Double Exposure Wednesday: Vieux-Port

double exposure vieux-montrealCityscapes are such a great way to get the feel of a city and see its history without bias. One of the reasons why I like to capture double exposures of Montreal is because it feels like a new way to capture the city instead of overly used airplane views you see in tourist shops or even the more modern urban landscapes of new. I feel as well that landscape photography is primarily done by men so it’s nice to shoot something not consider covenantal (no stats on that statement but the ‘famous’ ones are predominately male like in most forms of photography).  It also feels nice to capture the Montreal people are familiar with but in a way that might make them question what they even be looking at or taking a second to see a familiar landmark.

double exposure vieux-montreal (3) double exposure vieux-montreal (2)double exposure vieux-montreal (4)double exposure vieux-montreal (10)double exposure vieux-montreal (9)double exposure vieux-montreal (12)


Double Exposure Wednesday: We Wait for Trains that Just Aren’t Coming…

double exposure vieux montreal (7)double exposure vieux montreal (10)double exposure vieux montreal (6)double exposure vieux montreal (8)double exposure portrait silo 5double exposure vieux montreal (5)      This series of double exposure were taken on the weekend while Victor and I were exploring Silo #5 in Vieux-Montreal. We didn’t go inside the factory or silos but we did get inside the fence and had a chance to explore around them. To me the best part was going underneath the huge lines that use to connect the building to trains for transporting the grains (at least what’s what I logically assume they use to be for) so I wanted to share those photos first. I have plenty more double exposures from the front of the building as well but thought I’d share them in another post likely in mid-May as this post would have been huge so look out for that if you enjoy abandoned buildings. I’m so excited about being able to leave my house again. Recovering my concussion is going well and just maybe this summer I can get inside the Silo #5. Can you imagine the view from there?


52 Weeks of Self-Portraits

24/52 Silos

52 weeks of self portrait photography (4)52 weeks of self portrait photography (6) I cannot begin to state how excited this week’s self-portrait makes me. There is just something about dangling my feet over edges that always makes me feel a bit free. I think most people think its stupidity and dangerous but when you are comfortable with your own safety and you’re not being overly reckless it just feels like you’ve escape life confines and rules for a short moment. It’s the same sensation I get when I am swimming in the ocean.  I would have stayed up there listening to Aphex Twin and A Tribe Called Red for hours if I could have. Instead I just spent half an hour there before heading back down to the ground level as we had finished exploring the silos and adjacent buildings. I also managed in the first few minutes there to smug tar on my forehead and it was impossible to remove, and I was still wet in this photo from biking in the rain to get to the Silos…so this week’s portrait is extra glamorous. Also on completely unrelated note, my hair is getting super pale and faded but I kind of enjoy it – don’t worry though it’ll be changing soon enough. I’m thinking purple for the next colour or maybe grey.


A Tribe Called Red “Sisters”

I also made a short video as it’s almost impossible to really capture what it’s like up there (watch in HD):

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Abandoned Building in Montreal

abandonded building (6)Abandoned buildings are just so cool. I’d happily spend the rest of my days taking photos of deserted buildings. Montreal has a lot of them but anytime me and Victor try and get access to them we never seem to find a way. Hoping this summer we have a bit better luck and get to explore more. I was really happy when I found out I was going to spend my Saturday a few weeks ago in an abandoned car park. I actually didn’t take too many photos of it because I wanted to explore it later with Victor and it was also really cold and covered in massive puddles and ice. I was surprised I didn’t end up slipping and biting the dust. I did want to share more of graffiti process today but there were just too many photos so I’ve split it up so today is just photos of the building and next week more of the artist’s working.  Hoping to go on a little adventure near my house this weekend since the weather has been warmer and sunny. So excited it’s finally Spring and I don’t have to be cooped up in the house!

abandonded building (10)abandoned building (12)abandoned building (24) abandoned building (13) abandoned building (16) abandoned building (20) abandoned building (19)abandoned building (18)abandoned building (15) abandoned building (1)abandonded building (12)abandonded building (8)abandoned building (26)abandoned building (11) abandoned building (9)abandonded building (16)

You can also check out a short video I made of the building that’s on my Youtube, here!


This Week in Photos

Very excited for the first ever “This Week in Photos”. I want to keep taking daily photos without all the pressure of a 365 Challenge as seriously that exhausted me. Since I stopped in the beginning of March I’ve felt like I’m on vacation from photography. Which has been great but I really want to get back into it. I also need to encouraging myself to actually post all the random shots I end up taking throughout my week.  I love a good random shot of my daily life but it usually just sits on my computer and never sees the light of day for oh a good year or two so this is perfect. Oh speaking of random photos I’m working slowly at my Society6 store to add a bunch of various photographs so if you want to check out the prints I have available – click here! Just a warning as well – there will be a lot of Easter photos in the weeks to come. Starting at the beginning of April I go full out old school German and obsess about Easter. It’s a weird family tradition, it means decorations, rabbit ears, Easter tree (yup there’s a tree) and lots of eggs.

montreal graffitistarchild stelaA sneak peack at my weekend photoshoot. Already posted my instant photos from that day on Tuesday! More to come next week.

stela starchildAmazing stickers and mini zine present from Starchild Stela.

easter eggTested out a DIY idea with one of my hollow eggs I have just laying around a box
(see I warned you, I’m a weird German person)

hanging wall (3) hanging wall (2)I rearranged and added some new zines and mini prints to my hanging wall. The instant of me and Victor from Montreal En Lumiere festival makes me smile.

easter bunniesCute bunnies I picked up from Dollarama to hid around my plants like Beatrix Potter.

art printMy art print from Society6 of Muxxi‘s artwork arrived this week.

postcardsStarting to send out my Spring postcards.

value village (2)Went to Value Village to look for silk ties for my Easter DIY.

silk tiesSilk ties are so expensive, I layed down all the ones I liked to choose a few. I spent $30 on 5 which I wasn’t expecting…apperently used silk ties are sups expensive for some reason.

my little pony (2)I bought this My Little Pony at Value Village for $2 and while waiting for the bus to go home took a few pictures. I love when people just stare at me while I take photos like I’m hella crazy.

Hope you have an amazing weekend.  I am going to be knee deep in my Easter DIY projects I think or at least blowing out eggs in preparation. Maybe even get around to painting the enterance to our apartment…I say that every week don’t I? I feel like if I keep saying it maybe it’ll come true….