Multiple Exposure: Dome

multiple exposure dome (1)Today’s multiple exposure are of the Montreal Biosphère located in Montreal on Ile Saint Helen. Taken during one of me and Victor’s summer bike trips as we were riding from Ile Notre Dame back across Jean-Drapeau parc to our house.The sun was just starting to set so it’s not quiet a sunset just yet but I thought I’d try and capture the clouds behind the Bioshphere.

multiple exposure dome (3)multiple exposure dome (2) multiple exposure dome (4)A look of what the Montreal Biosphère looks like without use of multiple exposure techniques.


Music Inspiration: Aphex Twin

When it comes to music there is nothing more I obsess over than a good Aphex Twin song. I once listened to the song Windowlicker for 6 hours straight on loop which clearly shows you something about him as an artist and me as a person. It’s to the point that once at the Mutek music festival I identified Windowlicker 5 seconds into another dj dropping his song in the middle of their set…but now I`m just boosting. Having said that it may surprise you (as that son others under varies identities (or rogue Soundcloud accounts). For that reason alone, I chose to share Syro over his other albums and it doesn`t hurt that it`s his newest and has some of my personal favourites electronics songs in the last few years. As for trying to explain why you should listen to Syro and what it sounds like, nobody says it better than Mr. Richard D James himself `I’m feeling really horny about it [laughs]. And very smug.` His music is entrancing, sexy, twisted and a bunch of adjectives that are meaningless the seconds you hear the first hook off of `mini pops 67`. It`s a solid electronic album, great for dancing, and many other things. I personal edit photos while listening to it, and every once and awhile when the rift is too good get up and dance. And of course play back that one hook or drop that captures me and listen to it again, again, and maybe again so it can wash over me and take me on its journey. That`s why you should listen to Aphex Twin, for that one part of a song you can let go of.

aphex twin syro

Listen to Syro:

Amazon Itunes Youtube Warp

 Another way to jump start your journey into Aphex Twin is by listening to this list complied of his top 50 songs (their opinion) by Fact Mag.


Vintage Tuesday: March Finds

march finds (1)Me and Victor have gone all in into antiquing/thrifting every month and have been finding wonderful things to add to our growing oddities, collections and general home decor. Although we have been antiquing far more than going to second hand stores this year but I find those in the winter season are a task. I thought however why not share what we find each month with you, I mean I usually end up sharing a bit on Instagram or a random post so it’d be nice to document the whole month. I may skip some months if I don’t find much but let’s get on with March…

no 0 brownie kodak (1)One of my favourite finds of the month is this adorable  Kodak Brownie No. 0 . One of the best cameras I’ve seen in awhile. It could have been made anywhere between 1914-1935.

vintage finds (2)My adorable creature. I know, I know. Please I get it if this isn’t your thing. To be honest with you, I don’t even know why I like them. I remember my dad having a pelt of a muskrat or beaver when I was younger and being horrified by it. Most taxidermy horrifies me still, but there is something about this one…This isn’t even my first one, I actually have three other ‘cat’-like creatures. The first one I bought because it looked like a Pokemon and very soft. The next two were a set and this one I almost resisted because I didn’t want this to be a ‘thing’.

vintage finds (9) vintage finds (10)View-Master from the 1940s made with bakelite, this was a such a find. I didn’t even know they made anything besides the plastic toy versions of my youth.

vintage finds (3)A Swee-Touch-Nee tea and chocolate tin from around the 1940s. I want to start a collection of tins that look like chests to decorate my bedroom with and keep jewelry in. 

vintage finds (1)Who doesn’t want a vintage metal bell? No? Just me? Alright. I actually stood at the table where they were selling a bunch of these and chimed everyone a few times to find the one with the best sound, which was probably a pretty annoying thing to do, lol.

vintage finds (7) vintage finds (8)A selection of vintage photography including one tintype. The last mounted photograph is so stunning, please enlarge it and look at the details – it’s breath taking.  Most of these are much larger format than I usually find for that era and a few landscapes so a really good haul, the cost was much higher than I usually pay but I couldn’t resist.

vintage finds (4)Victor has started collecting vintage tobacco pocket tins, this is a common standard Prince Albert tin. I think I’ll dedicate a whole post to all the ones he has because he’s actually gotten quite a few since Christmas however this is the only one picked up in March.

vintage finds (11)These camera are from a trip in February but I thought I’d share them anyways. The Baby Brownie camera from 1934-1941 and Instamatic X-15 from 1970-1976, both made by Kodak. Both were a steal at $20 for the Baby Brownie and $10 for the Instamatic.

vintage finds (5)I love this blue album, my mother actually had a bunch of these when I was a kid with pictures of her family in them. This album had a young women and her friends at a horse ranch.

Happy Thrifting! march finds (2)


Multiple Exposure: Glimpse of Spring

double exposure flowers (4) double exposure flowers (5) double exposure flowers (3)double exposure flowers (8)One of the areas of double exposure and multiple exposure photography that I haven’t explored too much are flowers. For some reason I always feel they do not turned out as well as I expect. There is some really neat and surreal multiple exposure tricks you can do with them (like I’ve done here) but when I shoot with a lot of foreground I am not sure what I don’t’ like but the confusion of the foreground is what I notice most. Below is the singular exposure shot so you see the difference.

double exposure flowers (1) double exposure flowers (2) double exposure flowers (6) double exposure flowers (7)I loved these shots so much and how electric green the leaves were I couldn’t resist sharing a lot of them. See what I mean though that double exposure photos just don’t have as much feeling and strength as it should. 


Monthly DIY: Tissue Paper Easter Eggs

Tissue Paper Easter EggsThis year’s Easter egg designs DIY is going to be the fun and super simple tissue paper Easter eggs. I saw this online and really wanted to try it out and put my own personal twist on the design so I couldn’t wait to make these. My Easter DIYS are always my favourite to make and I never miss the chance to make Easter eggs.  This project is totally kid friendly if you need it to be and very affordable so it’s great one to test out if you want to get outta the mold of just dying eggs.

What You Need:monthly diy

  • tissue paper
  • Modpodge / glue
  • brush
  • scissors
  • hard boiled/hollowed/
    plastic/styrofoam eggs
  • ribbon
    (if you want to make ornaments)

Material Information and Cost: 

This project is easy to do for $15 or less and everything is easy to locate at your local craft/art/Dollar store. The only thing I bought was the fancy tissue paper from DeSerres which was actually horribly expensive at $8 per package (otherwise I would have bought so many different patterns). Recycling tissue paper also works great for this project as well and you can save up over a few months and get really interesting paper to work with. 


  1. Prepare your eggs and make sure they are clean and free of dirt.
    *to learn how to hollow out your eggs I made a video a few years ago
  2. Prep the tissue paper, you can either cut large squares to wrap around a whole egg with cuts at the top and bottom to make it easier to fold around the egg, or smaller shapes like squares, circles or stripes of various sizes.
  3. Apply the glue using the brush either to the back of the tissue paper or directly onto the egg.
    *I prefer applying the glue directly to the egg as it easier to adjust the paper after you’ve placed it down on the egg and the paper doesn’t tear as easily, just make sure to do a small section at a time. 
  4.  Apply the tissue paper in sections onto the eggs using the brush to pat out any wrinkles or air bubbles and remove excess glue. Try to not move the tissue paper as it tears easily.
  5. After the egg is covered simply let dry.
  6. You can also attach a piece of ribbon to the top and make them into ornaments. Or insert a skewer or craft stick to the bottom if using styrofoam eggs to make displays.

Tissue Paper Easter Eggs (1) Tissue Paper Easter Eggs (2) Tissue Paper Easter Eggs (10)Tissue Paper Easter Eggs (11) Tissue Paper Easter Eggs (9) Tissue Paper Easter Eggs (7)Tissue Paper Easter Eggs (8)Tissue Paper Easter Eggs (12) Another great idea for Easter eggs using tissue paper is these really cool tie dye Easter eggs using color bleeding tissue paper.


Featured Artist: Ewa Prończuk-Kuziak

Ewa Prończuk-KuziakFeatured Artist: Ewa Prończuk-Kuziak

This week’s featured artist is painter Ewa Prończuk-Kuziak from Poland. Her mythical and breath taking paintings seem to capture the essence of spring and metamorphous. I love the ribbon detail to her paintings and the way it conveys the movement of the subject as well as her rich and bold color choices. Her surreal portraits of animals are my favourite and such a fresh interpretation.  You can check out a selection of her paintings below and links on where to find her.

Ewapronczukkuziak (website)
Instagram (photos)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to Ewa Prończuk-Kuziak.


(I’ve shared a lot of artist in the last 2 years but I am feeling like I should take a break and recharge and discover more so until Falll I will only be sharing artists through my Pick of the Week posts.)


Zine of the Month: Simon Fortin

This month’s zine pick is Burbles by Montreal artist Simon Fortin. Burbles is a 30 paged illustrative zine containing the character Burbles in a variety of cute and adorable costumes. I love this zine so much and Fortin’s work is always very colorful and playful and this is face meltingly cute. One of my favourite zines I picked up in the last year. If you want to pick up the zine for yourself check out Fortin’s store here  and for more artwork check out  Tumblr. Below I’ve included a look at the zine and one of the stickers packs (Sailor Moon!).

Burbles by Simon Fortin


Multiple Exposure: Bridge at Twlight

I love the lines of the Jacques Cartier bridge, although they aren’t supposed to be an architecture highlight (they are the guard rails to prevent jumpers) I can’t help but appreciate how hypnotic and beautiful I find them. I wasn’t a big fan of these photographs after I shoot them because the sky, although a beautiful sunset is too muddy feeling for me. However the lines created are very unique and this is reminder for me to go out on the bridge again and take more.

bridge at twlight (2) multiple exposurebridge at twlight (6) multiple exposurebridge at twlight (4) multiple exposurebridge at twlight (5) multiple exposurebridge at twlight (3) multiple exposure
I usually end up taking a combination of regular photography and multiple exposures when shooting so I may start including a photograph where I haven’t taken a multiple exposure so you can get an idea of what the subject looked like without the technique used. It’s kind of interesting to compare (to me at least).