Portrait Photography

Portrait photography of various friends.

Double Exposures: Sunsets on the Side

double exposure sunset montreal (1) double exposure sunset montreal (5)Lately I’ve been taking a lot of silhouette style double exposures at dusk and the results are really something else. I love the surreal landscapes I can create just using my camera not to mention how heavenly this sunset was.  I shot a lot of this style while I was on vacation in BC so the next few double exposures posts will have be more of this overall theme.

double exposure sunset montreal (4)double exposure sunset montreal (2) double exposure sunset montreal (8)


Double Exposure Wednesday: We Wait for Trains that Just Aren’t Coming…

double exposure vieux montreal (7)double exposure vieux montreal (10)double exposure vieux montreal (6)double exposure vieux montreal (8)double exposure portrait silo 5double exposure vieux montreal (5)      This series of double exposure were taken on the weekend while Victor and I were exploring Silo #5 in Vieux-Montreal. We didn’t go inside the factory or silos but we did get inside the fence and had a chance to explore around them. To me the best part was going underneath the huge lines that use to connect the building to trains for transporting the grains (at least what’s what I logically assume they use to be for) so I wanted to share those photos first. I have plenty more double exposures from the front of the building as well but thought I’d share them in another post likely in mid-May as this post would have been huge so look out for that if you enjoy abandoned buildings. I’m so excited about being able to leave my house again. Recovering my concussion is going well and just maybe this summer I can get inside the Silo #5. Can you imagine the view from there?


Vintage Tuesday: Tintypes

tintype photography

For Christmas Victor bought me 10 tintype photographs from the 1800’s to add to my vintage photography collection. We found these together while at a flea market back in earlier December. The vendor had a huge selection of random stuff and just sitting in a cigar box he had over 40 tintypes. Originally they were $10 per piece which is usually the average the price for them; however I wasn’t too keen on paying that much considering the obvious damage and scratches they had (it always makes me sad when I see photography not being stored properly). I decided to go through the pile and select all the ones I really thought had interesting characters or were more on the unusual side. I am fascinated by dead portraitures that were common in the tintype era, as well as ones featuring taxidermy animals. After picking these out we were able to haggle the guy down to $5 for each which was amazing. Sadly he didn’t have any information about where these were from or dates but judging by the material I would say they are from late 1800s or possibly earlier 1900s. I thought I’d share them with you as I find them fascinating to look at.  Victor’s favourite one is of the dead child and mine is of gentleman I’ve dubbed “Wolverine”. Let me know in the comments which one is your favourite, and if you have any tintypes yourself.

vintage photography tintypes (10) vintage photography tintypes (7) vintage photography tintypes (11) vintage photography tintypes (9) vintage photography tintypes (5)vintage photography tintypesvintage photography tintypes (8) vintage photography tintypes (4) vintage photography tintypes (1) vintage photography tintypes (6)


Tell me how does it feel when your heart grows cold…

citizen erased photography (1)My beautiful friend Lisa-Michelle’s birthday is this week, she is the best model I have had the experience of shooting so I thought I’d share some old portraits I took of her from 2007? 2008? It feels like yesterday to me even though I know it’s been a long time. I miss shooting her. I mean I get to every time I visit Vancouver which is every 2-3 years but it’s not the same. Before we use to go on adventures and just walk around Vancouver together shooting along the way. Both times I’ve shot her in the last 5 years it felt so rushed, mostly my fault since I try and cram my schedule full when I’m in town visiting.  I also haven’t gotten any more use to other people take photos of me (she’s a photographer too) so I feel like I’m letting her down with my terrible posing and permanent awkwardness.  There is always next time though, I will have a whole collection of her over the years. These to me are some of my favourite portraits, she is just the best.

Citizen Erased Photography (4)Citizen Erased Photography (5)citizen erased photography (3)citizen erased photography (2)Citizen Erased Photography (6)


Adventures in an Abandoned Car Park

Abandoned Car Park (35)Back in September me and Zara went to the abandoned car park that is on Av du Parc and Avenue Van Horne here in Montreal so she could try out spray painting for the first time instead of her usual painting. We found out as soon as we arrived that the place wasn’t so abandoned when we stumbled into a cleaning crew that was sweeping the place out as it’s to be demolished soon (or might have already). We smiled at them and continued to one of the upper floors and they didn’t bug us at all which was great (we did have an encounter later on with a homeless guy who was wandering around the lower floors muttering to himself). Here is the start of our afternoon…

Abandoned Car Park (3)Abandoned Car Park (2)When we arrived at the car park the first thing we stumped upon was this piece of sculpture made with spray paint cans. I love this piece so much.

Abandoned Car Park (13) Abandoned Car Park (14) Abandoned Car Park (15) Abandoned Car Park (18)I enjoyed the starch cleanness of the space, but maybe that’s because last time I was here there was ice everywhere and large puddles. It’s weird being in somewhere abandoned this is so in order.

Abandoned Car Park (5)After searching all the various floors to find the perfect location we settled at this one spot and Zara setup all her cans and the cupcakes she brought with her. I went around taking photos of all the graffiti while she worked away.

Abandoned Car Park (4) Abandoned Car Park (7) Abandoned Car Park (25)Abandoned Car Park (9) Abandoned Car Park (6) Abandoned Car Park (11) Abandoned Car Park (16) Abandoned Car Park (12) Abandoned Car Park (17) Abandoned Car Park (36) Abandoned Car Park (37) Abandoned Car Park (10)Abandoned Car Park (8)
Abandoned Car Park (22) Abandoned Car Park (23)Sorry I can’t show you more of what she was working on. She wasn’t happy with the results although I thought her piece looked amazing and reminded me very much of her other paintings. Understand first attempts aren’t really for the anyone else except the artist.

Abandoned Car Park (1)Abandoned Car Park (20) Abandoned Car Park (24) Abandoned Car Park (33)The one thing I love about this building is the various views from the windows – it’s just such a cool effect and the 360 degree view of the neighbourhood.

Abandoned Car Park (30) Abandoned Car Park (27)A shot of my coconut cupcake which I enjoyed after doing my own bit of graffiti, can’t draw to save my life but I played around to kill time. Was quiet pleased with my squid people, better than a stick figure at least?

Abandoned Car Park (31) Abandoned Car Park (32) Abandoned Car Park (29) Abandoned Car Park (39) Abandoned Car Park (38) Abandoned Car ParkWe headed downstairs and found a cluster of rusted spray cans I loved the natural layout of. As well some of the other details of the second to bottom floor.

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We Are Wolves at Festival Atmosph’air

we are wolves (5)Last Friday I went to go the Festival Atmosph’air that was happening here in Montreal near the Jean Talon Market. It was a street festival with stalls and food carts plus live bands all weekend long. My favourite local band, We are Wolves happened to be playing so I headed down there for a few hours to watch them play and see what was going on. I managed to take some photos of them preforming that I thought I’d share. It was a great show and it was so fun just to dance in the evening breeze before heading downtown for sushi. It’s so fun watching them play as they get so into the music and the newish drummer Pierre-Luc just goes apeshit which I love to watch.

we are wolves (35)we are wolves (37)we are wolves (23)we are wolves (34)we are wolves (17)we are wolves (41)we are wolves (45)we are wolves (2) we are wolves (6)we are wolves (4) we are wolves (3) we are wolves (10)we are wolves (50) we are wolves (11)we are wolves (9)we are wolves (42)we are wolves (60)we are wolves (12)we are wolves (64)we are wolves (16)we are wolves (51)we are wolves (63)we are wolves (21)we are wolves we are wolves (52)we are wolves (38)we are wolves (48)we are wolves (40)we are wolves (46) we are wolves (25)we are wolves (22) Continue reading %s


Double Exposure: Assemble the Empire

dada double exposures (6)dada double exposures (10)dada double exposures (9)dada double exposures (2)dada double exposures (7)dada double exposures (5)dada double exposures (11)dada double exposures (4)A collection of portraits of my best friend Ana taken while I was in town (Vancouver) last summer for a week. We managed to take these on my very last day there at the school yard where we spent way too much of our early 20’s in. I know you’re thinking “why did you hang around an elementary school in your 20s?” ….well for 5 years it was the only thing in between my apartment and her’s and we really liked midnight walks. It’s pretty hard to imagine that I went from living less than a block away from her to seeing her twice in 5 years. Have to admit I miss her face so much, but going through and editing these photos really made me happy. The perfect birthday gift for me would be to spend it with her, but another year passes and that’s just not in the cards. Hope you enjoyed these, and if you want to see some non-double exposure shoots I took of her I posted some awhile back, here!

dada double exposures (12)


Double Exposure: Tex

double exposure tex (2) The illustrious and noble Tex-Mix, I hope he reads that and smiles. My friend Tex who I’ve talked about on the blog before is one of my most amusing friends to be around. He just that guy who is always up for fun and it’s infectious when you are with him. The photos were taken a few years ago when we were going for a walk with each other just joking around in the summer heat. He is probably the only person I’ve met that can tolerate having double exposures taken of him. It’s twice the amount of photos taken and most people get nervous or bored of posing pretty quickly. I love taking double exposures on a tripod since you can get so much clarity and double figures. I usually take them by hand so it’s a nice change for me. Hope Tex’s energy is infectious even in film form because these make me grin from ear to ear!

double exposure tex (10)double exposure tex (8)double exposure tex (3)double exposure tex (4)double exposure tex (5)

I wish I had a shot like this of everyone I know with me. It’d sure make a nice collection. double exposure tex (6)


Projector Photography: Shadowplay

Me and Victor had some fun a few weekend’s ago with my projector and I had my first chance to do projector photography that I’ve been excited to try. I setup my projector in the main room of the apartment with a photograph of cherry blossoms that I took projecting onto the wall (can’t wait until I have a project screen setup in there). Then I setup my camera on a tripod (I only used the tripod for photos of me, the ones of Victor are taken by hand). We wore blank white masks that I use for to make my portrait masks so the projected image would really translate well. These are a few results, excited to think of new ideas and try this again in the future. Let me know what you think in the comments!

I suggest listening to Joy Division’s song “Shadowplay” while looking through these…

self portraits (9)projector photography (1)projector photography (7)projector photography (3)projector photography (2)projector photography (5)self portraits (2)projector photography (9)projector photography (4) projector photography (8)The last one is really creepy, I love it.


Jem and the Holograms by Starchild Stela

jem and the holograms graffiti  (58)A month ago  I was able to go along with Montreal artist Starchild Stela to document her creating a Jem graffiti piece.   She’s audition for the Jem and the Holograms live action movie that was announced last month. They currently have a Tumblr page setup for all fan submissions to help create the movie. I’ve actually been browsing the submissions all week for fun and it’s really cool seeing people’s work, I might be a little bias but I think Starchild Stela’s work stands out. She even looks like Jem! I don’t know about you but I can’t remember Jem and the Holograms show at all, I think it’s only of the only 80’s cartoons I don’t have a big soft spot for. Apperently I have a new cartoon show to watch when I’m bored….We met up at the metro and travelled by bus to an abandoned car park to find a wall for the piece. When she found the perfect wall and after she finished setting up, I started taking videos and photos for her to use for her audition. It’s my first time watching a graffiti piece being completed from start to finish and it takes a lot of work.I thought it’d be fun to show you the complete process and some fun after shots. We must have been there for 3 hours, I was so fucking cold by the end of it and my feet were wet. It was definelty worth it but it made me long for summer. I was glad I didn’t fall and hurt myself as almost the whole place was covered in ice  (I slipped a few times while holding my Nikon and was just crossing my fingers that I wasn’t going to fall). I’ve manged to grab lots of interesting shots of the process so today is more about Jem piece but I’ll likely have more in the future of the other graffiti artists who were with us.

I’ll link you to her Store, Tumblr, and Facebook if you want to check out more of her work.

jem and the holograms graffiti  (1) jem and the holograms graffiti  (2) jem and the holograms graffiti  (3) jem and the holograms graffiti  (4) jem and the holograms graffiti  (6) jem and the holograms graffiti  (7) jem and the holograms graffiti  (9)jem and the holograms graffiti  (8)jem and the holograms graffiti  (13)jem and the holograms graffiti  (15)jem and the holograms graffiti  (17)jem and the holograms graffiti  (20)jem and the holograms graffiti  (22)jem and the holograms graffiti  (23)jem and the holograms graffiti  (27)jem and the holograms graffiti  (29)jem and the holograms graffiti  (31)jem and the holograms graffiti  (34)jem and the holograms graffiti  (35)jem and the holograms graffiti  (36)jem and the holograms graffiti  (38)jem and the holograms graffiti  (39)jem and the holograms graffiti  (40)jem and the holograms graffiti  (42)jem and the holograms graffiti  (48)jem and the holograms graffiti  (44)jem and the holograms graffiti  (46)jem and the holograms graffiti  (49)jem and the holograms graffiti  (52)jem and the holograms graffiti  (55)jem and the holograms graffiti  (51)jem and the holograms graffiti  (62)jem and the holograms graffiti  (57)


Through the helter skelter morning…

citizen erased photography (3)citizen erased photography (1)citizen erased photography (4)citizen erased photography (2)
“Looking through a broken diamond
To make the past what it should be
Through the ruins and the weather
Capsized boats in the sea
O deserts down below us
And storms up above
Like a stray dog gone defective
Like a paper tiger in the sun”

Beck “Paper Tiger”

Portraits of my friend Lisa are some of my favourites. She just has this classic look to her that seems to transition so well to photography. All of these are from 2008 if you can believe it. They were shot with one of my oldest digital cameras, the quality is surprising good considering what I was using.  I’ve been looking at a lot of my older photography lately because I am putting up various photographs to my Society6 page to sell for prints. Going through all my photos to find ones I think people will purchase is an odd experience and it also takes a really long time. But it helps when I run across photos that remind me of a really fun afternoon with one of my friends.

citizen erased photography (6)citizen erased photography (5)


Oktomat: Zara in Wonderland

Oktomat (63)Zara in Wonderland is back, this time with some oldies from our New York trip taken in 2010 using the Oktomat. It’s strange looking back because for me it doesn’t seem that long ago at all. I guess I am getting old when the years just start to blend together. It was a fun trip and I love these sequences shots. It would be so much better if the Oktomat was actually capable of doing proper sequence shots, I would still be using this camera if it functioned properly. For now though it’s one of my permanent on the shelf cameras that I get nostalgic about but not enough to actually deal with its bullshit.  I haven’t done a photo shoot with Zara in forever, she’s always fun to shoot with because she is always so willing to poise for me and do weird things. We tend to butt heads a lot though when we are on vacation together. Not pictured is us having hissy fits at each other because we refuse to listen to each other and are both very stubborn. Perhaps I shall see if she’s done for another photo shoot soon.  Lol.

Oktomat (66)Oktomat (60)Oktomat (90)Oktomat (56)Oktomat (51)Oktomat (84)Oktomat (65)Ps. If you want to see why I don’t use this camera anymore check out my review.


The Girl Who Stole Hearts

citizen erased photographyI always feel blessed that I have beautiful friends who let me take photos of them. While I was in Vancouver I got together with my friend Lisa-Michelle who also happens to be a fellow photographer. We always have fun hanging out together and getting dressed up and taking shoots of each other (you should all feel very bad for her because I am terrible at poising and scowl constantly). She got engaged last year which is so exciting as she’ll make the gorgeous bride. I couldn’t help but share these before Valentine’s Day. I also shared in the summer a few double exposures from this photo shoot that you can check out .

hearts (15)citizen erased photographycitizen erased photographyhearts (4)citizen erased photographyhearts (11)hearts (13)hearts (2)


Double Exposure: Summer Living is Easy

double exposures (1)double exposures (3)The end of January is always the time I start getting anxious to see the sun and feel warm without having to wear my woolly socks and a sweater inside my house. It’s the West Coaster in me, Vancouver spoiled me when it came to season because winter is pretty much December and that’s it. January feels like the start of winter in Montreal, and after 4 years I still cannot get used to it. I thought sharing some photos taken in warmer times would cheer me up a little, and what better than show you warmer times in Vancouver! My trip to Vancouver this summer was so short but I still managed to barely share any of my photos on here( partially because I got really homesick and didn’t want to look at photos of Vancouver in case It just made me pack a bag and fly back there).  We had a picnic at Trout Lake a few days before I had to leave with a handful of friends and my big brother. During the picnic I made people poise for me so I could take double exposure shoots of them, mostly in different poises but the first two below were taken of the lake as the second exposure.

picnic double exposures (8) double exposures (7) double exposures (6) double exposures (12) double exposures (4)the photos below of me were taken by Ana or my brother :) 

double exposures (10)double exposures (2)double exposures (13)


The White Witch

citizen erased photography (15)
白い魔女 (Shiroi Majo)

“Kagira re ta jikan no hazama de kaze ni somari
Tachidomaru ore wa dare?
Arifure ta kotoba no hazama de koware te iki
Kurikaesu koko wa doko?

Ishi wo yami ni some te
Iki wo tatsu koto mo kantan de
Dakedo mada honno sukoshi kimi ni furete itai
Ikiru koto wo yurushi te kure masu ka?

Aru hizashi no tsuyoi asa,
Me wo hiraki namida ga hajimete imi
Ni fure rare ta ki ga shi tan da
Soba ni kimi ga iru to naze da ga kanashii

Hitotsu ni nare nai no wa naze ?
Te wo hiraki koware sou na kotoba de mo
Tada hitotsu de mo ii
Sono mune ni tsukisasaru hodo no yaiba wo kokoro ni kure”

Dir En Grey “Ware, Yami Tote”

citizen erased photography (2) citizen erased photography (16)citizen erased photography (10)citizen erased photography (11) - Copycitizen erased photography (8)citizen erased photography (14)

I asked Ana to choose some lyrics or a poem to go with this series because I knew she would come up with the most amazing ones and she didn’t disappoint. If you want to listen to the song, check it out here.


Fall portrait

victor (18)So many photos from November I haven’t even shared yet…I cannot help but reminiscence about the colorful leaves on the ground, right now it’s just grey outside for days on end. I cannot wait until snow reaches as far as my eyes can see. I love that feeling like you are in a snow globe – all snuggly and warm surrounded by snow. I keep seeing photos of people in the woods during winter and feeling pangs in my stomach because I would love that so much. Some days being a transit girl for life just bums me out. When you live in a city you really need a car to escape it. The photos today are of Victor taken a few weeks ago at the bottom of Mont-Royal. His birthday is next week on December 10th and he is turning 32! So this is my birthday post of sorts to him looking all cute in the leaves.
victor (6)victor (7) victor (5) victor (13)victor (11)victor (12) victor (19)victor (24)victor (20)victor (23)victor (21)
I love the last photo of his silly face. I always take a photo of us together when we do things because I print them off and create a little book at the end of the year for our anniversary.

victor (25)I loved my outfit so I made Victor take photos of me and then I decided to do the can-can.

victor (15) victor (16)



Orchard Portraits

portraits (8)portraits (9)Last month Zara, Victor and me went to pick apples and I made them do a silly photo shoot with me so while we were there so today I thought I’d share my orchard portraits with you guys. It was an interesting day for photography with the light levels changing every 5minutes with the sun going behind the clouds and then shinning bright so you’ll notice the light changing frequently between the shots. I love the photos though and they both were very good sports at me snapping away. I love the ones of Zara in the trees on the ladder pretending to pick apples. I find all the ones were the sun is shining through the trees to be quiet dreamy, I can only imagine how beautiful the orchard is early in the morning when the dew is still on the grass the fog is slowly coming down the valley. I should like to live near an orchard when I am older. I’ve always wanted to leave near a farm but always been a city girl too so I don’t know how long I could do it for. It was a fun day and I cannot wait to go next year!

portraits (7)portraits (3)portraits (4)portraits (5)portraits (1)portraits (10)portraits (16)portraits (14)portraits (15) portraits (17)portraits (24)
I love this one of Victor eatting the apple, don’t know if he’ll agree with me. :)

portraits (25)portraits (21)portraits (28) portraits (29) portraits (30)portraits (32)Zara decided she was jealous of Victor’s pockets and wanted to pretend she had her own. I love it, her reaction to her modeling is below.

portraits (33) portraits (34) portraits (35)portraits (36)
Hope you liked the silly portraits I took of Victor and Zara at the orchard when we went to picking apples a few weeks ago. I thought I’d leave you with my fav of the bunch….

portraits (19)


Halloween Special: Double Exposure

Halloween (31)haloween special
In celebration of Halloween, I thought I’d share some of my double exposure experiments from a few years back taken of my friends before leaving for a Halloween party at a club. We have Michael the Mine, Gilberto as Dracula, Ernesto the Devil, Guillermo the Vampire, Paulina the Pirate, Eugene the Nudist on Strike, and finally me as a giraffe.

Halloween (68)Halloween (24)Halloween (66)Halloween (65)Halloween (52)Halloween (77)A self-portrait of myself peering through my eyelids.

Halloween (181)


If you wanna trade me…

ising pucky 8“Some people want me to be heads or tails, I say no way try again another day”

I thought we needed more Ising Pucky I photos for Vintage Tuesday. These were shot in Vancouver this summer at the school yard between where I use to live and my best friends house. We’ve spent many a sober and drunk evenings and dawn in this school yard collection ourselves and sorting through parts of our 20’s. It feels surreal anytime I am there in the daylight.  This is part of a long running project I have using mask of people’s faces to convey the need to unmask ourselves to each other.

The lyrics btw that were used in this post are from this amazing song, I am addicted too.

ising pucky 7ising pucky 9ising pucky 5isingpucky 6ising pucky 3ising pucky 1“I should be happy not tipping the scale. I just wont play letting my life get away. I am not a follower. I don’t take things as they come if they bring me down.”


The Last Basement Party: Holga Tim

holga tim (9)In Montreal for about 3 years, my life was all about the ‘Basement’. The “Basement’ was a clever name for a basement suite that many of my friends lived in and had come and gone from – the place to be – the place to party. That place had so many memories – we and Victor lived within a blocks walk from it for 2 years. Eventually things change though, it’s crazy looking at these photos now and realizing that half of these people have left Montreal now (mostly not by choice thanks to the government). I had this roll of film in my Holga Tim for over 1 year, just collecting random moments and it was really cool to find these shots of the last party that ever happened in the basement last week when I picked up my film from the developers. This party was probably just around a year ago. My favourites are the shots of Arturo, it’s too bad the shot of me and him my face is completely cut off (or maybe for the better – lol). Hope you like and RIP Basement.
holga tim (1) holga tim (8)holga tim (3) holga tim (4) holga tim (5) holga tim (6) holga tim (11)


Moments of Summer: Polaroid

polaroid (46)

The last set of Polaroids from my amazing trip to Vancouver. These were taken on my second to last day there when I met up with a few friends (and meet some new friends too) to have a piknic at Trout Lake. Trout Lake is such a lovely park right in the middle of Vancouver – I highly suggest going there if you are ever in Vancouver it’s just very relaxing. It was a great time, we had an assortment of snacks thanks to my friend Pang and everyone seemed to have just randomly brought with them goodies for everyone to enjoy. I got to hang out with my brother for the second time that trip. He lives in Calgary and was travelling for the summer and decided to come to Vancouver to see me which was so amazing of him because we don’t see each other enough. We all just sat on the grass and watched all the dogs go by and enjoy each other company and chatted. It really made me miss Vancouver….honestly in that moment I realized how much I missed being around people I love. I tend to forgot how nice it is to be lost in conversation with people… My Polaroid Colorpack wasn’t agree with me much that day and ate a few shots but I love the ones I managed to get and wished I had brought more film. Enjoy!

polaroid (47) polaroid (16) polaroid (43)

Ana was so nice to take a photo with me and my cute friend Pang-Pang (who is so adorable).

I wish my trip to Vancouver was longer!


Zara in Wonderland: Prince Edward Island

prince edward island (35)

Zara in Wonderland is a series of portraits of my friend Zara as the model. This addition was shot in Prince Edward Island on a beach and wharf we found exploring. She is standing as the sunsets in front of the Atlantic Ocean. We always end up on the most random adventures together and love exploring new places together. For more of my Zara in Wonderland series, check out the previous sets here, here, here, and here!

prince edward island (34) prince edward island (45)prince edward island (36)prince edward island (33) prince edward island (44)prince edward island (32)


One hand allows the other

double exposure (3)

“I thrive best hermit style
With a beard and a pipe
And a parrot on each side
But now I can’t do this without you

I never thought I would compromise
I never thought I would compromise
I never thought I would compromise

Let’s unite tonight
We shouldn’t fight
Embrace you tight
Let’s unite tonight

One hand allows the other
So much and me” – Bjork ‘Unison’

double exposure (1) double exposure (4)

Model: Lisa-Michelle. Shot in New Westminister, British Columbia 2013. Uneditted double exposure shots.


Love looks away in the harsh light of day…

citizen erased photography (5), portrait photography

A look back at few classic portraits in my collection, these were shot in 2008 with model and photography Lisa-Michelle. I cherise this set of photos, we had a much needed adventure near her house and spent a few hours getting shots of each other. We have an amazing photo shoot planned for next week when I visit Vancouver – it should be really fun not only to see Michelle but to get the chance to take photos of her. She is very lovely and great at being a model, I wish I could say the same for me. Poor Michelle has to deal with the fact I hate smiling in photos and…lets just say I make the worst model. I promised her I’d pratice before coming out (lets just say I haven’t but I’m confident I can at least not look angry in every shot). When I do photo shoots I love it just being a hang out and just let everything progress naturally. It always works best with Michelle because we both are photographers so we both think about the shoots and know what the other one is trying to accomplish with a shot. I am very excited for next week and promise a sneak peak in my 365 photo a day project. Enjoy her beauty in the meantime!

citizen erased photography (1), portrait photographycitizen erased photography (6), portraitcitizen erased photography (2), portraitcitizen erased photography (3), portrait photography


Lomography Wednesday

holga tim (4) Holga Tim : Portraits

Portraits taken with Tim are so much fun, there is so many ways to add cool elements to regular photos of friends. I haven’t used the camera that much recently and looking at these I am wondering why. I have a great opportunity though as I am going to visit friends in Vancouver in a few weeks and definitely Tim is coming with me. This week I thought I’d share a bit of my portrait collection, these shots are many from various parties at the Basement (which is the name of a house that was around for 2 years where a lot of friends lived). These are so silly and great. I really love half format cameras, and am hoping to get more in the future because I find them so much fun to play around with. I did a review of Holga Tim a few months ago as well that you can check out for more photos: here! holga tim (6) holga holga tim (22) holga tim (29) holga tim (27) holga holga tim (35) holga holga


Zara in Wonderland: Flying

citizen erased photography, zara in wonderland

Zara in Wonderland is a series of portraits of my friend Zara. I shot this set of her in Montreal when she was in town for a weekend on the roof of my old house back in 2011. She’s so graceful as she jumps, its almost like she’s hovering in the sky. We only manged to get a few photos taken because the business downstairs could hear us jumping on the roof and came up and yelled at us. lol. It was really funny, we hadn’t even thought of that. It was a great day and its so good to see her when she’s in town.  The quality isn’t the greatest but I love the movement and the spirit in them. Let me know if you like my Zara in Wonderland series, for previous sets, check out here, here, and here!

citizen erased photography, zara in wonderlandcitizen erased photography, zara in wonderland


Feel like I’m caught inside that little space underneath your heart and the concrete.

vic mella citizen erased photography 6 citizen erased photography 5 citizen erased photography 4My mister, Victor is the model for this series of photos, he wanted some photos for his DJ website (here)

These shots were taken a few weeks ago in one of our favourtie places in Montreal, the sculpture garden behind the Canadian Centre of Artitechture. We were having fun on Free Museum Day  despite the rain and manged to visit 3 different museums total which was a lot of fun. One of things I love most about Montreal is the culture and the apperication of art and days were I get to spend enjoying it are the best.


Vintage Tuesday

I’ve been taking a lot of black and white portraits with Polaroid in the last few months and thought I`d share a few with you. I love the Fuji black and white instant film, the contrast is really good. Most of these shots were taken in May at various times. I`m really loving my Polaroid Colorpack camera, I always get great results. I am hoping to figure out how to carry film after taking the shots since right now I leave them until I get home before taking the backing paper off. I do that so not to get any dust on the film and because  I scan the opposite side of the peeled paper as well. Fuji film also takes forever to dry completely but waiting until I`m home means I cannot make any adjustments, and sometimes I notice chemicals pool up on the film like in the shot of my co-worker Jenny. I just wasted 5 shots of film two weeks ago because I hadn’t switched from the b&w setting to color and my color shots all turned out over exposed and was not happy, so if you use Fuji film please let me know how you transport it?

polaroid (3)

polaroid colorpack (32)*this is what happens when the light meter on highest setting by accident
polaroid colorpack (22) (1280x1008)



I hear the humming of hopes so close to me…

citizen erased photography (6)

I love doing portrait photography, whether its really simple stripped down to grandiose fashion photography. I convinced my co-worker Jenny to allow me to take some photos of her last week and she even agreed to let me style her. I thought Jenny would look good with retro almost rockabilly styled hair, so I have her a barrel roll with her bangs and curls and just really gentle make-up to enhance her natural beauty. She looks great, its a little different from my usual photography but I had fun! Hope you like.

citizen erased photography (3)citizen erased photography (5)citizen erased photographyjennyI just had to include this outtake, a guy walking past let Jenny pet and pose with his gaint dog. So adorable.

citizen erased photography (7)


One by One

I recently went through all my current Citizen Erased masks and toke a photo of front and back of each of them. It was really fun, and I’m thinking that I will start making some more soon. A few of them are broken a bit from being put in boxes so much in the last few years when I moved so I do need to repair a few of them as well. I really cannot wait to find a place to put them in my new house. It always takes me awhile to decide where they look best and try different ways to showcase them. Hope you enjoy them, I love making mixed media projects.

citizen erased photography (3), citizen erased maskscitizen erased photography (4), citizen erased maskscitizen erased photography (8), citizen erased maskscitizen erased photography (2)citizen erased photography (5), citizen erased maskscitizen erased photography (6)citizen erased photography (9)citizen erased photographycitizen erased photography (7), citizen erased maskscitizen erased photography (10), citizen erased masksall of them together:
citizen erased photography (13)


Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil, See no Evil.

citizenerasedphotography, mask, citizen erasedcitizenerasedphotography, mask, citizen erasedcitizenerasedphotographycitizenerasedphotographycitizenerasedphotographycitizenerasedphotography

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil is a set of photos taken back in 2009 when I lived in Vancouver of my friend and room-mate at the time Sarah. She was one of the first people who let me make a mask of her face and posed specifically for the mask project (half of them are made with photos I’ve taken but not with the intention of making a mask). Her mask turned out far more surreal then I had expecting and I love the extra eyes. After I made the mask she posed wearing it and I love the results. She just so beautiful, it’s a shame in most of these photos her face is covered. I think my list of people I want to do more photo shoots with is getting super long. I am going back to Vancouver this summer so who knows.




citizen erased, citizen erased photography, maskThis mask is my favourite out of my Citizen Erased project, it helps that Jessika has such beautiful eyes. These two shots are from 2009 at the place where me and Jessika actually worked together. She is kindly wearing the mask of her face and posing for me on the rooftop.  I love these two shots, I really hope to do a proper photo shoot in the future with Jessika wearing the mask when I am back to Vancouver. These masks were my passion for so long, I love looking at them and really hope to make more. Its hard to force myself to produce art, I’d much rather wait for inspiration to take hold.

citizen erased, citizen erased photography, mask


Zara in Wonderland: Trout Lake

citizen erased photography, zara in wonderlandI love when I get to chance to share photos of Zara, she is a staple of Citizen Erased Photography not only because she’s beautiful and interesting but she always unique. This photo shoot is from such a long time ago it seems now (2009) while we were hanging out in Trout Lake. It is one of our conjoined favourite places in Vancouver when we both lived there, and we had a great day hanging out together. She even let me drawing dots on her’s faces and we had some time to sun bathing after taking photos which is always nice. This day was a  photographer’s dream really. Hope you enjoy more Zara in Wonderland photos (I shared some yesterday from New York City with her too).

citizen erased photography, zara in wonderlandcitizen erased photography, zara in wonderlandcitizen erased photographycitizen erased photography, zara in wonderlandcitizen erased photography, zara in wonderland


Lomography Wednesday

vancouver, citizen erased, citizen erased photography holga, vancouver, citizen erased, citizen erased photography holga, vancouver, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyvancouver, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyholga, vancouver, citizen erased, citizen erased photography vancouver, citizen erased, citizen erased photography vancouver, citizen erased, citizen erased photography vancouver, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyvancouver, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyThese photos are from 2009 taken with my Holga using 120 film. Most of them are from a walk downtown with my friend, Ana and some taken at my work place in New Westminster. I really love Holga square photos, the colors are so vibrant and as you can tell I love anything double exposed. I really want to take more with my Holga here in Montreal. It nice capturing random moments and the results are always rewarding for me. Lomography Wednesday is my favourite day of the week on my blog :)


If you’d be my King, I’d be your Queen.

citizen erased (7)This black and white photo shoot is from 2008 with my friends Mark and Stephanie who are both married now. I really love how classic Steph looks, and in the shot below it feels very much like the star of Amelie to me.We were explored strange alleys in downtown Vancouver takings photos a long the way. They were great to shoot, hope you enjoy and I’ll share later some of the color shots including Steph’s amazing black and blue hair!

citizen erased (2)
citizen erased (1)
citizen erased (11)citizen erased (10)


Where I End and You Begin

lisamichelle (4), citizen erased, citizen erased photographyThis photo shoot is one of my favourites, its from 2007 which feels like a century ago. This beautiful lady is my friend Lisa-Michelle, she`s a fellow photographer and one of my favourite models. We love going on little adventures together and take photos of each other. She has taken really great photos of me even though I am not comfortable poising for other people`s photos. She probably has a nice collection of me making mean frown faces for that exact reason, lol. I am enjoying looking back at these photos, I hope you do too!

lisamichelle (2), citizen erased,lisamichelle (13), citizen erased, lisamichelle (6)lisamichelle (9), citizen erased, citizen erased photographylisamichelle (8), citizen erased photographylisamichelle (12), citizen erased,lisamichelle (10), lisamichelle (5), citizen erased, lisamichelle (11), citizen erased photographyI hope you’ve enjoy these photos. I have a lot of older photos taken of Lisa-Michelle so she’s reappear again at some point. I enjoy doing these Thursday Flashbacks to previous photo shoots I’ve done in the past. I haven’t had much chance in the last few years to do more for Citizen Erased Photography. I am pretty shy, and since moving to Montreal without my usual friends around to rope into photoshoots I’m at a lose of who to take photos of. I’m really hoping to get some people to model for me this year as it’d be great to show you more current portrait photography (beside my cat, lol)


Montreal Zombie Walk 2012

Over the weekend there was an amazing event which I use to frequently go to when I lived in Vancouver, this was the first year I’ve attended in Montreal (they actaully didn’t even have one the first 2 years I lived here so I actually didn’t even know until last month that they had them here too)
These are my favourite shots from Saturday, I did dress up and try to be a zombie for a few blocks but personally found the huge crowds of people just watching and taking photos way too fustrating.
It was completly different from the zombie walks in Vancouver, but perhaps my mood wasn’t in the right spot for zombie-ness.
Unless I did stop and take a few photos before grabbing Bubbletea from my favourite cafe in Chinatown and heading home.
Maybe next year! When I can think of a great costume too, people are so impressive with their talent.

The last photo is actually on the way home, it did start to rain, and suprisingly there was a rainbow after the zombie walk :)

montreal zombie walk, citizen erased photographymontreal zombie walk, citizen erased photographymontreal zombie walk, citizen erased photographymontreal zombie walk, citizen erased photographymontreal zombie walk, citizen erased photographymontreal zombie walk, citizen erased photographymontreal zombie walk, citizen erased photographymontreal zombie walk, citizen erased photography


montreal zombie walk, citizen erased photography