Things That Make Me Smile

A special Halloween themed Things That Make Me Smile.

things that make me smile (12)I’d dress Butter up but she loathes having to wear anything, I’ve tried.

things that make me smile (3) things that make me smile (4) things that make me smile (5) things that make me smile (6) things that make me smile (1)My favourite spooky artist, Ally Burke. I bought one of everything she had, almost.

things that make me smile (24) things that make me smile (23) things that make me smile (22)Halloween stamps and cards. Every year I send a bunch of cards to friends, it just what you do when you’ve moved across the country from the people you love.

things that make me smile (27)My package from Defective Pudding. *swoon*

things that make me smile (18) things that make me smile (16)A pile of Halloween stickers, one can never have enough stickers.

things that make me smile (26)My Halloween decoration have been very limited this year but I do have a few random pieces of decor on my coffee table.

things that make me smile (13) things that make me smile (14) things that make me smile (15)
The cards I found this to give to friends this year. The sparkly pumpkin ones with glitter eyes, nose and mouth are my favourites.

things that make me smile (8)My zine collection grows! I didn’t realize until putting this post together how many zines I’ve bought lately. These goodies are form Lillian Cuda.

things that make me smile (11)
My theme phone cases, I am in love. I can’t wait to make more.

things that make me smile (2)Presents A care package I sent my friends Derek and Erin, their cats turn 1 on Halloween.

things that make me smile (19)Halloween letter writing sets from Diaso.


Things That Make Me Smile

October to me is pretty much Halloween all day every day, so this month I’m going to be doing two Things That Make Me Smile posts filled with all the festive things around me. Despite not feeling super up for anything this month, I’ve been having some great moments and enjoying myself because I just can’t be depressed when it’s Fall. So I hope you enjoy my silly collection of photos and I’ll be posting the 2nd one closer to Halloween with more of my decorations and celebrations.

things that make me smile (13)things that make me smile (14)
My porch. It’s majestic as all hell right now with the over grown vines just encasing it, not to mention them changing colors and Butter’s adorable expression in the second photo, squeal. I sadly might be trimming the vines soon because while they look amazing, my kitchen is so much darker now that it was in summer and I need all the daylight I can get while the sun setting at 6pm.

things that make me smile (4)Halloween #mtlcranes are here and I love the 90s ‘spooky’ lyrics.

things that make me smile (3)This adorable card I bought for my best friend Ana.

things that make me smile (8)All things from Ally Burke, her style of drawing is just wonderful.
(check her out here)

things that make me smile (6)For Halloween and autumn I wanted to try some new instax film so I picked out these two because I thought they’d be a good fit.

things that make me smile (12)Always having lots of choices when it comes to colors. In fact I used each one of these on my current hair color (no picture of it just yet as I am still in shock how dark it is after being in the pastel game for over a year now – I need to figure out how to present it)

things that make me smileUnicorn socks.

things that make me smile (8) things that make me smile (9)My second ever homemade kawaii/pastelgoth/? phone case. Halloween themed of course, also my DIY for these is posted tmr, or on the weekend so look out for that if your interested.

things that make me smile (7)My front window plants are just exploding everywhere. My air plants also aren’t dead, surprise, surprise!

things that make me smile (10)Stocking up on glitter, the not so fun part was vacuuming the mess I made all over the house while putting these in the bottles.

things that make me smileJust another day captured. It’s been super gloomy outside so my place has turned into a cave or there would be more photos for today’s post. Thought I’d end on this one because it’s silly.


Pick of the Week: Ally Burke

ally burke (4)Pick of the Week: Ally Burke

This week’s pick is a must for October in preparation for Halloween, artist Ally Burke of deadspiderhands. She’s been a pick twice before but I cannot resist sharing her artwork. I absolutely adore her style and I love the humor of her work. Her shop is primarily prints, stickers, postcards and originals of her twisted portrait illustrations and paintings. She even has a set of special prints, and a zine just for Halloween this year.  I was surprised looking back at my previous posts to see that I had never even shared some of my most beloved pieces of her artwork in my possession. Before I’ve shared some of her postcards and stickers, and a print from Society6 but now I also have 3 original illustrations, a painting, and I even have a commissioned portrait of Victor and me for our 3rd year anniversary. I may pick up even more originals soon as she’s done a few illustrations on dollies that look divine and I’ve been thinking I need a portrait of me and my cat as well (total crazy cat lady, right?)  The experience of working with her on the commission was wonderful and she was more than accommodating to all of my requests and feedback so I’d love to do it again. There isn’t much more I can say as clearly I’m a little entranced with her work but if you need something Halloween themed her shop is great place to look.  If you love her style  I suggest following her on Tumblr or Instagram as well because I find the illustrations of hers I like the most are usually just her everyday sketches that stay in her sketch book.  Here is a look at all the things I have in my little deadspiderhands collections.

ally burke (6)ally burke (5)ally burke (2)ally burke (7)ally burkeally burke (3)ally burke (1)

a few of my favourite items from her shop:


Featured Artist: Ally Burke

ally burkeUntitled-4

For the weekend before Halloween I thought I’d feature an artist whose style seems to work nicely with the general spookiness and unsettling quality of Halloween, Ally Burke. Ally is from East Tennessee and has the flare for creating vivid portraits of creatures and women with sharp teeth and a few extras appendages. Her work is divided between her paintings and her illustrations however she does frequently show on her blog her sketch work. She also occasionally does paintings on wood and mini frames. I find her sketches to be the most enthralling of her work. Her simple sketches convey without any kind of pretension her amazing imagination and the almost cold terror of her subjects. I think it’d be such a treat to go through a whole sketch book of hers and see all the gems hidden in it. She really should put out a book much in the style of Edward Gorey. She also does commission work as well for people interested in letting her draw them in her unique style. I actually had one done of me and Victor and it’s probably one of my most treasured pieces of artwork. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ally Burke was to grow into an artist with much more reach and audience over the next few years. She is definitely an artist to watch, even for those with an aversion to spiders and other things that go bump in the night.


Dead Spider Hands (website)
Funny Skull Grin (blog)
Society6 (prints for purchase)
Etsy (originals, prints and more)

*all artwork shown in this post are the property of and copyrighted to Ally Burke.

Pick of the Week: WormsWormsWorms Revisted

wormswormsworms   Pick of the Week: WormsWormsWorms

This week I am doing something new for pick of the week, I am revisiting a store that I’ve already done before as a kind of an update and really just because WormsWormsWorms is one of my favourite stores on Etsy to look through and see what’s new. You may notice I do a lot of artist run stores as I love surrounding my house with artwork. The last time I ordered from her, I receive more of her grotesque and beautiful stickers, as well as an original drawing. The stickers are probably the best I’ve seen on Etsy of handmade artist stickers and I never thought I’d own an original drawing from somebody who wasn’t a friend of mine (lucky me has a few pieces of artwork handing on my walls from friends with amazing talent). I have the drawing framed and sitting on my desk looking at me for inspiration while I working on my blog and plan out photography projects. Recently as well she’s started to make some necklaces and brooches using her artwork. I love stores that change and expand what they have available. I recieved a brooch and necklace yesterday so I quickly edited a photo of them in the post (I made the photo b&w but they are amazing colors).  You can check her out on tumblr.

wormswormswormsEach of her sticker sets comes with a free postcard which is such an awesome bonus.

My original art piece is on the left and she sent this mini-print with everything, such a nice surprise.

wormswormswormsthese are  glass necklaces and brooch, she gave me a free sticker with them as well :)


Here are some of my newest favourite items: