Double Exposure Wednesday: We Wait for Trains that Just Aren’t Coming…

double exposure vieux montreal (7)double exposure vieux montreal (10)double exposure vieux montreal (6)double exposure vieux montreal (8)double exposure portrait silo 5double exposure vieux montreal (5)      This series of double exposure were taken on the weekend while Victor and I were exploring Silo #5 in Vieux-Montreal. We didn’t go inside the factory or silos but we did get inside the fence and had a chance to explore around them. To me the best part was going underneath the huge lines that use to connect the building to trains for transporting the grains (at least what’s what I logically assume they use to be for) so I wanted to share those photos first. I have plenty more double exposures from the front of the building as well but thought I’d share them in another post likely in mid-May as this post would have been huge so look out for that if you enjoy abandoned buildings. I’m so excited about being able to leave my house again. Recovering my concussion is going well and just maybe this summer I can get inside the Silo #5. Can you imagine the view from there?


Abandoned Building in Montreal

abandonded building (6)Abandoned buildings are just so cool. I’d happily spend the rest of my days taking photos of deserted buildings. Montreal has a lot of them but anytime me and Victor try and get access to them we never seem to find a way. Hoping this summer we have a bit better luck and get to explore more. I was really happy when I found out I was going to spend my Saturday a few weeks ago in an abandoned car park. I actually didn’t take too many photos of it because I wanted to explore it later with Victor and it was also really cold and covered in massive puddles and ice. I was surprised I didn’t end up slipping and biting the dust. I did want to share more of graffiti process today but there were just too many photos so I’ve split it up so today is just photos of the building and next week more of the artist’s working.  Hoping to go on a little adventure near my house this weekend since the weather has been warmer and sunny. So excited it’s finally Spring and I don’t have to be cooped up in the house!

abandonded building (10)abandoned building (12)abandoned building (24) abandoned building (13) abandoned building (16) abandoned building (20) abandoned building (19)abandoned building (18)abandoned building (15) abandoned building (1)abandonded building (12)abandonded building (8)abandoned building (26)abandoned building (11) abandoned building (9)abandonded building (16)

You can also check out a short video I made of the building that’s on my Youtube, here!