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Vintage Tuesday: Kodak No. 0 Brownie

no 0 brownie kodak (1)Today I wanted to share with you my newest addition to my vintage camera collection the Kodak No.0 Brownie made between 1928-1935. I bought this lovely and unique camera for $20 just a few weeks ago while antiquing shopping at a market. It uses 127 film, takes 6 x 4 cm exposures is made almost entirely out of cardboard and wood. Below I have a more detailed looked at the camera below because I just love it’s texture and details.

no 0 brownie kodak (2)This is actually the backside of the camera, probably one of the only cameras I own where the back plate is much prettier and detailed than the front.   no 0 brownie kodak (5)The front side of the camera, and although it looks like glass should be there this camera original had none.  You can also see the aperture is open like a photo is being taken. 

no 0 brownie kodak (3)
The top side of the camera where you can find the metal clasp to opening the back of the camera, a viewfinder and the metal tap that gives you unlimited exposure. no 0 brownie kodak (8)The side of the camera where you have the second viewfinder and the simple shutter. As well the  lever/knob for advancing the film. Out of all my cameras this is probably the most decorative film advancement I’ve seen, it’s so cute. no 0 brownie kodak (6) no 0 brownie kodak (7)A peak inside the camera, which is made almost entirely out of wood and velvet.


Vintage Tuesday: Argoflex Seventy-Five & Baby Brownie Special

Vintage Tuesday Argoflex Seventy-Five and Kodak Baby Brownie Special

Today I wanted to profile my two newest cameras that I just added to my collection in October, the Argoflex Seventy-Five and the Baby Brownie Special. I picked up the Argoflex Seventy-Five for $20 at a flea market along with it’s original leather case and strap and the Baby Brownie Special at a church bazaar for $20 as well. The Seventy-Five is a Bakelite camera put out by Argus made between 1949 to 1964 and like many cameras from around that perioid it is a fake TLR camera and used 620 medium format film. It has a bright viewfinder that is great for look through and to do viewfinder photography. On top of that I loved the simple design of the front of the camera even though I have a very similiar designed Kodak camera. The main reason I bought it was because I do not own any Argus camereas and I thought with the case included it was a steal.  My second camera, is by far one of the cutest cameras I’ve even seen – it’s just so tiny. The Baby Brownie by Kodak is a Bakelite camera that was produced from 1938 to 1954.  It shoots in medium format on 127 film and includes absoleyly no settings, it’s as point and click as you can go. It’s size and lightness felt unique from all the other cameras from around that time so I couldn’t resist. I am so intrigued to see how it shoots, because if it’s any good – it’ll fit in my travel bags so well. On that note I will mention  both cameras use film that is not produced anymore however you can use other types of film in them and simply resize or use original spools (tutorial here for 127 film conversion).

Kodak Baby Brownie

kodak baby brownie

Argoflex Seventy-Five

argoflex seventy-five

A look at the leather case for the camera and a look through it’s viewfinder.Argus Seventy-Five (1) Argus Seventy-Five (2)


Vintage Tuesday: MF2000T Motor Drive Twin Len Reflex

MF2000T Motor Drive Twin Len Reflex (1)This giant and strange looking beast of a camera is the MF2000T Motor Drive Twin Len Reflex which I picked up for $10 at a garage sale in the summer. Due to its black plastic body and general look and feel I’d say this was a camera from the 1980’s-1990’s era, however since I am unable to really find any information about this camera online I can’t say for sure. I normally don’t go for cameras of this type/time period however the extremely low price and the fact that it’s so unique I had to grab it. The  camera features a viewfinder to the right of the lens that allows you to see an accurate view of what your shooting and has a much different look than typical twin lens reflex cameras (although I don’t know if that’s a good thing – this camera is very heavy and bulking).  The camera also boosts a very loud motor drive that winds the film for you automatically. Beyond that it’s a fairly standard basic camera with four apertures settings and automatic focus. I’m going to try it out soon and see what I get, I don’t expect much but it’s an interesting camera none the less, lol.

MF2000T Motor Drive Twin Len Reflex (2)MF2000T Motor Drive Twin Len Reflex (3)Never trust cats when taking photos, I don’t know why but she always find what I’m shooting the most interesting thing going on and rushes over to check it out/sit on it.


Vintage Tuesday: Dream Vintage Cameras

Sharing some of my dream vintage cameras with you guys today. When I do my yearly wish list of toy camera there is always the realm of I could go out and buy them if I really wanted. These vintage cameras I am sharing today are my DREAM vintage cameras because either they are really rare or I’d have to sell a kidney to buy even one of them let alone more than that.  So don’t be suprised if some of these cameras are $1,000+. As someone who has an extensive collection of cameras I am always looking for types I don’t have, and what else I can try experimenting with. I occasionally spend an evening just searching on Etsy for vintage cameras. I love looking at them and researching them, and find ones that fit a category that I don’t currently own (Rangefinders). So this post is just me nerding out about cameras I may never own but I hope one day dropping $2,000 on a camera would be possible (I don’t see that ever happen unless it’s a DSLR).
Will include links below each if you want to know more information about each model.

Hasselblad Medium Format 500C/CM

Hasselblad cameras are classics and still made today. I just love the modular element to them and this is probably one of the few cameras on this list I will probably actually own. [more info]

 Polaroid 180

The Polaroid 180 is totally different from most vintage Polaroids you are probably use to. It not only has a metal body, and a glass lens but it also has a fully manually aperture and shutter speed control. This is another one that I will likely save up for in next few years. [more info & more]


A twin reflex camera used by many professional photographers back in the day, owning one is like owning a piece of history.  [more info]

Crown Graflex Graphic

I love the Crown because of it’s size and my love for all folding type cameras. Not to mention my love for instant film. It’s very unique! [more info]

Leica M3

Rangefinder! I don’t have any of this type of camera and this is suppose to be one of the best.   [more info]

Rochester Optical Peerless

From the 1800s and a real beauty.  [more info]

Polaroid 600 Coca Cola Special / Lego Land / Barbie

Okay so these are hipster picks but who could resist these designs. Honestly these camera just look like fun and the film is still being made by the Impossible Project. [more info]

Stereo Tenax

A camera that doesn’t take film but instead plates. Wonder if it’s possible to still take photos with it. [more info]

Kiev 88

The Kiev is a lower end copy of Hasselblad cameras but it’s still a worthwhile camera if you don’t have $1000 to spend. [more info]

Kodak No. 2 Folding Cartridge Hawkeye Model

The Hawkeye camera came in several unqiue shades at a time when most cameras were black. In fact the colors still sticks out to this day. However the camera is no different from most folding cameras which makes it a hard sell as it’s rare colors makes them very expensive.  [more info]

Kodak Bantam Special

Another rangefinder camera, this one is mostly for the beauty. I love all the art deco cameras that were created with help from designers of the time.  [more info]

Ise Edelweiss Deluxe

There is very little information on this camera but it’s excess length makes it truely unique.

(I do not own any of these original images, all were taken from google so if your image is featured and you want me to remove it please let me know by email)


Double Exposure: Polaroids

I absolutely love taking double exposure with vintage Polaroid land cameras, although not always successful it’s really fun to test and see what you can get. I’ve shared these photos before but wanted to reshare them as after a year of taking multiple exposures with instant film these are my personally most successful. I find using trees as one of the shots usually results in an interesting result however putting this post together I realized how often I use them and really want to explore this summer on using more variety. I’d love to do a series of double exposures with graffiti from around Montreal so hopefully I will get a chance to explore that idea more. Man it feels like a really long time since I’ve actually used my Polaroid Colorpack or Super Shot cameras, I really need to pick up more film and get back into shooting. Hope you enjoy the shots.

double exposure polaroid (2) polaroid double exposure (3) double exposure polaroid (5) polaroid double exposure (2) polaroid double exposure double exposure polaroid (4) double exposure polaroid (6) polaroid double exposure (4) polaroid double exposure (1)



Vintage Tuesday: Tintypes

tintype photography

For Christmas Victor bought me 10 tintype photographs from the 1800’s to add to my vintage photography collection. We found these together while at a flea market back in earlier December. The vendor had a huge selection of random stuff and just sitting in a cigar box he had over 40 tintypes. Originally they were $10 per piece which is usually the average the price for them; however I wasn’t too keen on paying that much considering the obvious damage and scratches they had (it always makes me sad when I see photography not being stored properly). I decided to go through the pile and select all the ones I really thought had interesting characters or were more on the unusual side. I am fascinated by dead portraitures that were common in the tintype era, as well as ones featuring taxidermy animals. After picking these out we were able to haggle the guy down to $5 for each which was amazing. Sadly he didn’t have any information about where these were from or dates but judging by the material I would say they are from late 1800s or possibly earlier 1900s. I thought I’d share them with you as I find them fascinating to look at.  Victor’s favourite one is of the dead child and mine is of gentleman I’ve dubbed “Wolverine”. Let me know in the comments which one is your favourite, and if you have any tintypes yourself.

vintage photography tintypes (10) vintage photography tintypes (7) vintage photography tintypes (11) vintage photography tintypes (9) vintage photography tintypes (5)vintage photography tintypesvintage photography tintypes (8) vintage photography tintypes (4) vintage photography tintypes (1) vintage photography tintypes (6)


A Year in Vintage Photography

Kodak Dualflex (26)Have a look back at the last year of vintage photography! Vintage Tuesday is my bi-weekly post where I share vintage cameras, photography I’ve taken using vintage cameras, tutorials and my collection of vintage slides and photographs. In the last few months I have added a lot of tintype photography to my collection that I will be sharing in upcoming months. Next year I will also be starting to develop my own film again and can’t wait.  Click the link/photo if you want to see vintage photography, cameras and more.


Featured Artits: The Met Gallery Collection

PH8598Featured Artists: The Met Gallery Collection

What a great way to spend some of your Christmas vacation then checking out the Met Gallery Collection of photography ranging from the 1980s all the way to the 2000s. They have thousands of photograph negatives and prints available online to be viewed that has either featured in the Metropolitan Museum of Art itself or in storage. I’ve featured some of the photographers below so you have an idea of what you’re getting into as the site is much like a library catalogue system (it’s not a photo gallery and with information about the pieces being more prominent than the artwork itself and frequently there is pieces without a photograph) but it’s worth the search trust me. There are a lot of gems in here if you are fascinated by photography like myself or just like looking back at earlier times in history. It’s available, here and if you want to check out the Met Gallery Collection in its entirety, here. Happy looking and let me know in the comments any gems you find!

Bruce Davidson, 1966

Walker Evans 1933

Eugène Atget 1923

Francis Bedford 1870

Helen Levitt 1939

Andrew Joseph Russell 1864

John Thomson 1869

Ansel Easton Adams 1964

Peter Henry Emerson 1885

Johan Hagemeyer 1928


Through the Viewfinder

I’d love to do a series with the Kodak Duaflex called “Through the Viewfinder” where I explore various places around Montreal and elsewhere if possible. I love looking through this camera’s viewfinder in particular over all my other viewfinder style cameras and usually find myself when I bring it with me staring through it while walking around – not even to take photos but just to experience the world through its lens (I know I’m weird). I really want to take movies of what that’s like but it’s a bit hard to do since I’d have to have the Kodak Duaflex on a tripod and also my Nikon D7000 on a tripod…while moving. Otherwise it would just be horrible shaky. Today’s photo are actually free style where I am holding both cameras in opposite hands and that already makes it really tricky when trying to eliminate the glare on the viewfinder. I should probably take more photos and at least try when I replace my broken tripod to see. The photos today were taken during a short walk in the Vieux-Port earlier this month. If you want to see more I’ve done in the past with a tripod and the same camera, here, here, here and here!through the viewfinder (4) through the viewfinder (8) through the viewfinder (7) through the viewfinder (12)through the viewfinder (11) through the viewfinder (16) through the viewfinder (1) through the viewfinder (2)


Vintage Tuesday: Polaroid Land Model 80A

Polaroid Land 80A (5)

Polaroid Land Model 80A

Today I’m sharing with you my vintage Polaroid Land Model 80A camera that was made from 1957-59 by the Polaroid Company. The Model 80a land camera uses Type 30 series roll film that hasn’t been produced since the 1960s. It’s a metal and plastic camera with a glass lens and three shutter modes 1/25, 1/100 and bulb. The 80a has 3 exposures mode that use the EV scale system instead of the usual f/ stops but it translates to f/8, f/11 and f/16. It also has a viewfinder at the top of the camera and has a metal cover that extends to exposure the lens in an accordion style. To take photos you use the metal tab to the right of the lens when extended. Like other accordion cameras it has a metal stand that extends down when the bellows have been moved out so you can balance the camera vertically. It also has a hot shoe flash which isn’t common in many Polaroid cameras. I don’t know if the camera will work with modern hot shoe flash as I haven’t tried. The main reason I actually bought this camera is because of the amazing bellows and the lens plate that is shaped much like juke box (or at least I think so). It has a really unique retro vibe about it that I just had to have it even though it can’t be used any more to take instant photography. There is a tutorial here, that shows you how to convert it to use 120 film but I doubt I will ever do that as this camera is a beast (it weighs so much) and I’m not a big fan of permanently destroying a camera even though there will never be film available for it again. In fact it’s one of the few cameras I own that isn’t able to be used anymore but again who could resist its amazing design?

Polaroid Land 80A (8) Polaroid Land 80A (3)Polaroid Land 80A (7)Polaroid Land 80A (2) Polaroid Land 80A (6)I love the inside of the Polaroid 80a.


Factory Polaroids

factory polaroid (8) factory polaroid (11)factory polaroid (13) factory polaroid (10) factory polaroid (5)factory polaroid (12)

A few shots today taken with my Polaroid Colorpack IV of the Canadian Malting Silos that I am obsessed with here in Montreal. I wish I had a chance to  explore the inside but it’s bolted up pretty tight at the moment. Enjoyed biking there and having a look around the place anyways with Victor. The double exposure of him and the silos was the most successful shot of the day I think.  If you want to see photos taken with my Nikon click here! The two below are shots of the canel that goes through the area where the factory is and goes all the way to Vieux-Montreal.

factory polaroid (6) factory polaroid (7)


Vintage Tuesday: Agfa PD16 Clipper

agfa pd16 clipper (2)Agfa PF16 Clipper

I wanted to get back in my Vintage Tuesday by showing you my 2nd newest acquisition the Agfa PD16 Clipper that I picked up on Etsy in the spring. This camera was first introduced in 1928 by Agfa and made in New York State. The Agfa company had just recently been acquired by Ansco when this camera came out so you can find the exact same model of this camera under the name Ansco Clipper.  It’s a metal and plastic folding medium format camera that uses now discontinued 616 film and has a fixed focus of over 6 feet to infinity. The shutter is a red metal lever to the right of the lens and it has the shutter speed of 1/60 second and has a bulb mode for infinite exposure.  Although considered a folding camera, this camera is pretty unique and actually had a lens that pulls out by pressing in the metal tabs on the middle of the camera to slide out the lens and extend the front of the camera. The unique part of that is instead of bellows it just a metal square.
agfa pd16 clipper (3)agfa pd16 clipper (4)
The above two photos show you what the camera looks like once extended out. As well you can see the metal tap in the 2nd photo at the top of the lens that turns the shutter into bulb mode, simply pull up. The top of the camera is plastic and has 1 knob to wind the film. It also has a typical viewfinder over the top of the lens and a little stand to hold the camera lens when extended plus a hand strap on the left side of the camera that conveniently covers the switch to open up the back of the camera.  Other than that the camera has no other functionality or specifics but I’d like to note its pretty light camera to hold and would be easy to travel with due to its compactness and weight. I haven’t taken photos with this camera yet as I need to convert 120 film onto a 616 metal spool and have had trouble doing so but I’m really excited to try it out as it’s one of my oldest cameras.

agfa pd16 clipper (5)agfa pd16 clipper (1)agfa pd16 clipperThe last shot is kinda of random but I brought my Agfa Clipper on a bike ride because I wanted to take these photos somewhere more interesting than my back porch but it got too dark too fast. I love this shot of me holding it above the river though.


Vintage Tuesday: Metro-Flex & Brownie Fiesta Kodak

metro-flex amd brownieToday I am going to take a closer look at two of my newest vintage cameras the Metro-Flex and the Kodak Brownie Fiesta that I like to call my ‘minis’ because they are just so darn small and compact.

Brownie Fiesta Camera

The Brownie Fiesta is a 127 film camera made in the 1960s by the Eastman Kodak Company all over the world. It’s a plastic fixed focus camera of f/11 and the shutter speed of 1/40second. There are a few variations of this camera either as a later model or due from the country manufacturing it. I have the original model made between 1962 and 1965 with the plastic silver face plate, viewfinder and hand strap but without flash capability. I chose this version because of unique shape and the shiny front texture. It’s also the smallest vintage camera I have currently in my collection, fitting in the palm of my hand and made with super lightweight plastic. There are so many different Kodak Brownies but this one has a lot of charm, I haven’t had the chance to use it yet but hope to soon.

kodak fiesta camera (3) kodak fiesta camera (4)


The Metro-Flex camera is a Bakelite pseudo reflex camera made in the 1940s by the Metropolitan Industries Company. This American camera uses 127 film and creates half frame exposures. There isn’t much information about this camera available nowadays except that it has a close resemblance to the Clix-O-Flex (made by the same company) and that there are only three styles of the camera available. I chose to get the version with the textured Bakelite because I just love the uniqueness of it over the other two styles which were very typical of camera during that time. This camera has absolutely no setting options except bulb mode (which they call TIME) and it is also capable of double exposures. I love that it’s a half frame camera as well however it’s hard to tell because I have only used 35 film inside mine. The 127 film is no longer being made but using 127 film spools the camera can work with 35 film or cut down 120 film. I am curious to know what the images would look like on the original film type, if you want to see my photographs taken with this camera click here!

metro-flex (1) metro-flex metro-flex (3)metro-flex (4)
My viewfinder is very cloudy, example photo below of what it’s like to look through it. Don’t know if it’s an issue with the inside of the glass being dirty or the normal view of the viewfinder.

metro-flex (5)


Spring Polaroids

spring polaroids (6)Had the chance to take some instant film this weekend with my Polaroid Super Shot. Me and Victor went to play tennis at a court about 25minutes from our house by bike and we discovered this really cool wall structure a few blocks away. Victor found a plaque talking about how it was the site of an old factory so instead of destroying it completely they left the walls up and built a structure out of metal to stabilize both sides. The building in its original form must have been huge. I love that Montreal does try to preserve its history, even if it’s just the walls.

spring polaroids (5)spring polaroids (7)spring polaroids (3)spring polaroids (10)spring polaroids (1)Tried to capture the moon in the sky but had the light meter on way too dark,  the tiny white dot to the top center is indeed the moon however. Don’t know how the green ripples were created, aliens I guess.

spring polaroids (8)Taking double exposures is always a risk, I’m still in the playing around period of seeing the difference between what works with a Polaroid camera in comparison to what I’m use to on my DSLR (surprising similar it seems). I am also still working on measuring distant by eye as well since I don’t have my measuring counter on the Super Shot like the Polaroid Colorpack has. The above shot is an example of a successful double exposure in my books while below is just a blurry mess.

spring polaroid (11)spring polaroidVictor is still cute even when blurry. I am really glad my new bike basket fits my Polaroid perfectly. Didn’t take many Spring polaroids but have all summer for adventures on the bike with it.


Vintage Tuesday: Montreal in the 1940s “Part II”

vintage photography montreal (16)Montreal in the 1940s is back again this week because I am just so in love with these photographs and want to share as much of them as possible with the world. I think I’ll probably keep the rest for later on in the year but for now I wanted to share the ones I’ve complied as the ‘dam and bridge’ ones. I think the family must have lived right beside this bridge or near the dam because they have a lot of photos taken there and most of them you can tell by the changing outfits that they were taken at various times and not just from one day. It’s hard to tell as well if the dam actually flows into the same stream the bridge is going over. It’s really a mystery and I feel like I’ve actually seen this bridge before which makes me even more curious. I absolutely love these photographs and wish I knew more about this family. When I first went through them I thought the photos probably covered years of this families life but now I’ve changed my opinion and decided they were probably wealthy and actually took photos more often than most people did in the 1940’s because it’s mostly photos of the younger 20ish looking boys and girls posing in front of various things and being silly or fashionable. Let me know what you think in the comments!

If you missed my last post about this collection of vintage photographs, check it out here!

vintage photography montreal (14)vintage photography montreal (23)vintage photography montreal (9)vintage photography montreal (11)vintage photography montreal (10) vintage photography montreal (12)vintage photography montreal (13) vintage photography montreal (18) vintage photography montreal (19) vintage photography montreal (22) vintage photography montreal (26)


Vintage Tuesday: Montreal in the 1940s

vintage photography montreal (21) A few weeks ago I showed you some of my growing vintage slide collection so I thought this week I’d share one of my other photography collections – vintage photos from the 1940’s. Last year I went to a big vintage fair in the basement of a church where all these vintage and retro stores had tables set up of various things like cameras, dishes, clothing, jewelry and the like. One table in particular in-between all the retro diner ware had amazing small vintage photos scattered about. I started going through them thinking I could pick up one or two that were interesting but soon found out their appeared to be a whole collection from the same Montreal family in 1940’s to 1950’s taken around the area. The idea of owning all of them for some future project (still haven’t thought of it yet – brewing a few ideas together) really appealed to me so I worked out a deal with the owner of them for purchasing all 120ish of them for $80. I honestly thought it was a bit of rip off until I got home and realized how expensive it is to buy vintage photos and rare to get more than 10 or so from the same time period or family. Definitely something I am going to keep my eye out for in the future because just going through them all and finding a retro album to store them has really been amazing. Sharing a few for now but definitely will share more in the future. I wish I could give more context to these…I like to think they are a mobster family as that is quiet common for Montreal and they look Italian to me and well off.


vintage photography montreal (4) vintage photography montreal (6)vintage photography montreal (24)vintage photography montreal (5)vintage photography montreal (3)vintage photography montreal (1)vintage photography montreal (8)vintage photography montreal (20)vintage photography montreal (15)vintage photography montreal (7)vintage photography montreal (25)vintage photography montreal (27)I love this one, sometimes there is just a finger accidently in your photos – it happens

vintage photography montreal (28)

Let me know what you think in comments, I love to hear your story of this family or even your own experience with vintage photography!


Vintage Tuesday: The Lost Apple Picking Polaroids

polaroid (9)

Okay so the title is a little bit of an extreme but these polaroids definitely had a long journey from being taken to being scanned onto my computer. Mostly because I decided to sleep for 2 hours before getting up super early to go apple picking with Zara and Victor and was a lacking in the brain power to basically function. No only did I manage to lose one of my bag straps (that closes my camera bag) and my triceratops brooch from Hungry Designs….I forgot all the polaroids in Zara’s car. We don’t see each other much so let’s just say it was probably 4 months before I saw them again. Lol. Much to my dismay since these are probably the best instant shots I’ve taken in the last year. I’ve had them for a while but it felt weird sharing photos of sunny skies when it was -30 outside and snowing. A little late is always better than never (that’s my photography slogan by now I think). All of these were taken on a sunny late October day that looked like it would rain at any moment. We walked through a wonderful apple orchard in D’Oka picking apples and eatting them too (until we felt sick). It was a lot of fun and we ended up with a haul of apples and even pumpkins in the end. We also got to pet goats they had there too, that was probably my favourite part! I share some none instant photos of this day back in November so check them out here is you want to more.

polaroid (4) polaroid (1) polaroid (5) polaroid (6) polaroid (12) polaroid (11) polaroid (2) polaroid (3) polaroid (13) polaroid (14) polaroid (8) polaroid (7)


Polaroids: Graffiti & the Abandoned Building

polaroid graffiti (3) polaroid graffiti (2) polaroid graffiti (1) polaroid graffiti (6) polaroid graffiti (7) polaroid graffiti (9) polaroid graffiti polaroid graffiti (10)

On Saturday I tagged along with Starchild Stela (check out her blog) as she worked on a Jem and the Holograms piece. I brought with me my Polaroid Super Shooter Plus to capture some instant shots since I haven’t had a proper chance to test it out since picking it up last month . I’ve been so bored of the snow and there wasn’t much happening in March to get excited about and document. I am beyond in love with my new camera though. It’s pretty much identical to my Colorpack IV except it doesn’t have the distance dial (which I do actually miss quite a bit as my sense of distant is abysmal) and it comes with rollers. I love the rollers instead of however you explained the Colorpack’s way of spitting out film. So much smoother – no jams at all in the 2 packs of film I shot on Saturday. The rollers are so much more satisfying when pulling on the film as well.I dare say it’ll be my go to instant camera from now on. I’ll hold off on the full review until I’ve had a chance to use it a whole bunch though. Excited for when shooting will not be so tricky, since it is still cold here I had to walk around with the cold clip under my armpit every time I took a shot to keep it warm. I also had a plastic bag on the ground with all the film scattered on it trying to dry – looked quiet the sight to say the least. I brought with me my Nikon as well so there will be more shots over the next few weeks in various posts of Saturday but I just had to share the Polaroids right away.


Double Exposure: Polaroids

double exposure (5) double exposure (2)double exposure (3)double exposure (1)A few double exposure using instant film taken with my Polaroid Colorpack back in February. Ever since I discovered my Polaroid was able to do multiple exposures without any modification I’ve been playing with it ever since. Most of these were taken while randomly walking around Montreal (above) and Toronto (below) to test it out. I’m still trying to see what combinations work really well and right now am waiting for the winter to be over because I am so bored of the snow. My head is filled with so many ideas; instant film is so gratifying like that. I need more practice though since most of these are misses (fun misses but misses none the less). Taking double exposures with instant film is different than what I am use to with a digital camera so I don’t except to really taking anything amazing for the start but I think it’ll be really neat to figure out (too bad the film is very expensive or I’d be practicing every day).  If you know anyone who takes double exposures with Polaroid, let me know as I’m fascinated by them!


double exposure (6)double exposure (8)double exposure (7)


Through the Viewfinder Kodak Duaflex: Winter Addition

kodak duaflexI’ve been working on my viewfinder photography lately with my Kodak Duaflex and falling in love with it.  These were taken during a walk to Parc La Fontaine while I watching the skaters on the lake. I’ve actually shown a few photographs taken on the same day without using the viewfinder technique with my Nikon if you want to compare. I just find the viewfinder photos to be more whimsical, yet they still have the sharpness and clarity that you would expect from a DSLR camera image. To me it’s the best of both worlds. I did load the camera up with film to shoot as well but it got jammed (again, this camera has a history of jamming on me) so I was a little disappointment. I’ve been trying to do a set where I take a viewfinder photo and a photo with the camera so I can compare scene for scene between the film photo and the viewfinder photo (thought it’d be a neat idea of the blog). When I got home I tried to fix the film jam without exposing the film but I had no luck and had to wreck a roll of 120mm. So I don’t know when I’ll be willing to reload that camera with film as it is a film eater but I am hoping to do a  photo shoot with someone using the viewfinder method as I think that’d be neat.

kodak duaflex (7) kodak duaflex (9)kodak duaflex (14)kodak duaflex (38)kodak duaflex (72)kodak duaflex (10)kodak duaflex (40)
Another peak behind the scenes where you can see the whole camera.

kodak duaflex (59)


Toronto Polaroids

slides162My Toronto trip was too short, I already miss it. I never seem to be there long enough to get tired of it. I brought with me 3 packs of Fujifilm instant color film to take shots with my Polaroid Colorpack III and managed to use them all despite being there for only 3 days. I’ve been feeling lately that I really need to branch out and start spending more time with my other non-Polaroid cameras. I have been posting almost non-stop Polaroid content for Vintage Tuesday for the last 3 months, I even bought a new Polaroid camera last month that I am just dying to use (a Polaroid Super Shooter Plus). I think my wallet will thank me if I ease up on the instant photography. It’s just so fun though and instant photography is so tricky so experimenting is a must. I’ve even been thinking about getting a newer instant camera from the Fujifilm Instax Mini series but the one I want that allows for the most manual functions is just shy of $200 and I don’t really have that type of money to invest in another camera where the film is pricey. Regardless though I need to start spending more time with my other cameras. I do have a few shots taken using the viewfinder of the Kodak Duaflex coming up in 2 week and then it will temporarily back to Polaroid as I will be reviewing Flashcubes for Polaroid cameras at the end of March but I promise more diversity in the spring! I’m taking a lot of photos with 620 film cameras but I need some time to develop it at home so hopefully I get to my mountain of film to develop in March. For now some polaroids taken during my trip to Toronto…

polaroidpolaroidslides235polaroidpolaroid polaroidpolaroidpolaroid polaroid polaroid


How To: Battery Conversion for Polaroid

polaroid battery conversion (17)

How To: Battery Conversion for Polaroids

I am very excited about today’s Vintage Tuesday post as it’s my “How To” for converting Polaroid cameras to take AA or AAA batteries instead of the original camera battery. I’ve been waiting a long time to do this modification to my Polaroid Land Camera 210 and as soon as my battery holder arrived in the mail I pounced! Most older Polaroid Land Cameras use a custom 3V or 4V battery type that is hard to find (not impossible mind you if you look online) and relatively expensive.  So it’s ideal to do this simple and cheap conversion and that way you can spend more money on film! Speaking of film, I heard right after doing this mod to my camera about the discontinuations of FP-3000B Fujifilm Black and White instant film. Let’s just say I am very sadden by this news and have signed this petition to have Fujifilm reconsider – highly suggest you sign if you use instant film because this the last and only black and white instant film on the market anymore. Anyways sad news aside below is simple steps for the conversion, it took me no time at all and the only thing I bought was the battery holder for $2. Make sure to click on the photos for the better view of the steps.

What You’ll Need: polaroid battery conversion (1)

  • A Polaroid camera
  • Electrical tape
  • Electronic pliers
  • Battery case holder
    *for AA or AAA batteries (3V bought here)
    *to figure out what voltage you need for each type of Polaroid camera this guide is great!


  1. Using pliers snip off the old battery ends as we will not be using them.
    polaroid battery conversion (4)polaroid battery conversion (5)
  2. Using the pliers stripe the plastic coating so you have exposed wiring for both black and white.
    polaroid battery conversion (6)
    *I did go back and restrip so I had more exposed wiring as this amount was not long enough
  3. The battery holder I am using comes with wiring already and had the ends striped. However you can trim down the length.
    polaroid battery conversion (7)
    *it’s been awhile since I’ve done any wiring so I left mine intact in case I made any mistakes.
  4. Now twist the wires, black to black and red to white.
    polaroid battery conversion (8)
    *I had to do this a few times as my wires were not that long and the older Polaroid wiring was frayed badly.
  5. Before doing anything else put batteries in the holder and test to make sure the connections are being properly made. There is two ways to see if the shutter is working. First: open up the back of the camera where the film goes and try taking a photo, you should be able to see the light from the open shutter. Second: Fire off the shutter once when there is no batteries in the holder and again when there is and listen for the difference. If the batteries are connected correctly there should be a 2nd distinct click sound when you let go of the shutter that wasn’t there before.
    polaroid battery conversion (9)
    polaroid battery conversion (14)
  6. Take electrical tape and wrap the exposed wires.
    polaroid battery conversion (10)
  7. Take pliers (or anything that will work for you) and snap off all the old battery holder plastic to make room for the new case. This step should be #1 but I wasn’t very confident and well I am one of those people who hates doing permanent modes to cameras.
    polaroid battery conversion (11)polaroid battery conversion (12)
    *this was actually the hardest part and took me an hour, keep in mind I had to be careful about the wiring so I think it’d be much easier if done as the first step. I also gave up towards the end so my holder just barely fits.
  8. Insert the battery holder with the batteries and close the case.
    polaroid battery conversion (13)
    *you can add foam to secure the case so it doesn’t move around however since I didn’t gut the insides out completely it’s tight enough that it doesn’t move.
    *as you can see my wires are very long – would reccomend trimming them however not a big issue.
  9. Take photos!

polaroid land camerapolaroid landcamera (3)


Winter Polaroids

polaroid instant film (1) polaroid instant film (2) polaroid instant film (3) polaroid instant film (4) polaroid instant film (5)In January I started exploring doing double exposures with my Polaroid Colorpack and took a few shots from the area around my work in downtown. I love the juxtaposition of the trees with the statues and buildings of the downtown core and the subtle hints of color in the otherwise white color scheme. I’m excited about the exploration of double exposures within instant photography and cannot wait for more opportunism to try it out with different subject matter. It’s thrilling being able to try new things. It makes it just that much harder the idea that Fujifilm will probably soon stop making pack film completely. With the black and white FP-3000B discontinued I don’t have much hope in Fujifilm continuing making the colored version much longer. Film photography is really important to me and it’d be shame to have Polaroid cameras become just relics.  Below is my first double exposure I took with the Colorpack, it is just my balcony but I hope it’s the start of something.

instant polaroid


Ising Pucky and Me

self portrait ising pucky (21)self portrait ising pucky (6)self portrait ising pucky (9)

Self-Portrait Sunday: Ising Pucky and Me

The Ising Pucky I camera was made in Germany around the 1950’s, with a cast aluminium body and a pseudo TLR style viewfinder. It takes 120 film and comes with a custom leather case.  My Ising Pucky I is my favourite vintage camera although not technically my first it’s the camera that inspired me to look into vintage cameras more.  The best fact about my Ising Pucky though is that it’s from Chile.  It still surprises me that this gem found its way into my life. The long journey from Chile to my house in Montreal started with my boyfriend’s best friend’s sister (Victor is Chilean and until 5 years ago lived there). She found the camera in her grandmother’s attic and decided to sell it because she didn’t think it could be used to take photos anymore. I of course found out about it through Facebook and fell in love. So we wired money from Canada to Victor’s dad who lived near to her fashion store so he could go and buy it from her. After that it was in his house for several months until he sent the camera to us by post for a Christmas present. When it arrived I was delighted to find out it used 120 film and was in working condition. It will always be my favourite camera even though it doesn’t take double exposure photos and I still haven’t managed to get it to take a good portrait but it’s exciting to me and I cannot wait to take some color photos with it this summer. I love taking black and white shots during the winter months. These were taken yesterday as I braved the snow. This is what it’s like when you live in Montreal when you are a photographer, 4 months of the year you have to deal with these conditions.

If you want to view photos I’ve taken with it check out my Vintage Tuesday posts: here, here, here, and here!

self portrait ising pucky (8)I had to add the one of me holding the snow because I am a goof.


Snow Time with Ising Pucky

isingpucky075 (993x1024)Last year in March there was one last snow storm that covered everything in snow before spring officially started.  Snow storms happen to be my favourite weather. There is nothing like being cozy at home and watching the world get covered in whiteness. It creates a bit of silent and stillness that you just don’t have living in the city any other time. These were taken the day during the big snow fall from my window that faced the street and from the sidewalk in front of my house. I stood outside holding a towel over top of the camera and the tripod the whole time I was taking photos to protect them from getting wet. I probably look quiet the sight to the lady walking down the street. I love black and white film photography when it’s snowy because the contrast works perfectly. I am hoping when I run out of 120 film to pick up a different brand as I notice the film is very grainy and I don’t think it’s my home developing techniques but perhaps. This is the last black and white film I had the chance of developing since I ran out of chemicals. I did buy some over the Christmas period and I actually just went recently on a bit of walk with the Ising Pucky so I should have shots from this year to share next month!  This weekend I will have more about my Ising Pucky camera so look out!

ising pucky (6) ising pucky (15)ising pucky (9)ising pucky (17)ising pucky (12)


My Newest Vintage Camera: Kodak Jiffy

Kodak Jiffy (24)

My new addition to my vintage camera collection, this is the Kodak Jiffy Six 20 Series II folding camera from the Eastman Kodak Co. made in 1937 to 1948. She’s super pretty, although the first series of the Jiffy had a really cool art deco pattern on the front but I just love her.  Old school metal and leatherette cameras are just impossible to say no to and I got her and the original case for $25 which to me is impossible to say no to. She’s the third folding camera I have now in my collection and uses 620 film which is easy to convert from 120 film so I should be out and shooting with her by next weekend. The prints are 6x9cm which is a monster. I really want to do some landscapes which is hard when I live in a city but I think that’d be the best use of that large print just panoramic style shoots. I have been really dry with showing you guy’s vintage photography for the last few months. I’ve just been obsessed with my Polaroid Colorpack this summer and fall and still haven’t bought any new chemicals for developing black and white film. Winter I feel is a perfect time to break out the vintage camera and just head off into the snow to find an adventure…and with a camera named Jiffy you’re likely to find one.

Kodak Jiffy (15)Kodak Jiffy (21)Kodak Jiffy (25)Kodak Jiffy (30)


Autumn Polaroids

polaroid colorpack018 (1024x815)Today’s Vintage Tuesday is Polaroid shots taken in November from a walk to Parc La Fontaine and in our back balcony. I love the first shot of the man-made lake, it’s so calm and the smearing of the ink on the side make it almost looks like a water color. I haven’t shot any film with my Colorpack in almost a month now, I’ve been trying to get my other land camera polaroid to work instead so I’ve been holding onto my film. I am actually going to do a How To for my land camera because I need to convert it from a speciality battery to AAs. However ever place I ask about buying a converter to install I just get blank faces but I haven’t resorted to buying it online yet so it’ll take some time to track it down locally. I did watch a few videos last week about making double exposures with Polaroid film. I am very curious to test it out so maybe I’ll load my Colorpack up again soon and see if I can. It’s freezing here so not the best time of the year for taking instant photos. Let me know if you’ve tried taking double exposures with Polaroid cameras and if you had any luck!

polaroid colorpack036 (1024x816)polaroid colorpack039 (1024x815) polaroid colorpack035 (1024x825)polaroid colorpack028 (1024x823)polaroid colorpack025 (1024x819)


Vintage Finds

vintage finds (9)For today’s Vintage Tuesday I thought I’d share the amazing vintage finds I picked up over the weekend at the Old Wig event that happened it Montreal. Me and Victor went to a concert the night before (my favourite band, We Are Wolves) and I was a little hung over and tired from dancing so we were hoping to have a nice relaxing Saturday inside the house until Victor found out about the event Old Wig (the name is nonsense) on Facebook so we decided to bundle up in our winter gear and adventure outside. It’s was a 3 day event and we arrived on the last day about 2 hours before closing and didn’t have any idea of what it’d be like when we arrived or if there would be anything good left over. We entered the converted bath house building after a short metro ride and we were instantly greeted with the sight of hipsters as far the eye could see. I think me and Victor stuck out like a sore thumbs but he didn’t think so because I have and I quote ‘weird hair’. lol. Most of the building’s area was dedicated to clothing which we weren’t interested in but there was a smaller room in the basement that was filled with vintage store owners selling house hold goods, jewelry and other bits and bobs. We had a lot of fun just walking around and I really really wanted to buy a lot of things from glass ware to salt and pepper shakers and there was so many vintages cameras too. Since it was just a last minute random adventure and I was tired I didn’t bring my camera which is too bad and I regretted as soon as we got there but below I wanted to share the amazing things we ended up buying.

vintage finds (3)vintage finds (4)
A cat tea pot that I bought for $20. It was the first item that caught my eye that I knew I just had to have. I ran into these tea pots one night while searching “vintage cat” in Etsy just for fun and found them to be really charming and had them on my list for a  future purchase so it was wonderful to find in person instead.

vintage findsA vintage label maker that embosses plastic tape for $12. This is acutally Victor’s 4th year anniversary present, a little early but the perfect gift for him. He has wanted one of these for over a year. One day he just randomly told me he wanted an embosser and I had no idea what he was talking about, he didn’t know the name in English so I searched online using keywords he gave him and finally found out that it’s called an embosser or label gun and showed him and he confirmed that was it (alhtough in Chile he had a metal one). I never bought him one because he couldn’t decide whether he wanted a vintage one or a newer one so running into this one was just perfect. He has already label everything in his room with it and I’m buying him some tape for Christmas so he can label some more….it weird, hahaha.

vintage finds (8)A Kodak Tourist II camera for $40. This is probably my only semi-regret purchase. I really should have done a quick search in Etsy before buying. This camera usually goes for around that price or cheaper (but Etsy there would be shipping) so it’s not a bad deal but it’s an easy camera to find and this one isn’t in remarkable condition and didn’t come with a case or a box or instructions so I could have easy picked this one up anywhere at a later time. It was also the only camera there that I didn’t already own a version of so that’s why I liked it, plus I only have two other folding cameras. There was to my suprise a lot of cameras however most were Polaroids (and I have two that I love already).

vintage finds (7)vintage finds (1)
A Polaroid Colorpack Photo Album for $12. This was an amazing find by Victor, in fact I had completely passed by a whole bunch of albums to look at a few mod style purses and didn’t even realize it. It’s actually for my exact style of Polaroids and in almost brand new condition. It hold 100 instant photos and is this nice dark red leather. I was a bit hesitant to buy because I hang all my Polaroids on my living room wall but I did need a place to store inbetween taking them and scanning them and if I even change my mind about having them on the wall I have the perfect album for them.

vintage finds (2)A stack of 120 vintage photographs from the 1940’s in black and white taken in Montreal for $80. This item was really the one I had to think about for a long time, espically considering the price tag was for as much as all the other items I had already bought. I am so glad I made the decision to buy these though because I think I would have regretted it (my poor bank account though). When the guy quoted me the price he said he normally charges $3 for 1 and then he counted very slowly each one to see how many they were and when he said there was a 100 I thought for sure he’d quote me a price over $150 so it was a really good deal. I even bargined with him to throw in the ones he had on display on the table so I got an extra 20. I am thinking about making these into postcards after scanning them, or another project  but you will definetly see more of these beautiful photographs on Vintage Tuesday in the new year.

vintage finds (5)vintage finds (6)
A fake gold egg purse form the 80’s for $35, this is my anniversary present from Victor. When we went to pay for the last few items I noticed at of the corner of my eye an egg shape, but I told myself to go pay and ignore it until afterwards so I wouldn’t buy it. My grandmother collected eggs and celebrated Easter in the most amazing way so I always have to look at anything that’s an egg no matter what. So after buying the last item I could afford I went to find it and discovered the most amazing egg purse. It really random but I love it and it’s lined in velvet and seems like the most perfect fancy diner purse (which I don’t any of those) so I asked Victor to buy me for our anniversary and he agreed. I cannot wait to use it, I hope we go on a date soon.

vintage finds (10)
Free items! The lady who sold us the label maker said I could pick out a necklace because it was the last day and the event was almost over so I picked up this super fake looking necklace that literally goes past my waist. I don’t even know why but I like it. The pin I found in an old luggage case with all these other pins from the 80s that were so bad they were funny. I wanted to buy one for Ana so I picked out this guy and asked for the price and the owner in a snottiest voice told me “well the minimum price I can sell anything is $10 and if that’s all you want to buy I cannot sell it to you so I guess it’s a gift”…well thanks mate.

Phone photos:

Next time there is an event like this I will be sure to bring my camera so I can share with you all the amazing items that I find and the really fun atmosphere. It was great seeing all these vintage stores in one place and having conversations with them, me and Victor had a great time. I spent far too much money but the prices were far less than you’d normally see inside a vintage store so it felt like a good time to splurge. We are hoping to pick up maybe some cups next time or an old gaming system for Victor. Found any good vintage items lately?


Picking Apples Last Year: Polaroids

Polaroid  (2) (1024x808)
Can you see I am continuing my summer obsession with Polaroids? I cannot help it – the randomness of them and the saturation of the Fuji FP-100c is just too good to pass up. Although to be honest I’ve actually had to restock on chemicals for developing at home and all the film I use in vintage cameras is home developed by me so I haven’t been able to do any developing of film since August. I cannot wait to show you coming in some other film from some of my other vintages cameras. I am also hoping to do the battery conversion for my other Polaroid land camera so I can use that guy too (trying to find the double A battery box is turning out harder to find that I suspected). For right now, more shots taken with my Polaroid Colorpack camera with Fuji instant film for Vintage Tuesday. These were taken  when I went apple picking with Victor and my friend Tammy and Dustin lat year. It was a lot of fun and seeing how the shots turned out is really the best part. I took a whole bunch from my last trip picking apples at the same orchard but I left in my friend Zara’s car so those will have to wait another day until I can get those back.

Polaroid  (1) (1024x811) Polaroid  (12) (1024x798) Polaroid  (5) (1024x796) Polaroid  (2) (1024x800)  Polaroid  (5) (1024x817)Polaroid  (9) (1024x798)


Pick of the Week: HolgaHojan

vintage cameras

Pick of the Week: HolgaHojan

HolgaHojan is my pick of the week this week because it’s a great Etsy store to find vintage cameras at reasonable prices. I’ve bought 4 cameras from them over the years and will likely buy more from them in the future. They have great stock and every month get different cameras to add to their store. The one thing that really stands out about their store is they clearly know about the cameras they are selling and write very detailed information about the specific camera as well as its current conditioned. All the cameras I have received have been exactly what I was excepting and they do clean all the cameras they sell. Once more they usually sell the cameras with the original manual and sometimes accessories like flashes, bags, and film. The more popular cameras do usually run at a higher price but most are very reasonable priced especially if they are more common. Above are the cameras I bought with them, both Polaroid’s were higher priced but came with flashcubes, original manual and the Colorpack II came with a leather camera case as well. The Brownie Fiesta came with the original box which was such a treat as it was less than $30. I really recommend HolgaHojan as I have never been disappointed and vintage cameras are all they do so you will always find a big selection and for us people who just cannot find cameras at garage sales or thrift stores they are great for adding the odd camera to the collection.

polaroid colorpack polaroid land camerabrownie fiesta

A few of my favourite cameras for sale right now:



Walk Around Parc LaFontaine with Kodak Dualflex

Kodak Dualflex (26)I spent a few hours yesterday enjoying myself in Parc Lafontaine with several of my cameras in tow including the Kodak Dualflex to capture some autumn leaves before they were all gone. I had been bugging Victor all weekend that we really ought to go to Mont Royal or Lafontaine but the weather was against us, yesterday though I was determined to go so I started out from my house late afternoon. I gave myself an hour to spend at the Parc by myself before meeting Victor at the metro for another walk so I could take photos. In my camera bag I had my Polaroid Colorpack, Nikon D7000, Holga and a last minute addition on a whim my Kodak Dualflex. Best of all I had one of my favourite artist K’Naan playing on my ipod.

Kodak Dualflex (62)Kodak Dualflex (47)Kodak Dualflex (5)Kodak Dualflex (11) Kodak Dualflex (46)Kodak Dualflex (50)Kodak Dualflex (54)Kodak Dualflex (96) Kodak Dualflex (92)Kodak Dualflex (82)Kodak Dualflex (94)Kodak Dualflex (91)Kodak Dualflex (81)Kodak Dualflex (79)Kodak Dualflex (74)Kodak Dualflex (68)Kodak Dualflex (70)Kodak Dualflex (67)Kodak Dualflex (65)I was freezing in my sweater but I had so much fun walking around the lake taken photos of the trees in bloom. Most of the shots I captured were using the Kodak Dualflex as a “through the viewfinder” apparatus. I really need to load up my Kodak with actual film soon but it’s so fun doing through the viewfinder photography. I’ve included some fun shots of me where you can actually see the whole Kodak Dualflex but for the rest I’ve cropped them in square format.

Kodak Dualflex (44)Kodak Dualflex (93)Kodak Dualflex (22) Kodak Dualflex (12)
After I meet up with Victor we walked around again and took silly photos of each other throwing leaves that I am making in gifs and will probably be up next week. I also took a few Polaroid shots that didn’t turn out as vivid as I had hoped with the autumn colors around us, I think the combination of cold weather and the sun going down really wasn’t ideal. Look out for those photos in the next few weeks in the meantime my viewfinder shots of the last few days of Fall.


If you wanna trade me…

ising pucky 8“Some people want me to be heads or tails, I say no way try again another day”

I thought we needed more Ising Pucky I photos for Vintage Tuesday. These were shot in Vancouver this summer at the school yard between where I use to live and my best friends house. We’ve spent many a sober and drunk evenings and dawn in this school yard collection ourselves and sorting through parts of our 20’s. It feels surreal anytime I am there in the daylight.  This is part of a long running project I have using mask of people’s faces to convey the need to unmask ourselves to each other.

The lyrics btw that were used in this post are from this amazing song, I am addicted too.

ising pucky 7ising pucky 9ising pucky 5isingpucky 6ising pucky 3ising pucky 1“I should be happy not tipping the scale. I just wont play letting my life get away. I am not a follower. I don’t take things as they come if they bring me down.”


My First Toy Camera…

110 film269 (800x639)Lomography Wednesday: My First Toy Camera

The first memory I have as being a photographer was when I was roughly 8 years old. McDonalds had these amazing neon 110 film cameras that came with the Happy Meals at the time. Me and my brothers had all the colors, green, pink, orange, you name it. For a few years we use to take photos of everything, and take them with us around with us on our summer trips between our divorced parents. Our parents even after the free roll that came inside the camera was done would buy more film for us to continue to use them. I had really no idea that my mom had bothered to get the film developed but the memory of these cameras had always stuck out in my mind. I remember when I found these though, I was so happy. I was looking through old photo that my mom kept in boxes in our basement when we lived in Calgary during the end of my high school and I came upon unopened developers enevlopes and out came these wonderful 110 prints. I had compeletly forgot myself that I had actually liberated these from her basement so many years ago until two weeks ago when I was looking for photos for my “The first time I took your photo…” meme. Thought I’d share a little slice of my childhood memories of photography. This is a collerbaration effort between myself and my brothers Corbin and Tyler (the ones of all of us as kids were taken by my grandmother) though becuase it’s almost impossible to remember who took what.

110 film270 (800x639)110 film273 (800x638)110 film268 (800x635)110 film279 (800x640)110 film274 (800x638)110 film282 (800x642)110 film280 (800x640)110 film277 (800x642) 110 film278 (800x639)110 film275 (800x632)110 film281 (800x640)110 film284 (800x642)110 film272 (800x635)110 film271 (800x639)

a) My grade 4th class room
b) Me and Corbin sticking out our tongues c) Hiding in the leaves with my brothers with some Halloween staffs
d) Flying from Edmonton to Naniamo between our parent’s houses e) Travelling in the car
f) Snow up to a roof g) More snow in Edmonton
h) The Rocky Mountains i) A portrait that eneded up justing being leaves
j) More Rocky Mountains k) The sky from the back seat of the car
l) Chipmunk trying to eat our food camping m) My baby axe beside the big axe camping
n) Me with my dog Scruffy in our baby blue car o) Me and Scruffy on our old front lawn in Naniamo


Prince Edward Island in Polaroids

Polaroid003 (1024x807)

My Polaroid Colorpack is turning into my go-to camera now a days, it is just so gratifying when you get the distance accurately and the shot comes out perfect and crisp. The colors it comes up with are really wonderful too. Even the shots that don’t quiet turn out and a little fuzzy and out of focus still make me smile. I am really excited to convert my other land camera soon so I can try it out and compare. It’s so nice having an instant camera I am finding, I actually ran out of all my film on this trip and cannot wait to get some more. Last moments of Prince Edward Island from swimming in the ocean with Victor to checking out Charlottetown, finding a lighthouse and hanging out at the campsite. Enjoy.

Polaroid015 (1024x804) Polaroid006 (1024x809)Polaroid007 (1024x808)Polaroid014 (1024x797)Polaroid010 (1024x809) Polaroid011 (1024x801) Polaroid001 (1024x807) Polaroid017 (1024x808)


Moments of Summer: Polaroid

polaroid (46)

The last set of Polaroids from my amazing trip to Vancouver. These were taken on my second to last day there when I met up with a few friends (and meet some new friends too) to have a piknic at Trout Lake. Trout Lake is such a lovely park right in the middle of Vancouver – I highly suggest going there if you are ever in Vancouver it’s just very relaxing. It was a great time, we had an assortment of snacks thanks to my friend Pang and everyone seemed to have just randomly brought with them goodies for everyone to enjoy. I got to hang out with my brother for the second time that trip. He lives in Calgary and was travelling for the summer and decided to come to Vancouver to see me which was so amazing of him because we don’t see each other enough. We all just sat on the grass and watched all the dogs go by and enjoy each other company and chatted. It really made me miss Vancouver….honestly in that moment I realized how much I missed being around people I love. I tend to forgot how nice it is to be lost in conversation with people… My Polaroid Colorpack wasn’t agree with me much that day and ate a few shots but I love the ones I managed to get and wished I had brought more film. Enjoy!

polaroid (47) polaroid (16) polaroid (43)

Ana was so nice to take a photo with me and my cute friend Pang-Pang (who is so adorable).

I wish my trip to Vancouver was longer!


Metro-Flex and Me

I wanted to start a series with Self Portrait Sunday documenting me as a photographer as currently I have very few photos of me with my cameras which to me is so odd because I carry them around with me everywhere. It feels like there is a large part of me going undocumented so I thought the best way was to once a month or so to document myself with one of my many camera. I thought it’d be great to capture me with my cameras and do little mini-shoots with them as the subject and dress in an outfit I thought suited the camera’s style. I’m usually one of those people who scorns at shots of people with their vintage camera or toy camera because they always seem to be a prop (which I find it frustrating as a photographer because even though I understand their beautify it seems sacrilegious to deprive them their actual function as that is what intrigues and delights me about cameras and it’s what they can do not how I look with them in my hands that I love). Yet at the same time the desire to share a camera from my collection with you that I have experimented with and invested in to use at capturing moments of my life seemed worth it as I feel like I try to use them as an extension of myself. So without further ado I present the first in the series:  Metro-Flex and Me.

Self-Portrait Sunday: Metro-Flex and Me

Metro-Flex is a half frame pseudo reflex camera made in the 1940’s that uses 127 roll film. I picked mine up over Etsy because I loved the art deco Bakelite metal exterior that has an almost a quilted pattern to it. Mine doesn’t have the usual string strap to make it wearable around the neck which would have been helpful because to take photos and properly view the viewfinder you have to hold it around waist level. It’s in great condition and I love how satisfying the sound of the metal shutter is when you press it down. For the shoot I thought my black jacket with coat tails and the crazy pattern of my tights would work great with the cameras art deco appearance.  It was hard to find something perfect to wear with the camera because it’s hard to imagine who exactly would use a camera like the Metro-Flex (there isn’t a lot of information available about this beauty). Below you can see me lining up a shoot and getting ready to press down the shutter…if you want to view photos I’ve taken with it check out my Vintage Tuesday post: here!

metro-flex (2)


Instant Crush: Ising Pucky 1

isingpucky026, ising puckyisingpucky020, ising puckyisingpucky029
A sneak peak at some of the Ising Pucky 1 photos I from Vancouver. I’ve never used the Ising before on portrait shots and it appears the focus is just not ideal for portraits at all (lesson learned).  There is two fixed focus distances for the camera and I used the lowest which I thought would be far enough for most portrait shots. I think I will try one more time with more range on the subject but I am happy just using this amazing camera for landscape if I have to. I think the next test to do with this camera is colored film. Despite the lack of focus on the subject’s faces I still cannot help but love these shots.
Thanks so much to my models: Lisa Michelle, Ana Droid and Jessica!

isingpucky035, ising puckyisingpucky055, ising puckyisingpucky057, ising pucky

*if you wanna see more photos taken with the Ising Pucky (here or here)


Vintage Tuesday

I just had to feature more of my Polaroid Colorpack instant shots from Vancouver today even though I did last week too (I spend a lot of time organizing and making sure I don’t repeat camera too much but I couldn’t resist). Seeing my best friend Ana was magical and it was so nice of her parents to let me stay at their place while I was in town. These were taken on my last day just hours before jumping on a plane. The one thing I love about the Colorpack is how simple it is to shoot with, although Ana and her mom were both terrified to take photos with it so what I did was setup the shots and frame it and then have either Ana (for photos of me) or her mom (photos of me and Ana together) click the button. It’s really becoming one of my favourite vintage cameras.

polaroid (12)polaroid (20)polaroid (42) polaroid (34)polaroid (15)polaroid (35)

I am getting better at controlling the distance and judging for myself instead of relying on the metering tool on the camera. I feel like I am really improving, although I still tend to mess up at least 2 shots out of a roll of 10 which frustrates me but this guy tends to jams or I don’t double check settings.  I cannot wait to pick up a modern Fuji instax camera and be able to have it on a tripod and with timer, it’ll make group photos so much easier. I love spending time with Ana and miss her already so much. I want her to visit Montreal so badly, it would be incredible. These photos just put a smile on my face.


Vintage Tuesday

polaroid (1)  Polaroid Colorpack II

I wanted to show some of my instant film that I shot with the Polaroid Colorpack II while in Vancouver. All of the shots were taken at Wreck Beach. If you aren’t from Vancouver, Wreck Beach is my favourite place to hang out while there. It’s a great beach and just happens to be a nude beach on top of that (nobody I knew got naked however but that’s why the beach is so cool, everyone is welcome) I had a blast, being able to swim in the ocean is always a good time. Not to mention we brought peach cider coolers to enjoy and I got pretty tipsy. We enjoyed food too and had a mini piknic with fresh fruits and sandwiches care of my brother Corbin. We watched the sunset and just really relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. It’s one of the few places I miss living in Montreal and being able to spend the day there with some friends made my trip. Hope you enjoy the silly shots that follow. The one of me in the ocean swimming and in front of the sunset were captured by my brother!

polaroid (30) polaroid (27) polaroid (22) polaroid (7) polaroid (5) polaroid (10) polaroid (8) polaroid (26) polaroid (31) polaroid (19)


Vintage Tuesday

autographic junior, kodak autographic junior no 1aThis beautiful guy is a Kodak Autographic Junior No 1A, made in 1914 by the Eastman Kodak Company in either New York or Toronto. Its a folding camera meaning that it has bowels that expand, and the autographic part of the name is because there is a place on the back of the camera that will open allowing you to use a stylus to write directly on the film. This fantastic camera I got off of Etsy has the stylus still and after purchasing it I was able to find the leather case for it as well. I am so charmed by this camera and it appears to be in working condition, which means hopefully I can convert film for it soon. It takes 116 film which is not made any more but I’ve been playing around with re-spooling 120 film for quiet a few other cameras and its very easy when you have the right spools. I wish to pick up another Autographic camera soon just for display, one I don’t mind getting a tad dusty on the bowels as its really just absolutely beautiful.I bought the leather case for it afterwards from a different shop, it has black velvet on the inside and this metal clasp that is engraved with company logo. It’s such a wonderful camera!autographic juniorautographic juniorautographic juniorautographic juniorautographic juniorautographic juniorautographic juniorautographic junior, kodak autographic junior no 1a


Vintage Tuesday

Kodak Brownie Six-20 (9)

These giant prints were taken with the Kodak Brownie Target Six-20 which is considered a type of box camera and has been kicking around my house for a little less than a year. I picked this guy up at an antique store in Quebec City while on vacation with Victor last summer. He actually bought it for me as a present and I am so happy to have it. It takes 620 film which means I had to convert 120 film to be able to use the camera. I followed a few different tutorials on how to make 120 film become as small as 620. It didn’t look that difficult but I found half way through my roll that my film got stuck and I had to start using pliers to move the frames…and then at some point the pliers stopped working and I had to open up the camera and expose half the roll and manually roll it up to save the film that was already exposed because the film advance would not work. So I learned my lesson to just re-roll 120 film onto a 620 spool and leave the converting behind me. lol (at least converting 120 rolls with nail clippers to be the size of 620 that is). All the shots I got are from a trip to Jacques Cartier Bridge which you may see a lot of this summer as we’ve went a few times already and it’s a really fun walk from our house. I hope to pick up another type of box camera soon as they are lovely and now that I know this guy is in working condition I’ll happy take him out again and this time get a few more shots then this!

Kodak Brownie Six-20 (21)Kodak Brownie Six-20 (15) Kodak Brownie Six-20 (16)Kodak Brownie Six-20 (20)Kodak Brownie Six-20 (10)


Vintage Tuesday

metro-flex (19)

Today’s photos were taken with the Metro-Flex vintage camera from 1940’s. This is one of my new additions to my vintage camera collection and I love having the chance to try it out. I am using 35 film because 127 film is not made anymore except one company that only offers expensive color negative film (black and white was being offered by appears to be discontinued). If you want to know how I converted my 35 film to fit a 127 camera, check out my How To….! I was so excited to try it out that I just toke it with me when I went to the shops, so the subject matter is not very interesting but I wanted to see what kind of shots the camera could produce and try a few things to see what type of results I could get. This is a great thing to do with old cameras, especially if you note down the conditions for each photos like subject distance, light conditions, time of day/weather and compare with the results. The Metro-Flex has no settings so it really trial and error, especially since using my method of conversion I don’t have an indicator marks on the film to see when I’ve reached the correct spot when advancing the film. The shots are neat and I will show you more next time I take it out with me.

metro-flex (12)metro-flex (20)metro-flex (6)metro-flex (7) metro-flex (9)metro-flex (17)


Butter of the Week

polaroid colorpack (18) (1280x1009)Butter of the Week today is in theme with Vintage Tuesday`s Polaroid portrait shots. I’ve only taken a few shots of my cat with the Polaroid Colorpack as I don`t use the flash with the camera and Butter is an inside cat. I always crank the light setting but there is still not enough light for a really good shot but I love them none the less. It doesn`t help that she moves way too much, her eyes are always ghosts like which is freaky. I hope to grab a good one of her in the summer when she goes outside a bit more. Hope you like these, have a great weekend!

polaroid (8)polaroid (5)



Vintage Tuesday

I’ve been taking a lot of black and white portraits with Polaroid in the last few months and thought I`d share a few with you. I love the Fuji black and white instant film, the contrast is really good. Most of these shots were taken in May at various times. I`m really loving my Polaroid Colorpack camera, I always get great results. I am hoping to figure out how to carry film after taking the shots since right now I leave them until I get home before taking the backing paper off. I do that so not to get any dust on the film and because  I scan the opposite side of the peeled paper as well. Fuji film also takes forever to dry completely but waiting until I`m home means I cannot make any adjustments, and sometimes I notice chemicals pool up on the film like in the shot of my co-worker Jenny. I just wasted 5 shots of film two weeks ago because I hadn’t switched from the b&w setting to color and my color shots all turned out over exposed and was not happy, so if you use Fuji film please let me know how you transport it?

polaroid (3)

polaroid colorpack (32)*this is what happens when the light meter on highest setting by accident
polaroid colorpack (22) (1280x1008)



Vintage Tuesday

anscoflex (2)anscoflex
For today I wanted to share some shots of one of my newest vintage cameras, meet Anscoflex! Anscoflex was made by the company Ansco in early 1950’s and is a metal fake TLR designed by Raymond Loewy who was an industrial designer. I bought him because of his lovely art deco style and unusual color, and for the fact that a well known designer created the camera design (which isn’t really the norm). Its a very strange but wonderful camera, and I love how the case for it is a same green color but with shocking red inside to match the red button on the camera. I was very pleased to find this camera with the original case, flash and even in a official Ansco leather case that it came in. I cannot wait to test him out, in the meantime enjoy the photos of his design.

anscoflex (3)anscoflex (4)


Vintage Tuesday

kodakdualflex (3), kodak dualflex, citizen erased photographyMy Kodak Dualflex is turning into my favourite vintage cameras, its so fun to take around and see the world through the viewfinder. Even in between photos I like to just walk around looking through it waiting a perfect moment. I’ve been trying to figure out how you could possible take video as well through the viewfinder. These are from a walk I toke a view weeks ago around my neighborhood, I already showed my colored shots two weeks ago (here). I love how the shots are a mixture of old and new, it adds a great element since the old buildings and churches do not look out of place at all with the black and white, and the effect of the vintage lens. Its really when you see the cars and more modern buildings that it feels out of place.

kodakdualflex (10), kodak dualflex, citizen erased photographykodakdualflex (1), kodak dualflex, citizen erased photographykodakdualflex (6), kodak dualflex, citizen erased photographykodakdualflex (2), kodak dualflex, citizen erased photographykodakdualflex (14), kodak dualflex, citizen erased photographykodakdualflex (9), kodak dualflex, citizen erased photographykodakdualflex (13), kodak dualflex, citizen erased photographykodakdualflex (4),citizen erased photography I wanted to end on a silly one. I would love to do a whole series of portriats like this for fun!


Vintage Tuesday

kodak dualflex (8) (1024x963)A look at my neighborhood in downtown Montreal through the eyes of the Kodak Dualflex. I love this vintage camera, its so fun taking it around and trying to find interesting shots through the viewfinder. Me and Victor really enjoy walking around during the weekends and this past Sunday the weather was so perfect, both of us didn’t even have to wear jackets. I’m getting so excited to take this guy around more. Hope you are having a great start to your week.

kodak dualflex (3) (1024x1024)kodak dualflex (5) (1024x1024)kodak dualflex (6), citizen erasedkodak dualflex (2) (1024x1024)kodak dualflex (1) (1024x1024)citizen erased photography, citizen erasedI just love how these turned out. They have just a great feeling to them and it really does look that they were taken with film. I haven’t had the time to convert any film yet for this guy. Its hard resisting taking photos from the viewfinder as its just such an easy process in the meantime. And like I’ve done in the past a little behind the scene shots of the whole camera instead of the cropped version.

kodak dualflex (7) (1024x678)


Vintage Tuesday

polaroid (10), citizen erased, citizen erased photographypolaroid (1), citizen erased, citizen erased photographypolaroid (7), citizen erased, citizen erased photographycitizen erased, citizen erased photography polaroid (9), citizen erased, citizen erased photographypolaroid (5), citizen erased, citizen erased photography

It’s starting to be a bit like Spring here in Montreal. Spent Sunday walking around with my Polaroid Colorpack in our neighborhood. It was really nice and we went to a mini-fundraiser as well as our old house to visit our roomie (cos I accidental shipped my new yoga mat there, oops). I’m getting more and more use to my land camera, its fun waiting to get home to see the results. Its always a surprise. The blurry photos of Butter are my favourite, she couldn’t stay still for anything. She’s getting really comfortable with the deck and even walked across what I like to call the pirate ship plank. The neighbor’s have an indoor cat and I think there is a little bit of a love connection happen. :) So excited to spend the summer taking photos and going for walks on the weekend. Hope you are having a great week!

polaroid (16), citizen erased, citizen erased photography


Vintage Tuesday

Anscoflex (2)

    These shots were taken this morning with my newest vintage camera, Anscoflex II by Ansco. Its really cute art deco camera and is a metal pseudo TLR so you can take pictures of the viewfinder at the top instead of using film. Butter was nice enough to pose for me for a view shots in our living room and a few ones in the kitchen. I am so exited to take portraits with this camera, it has this nice hazy effect that works well for portrait photography. I just love the corners. Hope you are having a great Tuesday, here its all rain and clouds so me and Butter are just going to stay inside.

Anscoflex (8)Anscoflex (3)
Butter walking around the kitchen and letting her inner lion out.
Anscoflex (6)
Anscoflex (7)
Butter looking at me and then yawning while looking out the window.

Anscoflex (1)This one is my favourite, and you can see the top of the camera. 


Vintage Tuesday

browniesix20, Brownie Target Six-20, brownieThe Brownie Target Six-20 is a box type camera made of metal first made in 1946 and producted for over 8 years. It has the art deco detail on the front, and two seperate viewfiners. This guy uses 620 film, which as I’ve mentioned before is no longer available but the you can use altered 120 film with this him. He is a really cutie!

This is a really great video showing you all the features of this camera if you have one at home or find one and want to take photos with it: here


Vintage Tuesday

View of Kodak Cine Automatic Turret Camera

The Kodak Cine Automatic Turret Camera is an 8mm film camera that makes silent movies. I cannot find any informaiton about this camera online so I’d image its 1940s to 1960’s. Mine has a bit of rust and one turret is missing a lens, so I may do a little repair or try to resale maybe in the future. Its really wonderful though, I love the turrets.
citizenerased, Kodak Cine Automatic Turret Camera, citizen erased photographycitizenerased, Kodak Automatic Turret, citizen erased photographycitizenerased, Kodak Automatic Turret, citizen erased photographycitizenerased, Kodak Cine Automatic Turret Camera, citizen erased photographyand here is short video of the camera in motion, I love the sound it makes when its shooting film.
[media url=””]


Vintage Tuesday: Polaroid Colorpack Review

polaroid, citizen erased photography, citizen erased, polaroid land camera, polaroid colorpackPolaroid Colorpack III: A Review!

The Polaroid Colorpack III is a rigid-bodied camera with a glass lens that came out in 1970 to 1971 and toke type 100 Polaroid instant film. The great thing about this camera is that it takes AA batteries and is compatible with Fuji FP-100C (color) and FP-3000B (black and white) which means it easy to find film and use it today without any issues. One of the only downsides is that it doesn’t have tripod mount so you cannot use it with a tripod (not a common features in instant cameras) and it uses flashcubes for a flash. Mine came with a pack of flashcubes and you can buy them readily online for a reasonable price so it is not impossible to use this camera with a flash but your limited because flashcubes do run out. It does come with a lot of cool features that I will explain more below, they are all a plus to me, even the ones I don’t use all the time and I love that its not an automatic instant camera. I found taking photos with this camera has really given me joy and it doesn’t frustrate me at all like the Holgaroid, when a photo doesn’t come out perfect its always due to human error not the cameras fault. And the best way to learn is just buy a few packs and play around, even the bad shots will feel rewarding. I really love my Colorpack and love taking photos with it, and its nice using the large Fuji film instead of the newer smaller instant film for modern Fuji Instanx series.

polaroid, citizen erased photography, citizen erased, polaroid land camera, polaroid colorpackpolaroid, citizen erased photography, citizen erased, polaroid land camera, polaroid colorpack
Cool features of the Colorpack III: 

1) A darken and lighten dial to change the exposure for the film allowing you on bright days to make the film not become over exposed and the opposite effect in cloudy weather or indoors. Its fun to play with however I recommend to leave it on the default settings as it works best. On the lightest settings its easy to overexposed shots if your not shooting inside.
polaroid, citizen erased photography, citizen erased, polaroid land camera, polaroid colorpackpolaroid, citizen erased photography, citizen erased, polaroid land camera, polaroid colorpack
(example of me accidently leaving it on the brightest setting outside, and what it looks like when you use it to capture indoor shots)
2&3) A timer for development so you can actually set the camera to ring to tell you when you should pull your film apart and cold clips so can put the clips in your pocket to warm up and then put the film against the warm clip so the photo will develop correctly on colder days. I don’t use this much because I wait until I am home to pull my film apart because you can scan the opposite side of the Fuji film as a negative and scan it as well. Its impossible to do this if you dont wait until you get home because the developer is so sticky so it will get ruined by being touched or get covered in dust.  The cold clips also keep the film straight.polaroid, citizen erased photography, citizen erased, polaroid land camera, polaroid colorpack(this is what the negative side looks like when you pull apart the fiilm)

4) A focus ring that allows you to change the focus from 3.5meters to 50+ (which is Polaroid’s version of infinite), this ring is manual so you do need to move it for each shot.  The closest is 3.5 meters which doesn’t work very well for self-portraits. I’ve tried a few times and the photos are always blurry no matter how far I stretched my arm out and since the release is manual there is no way around that.
polaroid, citizen erased photography, citizen erased, polaroid land camera, polaroid colorpackpolaroid colorpack (7) (1280x957)
(examples of me trying to take the photo with my arm)

5) And the last thing is a viewfinder and a distant measure. The viewfinder works great at showing you what your taking a photo of and is fairly accurate unlike a lot of toy cameras, and when you look through there is a red line going across that helps you can measure the distant in combination with the measuring dial on the right side. I found that all these last two features work really great, and I love the measuring dial. It actually is so perfect for me because I am terrible at judging distant so it takes the guess work out of it. I wish more modern toy cameras had this simply tool in them, it blew my mind when I first found out what it did and it is very accurate. Of course you need to check this on every shoot, which I do forget to do sometimes but when I remember I am rewarded with focused shots.

My Top 10 Polaroid Colorpack Photos:



Vintage Tuesday

More Kodak Dualflex II shots this week, thought I’d share some of my black and white snow photos taken at the same time as last weeks photos. The weather has definetly gotten better here, I’m so glad!  One of the greatest things about older vintage cameras is the ability to do multiple exposure so I decided to try doing it with the viewfinder and the shots turned out really fun. 

kodak dualflex, citizen erased, citizen erased photographykodak dualflex, citizen erased, citizen erased photographykodakdualflex, citizen erased, citizen erased photographykodak dualflex, citizen erased, citizen erased photography

kodakdualflex (10)kodakdualflex (9)
kodakdualflex (8)kodakdualflex (5)kodakdualflex (1)kodakdualflex (2)
Hope you enjoyed these shots. I had a lot of fun testing out the Kodak Dualflex camera and really hope to soon take photos using film with it instead. I have researched how to make 120 film fit and be like 620 film so the next step is just to do it :) If you have a 620 film camera too and are looking to convert 120 film to fit it, I suggest these two turtorials: here, and here.
If you’ve tried it yourself let me know how it goes and the results, I’d love to see.


Vintage Tuesday: Kodak Dualflex

Kodak Dualflex II : Through the Viewfinder

Kodak dualflex, citizen erased photographyKodak dualflex, citizen erased photography
Dualflex II is a 620 film pseudo TLR, which has a large viewfinder at the top so you can easy take photos using a digital camera (or even your phone) of the viewfinder yet get the uniqueness of the Kodak lens

duaflexKodak dualflex, citizen erased photography
These shots were taken with my Nikon DSLR camera, while having the Dualflex on a tripod.

Kodak dualflex, citizen erased photographyKodak dualflex, citizen erased photography
This is great because the Dualfex is is 60 year old camera and happens to use 620 film no longer made by any company. There is a way to use film with this camera though, 620 is actually the same size as 120mm film however the spools are a different size. So if you’ve bought one of these camera or want to (or any 620 film camera) you actually can make your own 620 film if you have 2 spools and 120 film…you can also buy expensive ‘620’ film from some online stores but all that means is they’ve done the work for you.  I have two cameras that use this type of film, and actually manged to get 3 spools  in total so I plan on converting 120 film and using the camera soon!

Kodak dualflex, citizen erased photography

And some behind the scenes shots of the Kodak Dualflex II.
Kodak dualflex, citizen erased photographyKodak dualflex, citizen erased photography


Vintage Tuesday

kodak electric 8, citizen erasedI wanted to share one of my film cameras from my collection with you. The Kodak Electric 8 made in 1963 makes silent movies with Super8 film. The film is easy find online and is around $20 per roll, I even happen to have the film for it in my fridge.  Currently I am looking for the perfect opportunity to use it. I am so excited to test it out but its really hard to get Super 8 film developed. Researching all the photo labs in Montreal have come up with nothing, one just stopped 1 year ago which is just my luck, lol however sending away your film is possible. I love seeing this camera on my shelf and once I find that perfect moment to capture I’ll share my results.

kodak electric 8, citizen erasedkodak electric 8, citizen erased


Vintage Tuesday: Review

This is my review for the camera: Sooter 35 F2


Sooter is a Japanese camera made in the 1970’s. It takes 35mm film and it is considered a toy camera for its minimalist options. This camera is nice to have for the shear fact it appears to be pretty rare (you will not find any information on google for this camera). However my honest opinion is this camera is not worth it. One roll of film in and the photos are okay but just not amazing. They are very dark for being taken in the middle of a bright summer day. There is light leaks and the film did get stuck a few times. I’ve included my first roll so you can have a look for yourself. If you find it for free or less then $5 buy the camera and try it out but it’s not worth much else. There are other vintage cameras or toy camera that will give you unique results, this is just a point and shoot camera 35mm film camera.

*click below to view all my photos taken with Sooter


Vintage Tuesday

This photo was taken with my Sooter 35mm film camera I got from my grandmother after she died. There is little to no information on this camera but its a basic point and shoot 35mm film camera from Japan.  I toke 1 roll of him and was pretty disappointed so I haven’t used it much. I like this shot of my friends at Piknic Electronik in 2010.



Fall Days.

A great day of Fall. Love taking shoe shots in the fall with the leaves.  These are some shots during my photoshots with my vintage cameras.
My vintage camera’s view finder also has a great reflect, me giving the “V”.

citizen erased, citizen erased photographycitizen erased, citizen erased photographycitizen erased, citizen erased photographycitizen erased, citizen erased photography, polaroid land camera