I have a collection of postcards and have a project called Send Transmission where I send over 80 postcards year.

Pick of the Week: Hugs and Misses Postcards

hugs and missesThis week’s pick is the awesome postcard set called Hugs and Misses (30 Postcards of Awkward Romance) by Wilhelm Staehle. Staehle is known for his Silhouette Masterpiece Theater, which is the name of his site where every Wednesday he features an etched carving. All the Hugs and Misses postcards feature one unique etching into a wonderful painting with a comical, witty, and often crude joke that plays into the silhouette etching.  Each postcard is the standard 4×6 size and features a full color matt front and a standard backing with a custom stamp icon (each is unique and reflects the front). They are vibrant and each etching has amazing details and the paintings are beautiful. The jokes range various types of humour so there is definitely room to amuse everyone, for myself I found a few a bit boring but overall I really liked them. They are perfect to send in the mail or give out to friends for Valentines Day’s as well. Have a look below to get a sneak peak at some of the postcards.


Pick of the Week: Naoto Hattori “Twisted Surreal” Postcards

Naoto Hattori

Pick of the Week: Twister Surreal Postcards

This week’s pick is artist Naoto Hattori’s postcard book “Twisted Surreal”. Twisted Surreal is a limited edition book signed by Hattori that contains 32 postcards of her paintings. It features various paintings from her backlog mostly dated from 2005 to 2009. Overall I really enjoyed the selection of paintings and found they were very cohesive and went together well. The postcards show a variety of her artwork and include most of the major paintings that she is well known for. The postcards are an okay size for mini prints at 4 by 6inches but do have black framing around so the image is a bit smaller than that. They are printed on quality card stock (thinner than my preferred cardstock) and have a shiny texture front and matt back that is good for writing. The postcards feature a generic address and postcard stamp area, but do contain detailed information about the painting like the name, date, original size and material list.  As well there is a gas mask detail over the writing area that adds some flare to the otherwise standard back. These postcards are a wonderful way to view her work however they are pretty typical postcards and only worth the purchase if you are not a fan of her work.   For more about her artwork, check out her site and for other items beside postcard check out her main shop that features prints, originals and additional items like t-shirts, stickers and more.

a closer look at a few of the postcards:


Pick of the Week: Ally Burke

ally burke (4)Pick of the Week: Ally Burke

This week’s pick is a must for October in preparation for Halloween, artist Ally Burke of deadspiderhands. She’s been a pick twice before but I cannot resist sharing her artwork. I absolutely adore her style and I love the humor of her work. Her shop is primarily prints, stickers, postcards and originals of her twisted portrait illustrations and paintings. She even has a set of special prints, and a zine just for Halloween this year.  I was surprised looking back at my previous posts to see that I had never even shared some of my most beloved pieces of her artwork in my possession. Before I’ve shared some of her postcards and stickers, and a print from Society6 but now I also have 3 original illustrations, a painting, and I even have a commissioned portrait of Victor and me for our 3rd year anniversary. I may pick up even more originals soon as she’s done a few illustrations on dollies that look divine and I’ve been thinking I need a portrait of me and my cat as well (total crazy cat lady, right?)  The experience of working with her on the commission was wonderful and she was more than accommodating to all of my requests and feedback so I’d love to do it again. There isn’t much more I can say as clearly I’m a little entranced with her work but if you need something Halloween themed her shop is great place to look.  If you love her style  I suggest following her on Tumblr or Instagram as well because I find the illustrations of hers I like the most are usually just her everyday sketches that stay in her sketch book.  Here is a look at all the things I have in my little deadspiderhands collections.

ally burke (6)ally burke (5)ally burke (2)ally burke (7)ally burkeally burke (3)ally burke (1)

a few of my favourite items from her shop:


Pick of the Week: Hikari Shimoda Postcards

Hikari Shimoda (5)

Pick of the Week: Hikari Shimoda Postcards

This week’s pick is the Japanese artist Hikari Shimoda postcard set available through Akatako. This set includes 10 postcards featuring her paintings from 2013 and a personally signed sticker. Shimoda work is inspired by the anime and manga she grew up with and the idea that children are desired by society to save the world. I’m obsessed with her work and love her unique depiction of children and humanity.  There is so much expression in her portraits that I couldn’t resist picking up these postcards. The postcards are good quality and have a shiny front and back and come in very minimal packaging (a blue envelope). The paintings featured for the most are not full sized which is a shame and for that reason would likely not be as suitable to be used as mini-prints but I do love that she included the name and medium of each painting and displaying them much like she would in a gallery. Over all I think for the price and considering the rarity of being able to see a piece of her art in person let alone how limited her prints are this is a great way to enjoy her work . If you want to see more of her work, check out her website and Akatako also has originals and limited prints of her work as well. Below I have a closer look at each postcard and the sticker signed by Hikari Shimoda.


Pick of the Week: James Jean Memu Postcards

james jean memu postcardsPick of the Week: Memu Postcards by James Jean

This week I wanted to share with you James Jean’s newest postcard collection Memu . Memu is Jean’s second collection of postcards and features 100 of his paintings and sketches in a collectible box. I have both of his postcard collections, Memu and Xoxo and absolutely love them both (review for XoXo here). One of my favourite things about Memu is the cloth covered box with its red silkscreen details. On its own, the box is beautiful and mesmerizing. It reminds me of the cover for his art book Rebus which had detailed red foil lettering as well.  He continues to put a lot of thought into the postcards and each contains on the backside the name of the piece, materials used, ample space to write and area for address as well as a stylizes stamp area. Roughly half of the postcards even contain a gray outline of the artwork from the front of the postcard on the backside where you would write (images below of back of the postcard). The postcards themselves have high quality images with vibrant and bright colors and on quality card stock that is suitable for writing on (I hate glossy cardstock backs that are impossible to write on). One thing I’ve noticed is that if you keep them in the box they do tend to curve slightly in the middle. As for the artwork that was chosen to be featured on each postcard I found that unlike his previously collection which was 30 pieces of artwork &sketches there is some loss of the cohesiveness and not everyone is gem. To me there is a feeling of repetition within the postcards (even though all 100 are unique) because of similar tones and subject matter. If you are a huge fan of his work you might love every one of them but for me it felt that there were more than a few duds in the bunch. For the price however is hard to argue that the duds really matter in the grand scheme of things especially when all his most iconic paintings have been featured and there doesn’t seem to be any left out (he doesn’t repeat any of the postcards featured in XoXo however). It has to be said he is one of the few modern artists who makes his work accessible outside of a gallery and his postcard sets are one of the easiest ways to view his paintings and see selections from his sketchbooks. I would imagine most people who would want to pick up Memu will use them as mini-prints instead of postcards but the amount of detail put into them make them excellent for anyone who collects postcards or loves to send postcards to friends regardless if you are familiar with his work. I am in love, these are probably my second favourite postcards in my collection (XOXO is still my top). Very happy to have these and I would says they are amazing postcards/mini prints to pick up especially with the reasonable price of around $20.

a closer look at the postcards:


Pick of the Week: Camilla d’Errico Postcards

camilla d errico

Pick of the Week: Camilla d’Errico Postcards

This week’s pick is Camilla d’Errico’s self-titled postcard set that contains 30 various prints from her body of work. I know a lot of people seem to look down their nose at d’Errico’s art style but I’ve always had a soft spot for her combinations of cute big eyes girls and animals even if it’s often overplayed in the last 10 years since she started out. There is no denying her bright and colorful paintings are eye catching and make great merchandise and I for one am happy she seems to realize this and sells her work in a variety of products. Her paintings make much better postcards I find and they make for great mini-prints as well. Perfect for sending to friends with its eye catching colors and if your friend has a spirit animal chances are it’s included in the 30 set. There is also a lot of design on writing side of the postcards which I hugely appreciate when artist put the effort into stylizing the postcards to fit their own style. The size is the standard for postcards so they make pretty small prints but still a good gift for anyone who enjoys her work. I would definitely recommend these postcards if you enjoy anime style girl with colorful hair cuddling animals like lions, butterflies and everything in between.

a few of the postcards:


Pick of the Week: Tattoos by Jian Yi

Jian Yi (8)Pick of the Week: 30 Postcards to Color and Send by Jian Yi

Today’s pick is 30 Postcards to Color and Send by Jian Yi, which are no longer a part of my postcard collection because I’ve sent them all away to friends for Easter. These postcards are super fun and combine two things I love to do – send mail and colour! (Pro tip if you ever work in a call centre – colouring is a great way to create a little Zen) The postcards are all of classic tattoo designs and feature plenty of iconic tattoo images like skulls, koi fish, dragons and more. Out of the 30 I found most of the tattoo designs to be very interesting but there was a few boring ones in there. The quality of the paper is not a high as I prefer but the cardstock overall was ideal for colouring and wasn’t too weak. The back is very plan, just the lines for the address and the stamp area is a dragon. Overall though for the price I bought mine (under $10) I was really happy with them and colouring them gives you more chances to individualize each postcard for the receiver. Definitely I could see kids having a lot of fun with them, so all in all highly recommended.  I’ve included a photo below of a few of the postcards uncoloured as well as a closer look at the designs after I coloured them.

Jian Yi postcards (2)now a look at my lovely job of coloring (I suck at coloring but it sure makes work more bearable)

Jian Yi (9)Jian Yi (1) Jian Yi (2) Jian Yi (6) Jian Yi (4) Jian Yi (5)


Pick of the Week: The Snow Yak Show Postcards

snow yak (28) copy

Pick of the Week: The Snow Yak Show

This week’s pick is artist Mark Ryden’s “The Snow Yak Show” postcards.  I choose these for this month’s postcard pick because they are wintery and ethereal, not to mention I love Mark Ryden’s corky style.  All 17 postcards feature his work from his art show of the same name and are very well made on good cardstock with a glossy front side and a matt finish for the writing side (always appreciated). Each postcard includes the name of the art piece as well as the medium and original size it was created on, as well as his branding on the back. The design is a little sparse with no address lines or a stamp indication (I love postcards where they customize the stamp indicator) but they measure 5 by 7 which means they can make a good mini-print as well. The postcards are dived between his paintings and his graphite drawings but there are some repeats as a few of the larger paintings have a cropped version as well as the full sized. Regardeless of the lack of design on the back and repeat images I love these postcards and have been hording them all to myself for over a year and think they’d be a great whimsical set to pick and send your friends in these chilly months (which I am doing next month). And who doesn’t love yaks?

a look at each postcard:


Craft Fair & My New Store

craft fair
This weekend if you are in Montreal I will be at a craft fair at La Tour Prisme selling postcards and prints of my photography. Come by and say hi, there will be plenty of local artists selling all types of goodies just in time for the holidays. Plus I may just bake some cupcakes if I get the time. It’s my first time having a table at a craft fair so I am very excited and I love going to these types of events and will be probably picking up lots of cute stuff for myself from the other artists (or hint at Victor about Christmas presents). If you aren’t from Montreal and are interested in seeing my postcards or photography prints I also just started running a store over at Storenvy. I don’t have many prints up currently but there are plenty of postcards to choose from. Victor was amazing and helped me design the backs. I am in love with them. It’s really just a chill way for me to spread my work to a broader audience and currently I have all prints on sale as they are older photos from my portfolio. Below are some examples on what you can find…

postcards (154) postcards (142) postcards (69) postcards (113) postcards (96)


My Store!


I am so happy to announce that today is the grand opening of my store front on Storenvy. Just starting out with postcards but want a place to sell my photography prints and craft projects so there will be plenty of things added in the future. It will be a casual place for me to sell the occasional thing if people are interested but currently as I have so many projects in the air and still work full time and run the blog it is really just a casual experiment. So go check it out if you like postcards, and if you buy anything this month it will be gift wrapped for free by me. :)



Saturday Review: Pictures by Elliott Erwitt

Elliott Erwitt (28)

Saturday Reivew: Pictures by Elliott Erwitt “Postcards”

Pictures by Elliot Erwitt is a 50 postcard set using 25 of his advertising and documentary photographs. Mr. Erwitt born in 1928, Paris is known for his black and white photography of everyday situations. A lot of his photographs have become iconic pieces of art. This collection captures all aspects of his photography career from his war-time shots to his everyday images of New York City and even two of the icon Marilyn Monroe. This set comes in a nicely contained box that is lined with the most beautiful red coloring. The postcards themselves are on good thick stock paper and the back although slightly generic have some personal details and described what the photograph on the front is. They are also larger postcards which is nice because you don’t lose any details of his original black and white photographs and can easily be used by the receiver afterwards as a mini-print. There is a few noted photographs of his body of work that are not featured in the set like the cover itself which I find very charming and for some reason isn’t actually contained in the set. As it comes with 50 postcards and only 25 photographs that means each is repeated once and this is really the most disappointing thing about this set. As a photography Mr. Erwitt’s body of work is vast and there is plenty of iconic photographs of his that are not included in this collection, it would have been very easy to make these 50 unique postcards. Beside this over sight I find these very charming and I love looking at them. I would recommend to any lover of photography or anyone who enjoys black and white film photography.

check out below for a look at each postcard from the series:


Halloween Around the House

I love Halloween, it’s my holiday jam. I started celebrating it in September and have kept going since then. You may have noticed with the Halloween posts over the last few weeks. This year though having moved to a 3rd story apartment I’ll have to settle for no Trick-or-Treaters and only being allowed to decorate around the house. I also realized that I have so many cupcakes supplies that I decided to give my co-workers weekly cupcakes leading up to Halloween. I made the apple crumble ones for this week and some red velvet last week and coming up will be making blueberry cream cheese ones.  One tradition that is staying is my love of sending my friends and family a Halloween card with a customized drawing inside by me. I am terrible at drawing but it’s been tradition for me to draw in cards for so many years I completely lost count when it started or why.  This year I combined my usual tradition of drawing inside the card with a Halloween related image with the actual card and ended up with custom postcards for each person. They turned out amazing, have a look below at the postcard process and then random decorations around my house and Halloweenish cupcakes :)

For the postcards I first drew with pen a drawing referencing Ally Burke‘s work and monsters from my Stickerbomb book on pieces of paper.
365 (187)Then I scanned the drawings and used Photoshop to add wacky colors and designed a postcard back for them before sending them to Moo Cards to be printed.

POSTCARDThen I decorated all the enevelopes with fun and wierd stickers from my Stickerbomb Monster book.

Then added a custom postcard for each friend chosen carefully to match their personality and some stickers for fun. A few people also got an original drawing or photos I’ve taken of them.

All ready to go. Its always so much fun sending snail mail to my friends.snail mailsnail mailsnail mail

If you are wondering where I got the images from, for most of them I used Ally Burke’s wonderful work (like I said I am terrible at drawing however I make for a decent mimic when I have source material).

Now for cupcakes, last week since I had spider web liners I thought I’d add spooky butterflies  to make it like they were stuck in the spider’s web (lol okay maybe not spooky)
cupcakes (19) cupcakes (5)cupcakes (2)
I have too many cupcake liners.
decorations (85)Now for  a tour around my silly house decorations. First is the kitchen…

halloween decorations halloween decorations (124)halloween decorations (80)halloween decorations (144) halloween decorations (126)halloween decorations (84)halloween decorations (158)halloween decorations (157)
Victor’s studio window is a little more gory because I thought he’d enjoy that more. halloween decorations (5)
halloween decorations (19)halloween decorations (17)halloween decorations (10)halloween decorations (15)halloween decorations (111)halloween decorations (105)halloween decorations (108)

Lastly my front window has silhouette images with glitter gold highlights. decorationsdecorations (64)decorations (62)

1 more week to go! Are you excited? I am. I got my pumpkins on the weekend and hope to carve them tonight. My brother posted a tutorial on how to carve pumpkins with a drill and I am dying to try it out. I’ll be roasting the pumpkin seeds afterwards as well. I cannot wait.


Pick of the Week: James Jean “XoXo Hugs and Kisses” Postcards

james jean postcards (2)Pick of the Week: James Jean Postcards

You may have notices Pick of the Week has had monthly postcards picks for the last week months, this month being James Jean’s set called XO. I have such a passion for postcards I really want to share some of my favourites with you. James Jean’s postcards are no exception, they are wonderful and a great way of celebrating and enjoying his art. I adore artist who go out of their way to make their art accessible to everyone and postcards are a really great way of doing that. There is a lot of thought put towards the set XO with the matt sheen and customized back with detailed information about the print that covers the front. The only oversight I have found is the card stock could be much studier. For any artist of his level he doesn’t need to be focusing on having products like this and it’s noticeable as some modern artists are worried about accessibility devaluing their work whether is prints or small end items. There are 30 postcards of his work to enjoy and almost all of his earlier well known work is included. Plus it’s easy to purchasable at various online stores for a very low price. Highly suggest these even if you don’t know him as an artist as these postcards are just unique and exceptional. Below are some shots of XO.

james jean postcardsjames jean postcards (3) james jean


Pick of the Week: Trish Grantham

trish granthamPick of the Week: Trish Grantham

My pick of the week is Trish Grantham, a painter from Portland Oregon with a very unique style of drawing on top of vintage paper (as well as installation work). As you may have guessed by now, I am a huge collector of postcards. Trish Grantham’s artwork is just so charming and I adore her style of drawing. The vintage paper as the back drop makes her artwork prefect for reprinting in postcard form, it works so well. These are one of my most treasured sets out of my collection. I have yet to give any away because I love them so much, however most of these guys will be off in the mail by the end of the week.  To find more about her artwork you can check out her website, and for originals she has an Etsy.

My favourite postcards/prints:


Pick of the Week: Rudy’s Candy

rudyscandy (2)Pick of the Week: Rudy’s Candy

Rudy’s Candy Shop is an Etsy store run by artist Rudy Fig based out of Minneapolis. Her shop included stickers, postcards, toys and other items featuring her illustrations with the occasional original painting. Her work has a certain whimsical nature that I really enjoy and I always have a soft spot of doll inspired work with big eyes. I picked up this lovely lollipop sticker and some adorable nail decals from her this summer. And she kindly gave me one of her wonderful postcards as well (I covet her new ones so much). I’ve tried the decals and although they are tricky (like most decals for me) the end results are amazing and having them on my fingers makes me feel like I am lost in a story tale. I’ve put photos below showing off more of what I grabbed, but if you want to check out more about Rudy, she has a website: here!

rudyscandy (3)rudyscandyrudyscandy (2)rudyscandy

A few of picks from her shop:


Pick of the Week: Jetoy!

Jetoy (10)Pick of the Week: Jetoy

My pick for this week is Jetoy a stationary brand from Korea, and my go to for all things cute and cat related. I fell in love with this brand last year when I stumbled abound a set of postcards of the Choo Choo cat. It took awhile to figure out the brand was actually called Jetoy but soon I was on their website jealously looking at the wonderful things Koreans can pick up from their stores. I thought it’d be great to share since in a week university and high school starts up (although I am in neither anymore). They have stickers, postcards, note books, calendars, sticky notes and all the basic stationary things. Sadly it’s very hard to find in Canada (if you live in a big town check out your local ‘box store’ in Chinatown) and ordering from their English website is insanely expensive. I recommend going the Ebay route for newer items and Etsy for older stock – I’ve never had an issue buying anything from either place or getting none genuine Jetoy product. Just make sure you buy from a verified seller – I alwasy go by the best price with the most reviews. The notebooks are my personal fav because they have even more Jetoy cats draw on the inside paper making it more than you average notebook. I am a little obsessed, but how can you say no to a Choo Choo cat?

jetoy (5)

Jetoy (4)
Jetoy (1)

Calenders and Bookmarks
Jetoy (6)

Note Books

Jetoy (9)Jetoy (7)

My collection so far!Jetoy (12)Actually I just realized I am missing a few pieces like my Iphone cover and phone strap plus my card holder…and my little plastic case I use for my film. hahaha I have way too much.


Pick of the Week: Worried Eyes

worried eyes (6)Pick of the Week: Worried Eyes

Worried Eyes is an Etsy shop run by Elaine Williams that features her art is various forms. You can pick up handmade stickers, original paintings and sketches, postcards, and occasionally items like hair clips and pins. My favourite item from her store though has to be her “doodle package”. I love getting snail mail and this is great item to pick up if you do too (and very reasonable priced).  It’s basically a miss mash of random items she has, including a decorated envelop, sketches, photo copied works, stickers, a postcard and all these random little items that will just make you swoon. Her art is very unique as it’s easy to become addicted to her style. I’ve gotten two from her and below will be showing you detailed photos of all the pieces that I got of each doodle package. The great thing is everyone is different and that makes it even more exciting to receive in the mail, I think. I’ve also gotten some original paintings and a pin that I will show in a later Pick of the Week as well (I thought they deserved their own post and I want to have them framed).  Check out her shop to pick of a doodle package of your own and you can check out her tumblr too: here!

worried eyes (17) worried eyes (20)worried eyes (21)worried eyes (18)worried eyes (22)worried eyes (19) worried eyes (8) worried eyes (10)worried eyes (15)
a few of my favourite items from her shop:
il_570xN.408803000_s92jil_570xN.466078880_akqy il_570xN.485932822_87iiil_570xN.451757521_1r5h


Saturday Review: Mark Ryden Postcards

mark rydenMark Ryden’s “Tree Show” Microportfolio

This is Mark Ryden’s 5th microportfolio with images taken from his 2009 solo exhibit “Tree Show” at the Michael Kohn Gallery. It contains 15 postcards of his beautiful paintings (Allegory of the Four Elements, The Apology, Fetal Trapping in North America, Logging Truck, Yoshi, Tree of Life, California Brown Bear, Ghost Girl, Goodbye Bear, General Sherman, Squirrel Girl, Bear Girl, Stump Baby, and Nurse Sue). These are high quality postcards with a lot of care put towards them and at roughly 5 by 7 inches they can make great mini prints as well. The paintings featured in the microportfolio were very well chosen from the exhibit and there are no real duds in the mix if you are a fan of his unique pop surrealism style. My favourite detail about them is the edge work. Besides that they have a pretty standard postcard back with some stylized detail like the “Tree Show” icon on the bottom corner, and the name of the painting, as well the coloring of older paper (a nice change from the obligatory white). The cost depending on where you pick them up can be a bit pricing for postcards however when you consider that these can easy be used as mini prints that doesn’t seem to be an issue. I for one love artist postcards and find that artists who try and make their work easy available and affordable to fans stand ahead of the pack. “The Tree Show” postcards are engaging with some wonderful pieces of art, and a great pick up for any postcard enthusiast or any fan of pop surrealism.

check out below for a look at each postcard from the series:


Pick of the Week: Melancholy Kitties

Melancholy Kitties (4)

 Pick of the Week: Melancholy Kitties

Melancholy Kitties is an Etsy store run by Kat Caro that specializes in postcards and prints of Blythe dolls that have been custom made by herself for clients. I love Blythe dolls and have always been obsessed with them and I love her Dia de los Muertos inspired customizations. Owning these postcards of her work is the next best thing to owning one of her customized dolls myself. Her work is so colorful  and the little details are so wonderful. There shiny postcards are lovely if you are a collector of postcards like myself, a must! If you want to see more of her customized work, check out her website: here!

Melancholy Kitties (22)

my favourite items:


Saturday Review: Fresh Fruits

Fresh Fruits (1)Fresh Fruits by Shoichi Aoki

Fresh Fruits is a collection of postcards compiled from the magazine of the same name by Shoichi Aoki, who also is the sole photographer. Fresh Fruits documents Tokyo street fashion of the late 1990s and early 2000s. There is 45 postcards total included of selected images from the magazine over the years. Tokyo street fashion has long been popular in North America in the kind of voyeuristic way. I’ve been a fan of Fruits fashion since I was in high school myself and grabbed these up to add to my postcard collection. They are very vivid, and are well made postcards with details on the back side about each person and what they are wearing. I find the postcards are a great way to view the fashion of the time, especially since it’s nearly impossible to get the magazine Fresh Fruits here in Canada, and I find the postcard format for me at least works better then the books I’ve seen. The only downside, but also a positive depending on how you look at it, is that there postcards are large format which means they are nearly twice the size of the average 4×6 postcard.  Other than that these are delightful and a fun exciting way to look at Tokyo fashion and there is so many difference styles represented and truly you can tell Aoki toke the time to curate what would make it into this set as it is the best of the best. If you’ve ever been curious about Tokyo fashion or love interesting postcards this is great grab and much cheaper than buying one of the many books out there and its straight from one of the best sources of fashion at the time.

Each postcard:


Saturday Review “Postcards from Vogue”

vogue cover postcards (2)

Postcards from Vogue: 100 Iconic Covers

Postcards from Vogue, is a collection of covers taken from their 120 years of being a leading fashion magazine made into postcards. As a collector of postcards I was really excited to see them releasing some with their iconic covers. From timeless photographers, famous artists, and classic illustrations it shows why Vogue has always be in the forefront of making fashion into art. The one thing I appreciate most is how Vogue curates the covers chosen for the postcards. There is a large emphasis in the older covers, which in my opinion was when Vogue was far more adventurous and intriguing and simply didn’t put blank faced actresses on the cover. The 90’s and the 2000’s get kind of swept to the side representing roughly 10 out of the 100 postcards and for me that was a smart choice. Perhaps it’s a bit nostalgic on my part but I’ve always appreciated the older covers, they are far most classic to me than the last 2o years of Vogue covers. Vogue appears to have made the choice to highlight the earlier covers and I agree with their choices. I’m not a frequent reader of Vogue but I have seen most of their covers and do go through their photo spreads, as they’ve always shown willingness to engaged art, and artists and showing interesting and surrealist ideas. And the covers show that, with photography from Irving Penn to a cover made by Salvador Dali…Vogue was always in the forefront. It’s a shame to say that isn’t the case anymore, most covers from Vogue seem the same as last years and as someone who in Art History class was shown Irving Penn’s cover I doubt any of their modern covers will every have the privilege. I think that is why I love this collection so much and why I think they did a really good job with it. And seeing the hand drawn covers from the 1980’s and early 1900s when photography was not predominate was very interesting and I loved looking at these ones the most. It’s a great way to look through the past of Vogue and see their past glories and the iconic pieces.


Pick of the Week: The Black Apple


Pick of the Week: The Black Apple

The Black Apple is an Etsy store by Emily Winfield Martin showcasing her artwork. Available are prints of her characters as well as stationary, postcards and other items using her artwork. I love her adorable characters and her style. I first found out about her after buying her book about how to make paper dolls and have two different collections “Lost on the Midway” and “Alice” postcards. Its a great way to get mini-prints of her artwork or to send to friends and family. Her work is so wonderful, and both of these sets came with matching envelopes which was a nice bonus! A great way to get introduced to her artwork, I’m in love. :)
A few close up of the postcards…

theblackapple theblackappletheblackapplea few of my favourite items:
the black apple
the black apple


Pick of the Week: Worms Worms Worms


Wormswormsworms is a shop created by Ally Burke showcasing her artwork. I love her postcards and stickers. These are the ones I bought in the summer to keep and send to my best friend. I ordered an original print and more stickers a few days ago and I’m so excited to get. If you love unique art check her out, and her tumblr is amazing too. I really hope she makes more postcards because they are so unique.

Favourite items at her shop:





Postcard Love

One of the few things I like to collect is postcards, such a neat way to capture art otherwise beyond my grasp. Artists are doing great things at making their art accessible to people who enjoy their work. I make postcards of my own photography and I find it’s a neat medium to see your work. Now nothing pleases me more than when I find an artist I like who has them or an etsy store with original or creative postcards. Here’s a look inside my postcard collection, from international artists to Korean stationary markers.

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