worries
Power carries no concern
Silhouetted by the fields as they burn
There’s no worries

You’re falling straight into our hands
No compromise,and no demands
You’re falling straight into our hands
Into our hands,into our hands

Still water hides an undertow
You can’t fight what you can’t control
There’s no worries “

Sparta “Red.Right.Return”


52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

12/52 Painting

52 weeks of self-portraitsI love when an idea just comes to me and I’m like, okay I have to see if it works. The rough idea for this self-portrait is a double-exposure of myself in a painting. Really this is just a test shot to see how it would look and whether it would be a worthwhile project. Pretty pleased with it and think it can be improve so much since obviously it’s just 4 lines of colors on a white paper. I wish I was a better painter or even good at drawing, think how amazing to have a double exposure of the reality and then the artwork sync’d on top of it. Or even just to create a mosaic of various patterns and visuals exposed on top of a portrait. Interesting idea, think I will try doing more of this in the future. Try it out yourself!


“at the bottom of the ocean
this scenery can fail calm
up till now been riding fine, yeah
but the curving walls leave me behind, yeah”

Sparta “Air”

If you want to see what it looks like when I don’t do double exposures, here is just plain old me.



Double Exposure: Assemble the Empire

dada double exposures (6)dada double exposures (10)dada double exposures (9)dada double exposures (2)dada double exposures (7)dada double exposures (5)dada double exposures (11)dada double exposures (4)A collection of portraits of my best friend Ana taken while I was in town (Vancouver) last summer for a week. We managed to take these on my very last day there at the school yard where we spent way too much of our early 20’s in. I know you’re thinking “why did you hang around an elementary school in your 20s?” ….well for 5 years it was the only thing in between my apartment and her’s and we really liked midnight walks. It’s pretty hard to imagine that I went from living less than a block away from her to seeing her twice in 5 years. Have to admit I miss her face so much, but going through and editing these photos really made me happy. The perfect birthday gift for me would be to spend it with her, but another year passes and that’s just not in the cards. Hope you enjoyed these, and if you want to see some non-double exposure shoots I took of her I posted some awhile back, here!

dada double exposures (12)


52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

11/52 Alternative Personality

dada double exposure self-portraitToday’s self-portrait features one of my mixed media masks. The mask was made with a self-portrait photograph, it’s hard to tell it me since it looks more monster than myself but that’s what I love about it. The whole image is really inspired by a portrait of my best friend that I was working on last night. The portrait was in color but I had converted it to black and white and I kept thinking how I don’t shoot very much in black and white and thought I’d try it out for this week’s 52 Week photo. I’m happy with the results but wish I had more chances this week to take photos. Montreal needs to stop raining, it’s no fun.


“I got supplies, you got demands
I got the sense that you can’t understand
I got supplies, you got the demand
I got the feeling you don’t give a damn

You can have it all
Anything you want
You can have it all
Everything I’ve got”

Fischerspooner “Supply & Demand”


Spring Polaroids

spring polaroids (6)Had the chance to take some instant film this weekend with my Polaroid Super Shot. Me and Victor went to play tennis at a court about 25minutes from our house by bike and we discovered this really cool wall structure a few blocks away. Victor found a plaque talking about how it was the site of an old factory so instead of destroying it completely they left the walls up and built a structure out of metal to stabilize both sides. The building in its original form must have been huge. I love that Montreal does try to preserve its history, even if it’s just the walls.

spring polaroids (5)spring polaroids (7)spring polaroids (3)spring polaroids (10)spring polaroids (1)Tried to capture the moon in the sky but had the light meter on way too dark,  the tiny white dot to the top center is indeed the moon however. Don’t know how the green ripples were created, aliens I guess.

spring polaroids (8)Taking double exposures is always a risk, I’m still in the playing around period of seeing the difference between what works with a Polaroid camera in comparison to what I’m use to on my DSLR (surprising similar it seems). I am also still working on measuring distant by eye as well since I don’t have my measuring counter on the Super Shot like the Polaroid Colorpack has. The above shot is an example of a successful double exposure in my books while below is just a blurry mess.

spring polaroid (11)spring polaroidVictor is still cute even when blurry. I am really glad my new bike basket fits my Polaroid perfectly. Didn’t take many Spring polaroids but have all summer for adventures on the bike with it.


Double Exposure: Tex

double exposure tex (2) The illustrious and noble Tex-Mix, I hope he reads that and smiles. My friend Tex who I’ve talked about on the blog before is one of my most amusing friends to be around. He just that guy who is always up for fun and it’s infectious when you are with him. The photos were taken a few years ago when we were going for a walk with each other just joking around in the summer heat. He is probably the only person I’ve met that can tolerate having double exposures taken of him. It’s twice the amount of photos taken and most people get nervous or bored of posing pretty quickly. I love taking double exposures on a tripod since you can get so much clarity and double figures. I usually take them by hand so it’s a nice change for me. Hope Tex’s energy is infectious even in film form because these make me grin from ear to ear!

double exposure tex (10)double exposure tex (8)double exposure tex (3)double exposure tex (4)double exposure tex (5)

I wish I had a shot like this of everyone I know with me. It’d sure make a nice collection. double exposure tex (6)


Projector Photography: Shadowplay

Me and Victor had some fun a few weekend’s ago with my projector and I had my first chance to do projector photography that I’ve been excited to try. I setup my projector in the main room of the apartment with a photograph of cherry blossoms that I took projecting onto the wall (can’t wait until I have a project screen setup in there). Then I setup my camera on a tripod (I only used the tripod for photos of me, the ones of Victor are taken by hand). We wore blank white masks that I use for to make my portrait masks so the projected image would really translate well. These are a few results, excited to think of new ideas and try this again in the future. Let me know what you think in the comments!

I suggest listening to Joy Division’s song “Shadowplay” while looking through these…

self portraits (9)projector photography (1)projector photography (7)projector photography (3)projector photography (2)projector photography (5)self portraits (2)projector photography (9)projector photography (4) projector photography (8)The last one is really creepy, I love it.


Double Exposure: All That Glitters

All that Glitters is a series of double exposure dself-portraits I shoot last month for my 52 Weeks of Self-Portraits. It’s probably some of my favourite self-portraits I’ve done in the last 5 years. When I was first getting into photography back in 2005 when I was in college I use to stay up every night until 5am creating really weird self-portraits of myself. Most of them are horrible to look back on but I still have so much love for them in my heart not only because I was learning to express myself but also because it really helped me in general to heal and get over my angst I had at that age (like all teenagers and early 20 year olds have). Self-portraits have always been about healing for me and just creating mini-characters marvels me and make me feel like I’m expressing myself. I’ve been really happy for such a long time it’s been hard for me to really get creative. All that Glitters is probably the first time I felt like I’ve fueled that energy and creativity and actually gotten results that I find satisfying since I moved to Montreal. Hope to do more like this set in the future.

double exposure photography (5)double exposure photography (6)double exposure photography (8)double exposure photography (2)double exposure photography (11)two flawed photographs I still enjoy where the eyebrow gems were falling off

double exposure photography (14) double exposure photography (4)


52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

07/52 Flowers of Romance

citizen erased photography double exposure This week’s self-portrait was suppose to be a double exposure using one of my Polaroid cameras but out of all the test shots and my camera eatting one exposure it just didn’t happen that way. On our way from a piknic yesterday I spotted a flower tree (which is uber rare in Montreal) and just had to take some shots. Managed to grab a few before Victor made me hurry along since it was getting cold and he wanted to get to the resturant. I’ve lightened up the whole photo a bit so you can’t see the background as much, but like usual no photoshop pride!


“ Now in the summer
I could be happy or in distress
Depending on the company
On the veranda
Talk of the future or reminisce
Behind the dialogue
We’re in a mess
Whatever I intended
I sent you flowers
You wanted chocolates instead
The flowers of romance”

Public Image LTD “Flowers of Romance”


Double Exposure: Montreal Sunrise

montreal sunrise (17)A few weeks ago after The Game of Thrones season premier I ‘accidently’ didn’t go to bed all night because I started to marathon the older season and I was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise over the Jacques Cartier Bridge. It was the first glimpse of light that actually made me realize it was 6am and I had in fact been so deeply engrossed in series that I had forgotten to go to bed. It was amazing though watching the sun rise over the bridge from my front window. I am always super thankful that I have such a nice view, sure most of my view is the ugly old buildings across the street but the top half is church and bridge peaks and it really nice. I’ve really been exploring double exposures since starting this weekly post at the beginning of the year and I am absolutely loving it. It feels like such an accomplishment to create a perfect double exposure using a camera instead of Photoshop. I prefer using camera tricks instead. It mimics very much those classic landscape photos where the scenery if reflecting on the body of water back to it – which I love so much.

montreal sunrise (14) montreal sunrise (15)montreal sunrise (11)montreal sunrise (10)montreal sunrise (16)montreal sunrise (18)montreal sunrise (4) montreal sunrise (12)montreal sunrise (13)



52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

04/52 Sunrise Watcher

52 weeks of self-portraitsI didn’t think I’d run into a speed bump so early in my 52 Weeks of Self-Portrait project. It’s pretty hard to concentrate of taking a self-portrait when I’ve been sick all week. I spent 2 days straight just lying in bed missing work and now that I’m on my feet I feel even worse than before and haven’t gotten much better. Not to mention it’s been raining outside so this photo is kind of a happy accident. On Thursday when I couldn’t sleep I ended up watching the sunrise before finally collapsing into bed. I wanted to take a double exposure of myself and the sunrise. Not the most interesting self-portrait, I know. Bear with me?


“Six arms and one leg but not alone, standing in the light but yet unseen, wings like a fish, tail like a bird.
Strange words in the dark, and elephants on the wall
On the other side of the field I heard a rumour
Feels like two, feels like three, feels like something in the tree”

Minilogue ‘Six Arms and One Leg’


Double Exposure: Mont-Royal

Today I felt like sharing some of my less recent double exposure from back in November when me and Victor went on a walk to Mont-Royal. One of our goals this spring and summer is to go for walks every weekend and I was remind of one of my favourite places to walk to. I will have to go back when the weather is a bit warmer to attend Tam-Tams and perhaps to go to the massive graveyard that’s on the opposite side of the hill. They even had a gaint pond you can rent paddle boats at but it’s pretty small. I don’t think we even went to Tams-Tams once last year which was a shame because laying on a blanket with the sun on your face is really unbeatable way to spend Sunday afternoons.

I also have these as postcards: here!

double exposure mont royal (6) double exposure mont royal (11) double exposure mont royal (8) double exposure mont royal (18) double exposure mont royal (23) double exposure mont royal (36) double exposure mont royal (29) double exposure mont royal (33) double exposure mont royal (26) double exposure mont royal (34) double exposure mont royal (24) double exposure mont royal (27)


52 Weeks of Self-Portraits: All That Glitters

02/52 All That Glitters

citizen erased photographyToday’s self-portrait I was tried to capture a silhouette of myself. I will have to share more of these because it was so hard deciding on just one and the series turned out beyond what I was aiming for. Which is an exhilarating feeling. I much prefer this self-portrait in it’s vertical position but thought I’d share both with you so below is how I intend the image to be…

Inspiration song:

“What lies beyond the fringe of the woods?
Dust to dust, so we leave for good
When all has gone to blazes I start to run
Until I find places where nobody’s gone

No more weight on your conscience
With ease, I go back to the start”
Iamamiwhoami “Fountain”

citizen erased photography


Polaroids: Graffiti & the Abandoned Building

polaroid graffiti (3) polaroid graffiti (2) polaroid graffiti (1) polaroid graffiti (6) polaroid graffiti (7) polaroid graffiti (9) polaroid graffiti polaroid graffiti (10)

On Saturday I tagged along with Starchild Stela (check out her blog) as she worked on a Jem and the Holograms piece. I brought with me my Polaroid Super Shooter Plus to capture some instant shots since I haven’t had a proper chance to test it out since picking it up last month . I’ve been so bored of the snow and there wasn’t much happening in March to get excited about and document. I am beyond in love with my new camera though. It’s pretty much identical to my Colorpack IV except it doesn’t have the distance dial (which I do actually miss quite a bit as my sense of distant is abysmal) and it comes with rollers. I love the rollers instead of however you explained the Colorpack’s way of spitting out film. So much smoother – no jams at all in the 2 packs of film I shot on Saturday. The rollers are so much more satisfying when pulling on the film as well.I dare say it’ll be my go to instant camera from now on. I’ll hold off on the full review until I’ve had a chance to use it a whole bunch though. Excited for when shooting will not be so tricky, since it is still cold here I had to walk around with the cold clip under my armpit every time I took a shot to keep it warm. I also had a plastic bag on the ground with all the film scattered on it trying to dry – looked quiet the sight to say the least. I brought with me my Nikon as well so there will be more shots over the next few weeks in various posts of Saturday but I just had to share the Polaroids right away.


Double Exposure: Polaroids

double exposure (5) double exposure (2)double exposure (3)double exposure (1)A few double exposure using instant film taken with my Polaroid Colorpack back in February. Ever since I discovered my Polaroid was able to do multiple exposures without any modification I’ve been playing with it ever since. Most of these were taken while randomly walking around Montreal (above) and Toronto (below) to test it out. I’m still trying to see what combinations work really well and right now am waiting for the winter to be over because I am so bored of the snow. My head is filled with so many ideas; instant film is so gratifying like that. I need more practice though since most of these are misses (fun misses but misses none the less). Taking double exposures with instant film is different than what I am use to with a digital camera so I don’t except to really taking anything amazing for the start but I think it’ll be really neat to figure out (too bad the film is very expensive or I’d be practicing every day).  If you know anyone who takes double exposures with Polaroid, let me know as I’m fascinated by them!


double exposure (6)double exposure (8)double exposure (7)


Double Exposure: Winter Wonderland

double exposures (23)double exposures (17)I’ve being doing a lot of double exposures this winter as they are really fun during this season since there is so much white space to play around with. It’s hard in some cases like landscape shots but I find doing upside down second exposure is a great work around if you have the sky (ie too much light) in your first shot. If you have never taken an upside down double exposure (no idea if there is some fancy name for this method) it’s exactly what you think it is. You basically take one shot regularly and then flip the camera so it’s upside down for your second exposure. It helps minimize the white space as the ground is now the sky and I find that middle ground area ends up getting really neat geometric patterns in it (great for sunsets). Examples of this are all over these shots, see if you can tell which ones are taken with this method ( I’ll give you a tip –  the first one is ).  There are a few too many photos today that are kinda the same but I really like all the variations.

double exposure (2)double exposures (16)double exposures (20) double exposures (18)double exposures (19) double exposures (4)double exposures (12)double exposures (10)double exposures (6)double exposures (22)double exposures (5)double exposure (4)double exposures (3)I feel like these photos were taken ages ago, although to be fair it was only a month ago. I went a little crazy and ended up with over 200 photos from my trip to Parc Jean-Drapeau for the Fete Des Neiges festival (still haven’t posted photos from the event either).  I am so bad about posting photos around the same time I take them because of this – my procrastination for photo sorting is my weakness.


Holga Lens in the Snow

holga lens (28)holga lens (42) holga lens (25)holga lens (26) holga lens (23)holga lens (43)

During one of my walks to Parc LaFontinae (that I keep forgetting is so close to my house) I took along my holga adapter for my Nikon camera and happily snapped away at the people skating. I even did a few double exposures much like you would with a proper Holga camera. My adapter  though is such a frustration to me. These shots do have a nice lomo feel to them despite being taken on a high end DSLR but I’m sure I’m entirely soild if that’s a good thing.

holga lens (32) holga lens (37) holga lens (35) holga lens (14)the last two shots I love so much:

holga lens (30) holga lens (16)


Double Exposure: Travelling by Train & Skylines

double exposurelake ontario These double exposures were taken during my train journey from Montreal to Toronto that happened in the beginning of February. Although the train glass was beyond dirty I just had to try and capture the snowy landscapes that we kept passing as well as the view of Lake Ontario.

double exposure (17) double exposure (16)double exposure (30)The below shots are the view from our hotel room during the first day of our trip. Taking photos of the CN Tower feels super cheesy but I love taking city landscapes shots for double exposure shots and it’s kind of hard to miss the tower when in Toronto. Tomorrow I have a bunch of regular photos taken with my Nikon during my trip so make sure to check them out too. It was a really fun trip and although I never take as many photos as I think I will when there it’s still a lot by normal people’s standards I think, lol.

toronto toronto


Watching the World Pass

self portrait (11)Watching the world pass makes me feel so at peace. I feel that being such a nomad as a kid as made me forever uneasy when I’m in one place for too long. Travelling and watch the landscape just slip by just eases my mind and makes my soul feel fulfilled. I wish I could travel all the time like my brother, it’s one of the things I should do more of. The decision to never learn how to drive was a mistake on my end, although I feel like if I had a car I would just drive around for hours at night when I couldn’t sleep so maybe it’s  a good thing I don’t have that ability. I really enjoyed the 5 hour train ride from Montreal to Toronto two weeks ago, I could be on a train forever.  I was able to take so many photos out of the dirty window for the last few hours of our trip. I think the people behind me thought I was wired as I was snapping away with my Polaroid and Nikon camera. The self portrait double exposures really capture me trying to be a part of the landscape I being whisked through.

DSC_5082self portrait (8)self portrait (5)This one is really wierd but I love it…


Double Exposure: Disappears into the silent forest

citizen erased photographyI did a special post on Sunday instead of a self portrait so for this week’s double exposures  I thought I’d share some of my newest portraits of myself. It’s been a really long time since I’ve taken double exposures of myself at the subject, it’s actually a really nice change of pace. I’ve been dreaming about forests for the last couple of month for some reason. I want to wake up in the middle of one laying in the snow looking up at the canopy of tress above me. Escape into the void sort of deal. I always get claustrophobic with living in a city if I haven’t traveled in a while.

double exposure (1) 365 (319) (1024x678)double exposure (3) double exposure (2)

I am always inspired by music, the song Server by iamamiwhoami for me embodies the emotions I was trying to capture with these photos.


Winter Polaroids

polaroid instant film (1) polaroid instant film (2) polaroid instant film (3) polaroid instant film (4) polaroid instant film (5)In January I started exploring doing double exposures with my Polaroid Colorpack and took a few shots from the area around my work in downtown. I love the juxtaposition of the trees with the statues and buildings of the downtown core and the subtle hints of color in the otherwise white color scheme. I’m excited about the exploration of double exposures within instant photography and cannot wait for more opportunism to try it out with different subject matter. It’s thrilling being able to try new things. It makes it just that much harder the idea that Fujifilm will probably soon stop making pack film completely. With the black and white FP-3000B discontinued I don’t have much hope in Fujifilm continuing making the colored version much longer. Film photography is really important to me and it’d be shame to have Polaroid cameras become just relics.  Below is my first double exposure I took with the Colorpack, it is just my balcony but I hope it’s the start of something.

instant polaroid


Double Exposure: Summer Living is Easy

double exposures (1)double exposures (3)The end of January is always the time I start getting anxious to see the sun and feel warm without having to wear my woolly socks and a sweater inside my house. It’s the West Coaster in me, Vancouver spoiled me when it came to season because winter is pretty much December and that’s it. January feels like the start of winter in Montreal, and after 4 years I still cannot get used to it. I thought sharing some photos taken in warmer times would cheer me up a little, and what better than show you warmer times in Vancouver! My trip to Vancouver this summer was so short but I still managed to barely share any of my photos on here( partially because I got really homesick and didn’t want to look at photos of Vancouver in case It just made me pack a bag and fly back there).  We had a picnic at Trout Lake a few days before I had to leave with a handful of friends and my big brother. During the picnic I made people poise for me so I could take double exposure shoots of them, mostly in different poises but the first two below were taken of the lake as the second exposure.

picnic double exposures (8) double exposures (7) double exposures (6) double exposures (12) double exposures (4)the photos below of me were taken by Ana or my brother :) 

double exposures (10)double exposures (2)double exposures (13)


Double Exposures: Heresy

double exposure toronto (9)

Starting the party right is the only way, so for the first official week of double exposures I had to start with photos from the Heresy event I was at last year in Toronto. Yes, last year – I am that slow with photography sometimes and sometimes especially when I am on a trip I just take too many photos to sort through. My friend Derek and I have a tradition that I visit him around his birthday ever year, and this was last year’s trip when he had recently started Heresy with a buddy (it should be noted he has moved on to Be Well Records now). This is taken at Detour bar where Derek and several other people apart of his crew like Casinodiamonds where djing. I always have an amazing time in Toronto even though his birthday usually takes place when there are blizzards warning and this was no exception. Plus the spirit behind these double exposures is really what I think they are all about – having fun and just going with flow. I have such a collection of double exposures that I am dying to share so very excited!

double exposure toronto (12) double exposure toronto (13) double exposure toronto (14) double exposure toronto (15) double exposure toronto (20) double exposure toronto (17) double exposure toronto (19) double exposure toronto (29) double exposure toronto (2) double exposure toronto (3) double exposure toronto (6) double exposure toronto (7)double exposure toronto (29) Continue reading %s


Double Exposure Haze

self portrait (8)The last self portrait of the year! I am working on a retrospect post coming in the start of January for the last year in hair colors. It’s going to be really trippy seeing all of my various hair colors and styles right after each other. For this week I thought I’d just share this silly photo of myself double exposed with a bokeh style shot of Christmas lights. I love the aesthetic it creates. I am all festive and ready for Christmas coming up. The only thing I am missing is an ugly Christmas jumper to wear. I am so sad but maybe I’ll find one last minute at the mall to wear. Or perhaps I’ll just get one after to wear as there is still going to be a least 3 months more of snow. It’s like a magic snow globe right now in Montreal. I want to get outside and roll around (sick right now – boo) and take photos of myself. Excited for snow fun!

self portrait (3)


2 Fun Photography Techniques for Christmas Lights

In keeping with this week’s festive theme I want to show you guys for Lomography Wednesday two cute photography tricks to try with lights which you may have around the house at this time of year! The first is bokeh which is “the aesthetic quality of the blurring out-of-focus areas of an image” and the second is using a longer exposure to create movement with light.

bokeh (16)If you want to learn the basics of bokeh this blog has a few beginner tips! But basically you want to create a shallow depth of field by focusing on an object/person that is close up with your cameras or if you camera has manual mode you can just change the focus to be shallow regardless of if there is any object there or not. This will cause the foreground to blur and in case of lights distort them to be balls of colors instead. Play around and have fun with it!

bokeh (3)bokeh (14)bokeh (10)For the second trick you will need to have a camera that allows of manual shutter speed or offers the ability to set camera to a shutter speed that allows for a long exposure time. For most of my shots I had the shutter speed at around 1.6 seconds.  Now what you do when taking the photo either with the image in focus or in bokeh settings, is move the camera to cause light trails. It’s really fun to experiment with and you end up with really neat shots especially when you combine the longer shutter speed with bokeh. If your camera has a lens that allows for manual zoom of the lens you can also move that while moving the camera or even just keeping the camera still.

christmas treechristmas tree
Left: regular bokeh on my tree Right: zooming out with my lens on a long exposure time.

bokeh (28)christmas tree
Left: Bokeh-blur while zooming out Right: Same but waiting a moment before zooming out

bokeh (42)Some of the examples of what you can try to do

bokeh (47) bokeh (50)bokeh (53)bokeh (58)bokeh (56)

If you tried this over the holidays send me pictures as I’d love to see your interpretation. I had to much fun taking these shots and will be making more tonight as I cannot resist.
(oh and if you want to know my secret, a few of these are also double exposures)


Halloween Special: Double Exposure

Halloween (31)haloween special
In celebration of Halloween, I thought I’d share some of my double exposure experiments from a few years back taken of my friends before leaving for a Halloween party at a club. We have Michael the Mine, Gilberto as Dracula, Ernesto the Devil, Guillermo the Vampire, Paulina the Pirate, Eugene the Nudist on Strike, and finally me as a giraffe.

Halloween (68)Halloween (24)Halloween (66)Halloween (65)Halloween (52)Halloween (77)A self-portrait of myself peering through my eyelids.

Halloween (181)


Last Year’s Halloween

self portrait halloweenUntitled-6So last year I was a Día de Muertos bride for Halloween so I thought for Self-Portrait Sunday I’d show you guys my costume in preparation for this year ! (I’ve shown it off a few times before as well) I had doing my make-up although it took a very long time and really enjoyed the bone details. I wore it once to a club without the wig and then on Halloween to work/hand out candy. It was great fun and I made the flower headband and bouquet which I was really proud off because I am not that arts and crafts. I actually kept the headband because I love it so much but haven’t found a use for it yet.

self portrait halloween (3)self portrait halloween (2) self portrait halloween (4)self portrait halloween

I feel like spilling the beans on my costume for this year as it’ll be the 3rd by next Sunday so you won’t even see it on Halloween. I am going to be a Lolita girl like the Japanese fashion trend. I have a knock off Lolita dress that I’ve actually had in my closet since February so that was just too perfect. I am going to be wearing a pale purple curly wig with lots of cute hair clips and lots of Lolita style jewelry and a bag that will just make the whole outfit go together. I am really excited to wear it! I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures to show you guys, for right now I don’t have much plans for where I am going to be wearing it but probably a club and work again like last year. What are your plans for Halloween and what is your costume?


Butter the Giant

double exposuredouble exposureButter the giant cat. I do not take many double exposures of her but these ones always make me smile. The giant cat roaming the neighborhood at dusk… puts a big smile on my face. Sadly her behaviour has in the last 2 days went downhill again. It makes feel a little lost when things aren’t right with her. This week has made me feel a little lost even before the incident last night. Ever feel really down and just think months and months ahead and really stressing yourself out when all you need to think about is the next day, eat a good meal, go to bed on time? I’ve been like operating on no sleeping and bad eatting habits for a week and then worrying about things that don’t have any effect on today or tomorrow or even next week for that matter. I have work on the weekend but I am hoping to go for a nice walk on Saturday to the park and just take photos by myself and enjoy the cool breeze and the last moments of warmth before winter takes over Montreal. Take some time to myself and get outta the house, I’ve been working slowly on postcards for December of my photography and made some progress last night that was very encouraging. I feel like this mood shall pass but hopefully sooner than later. Hope you are well though.


If you wanna trade me…

ising pucky 8“Some people want me to be heads or tails, I say no way try again another day”

I thought we needed more Ising Pucky I photos for Vintage Tuesday. These were shot in Vancouver this summer at the school yard between where I use to live and my best friends house. We’ve spent many a sober and drunk evenings and dawn in this school yard collection ourselves and sorting through parts of our 20’s. It feels surreal anytime I am there in the daylight.  This is part of a long running project I have using mask of people’s faces to convey the need to unmask ourselves to each other.

The lyrics btw that were used in this post are from this amazing song, I am addicted too.

ising pucky 7ising pucky 9ising pucky 5isingpucky 6ising pucky 3ising pucky 1“I should be happy not tipping the scale. I just wont play letting my life get away. I am not a follower. I don’t take things as they come if they bring me down.”


Lost Holga Prints

I found a whole bunch of film while organize my 120 film last month and discovered Holga photos that I have never printed off or scanned onto my computer. Most of them were very strange and I believe they come from a roll of film I had sitting around for 2 years before I had it developed. It was an interesting find and I wanted to show you guys some of the photos. I really need to spend more time working on my Holga skills as with practice it’s easier to get really amazing shots. The shots are from 2009 of two of my old roommates in Vancouver taken in the backyard of the house we shared. Most of the shots were experiments I was doing with multiple exposures and didn’t turn out very well but I don’t take my toy photography too seriously (bad for my health). If you don’t like experimental photos head over to here to check out my cleaner shots taken with Holga (here and here).

holga (75)holga (19)holga (32)holga (27)holga (20)



Instant Crush: Ising Pucky 1

isingpucky026, ising puckyisingpucky020, ising puckyisingpucky029
A sneak peak at some of the Ising Pucky 1 photos I from Vancouver. I’ve never used the Ising before on portrait shots and it appears the focus is just not ideal for portraits at all (lesson learned).  There is two fixed focus distances for the camera and I used the lowest which I thought would be far enough for most portrait shots. I think I will try one more time with more range on the subject but I am happy just using this amazing camera for landscape if I have to. I think the next test to do with this camera is colored film. Despite the lack of focus on the subject’s faces I still cannot help but love these shots.
Thanks so much to my models: Lisa Michelle, Ana Droid and Jessica!

isingpucky035, ising puckyisingpucky055, ising puckyisingpucky057, ising pucky

*if you wanna see more photos taken with the Ising Pucky (here or here)


Kitty Mask

Self Portrait (88)  Self Portrait (95)Self Portrait (99)
There is such perfect symmetry you can find with double exposures – I love trying to find it because it really pays off when you get that perfect mixture of light, contrast and texture. I adore my sparkly kitty mask, I don’t even remember where I picked it up from anymore but I remember seeing it and knowing I had to have it. This makes me miss my bangs, I’ve been considering getting them again….hair decisions are always the hardest. I always find myself looking back at what I had last year and debating (this photo is from last September or October).  I thought I’d end on a non-double exposure so you can see the mask in more detail.

Self Portrait (93)


One hand allows the other

double exposure (3)

“I thrive best hermit style
With a beard and a pipe
And a parrot on each side
But now I can’t do this without you

I never thought I would compromise
I never thought I would compromise
I never thought I would compromise

Let’s unite tonight
We shouldn’t fight
Embrace you tight
Let’s unite tonight

One hand allows the other
So much and me” – Bjork ‘Unison’

double exposure (1) double exposure (4)

Model: Lisa-Michelle. Shot in New Westminister, British Columbia 2013. Uneditted double exposure shots.


Self-Portrait Sunday

citizen erased
“The thing that leaves you in the darkness is her.
The thing that maybe once seemed harmful is her.
The lamp, the car, the door.
The lamp, the slip, the floor.

You wouldn’t eat unless I told you so.
I never knew that you would burn it so slow.
The mouth, the breath, the smoke.
The mouth, the breath, the choke.

Who would have thought,
I’m maybe caught.
Who would have thought,
I’m maybe caught.
Lover, don’t do anything!
The choke.
Lover, don’t do anything!
The choke.

The thing that leaves you in the darkness is her.
The thing that maybe once seemed harmful is her.
The lamp, the car, the door.
The lamp, the slip, the floor.

Is this attention just a burden to bear?
A sick reminder that I didn’t care?
The mouth, the breath, the smoke.
The mouth, the breath, the choke.”

Austra ‘The Choke’

citizen erased photography


Lomography Wednesday

lomography holga adapter nikon (35), quebec cityQuebec City: Part 1

Last summer when me and Victor went by train to Quebec City for 2 days I brought along my Holga adapter for my Nikon camera. I had completely forgotten about these photos until last week when looking through old trip folders in preparation for my trip to Vancouver. I really loved the whimsical nature of these shots; it’s a very good presentation of Quebec City itself. I thought I’d show them off but I have quite a few so this week it’s more nature shots of trees and grassy hills and in two week  it will be all about the unique architecture of this beautiful city.

lomography holga adapter nikon (31)lomography holga adapter nikon (27), quebec citylomography holga adapter nikon (25)lomography holga adapter nikon (11) lomography holga adapter nikon (21) lomography holga adapter nikon (20), quebec city lomography holga adapter nikon (22), quebec city lomography holga adapter nikon (12) lomography holga adapter nikon (32)lomography holga adapter nikon (19)lomography holga adapter nikon (8), quebec citylomography holga adapter nikon (34)lomography holga adapter nikon (17)


Self Portrait Sunday

Self-portrait mask (100), citizen erased photographyThis series of self-portraits were taken back in 2009 when I use to listen to the Knife all the time. If you cannot tell I am wearing a mask of my own face. One of my incomplete mixed media masks. I still haven’t finished it even though it’s been years. I miss this house where these were shot. I only lived there a few months (in the basement) but it was my friend Zara’s house and she lived there for years. I have very good memories of that place spanning several years, her Uncle sold it recently which was a shame. I felt very much trapped in the time I lived there, it was shortly before I moved to Montreal and was just grasping at release from a city that I no longer enjoyed. It’s when I really started getting into double exposures. I have always been fascinated by double exposures, I guess it’s the dual aspect of personality you get with them and then sense of motion, it reminds of movies where people blur when they move or Japanese horror movies. These shots evoke a lot of emotions for me,  I really think the mask’s expression says it all really.

Self-portrait mask (98), citizen erased photographySelf-portrait mask (106), citizen erased photogrpahy



Love looks away in the harsh light of day…

citizen erased photography (5), portrait photography

A look back at few classic portraits in my collection, these were shot in 2008 with model and photography Lisa-Michelle. I cherise this set of photos, we had a much needed adventure near her house and spent a few hours getting shots of each other. We have an amazing photo shoot planned for next week when I visit Vancouver – it should be really fun not only to see Michelle but to get the chance to take photos of her. She is very lovely and great at being a model, I wish I could say the same for me. Poor Michelle has to deal with the fact I hate smiling in photos and…lets just say I make the worst model. I promised her I’d pratice before coming out (lets just say I haven’t but I’m confident I can at least not look angry in every shot). When I do photo shoots I love it just being a hang out and just let everything progress naturally. It always works best with Michelle because we both are photographers so we both think about the shoots and know what the other one is trying to accomplish with a shot. I am very excited for next week and promise a sneak peak in my 365 photo a day project. Enjoy her beauty in the meantime!

citizen erased photography (1), portrait photographycitizen erased photography (6), portraitcitizen erased photography (2), portraitcitizen erased photography (3), portrait photography


Self Portrait Sunday

self portrait citizen erased photography

A little late today on the Self-Portrait Sunday! I toke these photos only a few hours ago while on an adventure to find train tracks with Victor. I wanted to take new photos because I changed my hair this week again!  Yes, the blond hair is gone…it lasted a few weeks which is usually as much as I can tolerate before I get bored. I did have it for over 3 weeks however as I wanted to give my hair a rest before bleaching it and to get a really nice pale pink I wanted to make sure I had it as close to white as possible. I kept the part that frames me face blond as I got it very close to being white and I like not having my entire hair one color. My favourite thing to do with my new hair is look through it at the sun. I tried to take pictures of it but it never catches the light the same way my eyes see it, a problem any person with colored hair knows. I am going to be in a dear friend’s wedding party in just over a week and thought the pale pink would look good with the purple bridesmaid dress that I’ll be wearing and more subdued than my usual dark multicolored hair. Pale pink is great for the summer and I am in love with it! Next week it’ll be back to my artsy self-portraits for a few weeks as I am going to be outta town so What I Wore will be on hiatus until I get back.

self portrait citizen erased photography (3) self portrait citizen erased photography (4) Jumping photos are so fun for summer!self portrait citizen erased photography (2)


Vintage Tuesday

Kodak Brownie Six-20 (9)

These giant prints were taken with the Kodak Brownie Target Six-20 which is considered a type of box camera and has been kicking around my house for a little less than a year. I picked this guy up at an antique store in Quebec City while on vacation with Victor last summer. He actually bought it for me as a present and I am so happy to have it. It takes 620 film which means I had to convert 120 film to be able to use the camera. I followed a few different tutorials on how to make 120 film become as small as 620. It didn’t look that difficult but I found half way through my roll that my film got stuck and I had to start using pliers to move the frames…and then at some point the pliers stopped working and I had to open up the camera and expose half the roll and manually roll it up to save the film that was already exposed because the film advance would not work. So I learned my lesson to just re-roll 120 film onto a 620 spool and leave the converting behind me. lol (at least converting 120 rolls with nail clippers to be the size of 620 that is). All the shots I got are from a trip to Jacques Cartier Bridge which you may see a lot of this summer as we’ve went a few times already and it’s a really fun walk from our house. I hope to pick up another type of box camera soon as they are lovely and now that I know this guy is in working condition I’ll happy take him out again and this time get a few more shots then this!

Kodak Brownie Six-20 (21)Kodak Brownie Six-20 (15) Kodak Brownie Six-20 (16)Kodak Brownie Six-20 (20)Kodak Brownie Six-20 (10)


Zara in Wonderland: Flying

citizen erased photography, zara in wonderland

Zara in Wonderland is a series of portraits of my friend Zara. I shot this set of her in Montreal when she was in town for a weekend on the roof of my old house back in 2011. She’s so graceful as she jumps, its almost like she’s hovering in the sky. We only manged to get a few photos taken because the business downstairs could hear us jumping on the roof and came up and yelled at us. lol. It was really funny, we hadn’t even thought of that. It was a great day and its so good to see her when she’s in town.  The quality isn’t the greatest but I love the movement and the spirit in them. Let me know if you like my Zara in Wonderland series, for previous sets, check out here, here, and here!

citizen erased photography, zara in wonderlandcitizen erased photography, zara in wonderland


Feel like I’m caught inside that little space underneath your heart and the concrete.

vic mella citizen erased photography 6 citizen erased photography 5 citizen erased photography 4My mister, Victor is the model for this series of photos, he wanted some photos for his DJ website (here)

These shots were taken a few weeks ago in one of our favourtie places in Montreal, the sculpture garden behind the Canadian Centre of Artitechture. We were having fun on Free Museum Day  despite the rain and manged to visit 3 different museums total which was a lot of fun. One of things I love most about Montreal is the culture and the apperication of art and days were I get to spend enjoying it are the best.


One by One

I recently went through all my current Citizen Erased masks and toke a photo of front and back of each of them. It was really fun, and I’m thinking that I will start making some more soon. A few of them are broken a bit from being put in boxes so much in the last few years when I moved so I do need to repair a few of them as well. I really cannot wait to find a place to put them in my new house. It always takes me awhile to decide where they look best and try different ways to showcase them. Hope you enjoy them, I love making mixed media projects.

citizen erased photography (3), citizen erased maskscitizen erased photography (4), citizen erased maskscitizen erased photography (8), citizen erased maskscitizen erased photography (2)citizen erased photography (5), citizen erased maskscitizen erased photography (6)citizen erased photography (9)citizen erased photographycitizen erased photography (7), citizen erased maskscitizen erased photography (10), citizen erased masksall of them together:
citizen erased photography (13)


Lomography Wednesday

Diana F+ (9)My first try at the Diana F+ cameras after years of being a Holga girl! I developed these myself as well, first time doing 120 mm film (I did one roll before this one, so technically it was number 2). So many things went wrong with this film I’m having trouble deciding if I like them or not. The guy who I bought the camera from put black tape on the inside of the camera where the film counter is and I didn’t figure it out until I had loaded the film and kept on winding and never seeing the film counter advance. So I had advance the film all the way to the end and then reload it. And last week when I was developing it I made a mistake on my calculations for the fixer and added extra water diluting it incorrect. Plus I’ve never used Kodak 120mm film before, I’m so use to Lomography’s re-branded film and the contrast you achieve with that. So lets just say I cannot tell if this is what end results normally look like.  My first impressions are though that I love my Holga and I love the results I get with it (I haven’t developed my own Holga film yet) and I’m on the fence with Diana F. So we’ll see, definitely it deserve another roll of film to try, and hopefully things will go smoother. lol.

Diana F+ (16)Diana F+ (6)Diana F+ (1)Diana F+ (5)


Vintage Tuesday

kodakdualflex (3), kodak dualflex, citizen erased photographyMy Kodak Dualflex is turning into my favourite vintage cameras, its so fun to take around and see the world through the viewfinder. Even in between photos I like to just walk around looking through it waiting a perfect moment. I’ve been trying to figure out how you could possible take video as well through the viewfinder. These are from a walk I toke a view weeks ago around my neighborhood, I already showed my colored shots two weeks ago (here). I love how the shots are a mixture of old and new, it adds a great element since the old buildings and churches do not look out of place at all with the black and white, and the effect of the vintage lens. Its really when you see the cars and more modern buildings that it feels out of place.

kodakdualflex (10), kodak dualflex, citizen erased photographykodakdualflex (1), kodak dualflex, citizen erased photographykodakdualflex (6), kodak dualflex, citizen erased photographykodakdualflex (2), kodak dualflex, citizen erased photographykodakdualflex (14), kodak dualflex, citizen erased photographykodakdualflex (9), kodak dualflex, citizen erased photographykodakdualflex (13), kodak dualflex, citizen erased photographykodakdualflex (4),citizen erased photography I wanted to end on a silly one. I would love to do a whole series of portriats like this for fun!


Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil, See no Evil.

citizenerasedphotography, mask, citizen erasedcitizenerasedphotography, mask, citizen erasedcitizenerasedphotographycitizenerasedphotographycitizenerasedphotographycitizenerasedphotography

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil is a set of photos taken back in 2009 when I lived in Vancouver of my friend and room-mate at the time Sarah. She was one of the first people who let me make a mask of her face and posed specifically for the mask project (half of them are made with photos I’ve taken but not with the intention of making a mask). Her mask turned out far more surreal then I had expecting and I love the extra eyes. After I made the mask she posed wearing it and I love the results. She just so beautiful, it’s a shame in most of these photos her face is covered. I think my list of people I want to do more photo shoots with is getting super long. I am going back to Vancouver this summer so who knows.



Lomography Wednesday

holga, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyEl Paso, Texas

Looking at these brings back lots of memories from my trip around the  west coast of America…back in 2009 I spent two weeks touring the States on a the various Greyhound buses between 10 different States, taking Holga photos as I went. This was one of my longest stops, and on one of my days there I climbed part of the Franklin Mountains range! This guy is located in the middle of El Paso and towers around the whole city, it toke me little over 2 hours to climb. It was wonderful, and the view was breath taking. In most of these photos you can see both El Paso and Mexico and from up on the mountain there was no difference between them. Kind of makes you wonder why they were dumb enough to think that building a wall between the two countries would do anything.   I really felt at home in El Paso.

holga, citizen erased, citizen erased photography holga, citizen erased, citizen erased photography


Self-Portrait Sunday – 1 Year Ago!

citizenerased I was just thinking today about what was happening in my life in April last year. For one it was sunny, and I had just gotten my facial piercings put in (I cant believe I’ve had these guys for a whole year – I still love them so much), and I had apple colored hair and bangs! So much has changed but still I feel like the same person. I’m actually dying my hair this color again next week, I miss the green. I decided to add a silly one of me trying to do a double exposure. The shots all turned out blurry but I still like this one, I look so serious though!
Maybe I can do a year ago post in April every year, that’d be fun.



Self-Portrait Sunday

citizenerased, citizen erased, citizen erased photography citizenerased, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyAwww I’ve been really missing this old haircut of mine, maybe I’ll get bangs again (they are starting to grow out and still in that inbetween stage where either you deal with them being ‘eh’  so cut them again). Light blue and pink are always my favourite colors but they are very hard to do. My hair needs to be dyed again, this time half green and blue, I am thinking about doing it next week!! I cannot wait to start taking more new self-portraits but going down memory lane is always fun.


Lomography Wednesday

vancouver, citizen erased, citizen erased photography holga, vancouver, citizen erased, citizen erased photography holga, vancouver, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyvancouver, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyholga, vancouver, citizen erased, citizen erased photography vancouver, citizen erased, citizen erased photography vancouver, citizen erased, citizen erased photography vancouver, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyvancouver, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyThese photos are from 2009 taken with my Holga using 120 film. Most of them are from a walk downtown with my friend, Ana and some taken at my work place in New Westminster. I really love Holga square photos, the colors are so vibrant and as you can tell I love anything double exposed. I really want to take more with my Holga here in Montreal. It nice capturing random moments and the results are always rewarding for me. Lomography Wednesday is my favourite day of the week on my blog :)


If you’d be my King, I’d be your Queen.

citizen erased (7)This black and white photo shoot is from 2008 with my friends Mark and Stephanie who are both married now. I really love how classic Steph looks, and in the shot below it feels very much like the star of Amelie to me.We were explored strange alleys in downtown Vancouver takings photos a long the way. They were great to shoot, hope you enjoy and I’ll share later some of the color shots including Steph’s amazing black and blue hair!

citizen erased (2)
citizen erased (1)
citizen erased (11)citizen erased (10)


Vintage Tuesday

More Kodak Dualflex II shots this week, thought I’d share some of my black and white snow photos taken at the same time as last weeks photos. The weather has definetly gotten better here, I’m so glad!  One of the greatest things about older vintage cameras is the ability to do multiple exposure so I decided to try doing it with the viewfinder and the shots turned out really fun. 

kodak dualflex, citizen erased, citizen erased photographykodak dualflex, citizen erased, citizen erased photographykodakdualflex, citizen erased, citizen erased photographykodak dualflex, citizen erased, citizen erased photography

kodakdualflex (10)kodakdualflex (9)
kodakdualflex (8)kodakdualflex (5)kodakdualflex (1)kodakdualflex (2)
Hope you enjoyed these shots. I had a lot of fun testing out the Kodak Dualflex camera and really hope to soon take photos using film with it instead. I have researched how to make 120 film fit and be like 620 film so the next step is just to do it :) If you have a 620 film camera too and are looking to convert 120 film to fit it, I suggest these two turtorials: here, and here.
If you’ve tried it yourself let me know how it goes and the results, I’d love to see.