Double Exposure / Multiple Exposure

Double Exposure: Disappears into the silent forest

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citizen erased photographyI did a special post on Sunday instead of a self portrait so for this week’s double exposures  I thought I’d share some of my newest portraits of myself. It’s been a really long time since I’ve taken double exposures of myself at the subject, it’s actually a really nice change of pace. I’ve been dreaming about forests for the last couple of month for some reason. I want to wake up in the middle of one laying in the snow looking up at the canopy of tress above me. Escape into the void sort of deal. I always get claustrophobic with living in a city if I haven’t traveled in a while.

double exposure (1) 365 (319) (1024x678)double exposure (3) double exposure (2)

I am always inspired by music, the song Server by iamamiwhoami for me embodies the emotions I was trying to capture with these photos.


Winter Polaroids

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polaroid instant film (1) polaroid instant film (2) polaroid instant film (3) polaroid instant film (4) polaroid instant film (5)In January I started exploring doing double exposures with my Polaroid Colorpack and took a few shots from the area around my work in downtown. I love the juxtaposition of the trees with the statues and buildings of the downtown core and the subtle hints of color in the otherwise white color scheme. I’m excited about the exploration of double exposures within instant photography and cannot wait for more opportunism to try it out with different subject matter. It’s thrilling being able to try new things. It makes it just that much harder the idea that Fujifilm will probably soon stop making pack film completely. With the black and white FP-3000B discontinued I don’t have much hope in Fujifilm continuing making the colored version much longer. Film photography is really important to me and it’d be shame to have Polaroid cameras become just relics.  Below is my first double exposure I took with the Colorpack, it is just my balcony but I hope it’s the start of something.

instant polaroid


Double Exposure: Summer Living is Easy

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double exposures (1)double exposures (3)The end of January is always the time I start getting anxious to see the sun and feel warm without having to wear my woolly socks and a sweater inside my house. It’s the West Coaster in me, Vancouver spoiled me when it came to season because winter is pretty much December and that’s it. January feels like the start of winter in Montreal, and after 4 years I still cannot get used to it. I thought sharing some photos taken in warmer times would cheer me up a little, and what better than show you warmer times in Vancouver! My trip to Vancouver this summer was so short but I still managed to barely share any of my photos on here( partially because I got really homesick and didn’t want to look at photos of Vancouver in case It just made me pack a bag and fly back there).  We had a picnic at Trout Lake a few days before I had to leave with a handful of friends and my big brother. During the picnic I made people poise for me so I could take double exposure shoots of them, mostly in different poises but the first two below were taken of the lake as the second exposure.

picnic double exposures (8) double exposures (7) double exposures (6) double exposures (12) double exposures (4)the photos below of me were taken by Ana or my brother :) 

double exposures (10)double exposures (2)double exposures (13)


Double Exposures: Heresy

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double exposure toronto (9)

Starting the party right is the only way, so for the first official week of double exposures I had to start with photos from the Heresy event I was at last year in Toronto. Yes, last year – I am that slow with photography sometimes and sometimes especially when I am on a trip I just take too many photos to sort through. My friend Derek and I have a tradition that I visit him around his birthday ever year, and this was last year’s trip when he had recently started Heresy with a buddy (it should be noted he has moved on to Be Well Records now). This is taken at Detour bar where Derek and several other people apart of his crew like Casinodiamonds where djing. I always have an amazing time in Toronto even though his birthday usually takes place when there are blizzards warning and this was no exception. Plus the spirit behind these double exposures is really what I think they are all about – having fun and just going with flow. I have such a collection of double exposures that I am dying to share so very excited!

double exposure toronto (12) double exposure toronto (13) double exposure toronto (14) double exposure toronto (15) double exposure toronto (20) double exposure toronto (17) double exposure toronto (19) double exposure toronto (29) double exposure toronto (2) double exposure toronto (3) double exposure toronto (6) double exposure toronto (7)double exposure toronto (29) More below the link


Double Exposure Haze

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self portrait (8)The last self portrait of the year! I am working on a retrospect post coming in the start of January for the last year in hair colors. It’s going to be really trippy seeing all of my various hair colors and styles right after each other. For this week I thought I’d just share this silly photo of myself double exposed with a bokeh style shot of Christmas lights. I love the aesthetic it creates. I am all festive and ready for Christmas coming up. The only thing I am missing is an ugly Christmas jumper to wear. I am so sad but maybe I’ll find one last minute at the mall to wear. Or perhaps I’ll just get one after to wear as there is still going to be a least 3 months more of snow. It’s like a magic snow globe right now in Montreal. I want to get outside and roll around (sick right now – boo) and take photos of myself. Excited for snow fun!

self portrait (3)


2 Fun Photography Techniques for Christmas Lights

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In keeping with this week’s festive theme I want to show you guys for Lomography Wednesday two cute photography tricks to try with lights which you may have around the house at this time of year! The first is bokeh which is “the aesthetic quality of the blurring out-of-focus areas of an image” and the second is using a longer exposure to create movement with light.

bokeh (16)If you want to learn the basics of bokeh this blog has a few beginner tips! But basically you want to create a shallow depth of field by focusing on an object/person that is close up with your cameras or if you camera has manual mode you can just change the focus to be shallow regardless of if there is any object there or not. This will cause the foreground to blur and in case of lights distort them to be balls of colors instead. Play around and have fun with it!

bokeh (3)bokeh (14)bokeh (10)For the second trick you will need to have a camera that allows of manual shutter speed or offers the ability to set camera to a shutter speed that allows for a long exposure time. For most of my shots I had the shutter speed at around 1.6 seconds.  Now what you do when taking the photo either with the image in focus or in bokeh settings, is move the camera to cause light trails. It’s really fun to experiment with and you end up with really neat shots especially when you combine the longer shutter speed with bokeh. If your camera has a lens that allows for manual zoom of the lens you can also move that while moving the camera or even just keeping the camera still.

christmas treechristmas tree
Left: regular bokeh on my tree Right: zooming out with my lens on a long exposure time.

bokeh (28)christmas tree
Left: Bokeh-blur while zooming out Right: Same but waiting a moment before zooming out

bokeh (42)Some of the examples of what you can try to do

bokeh (47) bokeh (50)bokeh (53)bokeh (58)bokeh (56)

If you tried this over the holidays send me pictures as I’d love to see your interpretation. I had to much fun taking these shots and will be making more tonight as I cannot resist.
(oh and if you want to know my secret, a few of these are also double exposures)


Halloween Special: Double Exposure

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Halloween (31)haloween special
In celebration of Halloween, I thought I’d share some of my double exposure experiments from a few years back taken of my friends before leaving for a Halloween party at a club. We have Michael the Mine, Gilberto as Dracula, Ernesto the Devil, Guillermo the Vampire, Paulina the Pirate, Eugene the Nudist on Strike, and finally me as a giraffe.

Halloween (68)Halloween (24)Halloween (66)Halloween (65)Halloween (52)Halloween (77)A self-portrait of myself peering through my eyelids.

Halloween (181)


Last Year’s Halloween

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self portrait halloweenUntitled-6So last year I was a Día de Muertos bride for Halloween so I thought for Self-Portrait Sunday I’d show you guys my costume in preparation for this year ! (I’ve shown it off a few times before as well) I had doing my make-up although it took a very long time and really enjoyed the bone details. I wore it once to a club without the wig and then on Halloween to work/hand out candy. It was great fun and I made the flower headband and bouquet which I was really proud off because I am not that arts and crafts. I actually kept the headband because I love it so much but haven’t found a use for it yet.

self portrait halloween (3)self portrait halloween (2) self portrait halloween (4)self portrait halloween

I feel like spilling the beans on my costume for this year as it’ll be the 3rd by next Sunday so you won’t even see it on Halloween. I am going to be a Lolita girl like the Japanese fashion trend. I have a knock off Lolita dress that I’ve actually had in my closet since February so that was just too perfect. I am going to be wearing a pale purple curly wig with lots of cute hair clips and lots of Lolita style jewelry and a bag that will just make the whole outfit go together. I am really excited to wear it! I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures to show you guys, for right now I don’t have much plans for where I am going to be wearing it but probably a club and work again like last year. What are your plans for Halloween and what is your costume?


Butter the Giant

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double exposuredouble exposureButter the giant cat. I do not take many double exposures of her but these ones always make me smile. The giant cat roaming the neighborhood at dusk… puts a big smile on my face. Sadly her behaviour has in the last 2 days went downhill again. It makes feel a little lost when things aren’t right with her. This week has made me feel a little lost even before the incident last night. Ever feel really down and just think months and months ahead and really stressing yourself out when all you need to think about is the next day, eat a good meal, go to bed on time? I’ve been like operating on no sleeping and bad eatting habits for a week and then worrying about things that don’t have any effect on today or tomorrow or even next week for that matter. I have work on the weekend but I am hoping to go for a nice walk on Saturday to the park and just take photos by myself and enjoy the cool breeze and the last moments of warmth before winter takes over Montreal. Take some time to myself and get outta the house, I’ve been working slowly on postcards for December of my photography and made some progress last night that was very encouraging. I feel like this mood shall pass but hopefully sooner than later. Hope you are well though.


If you wanna trade me…

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ising pucky 8“Some people want me to be heads or tails, I say no way try again another day”

I thought we needed more Ising Pucky I photos for Vintage Tuesday. These were shot in Vancouver this summer at the school yard between where I use to live and my best friends house. We’ve spent many a sober and drunk evenings and dawn in this school yard collection ourselves and sorting through parts of our 20’s. It feels surreal anytime I am there in the daylight.  This is part of a long running project I have using mask of people’s faces to convey the need to unmask ourselves to each other.

The lyrics btw that were used in this post are from this amazing song, I am addicted too.

ising pucky 7ising pucky 9ising pucky 5isingpucky 6ising pucky 3ising pucky 1“I should be happy not tipping the scale. I just wont play letting my life get away. I am not a follower. I don’t take things as they come if they bring me down.”