Double Exposure / Multiple Exposure

52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

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13/52: Blending In

52 weeks of self-portraitsI just had to make this the self-portrait for this week. I had too much fun last Sunday at the Malting Silos to not include the double exposure of myself that I took there against the buildings large graffiti filled silos. I must be missing taking photos with film because I keep converting photos I’ve taken with my digital and trying to process them to look like black and white film. I just love how this shot turned out and is really excited by how much I blend into graffiti on the building. Tomorrow marks the last day of work before I am on an almost two week vacation from my job so I am hoping to really try and capture some amazing shoots then. Perhaps explore some self-portraits without using double exposure? Hahaha, it’s been my go to lately but I’ve really been enjoying taking them and trying to capture unique situations but I have a few things I need more time to dedicate to them so they will be perfect to take now that I’m on my vacation.


“Sails catch any wind that they can
Through any ocean to any land
There’s no worries
Power carries no concern
Silhouetted by the fields as they burn
There’s no worries

You’re falling straight into our hands
No compromise,and no demands
You’re falling straight into our hands
Into our hands,into our hands

Still water hides an undertow
You can’t fight what you can’t control
There’s no worries “

Sparta “Red.Right.Return”


52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

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12/52 Painting

52 weeks of self-portraitsI love when an idea just comes to me and I’m like, okay I have to see if it works. The rough idea for this self-portrait is a double-exposure of myself in a painting. Really this is just a test shot to see how it would look and whether it would be a worthwhile project. Pretty pleased with it and think it can be improve so much since obviously it’s just 4 lines of colors on a white paper. I wish I was a better painter or even good at drawing, think how amazing to have a double exposure of the reality and then the artwork sync’d on top of it. Or even just to create a mosaic of various patterns and visuals exposed on top of a portrait. Interesting idea, think I will try doing more of this in the future. Try it out yourself!


“at the bottom of the ocean
this scenery can fail calm
up till now been riding fine, yeah
but the curving walls leave me behind, yeah”

Sparta “Air”

If you want to see what it looks like when I don’t do double exposures, here is just plain old me.



Double Exposure: Assemble the Empire

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dada double exposures (6)dada double exposures (10)dada double exposures (9)dada double exposures (2)dada double exposures (7)dada double exposures (5)dada double exposures (11)dada double exposures (4)A collection of portraits of my best friend Ana taken while I was in town (Vancouver) last summer for a week. We managed to take these on my very last day there at the school yard where we spent way too much of our early 20’s in. I know you’re thinking “why did you hang around an elementary school in your 20s?” ….well for 5 years it was the only thing in between my apartment and her’s and we really liked midnight walks. It’s pretty hard to imagine that I went from living less than a block away from her to seeing her twice in 5 years. Have to admit I miss her face so much, but going through and editing these photos really made me happy. The perfect birthday gift for me would be to spend it with her, but another year passes and that’s just not in the cards. Hope you enjoyed these, and if you want to see some non-double exposure shoots I took of her I posted some awhile back, here!

dada double exposures (12)


52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

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11/52 Alternative Personality

dada double exposure self-portraitToday’s self-portrait features one of my mixed media masks. The mask was made with a self-portrait photograph, it’s hard to tell it me since it looks more monster than myself but that’s what I love about it. The whole image is really inspired by a portrait of my best friend that I was working on last night. The portrait was in color but I had converted it to black and white and I kept thinking how I don’t shoot very much in black and white and thought I’d try it out for this week’s 52 Week photo. I’m happy with the results but wish I had more chances this week to take photos. Montreal needs to stop raining, it’s no fun.


“I got supplies, you got demands
I got the sense that you can’t understand
I got supplies, you got the demand
I got the feeling you don’t give a damn

You can have it all
Anything you want
You can have it all
Everything I’ve got”

Fischerspooner “Supply & Demand”


Spring Polaroids

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spring polaroids (6)Had the chance to take some instant film this weekend with my Polaroid Super Shot. Me and Victor went to play tennis at a court about 25minutes from our house by bike and we discovered this really cool wall structure a few blocks away. Victor found a plaque talking about how it was the site of an old factory so instead of destroying it completely they left the walls up and built a structure out of metal to stabilize both sides. The building in its original form must have been huge. I love that Montreal does try to preserve its history, even if it’s just the walls.

spring polaroids (5)spring polaroids (7)spring polaroids (3)spring polaroids (10)spring polaroids (1)Tried to capture the moon in the sky but had the light meter on way too dark,  the tiny white dot to the top center is indeed the moon however. Don’t know how the green ripples were created, aliens I guess.

spring polaroids (8)Taking double exposures is always a risk, I’m still in the playing around period of seeing the difference between what works with a Polaroid camera in comparison to what I’m use to on my DSLR (surprising similar it seems). I am also still working on measuring distant by eye as well since I don’t have my measuring counter on the Super Shot like the Polaroid Colorpack has. The above shot is an example of a successful double exposure in my books while below is just a blurry mess.

spring polaroid (11)spring polaroidVictor is still cute even when blurry. I am really glad my new bike basket fits my Polaroid perfectly. Didn’t take many Spring polaroids but have all summer for adventures on the bike with it.


Double Exposure: Tex

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double exposure tex (2) The illustrious and noble Tex-Mix, I hope he reads that and smiles. My friend Tex who I’ve talked about on the blog before is one of my most amusing friends to be around. He just that guy who is always up for fun and it’s infectious when you are with him. The photos were taken a few years ago when we were going for a walk with each other just joking around in the summer heat. He is probably the only person I’ve met that can tolerate having double exposures taken of him. It’s twice the amount of photos taken and most people get nervous or bored of posing pretty quickly. I love taking double exposures on a tripod since you can get so much clarity and double figures. I usually take them by hand so it’s a nice change for me. Hope Tex’s energy is infectious even in film form because these make me grin from ear to ear!

double exposure tex (10)double exposure tex (8)double exposure tex (3)double exposure tex (4)double exposure tex (5)

I wish I had a shot like this of everyone I know with me. It’d sure make a nice collection. double exposure tex (6)


Projector Photography: Shadowplay

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Me and Victor had some fun a few weekend’s ago with my projector and I had my first chance to do projector photography that I’ve been excited to try. I setup my projector in the main room of the apartment with a photograph of cherry blossoms that I took projecting onto the wall (can’t wait until I have a project screen setup in there). Then I setup my camera on a tripod (I only used the tripod for photos of me, the ones of Victor are taken by hand). We wore blank white masks that I use for to make my portrait masks so the projected image would really translate well. These are a few results, excited to think of new ideas and try this again in the future. Let me know what you think in the comments!

I suggest listening to Joy Division’s song “Shadowplay” while looking through these…

self portraits (9)projector photography (1)projector photography (7)projector photography (3)projector photography (2)projector photography (5)self portraits (2)projector photography (9)projector photography (4) projector photography (8)The last one is really creepy, I love it.


Double Exposure: All That Glitters

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All that Glitters is a series of double exposure dself-portraits I shoot last month for my 52 Weeks of Self-Portraits. It’s probably some of my favourite self-portraits I’ve done in the last 5 years. When I was first getting into photography back in 2005 when I was in college I use to stay up every night until 5am creating really weird self-portraits of myself. Most of them are horrible to look back on but I still have so much love for them in my heart not only because I was learning to express myself but also because it really helped me in general to heal and get over my angst I had at that age (like all teenagers and early 20 year olds have). Self-portraits have always been about healing for me and just creating mini-characters marvels me and make me feel like I’m expressing myself. I’ve been really happy for such a long time it’s been hard for me to really get creative. All that Glitters is probably the first time I felt like I’ve fueled that energy and creativity and actually gotten results that I find satisfying since I moved to Montreal. Hope to do more like this set in the future.

double exposure photography (5)double exposure photography (6)double exposure photography (8)double exposure photography (2)double exposure photography (11)two flawed photographs I still enjoy where the eyebrow gems were falling off

double exposure photography (14) double exposure photography (4)


52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

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07/52 Flowers of Romance

citizen erased photography double exposure This week’s self-portrait was suppose to be a double exposure using one of my Polaroid cameras but out of all the test shots and my camera eatting one exposure it just didn’t happen that way. On our way from a piknic yesterday I spotted a flower tree (which is uber rare in Montreal) and just had to take some shots. Managed to grab a few before Victor made me hurry along since it was getting cold and he wanted to get to the resturant. I’ve lightened up the whole photo a bit so you can’t see the background as much, but like usual no photoshop pride!


“ Now in the summer
I could be happy or in distress
Depending on the company
On the veranda
Talk of the future or reminisce
Behind the dialogue
We’re in a mess
Whatever I intended
I sent you flowers
You wanted chocolates instead
The flowers of romance”

Public Image LTD “Flowers of Romance”


Double Exposure: Montreal Sunrise

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montreal sunrise (17)A few weeks ago after The Game of Thrones season premier I ‘accidently’ didn’t go to bed all night because I started to marathon the older season and I was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise over the Jacques Cartier Bridge. It was the first glimpse of light that actually made me realize it was 6am and I had in fact been so deeply engrossed in series that I had forgotten to go to bed. It was amazing though watching the sun rise over the bridge from my front window. I am always super thankful that I have such a nice view, sure most of my view is the ugly old buildings across the street but the top half is church and bridge peaks and it really nice. I’ve really been exploring double exposures since starting this weekly post at the beginning of the year and I am absolutely loving it. It feels like such an accomplishment to create a perfect double exposure using a camera instead of Photoshop. I prefer using camera tricks instead. It mimics very much those classic landscape photos where the scenery if reflecting on the body of water back to it – which I love so much.

montreal sunrise (14) montreal sunrise (15)montreal sunrise (11)montreal sunrise (10)montreal sunrise (16)montreal sunrise (18)montreal sunrise (4) montreal sunrise (12)montreal sunrise (13)