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Easy Fujifilm Mini Instax Kit

For Christmas this year I ended up making my friend a personalized Fujifilm Instax Kit to go with her new Instax Mini 8 camera. Inside included a bunch of essentials for starting out with an Instax like film, a carrying case and more. This kit is useful for beginners to Instax or even someone who has had it for a long time as these types of things are useful regardless. Now you can buy premade kits from Amazon which are of great saving but sometimes it’s hard to find every element you want and have a fully customized kit but they are worth having a look at. I ended up buying one medium sized kit and keeping some of it for myself and buying additional elements to it to customize it fully for my friend. Below is each piece I thought was worth adding and links on where to find it individually.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Kit


Fujifilm Mini Instax Kit (1)A neck strap and a set of plastic frames that allow you to stand up 1 instax photo.
Strapes found here & here and frames here.
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Lomography Wednesday: Toy Camera Wish List

Every year I do my toy camera wish list of some of the newest available cameras that I have my eye on. This year there are two that I am really hoping to pick up next year. The Fisheye Baby, which I saw a few weeks ago in person while on the metro and fell in love with its tiny size. The other is the Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 which I never expected to come out but was waiting for. Since they released the Instax Mini 90 it seemed liked Fujifilm might be zoning out the less popular Wide film and camera, which they hadn’t released a new model for in years. Out of nowhere one day I spot the Wide 300 on Amazon and even better it’s fashioned in the style of Mini 90 which I personally love. The previous version happened to one hell of an ugly camera which is why I never bought one so now I am excite to try out a large Instax. Here is all my wish list…

La Sardina Cosmic

Fisheye Baby 100 Gold

Lomo’Instant Wide Portobello Road

Viddy Build Your Own Pinhole

Fujifilm Instax Wide 300

Ondu 135 Panoramic Pinhole

Holga Digital


Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Review

fujifilm-instax-mini-90Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Review

The Instax Mini 90 by Fujifilm is the newest camera in their credit card sized instant photography range. The Mini 90 is a follow up to the almost forgotten Instax Mini 50 series.  What separates the Mini 90 and 50s before it from the colorful Instax 7(s) and 8 is the ability to customize your shot with advance settings while still being point and shoot. Included on the camera are multiple flash settings, basic lighting options, more shooting modes, a timer, and a tripod socket. New to this version alone however are the bulb and double exposure mode and a rechargeable battery which makes this camera the best they come up with for mini instant photography. The 90 also give offers instead of the bright colors and oddly shaped body of the 7 & 8’s a plastic and leather combination that holds and feels more like a camera (a design they’ve termed Neo Classic). Shoot modes include: Standard, Marco, Party, Kids, Landscape, Double Exposure and Bulb with 4 lighting modes of Normal, Light, Lighter, and Dark. As well you have Flash modes: automatic, forced firing, suppressed, and red eye reduction with option to turn on a self-timer for 1 or two shots.

Now for example photos and my review, you can also check out my Instax Film Guide.

Portraitinstax mini toronto (10)

Self-Portraithamicat instax mini film (1)

Catsinstax mini toronto (12)

Group Shotinstax mini toronto (2)

Landscapelomography instax mini film camping vancouver island long beach (15)

Still Life

Double Exposure
instax mini toronto (13)


Macromacro fail(I have not good example macro shots because they are all fails)

Sunnyspring instax mini film (14)

Cloudyfuji instax mini film lake ontario (3)

Duskhamicat instax mini film (9)

Sunrise/Sunsetfujifilm instax mini film

Direct Sunfall in instax film (5)

Shadefall in instax (2)


Flashhalloween instax mini film (5)


At the time I bought it last summer I was really wondering if it was worth it, especially as I really had my eye on the old Mini 50S in piano finish which was the same price as the Mini 8 and had almost identical features to the Mini 90 besides being the older model. However if shoot often with instant film and enjoy having a new camera with accessibility to film – ­­this camera will make you much happier than its contemporaries. Before I start reviewing and dissecting the Instax Mini 90, I want to state that I emphatically believe that it is the best camera option for mini instant film, even beyond the range of Fujifilm’s own cameras (hello Lomo’Instant) and the price is worth it. The only opposition to buying it over the others is personal preference for how it looks , not wanting to buy the higher price point (I bought mine for $60 more than the Instax Mini 8 but slightly cheaper than the Lomo’Instant) and the biggest one, no accessories (additional lens types and colourful cases). Like with any Instax film camera there is plenty of faults you can find with all of them including manual options, ability to use in all situation, and the viewfinder in name a few. If you want my opinion the best instant camera would be a vintage Polaroid camera compatible with current FujifilmFP100-C film but we are talking about cameras that use mini Instax film so I will digress. In my experience the Instax Mini 90 is the strongest out of them all and there is no element to it that is weaker or inferior to any other model when it comes to its technology.


The modes works well and allow you to use the camera in almost any situation. My favourite modes are the Party, Landscape and standard which I use constantly and get great results. My least favourite is Macro which I’ve never successful gotten a clear shot with despite trying various distance and subject matter. My second least favourite is Multiple Exposure, I know it might be hard to believe that someone who posts bi-weekly double exposures doesn’t enjoy this mode but I don’t. The results it gives me are easily over exposed with little details and I just can’t get behind it. I also not one to do typical multiple exposures so maybe the average person would still love this (I know it’s why I decided to buy the camera in the end). The other modes, Kids and Bulb I never use – I don’t know why I just don’t. One thing I will mention while I’m talking about the modes is the fact that Party and Kids for some reason do not allow you to shoot with no flash on. It infuriates me because unless I’m indoors or its night I mostly shoot with no flash and for them to arbitrarily not allow you, pisses me off especially since I use Party mode a lot. Although it can be said that the Mini 7/8’s don’t even have real modes so my negatives comments you have to take into perspective anything is better than nothing.


The automatic Normal lighting is really good and versatile although it can be tricky as I’ve noticed at certain times in the afternoon you tend you get blue tinted photos for some reason. On bright sunny days when you are not shooting in shadows I recommend Dark as Normal will always be too bright. As for Light it’s good to use when shooting in shadows, but I haven’t had good experience using it in the afternoon as the sun is going down as it tends to make images more blurry and oddly have little contrast. Lighter is useless and blurry and has over exposed all dark situations I’ve used it on. Keep in mind I am referring to shooting by the hand as most people I am assume are not shooting with tripods. The two lighter options would drastically improve if used on a tripod as my biggest concern is the how blurry they are (I haven’t not tried this so I might be wrong). Lastly DON’T point at the sun; you will always get a black hole that ruins the shot.


For the flash modes as I’ve stated I solo try to shoot with the flash off. However I have used it at night and indoor and the default flash and red eye flash work great. It’s powerful and doesn’t wash out too much if things are at a good distance. However you want to make sure your subjects are not too close, I’d say anything an arm reach away (sorry all selfies will be over exposed ghosts). As for Non-flash I love, I do not trust any camera to know when the lighting is okay for flash or not, one reason why the Mini 90 is amazing because you can turn that off. But by default the automatic flash will be on and if you accidently leave it on, or are in the two modes that you can’t turn off the flash it will be a drunk fool and shoot in the middle of a sunny day just because. Automatic flash is the worst thing in any camera, full stop. Another peeve of mine is that I have to reselect the flash mode anytime I change the shooting mode, it’s annoying and it leads to that automatic flash being on when I didn’t realize and blinding someone during the middle of the day.

Normal mode – flash went of automatically fall in instax flash

No Flashfall in instax film (4)


The viewfinder for me is the most frustrating part of the camera. I feel like I have a better time shooting if I ignored it completely. However when you are spending so much money per shot, it’d be nice to actually be able to frame it and what you see in the viewfinder is never what you’ll get. I’ve even started to try and figure out how to compensate for it and that just ends me up with worse shots. Now I’ve used the other versions and they are worse but I have to point it out because I’d love a true viewfinder and it’s a sour point in all the Instax cameras.

Other Features

One thing on the camera I cannot fault is the battery. For starts it has a rechargeable battery which I could just stop there as that’s already such an improvement. However not only do you no longer have to buy and carry around replacement batteries that weigh down you and your camera but the battery is amazing. I’ve owned the camera for a year and a half and charged it twice; once when it arrived and again a second time this summer. Now I don’t use the flash that often but it blows my mind that it lasts that long. The camera also has ‘selfie’ mirror on the front which is just the highly reflective shutter button that I didn’t even notice was there (I now no longer wonder why all mine turn out framed so badly). Speaking of things I didn’t notice, there are two shutter buttons on the camera. The top shutter is in the convention shutter button area and the second is on the front acting as the mirror and with the power switch around it – who knew? I use the one on the top exclusively and forgot the other even existed until now. Holding the camera now to test it I don’t know what position I’d be holding the camera in where that button would be more useful and comfortable that the other one. Luckily for me I’ve never accidently used it so it’s still a good design in my books as it’s there for people who want it but it doesn’t get in the way either. Other random features are the back mode screen and the film counter which do their job well. Only thing I can note is the film counter has on occasion told me the incorrect number of film available but that was after the camera was jammed in my bag and took 5 shots of the inside and one other time when I opened the back while having power on the camera. There is also a tripod mount that I have not used but it’s one of those musts and not enough toy cameras have one so I appreciate it. It also came with a very nice, fashionable and long leather neck strap that I love, and you can change it out for any other type of strap like a hand one. It’s also really light which probably in part has to do with not using batteries for power, and being the smallest of Instax camera. The size of it also makes it easy to fit into any of my smaller bags, you can load up with packs of film and still have plenty of room.

10 More Instax Mini 90 Photos:


Lomography Wednesday: Coke Cola Camera

coke cola camera (6)I am really excited about this post because never in my head did I conceive that this existed, that in the world there was a coke cola camera. Now of course I know of 90’s automatic throw away cameras that are simply branded with the logo (apparently there are ones made to look like the cans too which is pretty cool) but a camera made from recycled coke cola cans blew my mind. My friend Zara gifted to this me last week; a purchase from Cuba for a few pesos she told me, while saying it was the combination of my two favourite things before pulling it out of her bag. Honestly it’s the best present I’ve gotten all year, it’s amazing. Something that I guess hasn’t come up on the blog, is that I am addicted to Coke Cola, no shame but a total fact that I love Coke Cola so this really is two of my favourite things combined. I love what they used for each element to, like the pull tabs being the strap for the camera, it’s all very ingenious. The only disappointment is that is somehow doesn’t actually take photos. However you can use the viewfinder to frame a shot and pull the trigger like a real camera but what happens next is a surprise!
(check the video below if you want to find out)

More Close Ups:

coke cola camera (4) coke cola camera (2)coke cola camera (1)


Wish List of Toy Cameras

Every year I like to look and see what new toy cameras are available and what I am missing from my collection put together a list of what I’d love to add to my collection. So this is my wish list of toy cameras in 2015, it’s a mix of discontinued cameras, Kickstarters, ones you build yourself, vintage and the like. A girl can dream…

Belair X 6-12 Trailblazer

Holga K202 (hard to find but the other version K205 is on Ebay)

Konstrukor Transparent

Holga Wide Pinhole (discontinued camera)


Smena 35 (vintage)

Holga 120 Panorama Camera (discontinued)

Holga Glo 120N

Fujifilm Instax Wide

La Sardina Camera and Flash Cubic

Holga Stereo Pinhole

Lomography Diana Mini Double Rainbow (repeat from last year’s wishlist)


Fall in Instant: Halloween

instax mini halloween film

I’ve been trying out various Instax Mini film themes and seeing which ones I like and also seeing if they are worth the extra cost per photo for the last few months. Since it was Halloween last month I made sure to pick up some Halloween Instax Mini film to try out. This film was available in North America until it was recently discontinued, so I had to pick mine up on Ebay (at a cost very similar to what B&H was selling it originaly). IT’S AMAZING btw – let me say that before I forget. I’m really sad I didn’t pick it up before it was discontinued as it’s one of the best designs I’ve tried so far. I’m definitely going to try and pick up another pack or two from Ebay and horde in my fridge until next year. Sadly this year I had a very mellow and low key Halloween for myself so I mostly took photos around my house on Halloween and a few of my Halloween cranes that I left around the Plateau. I think it’s more suited to a party with friends but I still enjoy the shots I managed to get and I tried out the Instax’s flash option which I haven’t tried much before.  Below I’ve included some of the shots so you can see the film designs. It’s really cute and I really wish they’d offer more variety in film here in North America. My advice if you find Instax film you like don’t be afraid of buying on Ebay, I haven’t had an issue yet from various sellers. Also store the film in your fridge so you don’t have to worry about expiring film if you aren’t going to use it straight away.

halloween instax mini film (2)Halloween postcards halloween instax mini film (5)Picked up some doily originals and silkscreen from Starchild Stela the night before Halloween.  halloween instax mini film (4)The best decorated house I saw this year. halloween instax mini film (7)I made a shrine in the park using leaves, my Aphex Twin mask and wig.  halloween instax mini film (6)
Second best decoration, and you can just barely see my crane hanging there with the song “Purple People Eatter” on it.  halloween instax mini film (9)Another Halloween crane, this time at Laurier Parc. halloween instax mini film (1)My anniversary present of a skull couple in a musical snow globe.  halloween instax mini film (8)I haven’t thought of a name for this guy yet but I think I’ll keep him here even after the holiday. halloween instax mini filmAnd finally my Halloween night, when Victor and I drank at home and enjoyed the candy I got at work from Trick-o-Treatting at each manager’s desk at my call center job earlier in the day.


Fall in Instant: Autumn Walks

It’s wonderful right now in Montreal, it’s cool enough to walk around with a light jacket but still warm enough to enjoy being outside without all the hassle of humidity and clothes sticking to you because it’s a million degrees.  I have so much love for a nice autumn, and it’s been raining a lot less than our summer which is a nice bonus. I’ve been celebrating by going for walks whenever I can with Victor. Mostly so I can find new areas to place cranes for my project, or to steal flowers. Victor tries to tell me I’m a big thief but I mostly take from public gardens not people’s gardens plus in a month they will be in snow so a flower top here and a leaf there is hardly going to be missed. I love being on the hunt for unique places to hang cranes and finding flowers along the way to stuff into the Tupperware container in my camera bag. Adds so much fun to regular walk. I need the flowers for making resin bracelets next month so I’m trying to collect them all now so I can dry them out before. I use to dry clovers all the time as a kid but never really did it outside of that so it’s completely new to me (I’m sure any pros can tell since my selection probably has tons of flowers and leaves that don’t dry well – tips are welcome and appreciated in the comments). I wanted to share some of the photos from our walks that I’ve taken with my Fujifilm Instax Mini 90. They are bit dark on some and too light on others – I’m not a master of guessing the lighting of this camera yet.

fuji instax mini film

fuji instax mini film fall in instant (1)fuji instax mini film fall in instant (5)fuji instax mini film fall in instant (3)fuji instax mini film autumn walks (3)fuji instax mini filmfuji instax mini film fall in instant (4) fuji instax mini film autumn walks (1)FYI I’ve been trying to get film developed but keep having issues with my Split-Cam camera where I’m not sure it’s exposing the film fully so I want to wait and home develop  the rolls just in case the film is mostly undeveloped so I don’t waste money ($20 last time I developed film at my local drug store).  Probably not going to have much developed film photography on Wednesday until the New Year so hope you are liking all the instant photography!


Fall in Instant: Camping and Lake Ontario

               fuji instax mini film instant photography (8) fuji instax mini film instant photography (9)fuji instax mini film instant photography (15) fuji instax mini film instant photography (5) fuji instax mini film instant photography (3)fuji instax mini film instant photography (21)fuji instax mini film instant photography (12)fuji instax mini film instant photography (10)fuji instax mini film instant photography (11)fuji instax mini filmfuji instax mini film instant photography (1)fuji instax mini film instant photography (6)fuji instax mini film instant photography (4)

My Fujifilm Instax 90 is turning into my go-to camera anytime I’m going to hang out with friends. I had so much fun last weekend camping and being a beach bum for the last warm weekend of the year. I took with me both my Instax 90 and my vintage Super Shot Polaroid camera and it was surprising how in comparison I enjoyed shooting with the Instax more. I really noticed the difference in using a vintage camera over a modern camera when I was in the middle of cooking bacon over the fire or on a windy sandy beach and didn’t want the hassle.  I just love taking a photo with the Instax and tossing it in my bag to dry and peaking at it as it developed, plus the size and weight really makes a difference. The one thing that occurred to me on my trip though that I don’t like about the Instax 90 is how frustrating it is to frame a shot. The viewfinder is not accurate at all. I always feel like I’m adding in the correction as the viewfinder is to the left of the actual lens but my correction seems to only make it worse. Had several shots where they didn’t turn out right because the subject was either half cropped out or completely cropped (example the photo of my delish bacon on a stick, 3rd from bottom). I don’t want to have to frame my subjects to be center frame in every shot so it’d be nice to have a camera that had a proper viewfinder! I should probably do my review for the Instax 90 soon. I’ve used it quite a bit at this point, but there are a few of the ‘scene’ options I haven’t used yet. It was fun shooting in instant film, regardless of camera. It is just so satisfying and that immediacy of instant photography is something I am really enjoying right now. I’ll be showing the shots from the Polaroid next week on Tuesday as well if you want to see the different results.

fuji instax mini film instant photography (14)


Lomography Wednesday: Disderi Robot 3

I think everyone has this moment when they are into film photography when they have no idea what photos are actually on a particular roll because it’s been either sitting around for a while or it just took you months to take photos with a camera. Well today I’m sharing that moment with you, I actually found this roll of film inside my Disderi Robot 3 camera at the end of August and decided to take it in to be developed.  I was pretty excited when I got these back from the store to see exactly what was on this roll. What I found a combination of shots from the winter, spring and the start of summer (yah that film was in there for a long time). Most of them were taken during my trip to Toronto in February to visit my friend Derek for his birthday and when I went with Starchild Stela to document her creating her piece for the Jem and the Hologram movie audition back in May. Just a few from a walk in the summer at the very end, completely random but that’s part of the fun with film.disderi robot 3 camera (14) disderi robot 3 camera (13) disderi robot 3 camera (1) disderi robot 3 camera (19) disderi robot 3 camera (26)disderi robot 3 camera (21) disderi robot 3 camera (25)disderi robot 3 camera (15)disderi robot 3 camera (10) disderi robot 3 camera (17) disderi robot 3 camera (12) disderi robot 3 camera (8) disderi robot 3 camera (18) disderi robot 3 camera (5)starchild stela disderi robot 3 camera (6) disderi robot 3 camera (11) disderi robot 3 camera (23)disderi robot 3 camera (24)Hopefully that was fun to look through for you as it was for me. I think I’ll be having a lot more experiences with random photos when I get back into developing film. I am not very good a labelling or document what my film is. If you have any tips actually for documenting your photo process or film let me know in the comments.


Summer in Instant – Part 3

More summer instant photography taken with my Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 today.  I love this camera so much I’ve been using it non-stop since it arrived. I  cannot wait to use it more over the next few months and work on my double exposures. This is my last bit of film I took during the summer so it’s a little all over the place. fuji instax mini film (30)My first double exposure taken with the camera. Sunrise from my front window. fuji instax mini film (31) fuji instax mini film (29)From my birthday,  the sunrise (again) but this time from the Jacques-Cartier bridge. The second one is also a double exposure.

fuji instax mini film (16)fuji instax mini film (32)fuji instax mini film (28) fuji instax mini film (27)These are from the monthly food cart event held at the Olympic stadium in July. One of Victor chillin’ out, the stadium and then the food carts and the sky.

fuji instax mini film (15)L’International des Feux Loto-Québec, taken from the Jacques-Cartier bridge.

fuji instax mini film (19) fuji instax mini film (24)Watching my favourite local band We Are Wolves play using instax rainbow film.

fuji instax mini film (20) fuji instax mini film (22) fuji instax mini film (21)fuji instax mini film (17) fuji instax mini film (18)fuji instax mini film (26)The rest of the rainbow photos were taken on our first trip in July to the beach in Jean Drapeau parc. We’ve been spending every weekend we could there since, we love it that much. I just love the rainbow film – it’s random but neat.

 Remember to let me know in the comments if there is a particular camera you want to see more photos of. I have a few rolls of film from my Disderi Robot 3 camera I got developed recently that I haven’t shared so those will be probably be the next ones!


Pick of the Week: Lomography Special Sales

sprocket rocket (2)

Pick of the Week: Lomography Special Sales

Today’s pick is Lomography special sales area of their website which offers heavily discounted cameras and more. I didn’t even know this existed until the beginning of the summer and it’s been one of my favourite shops to browse at since. The deal is that for a discounted price that can vary from 15% to 75% you can get either cameras or accessories that were used in stores as samples, have damaged or open boxes and other items like magazine and books that they are trying to move stock for. This is a great way to pick up a camera you’ve really wanted at a much better price or picking up other fun items. They also promise that the camera comes with the manual and all the extras so you aren’t missing out on anything the full price camera has. Besides cameras they have accessories like flashes or lens for various cameras and the other items like Lomography books, magazines and photo albums. The one thing I have yet to see in this area is film which is too bad. However, it’s a gold mine for amazing cameras and they seem to update the website multiple times a week so if a camera you want isn’t listed there is strong possibility it’ll become available in a short amount of time. I missed out on picking up one of the cameras I really wanted before when I was browsing and waited less than a week for it to be relisted. Also there always seems to be multiple pages of sales which means the choice is varied and it’s just not one or two specific camera or designs at a time.  The main reason why I love the special sale area though is that it really helps offset the cost of Lomography cameras which are usually more expensive then need be (probably to offset the cost of all those extras they include with the cameras – which I think are useless) and also for people outside of US it helps with shipping and export fees. The two cameras that I purchased from there were both roughly 40% off and saved me $70 total so I end up with 2 cameras for the price of 1. On top of that shipping was $15 and I had to pay a $20 import fee when the package arrived because even though the cameras were ordered through their Canadian website they ship out of New York (that was the only thing I don’t like about my purchase so beware of those charges). Overall I am really happy with my cameras and honestly don’t think there is any reason to buy a full priced camera if you don’t have to. I know not everything will come in the same condition as mine did but I wanted to show you what my experience was like with the two I purchased. Below is a photo of the cameras as they came:

lomography sample sale (1) lomography sample sale (2)

As you can see with my Sprocket Rocket the box is entirely in tack and in very good condition. Beside there being dust on the top of the box and being slightly bent everything was pretty much mint condition. I doubt the camera ever left the box. For my La Sardina camera you can tell the box is pretty man handled and the side the box is beat up a bit. Honestly for this camera as well when I was opening it, it didn’t really appear like the camera ever left the box. As they mention the cameras came with everything they would have if I had bought it brand new. None of the books instead were even bent or damages. So from my experience I managed to get 2 cameras for half off the regular price just because the box just  dusty in one case and slightly mangled on the other. It’s a great deal and perfect for if you are buying the camera for yourself and you don’t care about the outward appearance of the box. I may have gotten really lucky so please do let me know in the comments if your experience was different but I highly recommend taking this route for you next Lomography camera purchase. Check it out here!


Summer in Instant: Part 2

summer in instant photography fuji mini instax filmI finally went to visit my friend Sarah a few weeks ago who has been living in Peterborough, Ontario for the last year or so.  I know Sarah from being her room-mate back in Vancouver years ago, and it was actually the first time I had seen her in 5 years which is just crazy.  I went up there with Zara as she was both mine and Sarah’s old roommate as well. We all use to live in a house together that Zara’s uncle owned back in the day.  Zara and me also decided to stop as this county called Prince Edward that’s along Lake Ontario to swim on the way down. It was so much fun and I’ll have a lot more photos of our trip in a few weeks taken with my digital camera! I love how the instant snaps I took of our road trip with my Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 turned out.

fuji instax mini film lake ontario (13)fuji instax mini film lake ontario (3)fuji instax mini film lake ontario (11)fuji instax mini film lake ontario (15)fuji instax mini film lake ontario (10)fuji instax mini film lake ontario (7)fuji instax mini film lake ontario (9)fuji instax mini film lake ontario (12)The photo above is a double exposure of the waves and the shore, I love it. Double exposures with the Instax Mini 90 are a bit tricky but I’m still trying them out and seeing what I get. It’s usually a miss but I have some really great sunrise ones that I’ll be sharing for the next ‘Summer in Instant’ that have turned out really well. I just love the shots of Zara, she’s so photogenic. The photos below were taken the day after when we took Sarah to another beach on Lake Ontario for a mini road trip during our visit. We only stayed the night and left the next so I didn’t really get many chances to take photos, especially considering it was raining most of the time but I’m sure I’ll be taking lots next time we visit!

fuji instax mini film lake ontario (4) fuji instax mini film lake ontario (6) fuji instax mini film lake ontario (14) fuji instax mini film lake ontario (5)


Summer in Instant: Part 1

I’ll admit I have primarily been taking photos with my Fujifilm Instax camera this summer. I don’t why but anytime I go to pick up a film camera before leaving the house it’s always instant. I also haven’t been taking as many photographs as I did last summer even though the weather has been wonderful the last few weeks. Although that’s about to change as I’m going on a road trip today to visit a friend in Ontario and then when I get back in town my good friend is visiting from Vancouver. So I may just end up taking an obscene number of photos over the next few days (I hope my friends are ready). Road trips are the best and the worst for me because it’s so exciting being able to take photos of things outside of Montreal and friends who don’t live in town (which is 90% of my friends). The bad side is deciding which cameras to bring. Thankfully for this trip I’m driving up with my friend Zara in her car so I can really pack as many cameras I want and don’t have to worry about lugging them around too much. I’ll be sure to share photos from that trip over the next few weeks. We are hoping to swim in a random lake we find on our way into Peterborough – so that should be an adventure. These photos are from a few week’s ago when me and Zara went to pick blueberries at a farm outside of Montreal. Nom nom…

fujifilm instax mini film photography

fuji instax mini film instant photography (11)fuji instax mini film instant photography (4)fuji instax mini film911 (1024x641)fuji instax mini film instant photography (10)fuji instax mini film instant photography (8)fuji instax mini film instant photography (13)fuji instax mini film instant photography (7)fuji instax mini film instant photography (12)fuji instax mini film instant photography (9)fuji instax mini film instant photography (5)fuji instax mini film instant photography (6)


A Guide to Fujifilm Instax Mini Film!

fujifilm instax mini film guide (8)I really wanted to make a guide to Fujifilm instax mini film because it’s the only instant film on the the market for modern devices and it keeps getting more and more popular.  Plus I’m a little obsessed with my own Instax Mini 90 at the moment. This guide will cover where to buy, the best prices and what’s available for you if you wanted to get into modern instant photography.
*Quick note this guide is made by someone in Canada so the prices are in Canadian dollars and some of the stores are Canadian ( I’ve included plenty of online sites with international shipping).

What’s compatible with Fujifilm Instax Mini Film:

Instax Mini 7, 7s, 8, 10, 20, 25, 30, 50, 50s, 55, and 90 Neo Classic by Fujifilm. It can also be used for other non-Fujifilm cameras like Lomo’Instant and Belair Instant. As well it works with several camera backs like Diana Instant Back and LC-A Instant Back and the new Fuji Instax Share Printer.

fujifilm instax mini film guide  (2)Where to buy online: Amazon, B&H, Futureshop/Bestbuy (and more)
Where to buy in person: Urban Outfitters, dugstores or camera stores
Average price:$13-20 (per double pack / 20 exposures)

The first option available and most common type of film to find is the white version. It comes in either a single pack of 10, or a double pack of 20 exposures however the single pack is not very common so going forward prices refer to the double pack. Locally it can be found at camera stores or drug stores but it seems to be rarer these days to see it anywhere beside lomography focused camera stores and Urban Outfitters (who charge extra on all their film) In person the price is $20-$25 depending on the store so this film is best to pick up online. Online store fronts like Amazon, electronic stores, not to mention Walmart and other similar stores  carry this film. The catch is of course finding a store that offers free shipping, which is pretty easy nowadays. The price online is almost always $20 but like any store there can be sales once and awhile. The film is also available at online camera stores like B&H, Amazon, Black’s….


Amazon / B&H  Amazon is the clear winner for me, not only do they offer bundles (50exposures+) but I’ve noticed the film goes on sale every few weeks without fail down to $14. Unlike other online stores Amazon seems to follow predictable sales patterns when it comes to instax film and the free shipping for orders over $25 usually means I get my film in 2 days. B&H does win the price war at $14 regular price, and holds the title for the only store I’ve found instax film lower than $19 when not on sale so for Americans this is really a great place to buy. Sadly if you aren’t in America that price drop doesn’t matter much after shipping frees but they do ship internationally so for anyone who can’t get instax film in your country for $20 it is a great option.

fujifilm instax mini film copyWhere to buy online: B&H, Amazon, Staples, The Source (and more)
Where to buy in person: Urban Outfitters and camera stores
Average price:$12-13

Instax Mini Rainbow film is the 2nd most common type of instax film to find in person or online, it’s found almost everywhere that sells the regular film.  It comes in a individual pack of 10 exposures and costs around $12.  Besides Rainbow the other North American theme packs include: Halloween/Christmas. B&H sells the Halloween theme pack year around but only offers the Christmas around Fall. Other stores may occasional have the other theme packs but usually do not keep stock.


For Rainbow – anywhere you can find it! This film is almost universally the same price give or take $1. If you want the holiday theme packs, the best place is B&H who keep them in stock and offer the great price of $12. As well they usually are the first place to offer any new types of theme packs that come out.

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Lomography Wednesday: My Birthday!

Guess what I got for my birthday present from Victor?

A Fujifilm Instax Mini 90!

fujifilm instax mini 90I’m in love with this camera, it’s really lived up to my expectations and I had a lot of reservations about getting a newer style of instant camera. Even though I’ve wanted to try a Fujifilm camera for a while I have never been able to shallow the expense of the camera on top of getting film when I already used Polaroid land cameras for instant photography. The Instax 90 with its control options, retro styling (not a fan of the Mini 7s or 8s) and double exposure mode really makes the Instax series a whole lot better and higher end. It’s been hard to resist, so it was really nice that this was my birthday present. I may have known Victor was buying me this camera since he always lets me pick out my presents so I was prepared when it arrived with film, photo albums, stickers….really the complete set of accessories to go with it. He even got the camera at such a good price that he allowed me to pick out a case for it as well (usually the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 is priced around $180, he got it for $140 on Amazon on sale). I picked out a chocolate leather bag that’s big enough for the camera and a few other things at the same time.

fujifilm instax mini 90 (2) fujifilm instax mini accessoriesMy first opinions on the camera are that it’s just so nice having an instant camera that I can take with me when I want to take silly, non-serious photos. Its way more reliable so far than using an older Polaroid camera and even experimenting with the double exposures you can get usable shots very often. Its way smaller than my vintage Polaroid land cameras as well this is convenient for bike rides. I cannot wait to do a review of the camera after the summer is over. It’s definitely not going to replace my vintage instant cameras with its mini photos but it’s really fun for casual photography. Here are a few of the mini instant photos I’ve taken already!

instax mini 90 film (3)instax mini 90 film (1) instax mini 90 film (2)


Lomography Wednesday: New Toy Cameras!

I went a little crazy this month but it really felt like it’s been forever since I bought a new toy camera and there was a few that I’ve been dying to get for awhile now. I also found out that Lomography’s online store has a discount section for cameras with open or damaged boxes. The deals were pretty good and hard to resist, it really helps get over the price hump since I notice that a lot of Lomography cameras are pretty expensive. Anyways have a look my 3 new cameras!

Golden Half: Hello Kitty Edition

golden half hello kittyI bought this camera from Ebay because it’s a Superheadz camera that’s been discontinued for a few years and I was worried that it might disappear on me. I wanted a Golden Half camera because the photos I’ve seen people take with them seem to be really fun and this one is by far the cutest (there are several different variations, not sure if they are all discounted by they are uncommon to find anywhere except Ebay). I was hesitant because I have my Holga Tim and didn’t think I needed another half frame camera but it’s super tiny and light which is good for trips and you don’t have to worry about accidently forgetting what ‘eye’ you have closed or open like the Holga Tim.  It even came with film although expired film since it’s that old (you can see why I wanted to scoop one up before it disappeared).

Sprocket Rocket: Teal Color

sprocket rocket (2)Found on the Lomography discount store, this camera and I have been destined to be for a while now.  I remember when it first came out in 1 color and I thought it was the ugliest camera ever…and then it came out in teal. Okay so that’s not why I wanted it, it is a wide panoramic camera that also exposes the film sprockets. This will be my only toy camera that exposes the film fully. Also I have really wanted to take more panoramic shots and beside the Holga panoramic cameras there just aren’t many toy panoramic camera out there (Holga discontinued their Holga 120 PAN camera a few months ago)

La Sardina: Domino Edition

la sardinaLa Sardina is another find from the Lomography discount store. I’ve always liked this camera even though it is very similar to Holga and Diana cameras because it used 35 film and it’s just really cute. Definitely not a camera I would pay full price for (I bought it for $45). This does happen to be one of those cameras where it’s really hard to choose a design for. I dislike that about newer toy cameras since I have a problem with wanting more than just one design and also think it would be really silly to own the same camera in a different colors or design. If I was rich I’m telling you right now I’d have all of the limited anniversary additions of Holga 120s that glow in the dark and probably 2 or 3 La Sardina cameras. This is my favourite design but I also love:

Aren’t they weird? I really like them and think the artist designs for Lomography cameras always end up being the best. The one I bought doesn’t have a matching flash but I find I don’t use toy cameras often enough indoors for that to be a big issue and the ones that have a matching flash don’t appeal to me as much. It isn’t compatible with other hot shoe flash which is the downside so I hope I don’t end up regretting my decision to get this design (the designs with flash were only $20 more at the discount store). Excited to see if it’s a good alternative to my other 35 film cameras.

If you want to see me do a review or show you photos with any of these cameras let me know in the comments. The hardest thing is to stop using the ones you love to make room for new ones so knowing you are interested would make that easier!



I think I’ve been spending too much time this week in the sun because I’ve been thinking about giving my Holgaroid one more chance…even though last summer I swore I’d never use it again. If you don’t know why I don’t favor this camera, you can check out my review (here)… but long story short it’s a right pain and wastes a ton of film with failed shots. I’d just love to see instant photos from my Holga. The process of taking a whole film roll and then process it at home and scanning the negatives and color correcting the negatives is just not how I want to be spending my summer weekends. Plus now that I’m getting more use to taking double exposures with instant film, I’d love to try with the Holgaroid and see the results. I have also been considering the newer Diana F+ instant back that uses Fuji mini instax film. It’s a much newer product and maybe the reliability is higher than the Holgaroid but the reviews I find online leave me a little cold (plus I’d have to buy it, which at full price is $100). Thought I’d share some old Holgaroid photos and see what you opinions are, let me know in the comments! I also rescanned the photos since the review and they look a lot better! I know I promised two weeks ago to have some Split-Cam photos today but haven’t had a chance to get the film developed.

holgaroid (43) holgaroid (44) holgaroid (45) holgaroid (46) holgaroid (47) holgaroid (48)


My Toy Camera Collection

lomography toy camera collection

My Toy Camera Collection

Holga 120 CFN

toy camera (14)My first ever toy camera, I bought it at a local photography store back in 2007. It is the dearest one to my heart, you can check out photos I’ve taken with this guy: here, here, here, here , here and here! I don’t have a review but I do have a profile of this camera, here!

Holga Tim (purple edition)

toy camera (8)This is also probably one of my favourite cameras, it goes with me everywhere. I bought this for myself as a Christmas present and it’s design really makes other people smile. Wish I could own one in every color, lol. You can see my review of it here! I also have photos of it here, here, here and here!

Diana F+ (Hudson Bay edition)

toy camera (2)One of my newer toy cameras, I bought it off of Kijiji used for only $50 which is pretty amazing for the Diana camera with the flash. Didn’t have a say in the design but I really dig it…still haven’t really fallen in love with the camera overall. Feel like I’m a Holga girl and not a Diana one, lol. I have photos I’ve taken with it here!


toy camera (11)Bought this two years ago after realizing how painful it would be to get my Super8 camera film developed. The LomoKino is really neat and a great alternative to people who want to create video with film. It doesn’t take much to finish a roll though but I found it really fun to try. Going to be making more mini-movies with it this summer. You can check out one I did last year at Piknic Electronik, here!

Disderi Robot 3

toy camera (7)Love, love, love this camera. One of the biggest surprises, I mean for $10 and from Ebay you don’t expect much but this camera is delightful. Always with me to take silly photos while on vacation. I’ve done a review of it, here. Photo taken with it here, here, here, and here and here!

Holgaroid (Holga 120 GFN with Polaroid attachment)

toy camera (15)Probably one of the most frustrating cameras I’ve ever owned and also one of the most expensive. I bought the camera and the Holga Polaroid back together used for $100 (although it’s a good deal since the attachment itself is $100 and at the time wasn’t being made anymore). If you want more information I have my review, here and photos here!


toy camera (5)Another frustrating camera, but it does have a special place in my heart since it was my 2nd toy camera and a birthday present I bought for myself 4 years ago. It a neat idea for a camera but I wish it was better built and implemented. I have a review, here and a profile of it, here. Photos are here, here, here, here and here!

Diana Mini (Love is in the Air edition)

toy camera (10)Another used camera off of Kijiji for less than 50% of the normal price, and honestly it’s one of my favourite designs for Diana Mini’s. I haven’t used it much since the sizing of the frames are so strange and I just know the local film developers wouldn’t print it off correctly. Have 2 rolls in my fridge all ready to be printed when I start doing color developement.

Spinner 360

toy camera (13)The only toy camera I bought while on vacation, this guy is from the old Toronto Lomography store ( I think? I might be making that up but I remember looking at these at the store). I was really excited for this camera but again because of the special size of the negatives I wanted to home develop the film and my first ‘test’ roll in black and white made me realize this camera is made for color. You can check out my test roll, here!

Juice Box

toy camera (3)Another cheap Ebay camera, this one happens to be my newest one! I tracked it down because I’ve seen them floating around for the last few years and it looked like they might stop selling thems oon. They come in so many different juice boxes and milk teas designs. I really wanted the peach one but it’s really hard to find. Waiting to develop the 2 rolls I’ve taken with it.


toy camera (6)Purchased on Amazon when I was buying books and it flashed up as an add on for only $12. I can’t wait to show you photos I’ve taken with the Split-Cam. I’ve only taken one roll with it last summer and another roll this weekend but my next Lomography Wednesday post in 2 weeks will actually be from this neat camera.

Disderi Robot 4

toy camera (4)Bought this at the same time as the Disderi Robot 3 camera since they were so cheap. It’s hard to remember this guy when it’s a standard 4 lens toy camera and the 3 lens version of it is so much neater. Hope to run it through it’s paces at some point. $10 cameras from Ebay are hard to resist.

Nishika N9000

toy camera (12)I bought this camera for a photo project I’m doing with Victor last summer when I thought making gifs was going to be my newest obession. We are collecting photos for it slowly so I image I will mostly be using it for the project and not sharing many but look out!

SuperSampler  (Silver edition)

toy camera (9)Picked up mine from Kijiji used for only $20 and still haven’t gotten around to taking photos with it…it also has a roll of film that was left in it from the original owner that I have no idea what to do with.

Sooter 35

toy camera (16)This is a toy and vintage camera that I received when my grandmother died. Never been able to get the flash working but it’s a cool edition to the collection. I’ve done a review of it here!

Holga Micro-110

toy camera (1)No idea why I haven’t tested this little guy it, I’ve had it since Lomography started producing 110 film again and I found it for under $10 on Ebay. I’ve had a roll of 110 film for it in my fridge for over a year too just ready to go. I just feel like I should bring it somewhere where the spy element of it’s size is useful.

So that’s it, my toy camera collection! I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. There are just so many cameras available these days and it seems lately the prices from the Lomography ones keep going higher and higher in the last few years. Although as you can see most of the Lomography cameras (ie the expensive ones) were bought used and the rest are mostly cheap Asian market cameras that honestly do an awesome job. So if you think I have piles of money to buy cameras – I really don’t.  I think the most important aspect of toy cameras is their affordability. It’s better to spend the money on development and film – not the camera. Besides missing a few key cameras like Fujifilm Instax, and larger format Holga cameras I probably have at least one of every type of ‘trick’ available which is kind of neat. If you really want to see photos from one of the cameras I currently don’t have posts for let me know in the comments. Except the last camera I’ve actually taken photos with all the cameras but simply haven’t had a chance to develop the film for them yet. So it’ll be a good kick in the butt and I’ll know what ones people are interested in seeing :)


Oktomat in New York

Oktomat (45)Oktomat (57)Oktomat (17)Oktomat (27)Oktomat (23)Oktomat (26)Oktomat (32)Oktomat (40)Oktomat (85)Oktomat (69)I really should rescan these negatives, they are from back in the day before I scanned my own negatives and man the resolution is just terrible on the store scans. Wanted to finished off my collection of film photography so I can force myself to finish developing the 10 rolls I have in my fridge. Seriously I think I film in there from 2011. My color film chemicals haven’t seen the light of day becuase I am so worried about not being able to maintain the correct developing tempature. So instead I am clearing out all my lomography photography that I haven’t shared in the hopes when I run out (will it work?). If you haven’t guessed by the title all of the Oktomat shots are from a trip to New York. I went just after I had been in Montreal for the first year back in 2010 with my friend Zara was in town visiting her uncle. The trip ruined my chances of visiting often by spoiling me. Instead of a hotel or hostel we stayed at her uncle’s amazing apartment that was right by Central Park in the Upper West Side of Mahatten and the idea of staying in a stetchy hostel now seems just not worth it. Every year I want to visit New York again becuase we didn’t get a chance to view Coney Island and other parts of New York I wanted to explore…then I remember the beautiful apartment with the rooftop terrace and what awful or expensive hotel I’d have to put up with. Airbnb has some really neat house rentals though I’d be tempted to try out if I could convince someone to go roadtripping with me. The last three shots are from the Greyhound’s brief stop in Albany, if you want to check out more I shared more from the trip on a post last year, here!

Oktomat (80) Oktomat (71)Oktomat (86)



Oktomat: Zara in Wonderland

Oktomat (63)Zara in Wonderland is back, this time with some oldies from our New York trip taken in 2010 using the Oktomat. It’s strange looking back because for me it doesn’t seem that long ago at all. I guess I am getting old when the years just start to blend together. It was a fun trip and I love these sequences shots. It would be so much better if the Oktomat was actually capable of doing proper sequence shots, I would still be using this camera if it functioned properly. For now though it’s one of my permanent on the shelf cameras that I get nostalgic about but not enough to actually deal with its bullshit.  I haven’t done a photo shoot with Zara in forever, she’s always fun to shoot with because she is always so willing to poise for me and do weird things. We tend to butt heads a lot though when we are on vacation together. Not pictured is us having hissy fits at each other because we refuse to listen to each other and are both very stubborn. Perhaps I shall see if she’s done for another photo shoot soon.  Lol.

Oktomat (66)Oktomat (60)Oktomat (90)Oktomat (56)Oktomat (51)Oktomat (84)Oktomat (65)Ps. If you want to see why I don’t use this camera anymore check out my review.


Holga Lens in the Snow

holga lens (28)holga lens (42) holga lens (25)holga lens (26) holga lens (23)holga lens (43)

During one of my walks to Parc LaFontinae (that I keep forgetting is so close to my house) I took along my holga adapter for my Nikon camera and happily snapped away at the people skating. I even did a few double exposures much like you would with a proper Holga camera. My adapter  though is such a frustration to me. These shots do have a nice lomo feel to them despite being taken on a high end DSLR but I’m sure I’m entirely soild if that’s a good thing.

holga lens (32) holga lens (37) holga lens (35) holga lens (14)the last two shots I love so much:

holga lens (30) holga lens (16)


Igloofest with Holga Tim

holga tim (16)Igloofest is officially over in Montreal and now I have to wait another year to go dancing in freezing temperatures. We only managed to go once which was too bad but I wasn’t able to convince Victor to go out again. The DJs change every year so some years there just isn’t a reason to go that often. I have some crazy memories of Igloofest, so I decided to look back at photos I’ve taken there and found ones from 2012 that I took with my Holga Tim. They are pretty bad, I think this was the first time I ever used the Holga Tim with the flash. I like the abstract ones with the distorted lights. I defiantly need more practice using my Holga Tim with flash, I am usually not a big fan of using flash but it’d be good to learn because it’s nice bring toy cameras to events like these where I’m worried about damaging my Nikon camera holga tim (33)holga tim (41) holga tim (25) holga tim (35) holga tim (29)these were taken the same month on my trip to Toronto in 2012 so I thought I’d share them as well

holga tim (1) holga tim (43)


The Toy Cameras I Want To Add To My Camera Shelf This Year

Every year I tend to pick up a few toy cameras to add to my collection. Last year seemed to be the year of vintage and toy cameras, and my collection is almost doubled in size. I’ve spent a lot of time finding used toy cameras that were half priced or less and in perfect condition which was amazing. Searching online classifieds is something I highly suggest if you live in a city because sooooo many people get a toy camera and a few months later realize they will never use it or it’s an expensive hobby and sell their mint condition camera for far less than it would cost you buy it brand new plus it’s local so no shipping or tax. I think I may want to only get one or two new cameras this year because I haven’t used all of the cameras in my collection or had time to really experiment with the ones I’ve tried a few times. I really pride myself on actually having a collection that is used and not just collecting dust or for looks…but regardless that doesn’t mean I don’t want other cameras any less. Lol. So here is a look as a few toy cameras on my wish list!

I tried to get Victor to buy me one any of these cameras for Christmas and he just refused because he says I have a camera that does the same thing already (not true). I think the Fuji camera is my most wanted but it’s brand new and unworthy of it’s asking price however I may buy the lower price model Mini 50 Piano Black at some point perhaps. Of course at the end of next year I suspect I will probably have only bought 1 or 2 of these cameras but a girl can dream. How about you, any toy cameras you have your eye on?


Holga in the Snow

It is starting to snow here so I thought I’d share some Holga photographs I toke back in 2011 of me and Victor walking around our old neighborhood to visit our friends in the Basement. The ones of the masks were taken on our old apartment’s back porch that went down onto an open rooftop. I miss that house and being able to walk a few blocks to visit friends, it feels like such a long time ago. I look so grumpy in the one Victor toke of me, lol. I have lots of photos to share with you guys coming up in the new year taken by this guy, it’s been really nice starting to use my CFN version more and getting back into the feel of it. My profile of me with it went up last week if you haven’t check that out, here.

Holga (17) Holga (23) Holga (19) Holga (7)


Holga 120CFN and Me

holga (2)Self Portrait Sunday: Holga 120CFN and Me

Today for my series about me and my cameras I wanted to show my Holga CFN 120. The Holga was the first toy camera I ever owned and it has travelled with me all over the States and Canada faithfully by my side for over 5 years. It will always be my favourite toy camera and it has a special place in my heart as through it I discovered the joys of multiple exposures. Although not all smooth sailing as my version is actually the faulty model so even though I have the color flash attached to the body, my flash has never worked since I bought it which means I always missed out on the color flash option people love about Holga cameras. Regardless of only being able to use it in the daylight I have always been enamored with it and cracking the code of this gem. I remember when I first got it I was too poor to even get film developed so a lot of my early film usually ended up sitting around the house for years so it was an adventure when I finally did. I even bought Victor the special Anniversary addition that glows in the dark for our first Christmas together as he always loved my photos of it. I actually just got back into my Holga and realized that out of all my toy cameras it’s the one I’ve always been the happiest with the results. So I’ve been taking it on walks with me for the last 2 months and been happily getting back into the swing of things. I hope to show you lots of Holga photos in the new year, until then more shots of me and my Holga on one of our newest walks!

If you want to view photos I’ve taken with it check out my Lomography Tuesday posts: here, here, here, here and here!

holga (4) holga holga (3)


Classic Polaroids

I keep finding photographs around my house that I forgot I had, this is what happens when you don’t unpack everything after a move. Lol. This week I am showing some classic Polaroid shots that I’ve collected over the last few years. I have never owned a classic Polaroid camera before and until I picked up my vintage Polaroid I wasn’t really into instant photography that much. Although now I am kinda getting obsessed with it and wish they still made this classic film. However I have friends with Polaroid’s cameras and ended up getting a few over the years that I treasure…

polaroid (3)polaroid (4)
The first two were taken by me with my friend’s Ali’s camera at a New Year’s Party at her cousin’s house. It’s her and my other friend Mark with his amazing Mohawk. That night is probably one of my best memories of my early 20’s and I kind of treasure those two shots so much.

polaroid (1)This was taken at the beach for a friend’s birthday party (or going away party) of me and my best friend Ana. I look totally crazy but hilarious none the less, I think I drank too much because I don’t even know who toke this photo but I remember begging to keep it.

polaroid (5)My old roommate Sarah had a camera with expired film in it still from after they stopped making it and she let me take a photo of her with it. Even though it looks like just blurs and nothing I can totally see her and really treasure it. So much love for this girl.

polaroid (2)

Hahahah this was taken I think at a grocery store and it’s me! I know hard to tell, I look like a little boy. I have no idea how it’s a triple exposured but it’s one of most treasured childhood photos. I look amazing in my dinosaur sweater.

That’s all of them, I know it’s such a small collection but I think it’s pretty good for someone who’s never owned a Polaroid camera before. I really wish Polaroid still made film because the Impossible Project film just doesn’t seem to be worth it but instant film is so much fun. I am dying to pick up a Fuji instant camera, perhaps for Christmas I will treat myself.


Prince Edward Island with Disderi

disderi robot camera (11)For this week’s Lomography Wednesday we take a look back at my summer adventure to Prince Edward Island with the help of the Disderi Robot Camera. These were taken over the course of the 3 day trip out and about the island. I loved that we kept seeing tractors going down the highway on our way to places so you’ll notice a few tractors in the shots. There is also a few taken in the capital of PEI, Charlottetown at the harbor and some of the graveyard that we passed by a few times on our way back to the campsite. The last few were taken in New Brunswick on our first day driving for 14 hours. A nice mental break for Autumn as currently it’s starting to switch to winter and it’s not at all nice outside anymore. It was a really fun trip. I am hoping to get a review up of the Robot camera soon as I have plenty of shots and really think it’s one of my best toy cameras, so look out for that in November.

lomographydisderi robot camera (7)lomographydisderi robot camera (17)disderi robot camera (14) disderi robot camera (19)lomographylomographydisderi robot camera (27) disderi robot camera (18)lomography disderi robot camera (12) Continue reading %s


My First Photo Shoot!

A few weeks ago I shared with you some photos taken with the toy camera that I had as a kid from McDonald’s. It’s really trippy seeing photos that are 20 years old, especially considering I am still a photographer today. I remember being obsessed with those cameras though. I mean any kid from the 80’s and something neon pink – we are just made for each other. Lol. I tried to find more information about the camera but I cannot for the life of me get a picture of original camera. I am so curious if there is one of the cameras sitting somewhere in a box in either of my parent’s house. I did find the 110 camera that was probably rebranded for McDonalds thought, its the Concord Neon Lites. I really want one! If you’re curious about 110 cameras they just started making 110 films again at Lomography. You can pick up black & white and color. I picked up a mini Holga that takes 110 films for $5 on EBay a few months ago and even have some film for it in the fridge but haven’t tried it out yet (maybe something I need to do this month). However for today’s post is I found more photos, these ones were 100% taken by me, it’s kind of a mini tour of the first house I lived in Nanaimo when I was 8 years old. There is my swing set, tricycle and parts of the yard…I think I’ve come a long way when it comes to composition, haha.

110 film288 (800x658)110 film289 (800x666)110 film287 (800x658)110 film286 (800x650)


Oktomat and Me

oktomat (2)

Self-Portrait: Oktomat and Me

  Oktomat is one of the brightest toy camera I have  and what a perfect camera to match my new Fall hair color. This guy was the 2nd toy camera I ever owned and despite it’s many drawbacks I always really love shooting with it.  It ‘s a really fun camera to use with it’s 8 shots taken in the span of 2.5 seconds. My outfit today is inspired by the fun playful nature of the camera. I really love having orange or redish hair during this season so I changed my hair last weekend to match the leaves and am in love with it. Its strange going from pale pink hair to such a dark color over night, I feel a little weird looking at myself in the mirror. It’s really fun though and I love the red tips. As I am sure you tell from my self portraits I love having different colored tips. I am so excited to have orange hair for the next month but a part of me is already thinking about what to do for winter.

oktomatoktomat (3)oktomat (4)

If you’d like to see photos I’ve taken with the Oktomat you can check out my posts here, here, and here and even my review of it here!


My First Toy Camera…

110 film269 (800x639)Lomography Wednesday: My First Toy Camera

The first memory I have as being a photographer was when I was roughly 8 years old. McDonalds had these amazing neon 110 film cameras that came with the Happy Meals at the time. Me and my brothers had all the colors, green, pink, orange, you name it. For a few years we use to take photos of everything, and take them with us around with us on our summer trips between our divorced parents. Our parents even after the free roll that came inside the camera was done would buy more film for us to continue to use them. I had really no idea that my mom had bothered to get the film developed but the memory of these cameras had always stuck out in my mind. I remember when I found these though, I was so happy. I was looking through old photo that my mom kept in boxes in our basement when we lived in Calgary during the end of my high school and I came upon unopened developers enevlopes and out came these wonderful 110 prints. I had compeletly forgot myself that I had actually liberated these from her basement so many years ago until two weeks ago when I was looking for photos for my “The first time I took your photo…” meme. Thought I’d share a little slice of my childhood memories of photography. This is a collerbaration effort between myself and my brothers Corbin and Tyler (the ones of all of us as kids were taken by my grandmother) though becuase it’s almost impossible to remember who took what.

110 film270 (800x639)110 film273 (800x638)110 film268 (800x635)110 film279 (800x640)110 film274 (800x638)110 film282 (800x642)110 film280 (800x640)110 film277 (800x642) 110 film278 (800x639)110 film275 (800x632)110 film281 (800x640)110 film284 (800x642)110 film272 (800x635)110 film271 (800x639)

a) My grade 4th class room
b) Me and Corbin sticking out our tongues c) Hiding in the leaves with my brothers with some Halloween staffs
d) Flying from Edmonton to Naniamo between our parent’s houses e) Travelling in the car
f) Snow up to a roof g) More snow in Edmonton
h) The Rocky Mountains i) A portrait that eneded up justing being leaves
j) More Rocky Mountains k) The sky from the back seat of the car
l) Chipmunk trying to eat our food camping m) My baby axe beside the big axe camping
n) Me with my dog Scruffy in our baby blue car o) Me and Scruffy on our old front lawn in Naniamo


Moments on the Bridge: Holga Tim & Disderi Robot

holgatim111aLomography Wednesday: Moments on the Bridge

This summer Victor and me spent a lot of time exploring our neighborhood around our new house and that meant going for walks around the Jacques Cartier bridge. I have a pile of photos from my toy cameras Holga Tim and Disderi Robot on our bridge walks so I thought hey what better way to spend Lomography Wednesday that show you those as it was one of the best parts of summer for me. I cannot believe it’s the last week of September already. It’s great to still be getting photos from the summer developed and getting reminded of those great moments of summer. I am excited for the leaves to start to change and fall.  Haven’t decided which toy camera to start focusing on next but I think I’ll be trying out my Diana F+ and Diana Mini. So look out for those in October!

disderi robot camera (15) disderi robot camera (14) disderi robot camera (19) disderi robot camera (20) disderi robot camera (22)disderi robot camera (18)disderi robot camera254

*for more shots taken on the bridge I have some neat ones with my vintage Kodak Brownie camera: here


The Last Basement Party: Holga Tim

holga tim (9)In Montreal for about 3 years, my life was all about the ‘Basement’. The “Basement’ was a clever name for a basement suite that many of my friends lived in and had come and gone from – the place to be – the place to party. That place had so many memories – we and Victor lived within a blocks walk from it for 2 years. Eventually things change though, it’s crazy looking at these photos now and realizing that half of these people have left Montreal now (mostly not by choice thanks to the government). I had this roll of film in my Holga Tim for over 1 year, just collecting random moments and it was really cool to find these shots of the last party that ever happened in the basement last week when I picked up my film from the developers. This party was probably just around a year ago. My favourites are the shots of Arturo, it’s too bad the shot of me and him my face is completely cut off (or maybe for the better – lol). Hope you like and RIP Basement.
holga tim (1) holga tim (8)holga tim (3) holga tim (4) holga tim (5) holga tim (6) holga tim (11)


Lost Holga Prints

I found a whole bunch of film while organize my 120 film last month and discovered Holga photos that I have never printed off or scanned onto my computer. Most of them were very strange and I believe they come from a roll of film I had sitting around for 2 years before I had it developed. It was an interesting find and I wanted to show you guys some of the photos. I really need to spend more time working on my Holga skills as with practice it’s easier to get really amazing shots. The shots are from 2009 of two of my old roommates in Vancouver taken in the backyard of the house we shared. Most of the shots were experiments I was doing with multiple exposures and didn’t turn out very well but I don’t take my toy photography too seriously (bad for my health). If you don’t like experimental photos head over to here to check out my cleaner shots taken with Holga (here and here).

holga (75)holga (19)holga (32)holga (27)holga (20)



Lomography Wednesday

disderi robot camera (5)

So after last week’s disaster at the photo developers I have add enough time to hand scan all of my Disderi robot camera photos from late July (still no news about the prints I had to send back). I am feeling much more Zen about the whole experience and am encouraged to start learning how to develop colored photos sooner so I can eliminate the middle man. Scanning photos is really the most time consuming part of film photography I find. It toke me about 2 hours to do them all but it is so satisfying once I am done. These are behind the scenes shots of photos shoots I did with my friend Lisa Michelle and Jessica in Vancouver. I love capturing fun little moments like this. The 3 shots blended into 1 really put a smile on my face. I used this camera all weekend when I was in PEI this past weekend – it is really exciting to see what you end up getting. There are so many more shots to show you from PEI and from Vancouver so expect more of this camera in next couple of weeks. I have started using my newest camera the Split-Cam as well last weekend so hopefully I will finish the roll soon and show you guys.

disderi robot camera (12) disderi robot camera (11) disderi robot camera (4) disderi robot camera (8) disderi robot camera (9) disderi robot camera (7) disderi robot camera (6)


Lomography Wednesday

I am so disappointed today with my local print shop. Montreal has the worst print shops for photography – I honestly cannot find one that doesn’t make mistakes. So happy that I am able to develop my own black and white, I really wish I felt confident enough to try color. I think by Christmas I will have to try it at least once to see if I can do it because today I wanted to share with you these great shots from Vancouver with my robot camera that I’ve been obsessed with this summer and I can’t because the print shopped messed up. I usually scan the prints they give me even though they include them scanned on a CD because I scan with a higher resolution but I just got them back last night and didn’t have time. So I whipped out my CD and decided to pick a few and realized they hadn’t scanned any of them properly, I mean hair particles, finger prints, black lines, crooked photos…you name it my scans had it.  And on another roll they didn’t even include the CD and scanned my Holga Tim half frame camera as 62 full framed shots, those I had to return because I wasn’t going to pay $30 for their mistakes. I honestly don’t even feel like using them again and they were the last shop I was willing to give my film too. I remember when I first started looking up about developing your own film and reading a site that said something along the lines of “even if you do an okay job you will put a lot more care and attention into your own negatives that any shop will and that will make your negatives better” It’s very true. So instead of staying up till 3am scanning photos, I’ve decided to wait until next week and instead share some Oktomat shots from the Just for Laughs Festival a few summers ago.

oktomat (10) oktomat (17) oktomat (18) oktomat (42) oktomat (53) oktomat (96) oktomat (98) oktomat (100)

Nicole toke these cute shots of me blowing suds!
oktomat (19) oktomat (20)


Lomography Wednesday

lomography holga adapter nikon (36)Quebec City: Part 2

More photos this week from Victor and my trip to Quebec City last summer taken with the Holga adapter for Nikon, if you want to check out last weeks of nature, here. This time I wanted to focus on the architecture of Quebec City. It has really lovely parts and I am a sucker for old buildings. We stayed in the middle of the vieux part of town and it was wonderful being surrounded by cobblestones roads and 100 year old buildings. The Holga effect makes it seem even more dreamy and surreal. Next week I have a lot of photos taken in Vancouver to show you guys, so look out for that!

lomography holga adapter nikon (2) lomography holga adapter nikon (4)lomography holga adapter nikon (5)lomography holga adapter nikon (7)lomography holga adapter nikon (14) lomography holga adapter nikon (24) lomography holga adapter nikon (16)lomography holga adapter nikon (13), quebec citylomography holga adapter nikon (23), quebec citylomography holga adapter nikon (1), quebec citylomography holga adapter nikon (18), quebec city lomography holga adapter nikon (33)lomography holga adapter nikon (9)


Lomography Wednesday

lomography holga adapter nikon (35), quebec cityQuebec City: Part 1

Last summer when me and Victor went by train to Quebec City for 2 days I brought along my Holga adapter for my Nikon camera. I had completely forgotten about these photos until last week when looking through old trip folders in preparation for my trip to Vancouver. I really loved the whimsical nature of these shots; it’s a very good presentation of Quebec City itself. I thought I’d show them off but I have quite a few so this week it’s more nature shots of trees and grassy hills and in two week  it will be all about the unique architecture of this beautiful city.

lomography holga adapter nikon (31)lomography holga adapter nikon (27), quebec citylomography holga adapter nikon (25)lomography holga adapter nikon (11) lomography holga adapter nikon (21) lomography holga adapter nikon (20), quebec city lomography holga adapter nikon (22), quebec city lomography holga adapter nikon (12) lomography holga adapter nikon (32)lomography holga adapter nikon (19)lomography holga adapter nikon (8), quebec citylomography holga adapter nikon (34)lomography holga adapter nikon (17)


Lomography Wednesday

Disderi Robot Camera (24) (1024x692). Piknic ElectronikDisderi Piknic Electronik

One of best places to be on the weekend in Montreal is the Piknic Electronik with a beer in hand and listening to amazing djs. This year the dj line-up hasn’t been as steller as in the past but the best weekend to be there is always the Mutek one. I toke my disderi robot camera with me and got some really fun shots of everyone dancing and enjoying the sun and music. San Proper’s live set was really good, and the rest of Mutek Piknic as well. I am in love with my disderi toy camera and will have a lot of photos to share in the next few months from the summer as it’s my go-to camera right now. Hope you enjoyed and if you are in Montreal or ever visit make sure to check out Piknic!

Disderi Robot Camera (27) (1024x692), Piknic ElectronikDisderi Robot Camera (20) (1024x702), Piknic ElectronikDisderi Robot Camera (22) (1024x702), san proper, Piknic ElectronikDisderi Robot Camera (28) (1024x698)Victor enjoyed himself too!Disderi Robot Camera (26) (1024x692), Piknic Electronik


Lomography Wednesday

holgaroid (3)It`s been a long time since I’ve used my Holgaroid, the last time I posted about it was when I did my review (here if you haven`t read) and I finally thought about picking it up again. It`s quiet a frustrating camera but I had some Fuji black and white film laying around and am a bit bored of the Polaroid Colorpack so I thought it`d be nice to try my hand again… every time I use the Holgaroid I feel like I’m wasting film. I remember with the colored Fuji film that it always had to be very sunny and since it was a great day outside on Saturday I thought it’d take it with us on our walk around downtown. The first 6 photos were too over-exposed to even make out what was in them, even in the shade. I waited until it was getting darker and then the shots were underexposed. I’m sure it worked better using the original intended film for it by Polaroid (that isn’t made anymore) however I think this is my last time using the Holgaroid. From my previous negative experiences to my frustrating day today, I think this guy is going back on the shelf. But I thought I’d share the shots that kind of turned out.

holgaroid (2)holgaroid (6)holgaroid


Lomography Wednesday

Disderi Robot Camera (3) (1024x693)

I’ve been waiting for the summer to try out one of my newest toy cameras the Disderi Robot camera, and finally a few weeks ago I started taking it around with me and Victor on our weekend adventures and walks around Montreal.  I  just got back the film last week and am so pleased with the results. The photos for today are from June when me and Victor walked around downtown Montreal and went to Mural Festival. The shots are sooo cool, I love the 3 lens effect and how the top shot is full width. It takes really good photos, I’m suprised so many shots turned out well. I am in love, and have already put in another roll and started shooting. For my upcoming trip to Vancouver I am going to bring my robot camera with me and take so many photos with it. If you interested at all in multi-shot cameras, this guy is cute and only $8 with free shipping if you look on Ebay. Hope you enjoy the fun three-lens result.

Disderi Robot Camera (2) (1024x690)Disderi Robot Camera (13) (1024x698)Disderi Robot Camera (14) (1024x698)Disderi Robot Camera (4) (1024x701)Disderi Robot Disderi Robot Camera (18) (1024x702)Disderi Robot Camera (8) (701x1024)Disderi Robot Camera (47) (698x1024)


Lomography Wednesday

holga tim (4) Holga Tim : Portraits

Portraits taken with Tim are so much fun, there is so many ways to add cool elements to regular photos of friends. I haven’t used the camera that much recently and looking at these I am wondering why. I have a great opportunity though as I am going to visit friends in Vancouver in a few weeks and definitely Tim is coming with me. This week I thought I’d share a bit of my portrait collection, these shots are many from various parties at the Basement (which is the name of a house that was around for 2 years where a lot of friends lived). These are so silly and great. I really love half format cameras, and am hoping to get more in the future because I find them so much fun to play around with. I did a review of Holga Tim a few months ago as well that you can check out for more photos: here! holga tim (6) holga holga tim (22) holga tim (29) holga tim (27) holga holga tim (35) holga holga


Lomography Wednesday: Diana F SLR Lens Adaptor Review

diana f+ adapter nikon, Diana F SLR Lens AdaptorDiana F+ SLR Lens Adaptor Review

The Diana F + SLR Lens Adaptor is available for both Nikon and Canon style mounts and allows you to attach a Diana lens to any SLR camera with the corresponding mount type. Its ranges around $10-15 however unlike the Holga version it does not come with the lens itself which means you will also need to own a Diana F+ camera as it is merely a mount. I didn’t realize this myself having purchased the Holga adapter a few months before and actually had this mount sitting around for 7 months before I finally picked up a Diana F+ camera. I will be doing a comparison review of the Diana adaptor and the Holga adaptor at a later time, so look out for that. I haven’t bought any of the additional lens that you can buy for Diana so this is just using the regular Diana F+ lens ( I may pick up a Fish Eye lens at some point).  The best way to show you the effect of a Diana lens is showing you a shot from the same spots with my Nikon 18-55 lens and then with the Diana adapter and lens:

diana f+ adapter (2)diana f+ adapter, Diana F SLR Lens Adaptordiana adapter (1)diana adapter (2)diana f+ adapter (3)diana f+ adapter (4), Diana F SLR Lens Adaptor


The first thing that struck me about the Diana F+ adapter is how poorly it was made, it does not make a secure bond with the camera and you will catch yourself unscrewing it or it falling off quiet frequently. This is due in part to the fact that the Diana F+ lens requires you to twist the end of the lens to change focusing distance and the adapter was not built with this is mind. It is also due to the fact you have to twist the Diana F+ lens onto the adapter and then twist the adapter onto the Nikon mount.  So what happens is when you are changing focus distance with it you often notice that the adapter gets twisted off of the Nikon mount. It can be quiet distracting having to be conscious that your lens can come unscrewed from the mount at any time. Another downside is that if you want the classic Diana look, you will have to manually convert all your shots into square images. As someone who is use to seeing Holga and Diana shots in the square format I find it looks odd to be a full shot. However the great advantage with the adapter is you can attach it to a DSLR which means you have unlimited shots and it can save you a lot of money not having to buy film or developing cost. I was disappointed that this adapter was not a stand alone product and required you to already own a Diana F+ camera, as a Holga girl myself I was excited to try the Diana F+ lens and compare it to the Holga to get an idea of the different between the camera without having to buy an actual Diana F+ camera. The adapter can be used with other Diana F+ lens, like Fish Eye which is nice as it makes the adapter more versatile. Those additional lens are quiet expensive though ranging around the $25-$45. All in all I really like being able to use my Diana lens with my Nikon as it gives more versatility and the option to preview my shots without having to worry about wasting film, and it can make really cool effects. The shots look they were taken from the cameras everyone had in their house before we all turned digital, the $100 automatic film cameras of the 90’s and early 2000s. Its a nogasgic look and its its fun to play around with. But it doesn’t really feel like the shots you can achieve when you have Diana camera in your hand and 120 film to shoot on. Its more than the large format and the fact that it wasn’t taken with film, I find something missing but at the same time…I still bring my adapter along with me to takes photos as I enjoy the results. I’d say if you already got the Diana F+ camera and wanted to try it out on your SLR camera, then its worth the $15 you will pay for it. Otherwise I’d say maybe just trying a film camera instead – it will be more rewarding.

12 Diana F+ Adapter Shots:


Lomography Wednesday

holga macro lens (1024x678)

An Intro to Holga Macro Lens:

I spent some time last week taking photos of one of my neighbor’s flower pots with my Nikon D7000 and Holga macro lens. I love the combination of the toy camera lens and the quality of my DSLR. The macro lens are suppose to be used with Holga camera but what I do is hold them in front of my Nikon lens and change the distance to over 35. The lens are not the same size and changing the focus distance will remove the bullet eye look – h    owever I will show you a few of the bullet eye shots because they are kinda neat. The lens allows me to get a good macro effect without needing an expensive macro lens, as well  it can be used on other toy cameras or vintage cameras. I don’t usually use it on my Holga lens because without a proper viewfinder it’s impossible to know what shot you are getting and measuring out the distance and amount of light available is tricky.  I simply hold my lens in front manually and haven’t created a harness (perhaps I will do a DIY for that). The only downside is my hands get tired easily and manual focusing is hard to do while holding the lens.

holga macro lens (6) (1024x678)holga macro lens (11) (678x1024)holga macro lens (18) (678x1024)holga macro holga macro holga macro lens (19) (678x1024)holga macro lens (9) (678x1024)holga macro

Bullet View:
holga macro lens (8) (1024x678)holga macro lens (7) (1024x678)holga macro lens (1) (1024x678)a quick video that shows how the Holga lens select focusing:

[media url=””]


Lomography Wednesday

[media url=””]
I’ve never used my LomoKino camera before now even though I’ve had it for 6 months so this summer is the summer of mini-movies! It takes 35 film and makes roughly 90 second length of film. My first attempt was taken at the Mutek weekend of Piknic Electronic Festival of random scenes that I liked. For those of you not in Montreal, Piknic Electronic is an electronic music festival that takes place every Sunday all summer. San Proper was playing and I love his live set, it was a great day and I was really excited to try out LomoKino.

lomokino*this is how it looks when I scan the film, it’s a long process but I’m happy with my first round of LomoKino


Lomography Wednesday

holga tim (27)holga tim (25)holga tim (20)It’s been a long time since I shared Holga Tim photos with your guys so I thought I’d share a few from my friend Nicole’s trip to Montreal a few years ago that I haven’t shared before. She’s so crazy and full of so much energy its always fun when you are around her (can’t you tell from the photos). These are just silly and fun but I wanted to share. I really need to take more photos with Tim this summer when I’m out with friends, its really fun to play around with. The last two I included because Butter is being super cute.

holga tim (19)



Lomography Wednesday – Oktomat Review

oktomatOktomat Review

The Oktomat is a multi-lens toy camera that takes 8 sequential shots in 2.5 seconds on 35mm film. It works best with lots of light and using the highest possible speed of film like 400 or 800. I got mine a few years ago and have taken many rolls of film with it. Its a typical toy camera in the sense its very light and made with plastic. It also has a view finder that does little to inform you of what you are shooting, and it has no settings, just shoot and go.  I will show some things you can do with the camera before giving you my over all experience with it.

Oktomat (9) (1024x683)The subject moves, and you move. This is probably the funniest mechanic.

oktomat (18) (1024x683)Still life

oktomat (52) (1024x683)You are still and the subject moves

oktomat (46) (1024x683)You move and subject is still

oktomat (7) (1024x683)Shade (both taken on very sunny summer days)

oktomat (3) (1024x683)Sequence shots, you’ll also notice that it shoots backwards to what you’d except. Meaning if you want to have a sequence shot that look like sequence shots….you cant

oktomat (29) (1024x683)Self-portraits are doable

oktomat (51) (720x480)Oh and this happens…..all the time. The first and last square has a knack to going red, the lighting doesn’t matter, no light, lots of light….red corners.

oktomat (31) (683x1024)if you are curious to see what a night shot looks like, this was at dusk

oktomat (26) (1024x683)


One of the first things you will learn about the Oktomat is it cannot shoot in minimal light or indoors, even a shot taken on a sunny day in the shade will cause shots to be dark. Not to mention pictures taken in the bright sun lead to light flares all over the film. I found the overall quality of the finished pictures whether I toke them in plenty of light or not to be very poor. That is one of the main reasons I do not use this camera any more. Also you will find on the pictures on the  packaging for the camera to be very deceiving, some of them look pretty much impossible to be shot with the actual camera which is unfortunate to say the least. Example: sequence shots (as shown above) the camera takes photos from the bottom left to right and then top right to left….don’t ask me why because I didn’t make the camera, but isn’t that really dumb?  However the camera is fun and you will have will have fun trying to think of interesting ways to use the 8 lens mechanic and the 2.5 seconds of shooting time. However when I got my film back each time I was mostly disappointed. For me it was more fun to take the shots then it was to look at them because they never quiet turn out how I imagined. It is my opinion that this is a fault with the camera itself since after several rolls and experimenting a lot with lighting I got the same results. Despite this I never had any technical problems with this camera until it was about 1 year old. Now it tends to get jams in the middle of the film and wont advance so I have to open it up to get the film unjammed so it will advance and in the process expose that section of film. That might just be from heavy use although I’ve taken pretty good care of it. Otherwise it has held up very well and the plastic is very sturdy, although the jamming is annoying. I think the red square were intended because a quick look of any Oktomat Flickr group shows most people get them, so I can’t claim this to be a technical issue, rather a intended design (a poor one at that). In conclusion the photos are fun and if you aren’t bothered by getting okay photos instead of great photos and just want a cool photo to remind you of a sunny day than this camera will work for you, plus the film can be developed anywhere. If you want a multi-lens camera I suggest trying a different one than Oktomat to begin, there are plenty of different cameras out there do have better resolution and quality.

My Top 10 Oktomat Photos:


Butter of the Week

This week’s Butter is going to be a little weird. I toke these macro photos of her face back in March when I first got my Diana F+ camera. These were taken with the combination of my Nikon D7000 with Diana F+ lens and my Holga marco lens set. I think they are really neat, hope you like!

Ears and Eyes
Nose and checks
And lastly, whiskers galore.


Lomogrpahy Wednesday

holga (30), citizen erased photography holga (25), citizen erased photographyTaken during my trip around the West Coast of America for two weeks by bus in 2009, these 3 holga shots were taken in Los Angeles and Portland. The beach shots are Venice Beach, and I wish I had taken more film on my trip because these turned out wonderfully. I love the combination of miles of sky with miles of sand especially from a city that is overcrowded and it feels like you cannot escape people or traffic. The Portland photo is a perfect summary of what Portland is about, I spent a lot of my time there relaxing in the various parks around the hostel, and there is no shortage of nature which I love. I hope you like these!

holga (28), citizen erased photography


Lomography Wednesday

Diana F+ (9)My first try at the Diana F+ cameras after years of being a Holga girl! I developed these myself as well, first time doing 120 mm film (I did one roll before this one, so technically it was number 2). So many things went wrong with this film I’m having trouble deciding if I like them or not. The guy who I bought the camera from put black tape on the inside of the camera where the film counter is and I didn’t figure it out until I had loaded the film and kept on winding and never seeing the film counter advance. So I had advance the film all the way to the end and then reload it. And last week when I was developing it I made a mistake on my calculations for the fixer and added extra water diluting it incorrect. Plus I’ve never used Kodak 120mm film before, I’m so use to Lomography’s re-branded film and the contrast you achieve with that. So lets just say I cannot tell if this is what end results normally look like.  My first impressions are though that I love my Holga and I love the results I get with it (I haven’t developed my own Holga film yet) and I’m on the fence with Diana F. So we’ll see, definitely it deserve another roll of film to try, and hopefully things will go smoother. lol.

Diana F+ (16)Diana F+ (6)Diana F+ (1)Diana F+ (5)


Lomogoraphy Wednesday

I’ve really been missing my friends. In a month it will mark 4 years since I moved from Vancouver to Montreal and even though I don’t regret it and have meet the most amazing people here its really tough sometimes being on the other side of the country from my best friend (and all my other friends too). I’ve only had the change to visit once since moving out here 2 years ago and was looking through the photos of that trip and thought I’d just have to share. I had only brought with me my DSLR and my Oktomat camera. I was trying to find cools ways to take sequence shots so in my friend’s backyard after a party I held I lined up everybody and tried to basically go down the line as fast as I could.  Here are the results, they are really funny even if they aren’t the best photos ever (I actually stopped taking a lot of photos after this trip because I realized how poor the results were).

Oktomat (1) Oktomat (6)Oktomat (5) Oktomat (7) Oktomat (9) Oktomat (12)My friends are so funny. I can’t actually believe they actually manged to pose that many times for me. I actually toke photos of them flipping their hair up with my DSLR, and they are even more hilarious. Hope your having a great Wednesday. It’s really made me happy looking back at these.


Lomography Wednesday

holga, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyEl Paso, Texas

Looking at these brings back lots of memories from my trip around the  west coast of America…back in 2009 I spent two weeks touring the States on a the various Greyhound buses between 10 different States, taking Holga photos as I went. This was one of my longest stops, and on one of my days there I climbed part of the Franklin Mountains range! This guy is located in the middle of El Paso and towers around the whole city, it toke me little over 2 hours to climb. It was wonderful, and the view was breath taking. In most of these photos you can see both El Paso and Mexico and from up on the mountain there was no difference between them. Kind of makes you wonder why they were dumb enough to think that building a wall between the two countries would do anything.   I really felt at home in El Paso.

holga, citizen erased, citizen erased photography holga, citizen erased, citizen erased photography


Lomography Wednesday

Holga Vision

holga, toronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photography

A trippy look at the sights of Toronto. I shot these while on a trip to Toronto in 2012 during the spring using the Holga lens attachment for Nikon. The lo-fi effect is wonderful, its makes the digital shots feel like film. I am hope to do a review of the Holga lens next month after I’ve used it more in different situations but thought in the meantime I’d share my favourite shots from my trip. Most of these were taken around the downtown core in the Kensington Market area that I always stay at. I love the vibrant colors of the area and how you can see the CN Tower off in the distance, not to mention it has the best food. I definetly need to take more photos of Toronto, for some reason anytime I go I spend more time drinking and hanging out then snapping away (I blame my Toronto friends for that lol)

holga, toronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyholga, toronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyholga, toronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photographytoronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyholga, toronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photographytoronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photographytoronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photographytoronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photography toronto, citizen erased, citizen erased photography


Lomography Wednesday

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These photos are from a 2010 trip to New York City using my Oktomat toy camera with my friend Zara (in Wonderland). It was amazing, we were there for 3 days and stayed at her uncle’s amazing apartment in Mahatten by Central Park and it was so great. I brought the Oktomat as I had just boughten it a few weeks before. I really love these photos and am so happy to share.

citizen erased, citizen erased photographycitizen erased, citizen erased photographyoktomat, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyoktomat, citizen erased, citizen erased photographycitizen erased, citizen erased photographycitizen erased, citizen erased photographyoktomat, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyoktomat, citizen erased, citizen erased photographycitizen erased, citizen erased photographyMore details about photos:
  1. Zara running around Central Park
  2. MoMa sign.
  3. Zara on top of the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park
  4. View of Manhattan from the bus.
  5. Zara posing by some street barricades.
  6. New York City taxi.
  7. The park facing the Liberty Statue
  8. Zara in Battery Park
  9. Checkerboards in Battery Park.
  10. Guy with dog in his bag in Manhattan

Lomography Wednesday

Yesterday I went for a really nice walk around my new neighborhood and toke along my Diana F+ lens hooked up to its adapter so I could take photos with my NikonD700. I have shown you some photos from a month ago using the Diana lens with Holga Close Up lens so I thought I should just try it on its own. And its really fun. The focus of it is very soft and very hard to judge so I definitely need to practice with it more but a few of the shots I really liked. It has this 70’s film feel aura about them. I miss the square format when I use either the Diana F+ or Holga lens adapters for digital cameras so afterwards I tried to edit them into being squares, and they looked okay but I think what I really miss is the unique light leaks and the darkening around the edges. I am hoping to take enough photos with each lens and do a comparison for you guys between both the Holga lens and the Diana lens for Nikon as well as to the real thing.
Here are some photos from my walk.

diana f+ (10)diana f+ (6)diana f+ (5)diana f+ (17)diana f+ (8)diana f+ (12)diana f+ (14)diana f+ (13)I really love the area I live in now, its really close to the harbour so in a few minutes I can get to this really wierd looking part of town but still have the 1800’s churchs and buildings near by as well.  It will be so fun to explore in warmer weather.


Lomography Wednesday

vancouver, citizen erased, citizen erased photography holga, vancouver, citizen erased, citizen erased photography holga, vancouver, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyvancouver, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyholga, vancouver, citizen erased, citizen erased photography vancouver, citizen erased, citizen erased photography vancouver, citizen erased, citizen erased photography vancouver, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyvancouver, citizen erased, citizen erased photographyThese photos are from 2009 taken with my Holga using 120 film. Most of them are from a walk downtown with my friend, Ana and some taken at my work place in New Westminster. I really love Holga square photos, the colors are so vibrant and as you can tell I love anything double exposed. I really want to take more with my Holga here in Montreal. It nice capturing random moments and the results are always rewarding for me. Lomography Wednesday is my favourite day of the week on my blog :)


Lomography Wednesday

A few weeks ago I got a Diana F+ kind of randomly and while waiting to get more 120mm film, I decided to test out the lens! Last summer I bought a Diana adapter for Nikon because I thought it was like the Holga one and came with the lens so I had it laying around my shelf just waiting for me to finally get a Diana. So a few days after getting my new Diana, I popped the lens on the adapter and attached it to my Nikon DSLR. These shots are a combination of the Diana lens and Holga Close Up lens, I just sat in front of this bush and testing them out so. They looked much more crisp on my camera screen so I was a little disappointed to find how blurry they actually are. But I still love them and cannot wait to experiment more!
diana lens, citizen erased photographydiana F+, citizen erased photographydiana lens, citizen erased photographydiana F+, citizen erased photographydiana F+, citizen erased photographydiana lens, citizen erased photographydiana F+, citizen erased photographydiana lens, citizen erased photographydiana F+, citizen erased photographydiana lens, citizen erased photographydiana F+, citizen erased photographydiana lens, citizen erased photography


Lomography Wednesday

spinner 360, citizen erasedSpinner 360

I have owned this camera for a year and never gotten around to taking photos with it. I finally tested it out! I really wanted to develop my own film a few weeks ago and since goes through film really quickly, I toke it out for a walk in my neighborhood. I live in the Plateau area of Montreal, so lots of old style townhouses. I love the shots, even though they are test shots. Cannot wait to take more with friends and in color (black and white is okay but this camera demands color)

spinner360citizen erasedspinner 360, citizen erasedspinner 360, citizen erasedspinner 360, citizen erased



Lomography Wednesday: Holgaroid Review

holgaroid (5), citizen erased, citizen erased photography

  Holgaroid: A Review!

The Holgaroid is an attachment for your Holga camera that converts it into a Polaroid and costs around $200. The original attachment used Polaroid film that is no longer available however its easy online to get Fuji FP-100C and FP-100B instant film which is black&white or color respectively. I got my Holgaroid attachment this summer locally and used. I have always wanted to get this attachment for my Holga, so I picked mine up used for $100 including a Holga 120N camera and the shutter release attachment included. It was a really good deal considering, even though I already had a Holga camera. I’ve taken about 3 rolls of film with the Holgaroid however, and I am not really satisfied with the results. The best way to show you what this camera can do, and what it doesn’t do very well is with examples.

1. Size
The Holgaroid attachment will turn your medium size Holga camera into a monster. Its almost the same width of the Holga excluding the lens and it taller then the Holga so the Holga hovers if you have it sitting on a counter. The attachment will also make your Holga much heavier. Personally though I don’t mind the size unless I have to carry it in a bag, as its almost larger then my NikonD7000. 

2. Darkness
holgaroid (4)
Its really…really dark. This shot below was taken in the shade, but on a really bright summer day. I wasted about half a roll trying to figure out what lighting works with the Holgaroid. The lighting from what I found is no shade, no overcast, and no indoors shots, only on bright sunny days otherwise you will get very dark shots or completely exposed film. And even once you figure out what lighting works you still end up wasting film with shots that are too dark to look any good, and this is not cheap film. For every shot that worked, I got one that was black. Even on the bright days, the shots that came out were still dark in appearance.

3. Light Leaks
holgaroid (15), citizen erased, citizen erased photography
Now for some people this will be a pro. And definitely on some shots it looks cool but for others this will be a con. I like the light leaks but on some shots its definitely very distracting and I got frustrated that its completely random and I cannot control it. Another thing to note is that you CANNOT leave film in this camera. After the summer, I put away the Holgaroid for a few months because it was much darker outside and I was worried about not getting any shots…..well the light leaks exposed all of the film that normally would be protected. Wasting a whole package that I had just put in.

4. Size
holgaroid (9), citizen erased, citizen erased photography
This is another thing that some people may consider a pro instead of a con. Because the Polaroid back was made for another type of film that is square and the Fuji film is larger then the square image of the Holga, you will get a whole section of your film that doesn’t get an image. I’ve cropped certain images shown below to show you the different but this is what your images will come out as. I really like the cropped images more and from what I’ve seen of people who either had the Holgaroid before Polaroid stopped making the film or purchased expired film it looks really different in its intended square form.

5. Flash Shots
holgaroid (3)holgaroid (2)
Flash is really tricky with the Holgaroid. If your too close, its usually over exposed and if your too far away the shot will be too dark. You’ll also get the circular exposure. I don’t know what causes this but all my flash shots had this when my regular day time shots did not. It is nice that you can use the Holga flash with the Holgaroid though considering most lighting situations will require this.

These are the common features and concerns with the Holgaroid attachment that most people have so I thought I’d share my experience with it. I think I am going to retire my attachment as its not very fulfilling even when it does take good shots. For $200 and $10 a pack of 10, you’d probably have much better luck just buying a Fuji Film Instanx camera (one version even has a Holga lens attachments) or if you want that vintage feel what I suggest is looking on Etsy, or your local vintage store for an old Polaroid camera. This isn’t to say the attachment doesn’ t take good photos, its definitely possible but the amount of work I had to put in, and the amount of film that was wasted fustrated me. I got my Polaroid Colorpack III for under $50 on Etsy a month after getting the attachment, and have not experience any of the fustration with it, like I did with the Holgaroid – its been love ever since (which isn’t to say there wasn’t a learning curve) .   So if you want to save yourself some cash to put towards film and some grief get a Polaroid camera that’s either compatible with Fuji film or film made by the Impossible Project and make sure it doesn’t require a speciality battery to function and you’ll be on your way to getting great instant shots.

Click below at all my shots taken with Holgaroid attachement:
(and if your thinking to yourself, wow that’s only 8 shots – I KNOW.
Out of 30 shots I toke and only got 8 shots that even turned out)


Lomography Wednesday

This week I wanna share my shots using Oktomat from Canada’s Wonderland in Toronto a few years ago. This camera can be really fun to take on vacation, and man its nice to see shots from the summer, I really start to get sick of winter around this time of year. So its nice to look back a summer photos. This camera isn’t always the most steady or clearly but I love its charm and all the various ways you can take photos with it. Its really fun for trips or when I just want ot be silly.

oktomat, citizen erased oktomat citizen erased oktomat, citizen erased


Lomography Wednesday

Giraffe and gorillas at the Albuquerque Zoo in New Mexico taken with Holga color 120mm film. I toke it around my trip in America for 2 weeks taking a Holga photo in every city, it was a fun experience. I will share all the shots at some point, that’d be really fun!



Vintage Tuesday: Review

This is my review for the camera: Sooter 35 F2


Sooter is a Japanese camera made in the 1970’s. It takes 35mm film and it is considered a toy camera for its minimalist options. This camera is nice to have for the shear fact it appears to be pretty rare (you will not find any information on google for this camera). However my honest opinion is this camera is not worth it. One roll of film in and the photos are okay but just not amazing. They are very dark for being taken in the middle of a bright summer day. There is light leaks and the film did get stuck a few times. I’ve included my first roll so you can have a look for yourself. If you find it for free or less then $5 buy the camera and try it out but it’s not worth much else. There are other vintage cameras or toy camera that will give you unique results, this is just a point and shoot camera 35mm film camera.

*click below to view all my photos taken with Sooter


Lomography Wednesday: New Cameras!

lomography New additions to my toy camera collection!

The Diana F+ “Hudson Bay Company” Addition.
the limited addition Diana is so colorful and fun, it takes 120mm film and detachable flash and lens. Allows for pinhole shooting and multiple exposures. Bought used for $35
Disderi 3 Lens Robot Camera
this quircky robot camera has 3 lens that takes 3 shots in a row on 35mm film and blends the images together unlike tradition multi-lens toy cameras that create lines between shots. bought on ebay for $10
lomography Disderi 4Lens Sampler
The big brother of the robot version, is the 4-lens shooter. Although it simply takes 4 shots in a row with its lens its really fun for experimenting and for $10, how could I resist?
Last but not least is the wonderful Supersampler that takes 4 vertically on 35mm film. Unlike other multi-shot cameras this one uses a ripcord and you can decide how quick it goes either 4 shots in 2 seconds or 0.2. I got it used for $25.  

I cannot wait to show you the results from these cameras, I’ve already ordered more film and am ready to snap away.

Here is some outakes when Butter decided she had to check out the new cameras.


Lomography Wednesday: Holga Tim Review

holgatimHolga Tim Review

HolgaTim is the newest member to the Holga toy camera team, and he is really unique. Tim comes is various colors, like my lilac purple and has double lens that appear on the camera as eyes with matching colored flash with color filters (if you want you as you buy seperately you can mix up flash color). The multiple lens allow for either 3D images, half frames and even multiple exposure. There is so much you can do with Tim, you will find lots of interesting ideas come to you while taking photos. I love this camera. Its not as fussy as most toy cameras and you can easy get a full roll of film developed, and even better if you take in half-frames a 24 shot roll you will get 48 unique  shots. Plus walking around with a smiling camera really makes people laugh. The flash is very good on the Holga Tim and most of shots I toke were with it. Day shots are possible but appear to be a bit dark but not as bad as other multiple lens cameras I have in my collection. The flash being detachable also makes this camera great for carrying around with you, it doesn’t take up much space at all and the filters do a really great job at making the photos extra fun, I love yellow the best. But what better way to review the camera then to show you what you can do with it.

The 3D shot with flash:
holgatim_3deffectHalf- Frame shot with flash:
holgatim_oneyeDaytime shot, no flash:
holgatim_noflashFlash with colored filter:
holgatim_colorflashDouble Exposure:
holgatim_doubleexposure (2)Self Portrait:
holgatim_selfportraitHalf-Frame with different colored filter flash:
holgatim_differentcolorflashHalf-Frame with different angles:
holgatim_differentanglesHalf-frame double exposure and 3D shot:
holgatim_doubleexposureAnd what happens when you advance the film without taking a half-frame:
*you have to be careful when taking half-frames because if you forget to take a shot then 1 side will not have a photo. Or if your saving the shot for later and leave the lens eyes open you’ll easy accidentally take a photos or do a double exposure because you forgot what eye was open. I think once you get use to the camera it easy not to make any mistakes and I created a rhythm to how I wanted to do my half shots, and out of 3 rolls I only had it happen about 1 to 2 times a roll.

Top 10 of my Holga Tim photos:


Vintage Tuesday

This photo was taken with my Sooter 35mm film camera I got from my grandmother after she died. There is little to no information on this camera but its a basic point and shoot 35mm film camera from Japan.  I toke 1 roll of him and was pretty disappointed so I haven’t used it much. I like this shot of my friends at Piknic Electronik in 2010.