Zara in Wonderlad

Zara in Wonderlad portrait photography.

Oktomat: Zara in Wonderland

Oktomat (63)Zara in Wonderland is back, this time with some oldies from our New York trip taken in 2010 using the Oktomat. It’s strange looking back because for me it doesn’t seem that long ago at all. I guess I am getting old when the years just start to blend together. It was a fun trip and I love these sequences shots. It would be so much better if the Oktomat was actually capable of doing proper sequence shots, I would still be using this camera if it functioned properly. For now though it’s one of my permanent on the shelf cameras that I get nostalgic about but not enough to actually deal with its bullshit.  I haven’t done a photo shoot with Zara in forever, she’s always fun to shoot with because she is always so willing to poise for me and do weird things. We tend to butt heads a lot though when we are on vacation together. Not pictured is us having hissy fits at each other because we refuse to listen to each other and are both very stubborn. Perhaps I shall see if she’s done for another photo shoot soon.  Lol.

Oktomat (66)Oktomat (60)Oktomat (90)Oktomat (56)Oktomat (51)Oktomat (84)Oktomat (65)Ps. If you want to see why I don’t use this camera anymore check out my review.


Zara in Wonderland: Prince Edward Island

prince edward island (35)

Zara in Wonderland is a series of portraits of my friend Zara as the model. This addition was shot in Prince Edward Island on a beach and wharf we found exploring. She is standing as the sunsets in front of the Atlantic Ocean. We always end up on the most random adventures together and love exploring new places together. For more of my Zara in Wonderland series, check out the previous sets here, here, here, and here!

prince edward island (34) prince edward island (45)prince edward island (36)prince edward island (33) prince edward island (44)prince edward island (32)


Lomography Wednesday

holgaroid (3)It`s been a long time since I’ve used my Holgaroid, the last time I posted about it was when I did my review (here if you haven`t read) and I finally thought about picking it up again. It`s quiet a frustrating camera but I had some Fuji black and white film laying around and am a bit bored of the Polaroid Colorpack so I thought it`d be nice to try my hand again… every time I use the Holgaroid I feel like I’m wasting film. I remember with the colored Fuji film that it always had to be very sunny and since it was a great day outside on Saturday I thought it’d take it with us on our walk around downtown. The first 6 photos were too over-exposed to even make out what was in them, even in the shade. I waited until it was getting darker and then the shots were underexposed. I’m sure it worked better using the original intended film for it by Polaroid (that isn’t made anymore) however I think this is my last time using the Holgaroid. From my previous negative experiences to my frustrating day today, I think this guy is going back on the shelf. But I thought I’d share the shots that kind of turned out.

holgaroid (2)holgaroid (6)holgaroid


Zara in Wonderland: Flying

citizen erased photography, zara in wonderland

Zara in Wonderland is a series of portraits of my friend Zara. I shot this set of her in Montreal when she was in town for a weekend on the roof of my old house back in 2011. She’s so graceful as she jumps, its almost like she’s hovering in the sky. We only manged to get a few photos taken because the business downstairs could hear us jumping on the roof and came up and yelled at us. lol. It was really funny, we hadn’t even thought of that. It was a great day and its so good to see her when she’s in town.  The quality isn’t the greatest but I love the movement and the spirit in them. Let me know if you like my Zara in Wonderland series, for previous sets, check out here, here, and here!

citizen erased photography, zara in wonderlandcitizen erased photography, zara in wonderland


Zara in Wonderland: Trout Lake

citizen erased photography, zara in wonderlandI love when I get to chance to share photos of Zara, she is a staple of Citizen Erased Photography not only because she’s beautiful and interesting but she always unique. This photo shoot is from such a long time ago it seems now (2009) while we were hanging out in Trout Lake. It is one of our conjoined favourite places in Vancouver when we both lived there, and we had a great day hanging out together. She even let me drawing dots on her’s faces and we had some time to sun bathing after taking photos which is always nice. This day was a  photographer’s dream really. Hope you enjoy more Zara in Wonderland photos (I shared some yesterday from New York City with her too).

citizen erased photography, zara in wonderlandcitizen erased photography, zara in wonderlandcitizen erased photographycitizen erased photography, zara in wonderlandcitizen erased photography, zara in wonderland